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I do community development projects, organise trips to Thailand's biggest organic farm and also simple business platforms in Yunnan China and north Thailand.

Yunnan Winter Trip, 11 to 18 Dec, 2012

Hi folks, emoticon

I am looking for those interesting in visiting Yunnan with me from 11 to 18 Dec, give and take a few days. Please visit previous posting for general info. I can only host 3 to 6 travelers max. Must confirm within a week from now. Please note that this is not a package tour. Any further inquiry and travel cost, please email me at ethniceast@gmail.com. Of course you should double check with previous travelers for any good or no so good feedback. Only around Kunming, Dali and Lijiang. No going to Shangrila this trip, too cold for some.

Yunnan trip, 18 to 27 Sept 2012

emoticon This is the time of the year for Yunnan trip. The date is from 18 to 27 Sept 2012. I can only take a few this year. Please read the previous years’ trip for details and basic understanding. Those interested please email me or write here immediately. Very limited space. Must confirm as soon as possible. Good for those who has never been to Yunnan, loves nature and culture, has limited Mandarin ability, free and easy and not comfortable with package tours. My email again is ethniceast@gmail.com  

October 2011 Yunnan Trip

Hi people, emoticon your “once a year” organized Exploring Yunnan trip is coming

Date: 25 October to 1 November 2011.

Those who wish to stay longer to explore other areas in Yunnan or other areas of your life please let me know.emoticon

  • Group size: Preferably at least 8 travelers, if not enough confirmed travelers by 31 August, trip will be cancelled.
  • Confirmation: By paying $100 (part of the total cost of travel) before 31 August 2011. However, if you cancel or change your mind, there will be no refund.emoticon
  • Target Travelers:emoticon

Please note that this is NOT a package tour type of trip, if you prefer package tour, please visit the travel fair. No staying in 5 stars hotel but boutique and unique hotels and guesthouses.

  • I will be your guide with one or two locals.  Suitable for first timers to Yunnan
  • Those who don’t speak or understand much mandarin
  • Those exploring Yunnan for personal or spiritual or health reasons
  • Those exploring the idea of short term stay and retreat living in "eternal spring Yunnan"
  • No quarrelsome petty travelers!emoticon

About The Trip………….

Yunnan is situated on a 1,000M above sea level plateau and surrounded by mountains mainly. The weather in October is the best in a year; about 23 Deg C to 15 Deg C. Land of 25 ethnic minority nationalities. Below are some details;

Destinations & Attractions:

  1. Kunming, Flowers and Birds Street, Stone Forest, Jiu Xiang Cave, Dinoaurs Fossils Village, Dwarf Kingdom, Organic Farm Stay, Olive Farm Stay and Harvesting of Olives,
  2. Dali; Within Old City, Erhai Lake, Cangshan Mountain by Cable cars, Unique”Noah’s Ark” Catholic and Evangelical Church Buildings, Tie Dye Factories, 3 Course Tea Bai Dance
  3. Lijiang; 2 Ancient Cities, World Heritage Site, Dongba cultural dances, Lijiang Impression Performance By Zhang Yimou Group,
  4. Food: Famous “Cross The Bridge Noodle” and cultural dance, Chairman Mao Restaurant. Biggest Muslim Restaurant in Kunming, Donkey Meat Hotpot, Mushroom and Vegetables Steamboat, Other tons of local delicacies of Kunming, Dali and Lijiang, of course there are many western cafes, KFC, Big M, Breadtalk, Dim Sum restaurants, etc.

Other Indulgence;

  1. Hotspring Spa and Clubs, Traditional and other types of massages, Shopping

Those who have been to Yunnan before, might like to join us to other destinations in and around Yunnan, you can email me regarding the dates

Yunnan & Fujian Trip

hi folks,

just a note to mention that I still have few trips a year to yunnan; for this year April, June and October months.

I am also doing a trip to Fujian and the neighboring taiwan island called Kinsmen Island sometime this year.

Do let me know if you are interested, so that i can give you some proposed itinerary for specific months and season. Or post your queries.

emoticonI am looking for eco free and easy travelers and travelers with interest in business opportunities and community development.

Yunnan destination, dates and deliberations

Thus far 2 small groups have been to yunnan this year. Below is a simple write up by Victor Wee, his thoughts on the trip for those who need to know abit about Yunnan and wish to join future trips. There should be another one in October 2009. If you wish to go, please email me so that we can keep you informed which is better than referring to the posting.

There are some inquiries regarding doing volunteer work, teaching life skills, english or even doing simple, non competitive and non-stressful golden age business so as to have something to indulge in traveling. Again please email me at ethniceast@gmail.com if i do not yet have your email address.  

Another thought floating around is the idea of short term stay and retreat living in "eternal spring Yunnan" where everyday is spring. There should be a link below where you can sight some of the photos, till we hear from you……emoticon

About Our Trip………….

Yunnan is situated on a plateau and surrounded by mountains mainly. The temperature during summer is about 24 Deg C and 5 Deg C in winter. It does not snow in the region, nevertheless the mountains would be snow capped. The climate is comfortable enough in summer seldom above 27 Deg C. The region is at an altitude of 1200 to 3000+ m above sea level from Kunming to Zhongdian (Shangri-La).

Return airfare from Singapore to Kunming ranges from $600 to $900 depending on whether high or low seasons and Airline companies. The very low fare of $382 is more a bonus. Taxi fare within the city starts at 8Yuan.  On average to places we frequent it ranges from   15 – 20Yuan. Public buses are very affordable at 1Yuan (we had not tried).

Inter-cities coaches cost about $25 and are very comfortable. The toilets at the pit stop needs getting use to. Interstate train travel on first class sleeper is about $35 and comfortable. The toilet on board is good enough but will need a bit of balancing act and squatting skills. The road and rail network are impressive considering this being a less developed area.

Meat and vegetables are readily available. Fish and prawns are the freshwater types with limited variety. This is not the place for seafood lovers. Vegetables are always fresh and plentiful. Wild mushrooms are wonderful, great for steam boat, but need to wait till raining seasons. Eating out and socializing is a must even for work and business.

The food prepared here are from what’s available in the markets.  You can have your meal from the roadside stall at about 3 Yuan or 20 Yuan at restaurants. Food is generally stir fried and is swimming in oil.  The oil used is rapeseed oil (not the best but I supposed it suites them well). Beer is at 3.50 Yuan per bottle. Rice noodle is a more common staple than grain rice. Beef is plentiful and appears to be the predominant meat next to pork. In the old part of Dali and Lijiang, dinning by the waterway is most interesting by day and night.

Serviced apartments in Kunming cost $50 per night .The comfort level is like 4 star.

Living in court yard inns in the old city of Dali and Lijiang cost $25 per night and was indeed a memorable experience.

There are plentiful shopping areas. In Kunming, the shopping facilities are like Home.

In Dali and Lijiang old town, the shopping is a world of its own where merchandise are sold in preserved ancient shop houses. Window shopping is also satisfying if you have no more money left. Leather (Ox or Yak leather) goods are indeed worth buying (ask the ladies on the trip). Bright spectrum of colors of the merchandise reflects the many ethnic groups of the region. Lijiang is very crowded on all days.  The crowd is like that of our Chinatown, and during holiday period, like Disneyland theme park. Dali is like Lijiang but a smaller scale and less crowded

Not much to say here except that TCM facilities and pharmacies are readily available.

Farming is all around and your waste would be put to good use.

Trekking will leave you no time for anything else.

Photography will run you out of memory space.

Language will keep your tongue twisted with the countless dialects. There are 25 ethnic nationalities here in Yunnan. Even yunnanese is a dialect in China.

Foodies will be well lubricated at toilet breaks sometimes overly. Need getting used to it and according to the season of the year. Every other taste here needs to be acquired.

In Lijiang visit the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Region and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

Watch the ever popular cultural show at the foothills and explore the region on horseback.

In Dali try the chairlift up the Cangshan mountains ridge.

In Kunming visit the Minority Village and be prepared to spend half a day. The Stone Forest region and Jiu Xiang (Stone Cave) will take a full day.

Click here for photos

Retreat, Refresh and Retain

Hi folks,

I am looking at a plan to set up a very cultural, ethnic and rejuvenating retreat centre in Yunnan for travelers with special needs or people who need to travel abroad for the special medical, physiological or psychological needs. The premise will be mainly for foreigners or foreign chinese. Yunnan weather is 365 days spring, except for 2 months of cold winter, and has cool crisp air and because of its at least 1,000M above sea level location, it should be able to handle whatever flu with its good ultra violet rays.

Yunnan has at least 100 NGOs operating there, all the chinese herbs and plants for TCM and 24 ethnic nationalities with lots of interesting ethnic botany cultures.  

Hope to find folks with the skills, management personnel and of course the "worldly possession" to consider this opportunity.

Regarding June yunnan trip, so far one shc member is definite, wondering any more keen to go.

The date might have to be from 9 to 16 June. email me for details. feztus

More Yunnan Trips

"Ni Hao"! Here is another trip date/itinerary to yunnan.

This year, you can also join trip in the month of June, August, October and December 09. Please email me for itinerary. Each august in yunnan has its season of fruits and weather which will decide where are the best destinations inside Yunnan. Of course I still need to give myself sometime to do my work. For the trip to go, we need around 8 pax.

Following is the tentative end april trip itinerary. Will be revised if necessary. If folks going on the trip are interested, I am open to abandon few destinations and accommodate to visit the Yuan Yang Rice Terrace in south Yunnan. According to Nature Products Network,

Yuan Yang Rice Terraces: Definitely the world’s most spectacular!
If you have seen the famous Banaue rice terraces of the Ifugaos in The Philippines and then visit the endless rice terraced mountains of Yuan Yang in Southern Yunnan, you regret having wasted time and gone through an unsafe trip on Luzon’s killer roads. Compared with Ifugao, the Hani people in Yuan Yang have much larger mountains and gorgeous sites to cultivate. Their endless irrigated terraces are giving a new meaning to paddy rice cultivation in Asia.

Anyway, email me at ethniceast@gmail.com for your inqueries etc.,



Day 1
Depart Singapore at 8am. Arrive Kunming at 12pm and transfer into New Era Hotel Service Apt. After check in, we will then walk around nearby shopping malls, public art gallery, Flower and Birds Street, etc. Dinner at famous local “Cross The Bridge Noodle” Restaurant. At the restaurant, you will also see a few ethnic dance performances. After dinner free and easy, walk around other food stalls area including dog meat stalls. Coffee before sleeping.
Day 2
After breakfast, transfer to Organic Farm for overnight stay. See and understand how organic vegetables and fruits are grown, we will have lunch and dinner with organic meals even organic eggs the next morning. Chickens and pigs here are also organically grown. Also learn and understand how it will protect your health and environment. If you want, we will arrange for you to do some simple farming work at the 110 acres farm.
Day 3
Breakfast at Farm. Check out and transfer to 5 hours coach bus to go to Old City Dali. Lunch on the road. Arriva Dali and transfer to ethnic Bai Guesthouse in the old city. Walk around the Dali Old City, “The Great Walls of Yunnan”, eat and shop around “Foreigner’s Street”. Visit 2 old churches in Dali old city. The 80 years old catholic church is built in the shape like an Ark, Noah’s Ark! The protestant church is 100 over years. Dinner at local ethnic Bai restaurant.
Day 4
Early breakfast at local café. Those who want to see the morning wet market got to wake up earlier. Walk up a bit CangShan Mountains to Dali Filming Studio, catch a good view of Dali Old City and Camellia/Peony Flowers Nursery. Return for lunch, check out and transfer to coach to go to Lijiang, 3 hours journey. Check into guesthouse and visit Lijiang Original Ancient Town. Dinner at local restaurant with many herbal local dishes. After dinner continue to tour Lijiang Old City, those who want can go to see the modern cultural dance and opera show of the local ethnic groups, it is of good performing standard (at your own expense). Or you can shop at the old city for many herbal products here. Home of the ethnic Naxi folks.
Day 5
Breakfast at local cafe and then go for Hot Spring Spa (at your own expense). If not in time, we will have the spa in Kunming. The hot spring here is more natural and has a bit of the sulphuric content. After lunch return to Dali have dinner and then take night train back to Kunming.
Day 6
Upon arrival, transfer to hotel and then breakfast. Free and easy for the morning. In the after afternoon, those who are keen should go to the Minority Village Theme Park to see the culture, lifestyle and dances of the 18 minority groups of Yunnan China (at your own expense). Dinner at Mao Ze Dong Restaurant of spicy Hunan dishes. After dinner free and easy.
Day 7
After breakfast free and easy for shopping. Lunch at Porridge Queen Restaurant. Hot spring Spa(Included) from 7 pm to 7 am overnight stay till the next morning.
Day 8 Breakfast at Spa. Morning Free and easy and transfer to airport for flight return to Singapore