EPIC 1000km KDF Millennium Ride 2017 – A Charity Event participation by Ivan Lim

Hi SHCians,

A charity ride a year helps keep the doctors away…

Hahahaaa! No lah! It’s just my coined saying only.

But seriously, for 2017, I am back to the EPIC 1000km Charity Ride.

Had a shoulder injury (non-cycling related) in late 2015 and had to drop out of the EPIC 2016 Charity Ride in January last year.

Like my previous efforts with the EPIC Cyclists, do note that for every SGD10/- of contributions you make through my profile for this EPIC 1000KM Charity Ride 2017, I will pledge SGD1/- from my own pocket, up to a maximum of SGD500/- …… just doing my $$$ part too and giving forward.

Hope to count on your support again! TQ in advance!

Lastly, wishing all SHCians, A Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year 2017!

Ivan Lim

To find out more details of this Charity Fundraising Event or to donate online, please go to this link:

For other details/queries and/or off-line donations in Cash or Cheques, please let me know by commenting here. Will try my best to answer them.

Ride for Rations – A Charity Event

Hi SHCians, pls lend a hand…TQ!

On 26th to 28th August 2016, I will be cycling a distance of about 250km from Malacca to Singapore to raise fund for a registered charity organization, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

This is my first time participating in this particular charity ride. The aim is to provide monthly food rations worth S$70/- or monthly breakfast rations of S$25/- for needy residents living in 1 room flats in Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling. 100% of the funds raised will be use to help them as all cost of this event is covered by us, the volunteers.

Please join me in making a difference. No amount is too small. To make a monetary donation, please click on the following link. Donations of S$25/- and above qualifies for tax deduction. To facilitate this, provide your official name, address, tel and tax reference (NRIC/FIN/UEN).


Or you can share out on your FB timeline etc using the below link:


Looking forward to your support. Thank you again!

Ivan Lim

(Note: Terence Seah had asked that I post this Charity Fund Raising Event on SHC Website.)

Jetstar Grant for Funding a Community Project


This may be of interest to some of you.

Perhaps Hew Lee, you may want to get it for your IT outreach project in SHC; specifically to/for group 2 and 3 in your IT Interest Group…

For Funding A Community Project.

Jetstar Grant For Funding A Community Project.

For more details on how to apply etc for this funding, please check out the below link:


Cheers & Good Luck!

Silver Writing……………

May be some of the senior folks here will be interested in this:

Silver Writing

If yes, please check out the details at their website (www.theartshouse.com.sg) or call their hotline number (Tel: 6332 6919) to register for it etc…….

I have NO vested interest in this and neither have the time yet to go for this course…….

But thot that some senior folks here can kill some of their boring time with it…….lolzzzz!


SHC EC Cycling Event: 19May (Sun) 8:30am

Dear Riders,

There is a cycling event coming up this Sunday, 19May2013 at 8:30am.

The start point and riding route are pending approval by LTA, SPF etc.

Details and Registration for this ride can be found here:

Ride of Silence Singapore Logo

Details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ride-of-Silence-Singapore-2011-onwards/216932121668345

Registration: https://www.facebook.com/events/532778003422496/

Release of Liability: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ride-of-silence-singapore-2011-onwards/ride-of-silence-singapore-2013-release-of-liability/627504400611113

If interested, please raise your hands here (so that I know you are riding) and do the self-registration at the above weblinks accordingly.

Riders-ON, please wear your Orange Tees or SHC Cycling T-Shirt so that you can be visually identified and in a way, promoting SHC. However, do note that wearing of the Orange Tees is NOT mandatory for this EC Event. Thank you.

Ride Safe Home Safe

EC Ivan Lim

Come Support Us On 05May2013 (Sunday) – SHC EC 128km RIR Event!!


SHC 128km RIR 05May2013





Dear SHCians,

If you are free on 05May2013 (Sunday) from 3:30pm onwards, do come down and support your SHC 128km Round-Island-Ride (RIR) Cycling Team in this EC Event.

Venue: McDonalds @ West Coast Park, S(126844), Outside/Near The Carpark Area.
See Location Map here:https://plus.google.com/photos/115825574569324547805/albums/5868760472283161281

As the riders and the volunteers will ALL be wearing our SHC Cycling T-Shirts for this EC Event, we will be in our Team’s ORANGE Colours, so please wear something visually ORANGE too when you come down to support the Team……

Our Riders are expected to ETA at the End Point / McDonalds @ West Coast Park at about 3:30pm to 4:30pm…..hor!

If you are coming down to support us, do let us know too……thank you!

Ride Safe Home Safe,
EC Ivan Lim

SHC EC Event – LCSG 128km Round Island Ride on 05May2013

SHC 128km RIR T-Shirt (Front)SHC 128km RIR T-Shirt (Back)
Our own SHC Cycling T-Shirt is finally here……for the 128km RIR EC Event.


Hi All,

This is an interest check to see if any riders are keen to participate in the LCSG 128km Round Island Ride on 05May2013.

Preliminary Details of this LCSG 128km Round Island Ride can be found here:


The previous requisite or requirements and rules for participation in the last year’s LCSG 128km Round Island Ride can be found here:


Additional Details about last year’s actual LCSG 128km Round Island Ride if interesting for you to read/know can be found here:


We are planning to send ONE TEAM (or TWO TEAMS if there are more riders) from SHC to participate in this 05May2013 LCSG 128km Round Island Ride.

The following SHCians have graciously agreed to be our trainers, to prepare our SHC Team of Riders for this event. They are:

  1. Andrew Thio (available for training rides on Wednesdays = OK, Mondays and Fridays = May Be)
  2. Douglas Chan (available for training rides on Saturdays = OK, Sundays = PM only)
  3. Loh Yew Kwong (available for training rides on Sundays = OK)

A training schedule planning is in the pipeline but will most probably starts on week 06/52.

As for training routes, we will keep to the same routes/circuit for the first few weeks. We can gradually increase the numbers of loops round the same circuit to simulate the distance of 128km.

At the middle or later part of the training (perhaps in week 12/52), we will go riding on portions of the actual 128km route to get all the SHC participating riders to be familiar with the 128km route.

Near the end of training (perhaps in week 16/52), we will ride the complete actual 128km route as a trial ride (but not for simulating the speed but to get a feel of the complete route in one go at slower pace to test stamina and endurance etc….)

Then we will have a break or cooling-down period (of about two weeks) to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for the D-Day ride on week 19/52 i.e. 05May2013.

Lastly, please note that the LCSG 128km Round Island Rides are mainly on ROADS. So, you must be comfortable riding on roads. There are mandatory rules and safety considerations as well as qualifying rides to be met before you can ride on 05May2013. This is the reason why we have to be trained and have to be committed to the cause and to the SHC team as a whole.

NOTE: If you are keen but not sure if you can make it and would like to give your best shot, please raise your hands here too. Our trainers will put in their best foot forward and if, at the end of the day, you really cannot heck it (dropping out), we are OK (no problems!) with it. Because, at least, you have given it your best shot (and live with no regrets). That’s really good enough rewards for me and for the trainers.

If you have any queries whatsoever, please ask and we will try our best to give you an appropriate answer, pending more or firm details from Mr Tai Woon of LCSG Group.

Looking forward to see you step forward and raise your hands here. Thank you.


Ivan Lim

CLICK to view Photos for training rides

CLICK HERE to view photos for Training Rides 2: http://www.silverhairsclub.com/shc3/CyclingApr212013_trg/

EC Cycling Event on this Saturday, 19Jan2013 @ 9am

Hi All,

Details for this Saturday’s cycling are as follows:

Date: 19Jan2013 / Saturday

Meet: Mushroom Cafe, Sengkang Riverside Park, Singapore 544834.


08:30am – Gather at Mushroom Cafe for registration, introduction, drinks and chit-chat before riding

09:00am – Start of Cycling / Move-out (NOTE: If we can move out earlier, we will do so once all registered riders are present!!)

10:15am – Break at Blk 418 Yishun Ave 11 at Srisun Prata or Ameeros Islamic Food at Blk 417 Yishun Ave 11.

11:00am – Move-out and return back to Mushroom Cafe

12:00noon – Lunch at Mushroom Cafe or elsewhere, up to you cos ride ends at Mushroom Cafe.

Expected End-Time: 02:00pm or later….

Cycling Routes:

Onward Route = Mushroom Cafe –> Punggol PCN –> Punggol Way –> Seletar North Link –> Yishun Dam (Pit-Stop) –> Yishun Ave 1 –> Yishun Ave 6 –> Khatib Bongsu Cannal Pk Connector –> Yishun Central Park –> Yishun Ave 11 –> Srisun Prata / Ameeros Islamic Food.

Return Route = Back Track using short-cut from Yishun Ave 11 –> Yishun Ave 6 directly!

See Links for Onward and Return Routes:


As usual, please ride with appropriate personal "gears/attire” for personal safety reasons. It will be quite hot during the return route, kindly apply sun-block, have your shades on, sun-hat, arm-warmers etc…

For those riders who need to rent a bike, kindly be at Punggol Bike Rental Kiosk BEFORE 8am, select and rent your own bike!! Please do not wait for me!!

I will be there at 8am SHARP to bring/lead you all from Punggol Park to Sengkang Riverside Park. I will only give you a grace period of 5mins.

Thereafter, I will leave at 8:05am to lead whoever are ready with their rented bikes. I will wait for slow riders but certainly not LATE COMERS to avoid wasting other riders’ time!

Lastly, if you have decided to have your own plans on how or when or where you will change route well before the start of the ride, please have the courtesy to inform me first/prior to the start of ride. THANK YOU!

If riding, please raise your hands here!!

That’s all folks and sees you there…..ride responsibly and ride safe always!

Ivan Lim

CLICK here to view PHOTOS 

Cycling Event – Sat, 12Jan2013 @ 4:45pm

Hi SHCians,

Details for the FIRST RIDE in 2013 are as follows:

Date: 12 Jan 2013

Meet: KPT 24hrs Kopitiam, Blk 401 HG Ave 8 (Opp Punggol Park)


04:45pm – Gather at KPT 24hrs Kopitiam for drinks/snacks before riding

05:00pm – Start of Cycling / Move-out

06:30pm – Dinner time at S11 Food Court, Blk 711 AMK Ave 8, S(560711).

After dinner, we will ride back to Punggol Park using the shorter route.

Expected End-Time: 09:00pm or later….

Cycling Routes:

KPT –> Punggol Waterway PCN –> AMK Ave 5 PCN –> AMK Ave 8 –> S11.

S11 –> AMK Ave 8 –> AMK Ave 5 PCN –> Buangkok PCN –> KPT.

See Links for Onward and Return Routes:



As it will be night-fall on our return route, please have Front & Rear Lights fitted onto your bike and of course, ride with appropriate personal "gears/attire” for personal safety reasons.

NOTE: The Walkists Group will be ending their walk at S11 Blk 711 too! GREAT that both groups can meet up during dinner-time!!

That’s all folks and see you there…..ride responsibly and ride safe always!

Ivan Lim

Who’s riding?

01. IvanLim

02. CharlesChua

03. Anymore? Please raise your hands here…TQ 

 CLICK here to view Photos