Retiring in Indonesia

Merry Christmas and a fair 2017 to all Silverhairs

As am conversant with Bahasa Indonesia having worked a short stint and On,Off a continual visitor since

19Seventy Eight plus having an Indon family now for nearly two years residing in Palembang after moving from Bandar Lampung(southernmost Sumatra), I am retiring abroad in 2019/20. But am seriously considering other subaurban locality as being aware of assertive awakening of Race & Religion beginning to increasingly appear in urban areas.

Like all Sporean spouses maintaining Asean wives, we are very fortunate that due to the continually strengthening of the Spore Dollar against other Asean currencies since 1999/2000, we do not need more than One Thousand Spore dollars for monthly upkeeping. Yours truly alternate monthly remittance of Six,Seven million Rupiah beginning this year from initial year Two Thousand of One million,one and a half million Rupiah, comparably with exchange in October’2000 @$213.00 per One million Rupiah to two weeks ago @$108.70 per One million Rupiah. In mid-November last year, the Rupiah dropped to its lowest @$102.60 per One million rupiah.


Abel Tan

Batam Island, One-Day trip on Sat., 22nd Nov.

Hi Silverhairs,

Departure Time: 11.30am via Sindo Ferry (Please be present at ticketing-counter(Third level
Harbourfront) at Ten am SHARP to buy two-way ticket
to terminal Batam Center)

Itinerary: Upon arrival, we shall take a taxi-ride of less than Fifty mins to
(1) Lunch at popular seafood restaurant Golden Prawn(Bengkong District)

(2) about forty mins to Duriankang district, South Batam and cross over
more than Five hundred metres long nicely-structured Barelang Bridge,
(opened 2009 and faintly resembling our Anderson Bridge at mouth of
Spore river) to smaller islands and if place not already cleared-off
to visit ex-camp Veitnamese refugees whom stayed at Ubin-sized
Pulau Galang from early Eighties to late Nineties, with more than half
of them later re-routed to Australia

(3) One hour to Batam Center-cum-Megamall Ramayana complex(both buildings are
connected by a covered-overhead walkway, with first priority upon arrival
to book ferry Departure-time 7.20pm(Spore time)
Those who wish to stay overnight, can book a room at the posh Harris Hotel,
twenty metres away adjacent to the ferry terminal. Room rates at the
Harris are above Half-million Rupiahs(Fifty$ plus)


Abel Tan

Report: Visit Tanjung Balai, Karimun Island

Hi Silverhairs,

Over the past weekend of 6th & 7th, the following,* incidentally all are first-timers, visited
Tanjung Balai, Karimun Island. Yours truly trust that you guys had a pleasant experience
and by the way, thank you for the Appreciation-dinner. Next year, we shall go in July so
that we can taste the quality-flavoured Karimun durian.

If time permit me, we shall make a day-trip to Batam Island on 15th Nov.Saturday with itinerary
1.seafood lunch at Golden Prawn restaurant 2.cross-over the more than five hundred meter long
Barelang Bridge’2009 3.Walkabout Batam Center-cum-Hypermall complex

*Angela, Lillian, Marge, Shirleen, Andrew, Charles, Steven, Thomas, Tony, Victor


Abel Tan

Visit Karimun Island

Weekend Sept 6 & 7. Dear friends, please refer to Post of June 7th for details

Kenneth Tan, please note we can arrange with the Hotel Maxi chauffeur on whether he can chauffeured us

between Six to Eight(Indon time).


Abel Tan

Visit to Karimun Island

Dear Friends,

The above excursion will be Two days/One Nite excursion on the weekend 6th & 7th September.

Twelve participants including the EO (Easier to round-up Three pau-hong-chia as there is no taxi service)

ITINERARY – Day One: Depart 8am from Harbourfront via Indo-Falcon ferry. Those wishing to depart later

at 11.30am via Sindo ferry kindly inform EO

After check-in Hotel Maxi and nasi-padang lunch, we shall spend
between the hours of 1.30-4.30pm(Indon time) visiting i) Gunung
Karimun waterfall ii) Pongkar Beach iii) walk-about the ferry-
terminal beachfront area
After seafood dinner, three doors away from the hotel which the end-five rooms
of levels Two-Five have seaviews, we shall adjourned for karaoke or play

Day Two – After breakfast in hotel, we check-out by Ten am(Spore time) and
take leisurely walk/shopping to the ferry terminal. Boat depart
Twelve noon(Spore time)
For those who arrived by Sindo ferry your departuree time is
Three pm. My SUGGESTION you check-out together with
the earlier group then later you park/rest yourselves at the
Early-eighties built beachfront Hotel Holiday which is less
than Ten minutes walk to the ferry-terminal

No Monetary collection is involved. Pay as when you travel.


Abel Tan

Visit to Karimun Island

Hi Silverhairs,

The above Two-days/One-night trip fall on the Weekend of July 19 & 20.
Maximum participants including the EO is TWELVE persons.
If the Departure time remained unchanged, we shall leave Harbourfront
by ferry at 8am for the One hour 35/40mins journey proceeding
Southwest from Singapore.
No Advance of monetary collection is involved, therefore participants
whom are interested, please be punctual on the Scheduled-date and time.

Regards, Abel Tan, EO

TWO Days/ONE Nite tour of Karimun Island, 3rd Nov 2012 SAT

Hi Silverhairs,

Departure Date:  3rd November, SATURDAY

      Departure time & Venue:  8am from Harbourfront by Indo Falcon ferry

  • Arrival time:  at Tanjung Balai (main town) 9.35/40am
  • Accomodation:  Hotel Maxi, room-rates
    between 300,000 to 500,000 Rupiah (@ current exchange$13.20 per 100,000Rph)
  • Itinerary:  Visit mini-Waterfall and  Pongkar Beach

Departure from Tanjung Balai:  4th November, SUNDAY @ 12noon (Spore time)

  • Cost of two-way ferry ticket:  $56
  • MAXIMUM numbers of travellers is SIXTEEN Including TWO EOs

   Confirmation:  Please confirmed acceptance to travel by TUESDAY 23rd October


      EOs  Abel Tan & Mary Tan

Visit Leaning Pagoda, Teluk Intan, Perak, 25 May 2012, Fri

 DEPARTURE:  25th May, Friday 9pm leave by Express-bus to Johor Baru, then 11.40/45pm

                                     leave by train(with sleeping berths) to Kuala Lumpur

                      26th May, Saturday 6.40/45am arrive KL Sentral Stesen, then 8.50/55am

                                     transit to North-bound train leaving for Butterworth

                                    11.45/50am  ARRIVE Kampar, Perak, then taxi 40/45mins to Teluk Intan

                                    Check-in  hotel Anson, then Lunch-break

                                    3pm-6.30pm visit Leaning Pagoda and walk-about town

                                    7.30/8pm  Dinnertime 

                       27th May, Sunday  9.30/10am DEPART Teluk Intan by taxi to Kampar

                                   11.50/55am DEPART Kampar to arrive JBaru by 8.30/35pm

            MAXIMUM to travel Sixteen persons including Two EOs (URGENT request for one participant to

                              be co-EO) 

            Participant, kindly remit Thirty dollars to POSB 510-03270-0 upon signing-up


         Abel Tan



A Resort-cum-Club Retirement Home

 Hi Silverhairs,

 On security-guard duty since Sept 1st last year at the Singapore Post Building which is next to the Paya Lebar MRT Station, I have come to know two operations-staff whom, together with one of their cousins and plus one of their good friend who has an Indonesian wife(all are Malay-Muslims), in late 2010 bought two properties (each cost less than Three hundred and fifty million rupiahs, 1million rph = $14,300plus) at the Costarina Complex which faces the inlet where daily will pass by the ferry from Harbourfront.  From mid-last year, a ferris-wheel(probably less than half smaller than our Marina Flyer) and a small jetty with a few parked recreational boats were readied for residents.

 These two operations-staff sold their 3-rm flat to HDB for a 30yr-lease stay whilst the cousin downgraded from 4rm to 3rm and the close friend sold outright his 3rm flat.  The close friend is a permanent stayer while the other three make regular bi-monthly two/three day visits and since last year June holidays, six of their Muslim family friends have rented rooms up to one-week stay(was not told and did not enquire the rental rates).

 Perhaps a "Core-group of Absolutely-interested" Silverhairs can copy the above, a Silverhairs’ Resort Home located in JBahru(the Bukit Chagar site next to the Customs Complex is ideal as its higher elevation provide views of the Johor Straits, less than one hundred metres away, and it is also ten mins away to the newly renovated Evon Centre, but alas the buildings are quite dilapidated), the Danga Bay area, or the new Kulaijaya township which is 90mins away north from JBaru.  Kukup, Batu Pahat and Mersing can also be considered, but the latter two towns entail about three hours driving time.

 This concept has to be brainstormed by the Core-group of Absolutely-Interested Silverhairs and my take at least ten members are required to anchor this project and assuming one member foots out one hundred thousand ringgit, the capital base is One mil ringgit sufficiently enough to purchase two properties.


  Abel Tan

One Day ONLY Kulai Town Walkabout-cum-Visit to Senai Airport-cum-Lookaround Larkin Interstate Bus Terminal, Saturday November 19

          Maximum Travellers  –  Twelve including Two EOs

          Minimum  Travellers  –  Seven including Two EOs

          Closing date:………….11th November 12noon as by 2pm train tickets will be booked and payable

                                              in Ringgit on Departure day.

          Depart……………….9/9.05am JBahru

          Arrive ………………..10/10.05am Kulai

             Depart:  Kulai  3pm to Senai Airport half-an-hour away

             Depart:  Senai 4pm to Larkin twenty mins away

             Depart:  Larkin 6pm of earlier, members have the option to drop off at JBaru for shopping &

                             dining and afterwards proceed home by yourselves(advisable not later than TENpm)




        Lorraine Chia

        Abel Tan

Railway Trip, Free & Easy to Seremban town, 01 Oct 2010

Dear Members

Departure date 1st October, Saturday;  Depart at 7.30am by South Johore
Bus or Causeway Bus from terminal at Ban San St/Queen St junction to Johor
Bahru;   leave by train 9.05/10am on four-and-a-half hours
journey.   arrive Seremban 1.35/40pm

2nd October, Sunday to depart Seremban by 3.30pm train and arrive Woodlands

OPTIONAL – for those who wish to embark at JBahru

  • Maximum participants SIXTEEN, minimum TEN with both numbers including two
  • Each traveller please confirmed your participation by crediting Abel Tan’s
    POSBank a/c-510-03720-0    with twenty dollars to buy the train
    ticket in Ringgit.   Any excess will be refunded in Ringgit
  • Other expenses to pay upon request.

Closing date:   21st September,  Wednesday

EO to contact:   Lorraine Chia  at 

Seremban town is an old quite sleepy town probably a decade or two older
than KLumpur.   It was created by the dozens of Chinese who followed
several of the Minangkabau chiefs from North Sumatera, whom later unite
their individual provinces into Negri Sembilan and electing one of the chiefs
to be Yam Tuan Besar, the fifth of whom was destined to become Yang
Di-Pertuan Agong of Malaya at Independence in 1957.

The name Seremban was originally SERENDAM or literally "to soak" as baptism
of water is a cultural ritual of the Minangkabaus on any auspicious
occasion..   A laid back place is sutiable for Singaporeans to
de-stress on short periods.

Abel Tan

Tanjung Pinang/Senggarang Free&Easy Tour, Sat/ Sun 16, 17, 2011

     Tanjung Pinang is the main town of Bintan Island which is more than double the size of Singapore Island as testified by the time taken to travel by road from the town to the Bintan Beach Resorts to the north(45mins away from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal) is nearly two hours, like driving from AMKio to Kulai town, Johore.

     Tanjung Pinang is situated at the entrance of a large inland bay with opposite Senggarang, a distance of probably five times the length of the old Merdeka Bridge across the Rochore-Kallang River bay and takes less than twenty minutes by motorised sampan between each landing point.

     Tanjung Pinang town-area is bordered like Rochore Road-Stamford Road/Plaza Singapura-Shaw Towers(Beach Road) with shopkeepers mostly Indon Teochews.

     Senggarang is a fishing village developed into a mini-resort by mid-2008 and frequented by inter-islanders, and since the opening of the airport seventy minutes away from Tg Pinang town, in early 2009, the place has attracted visitors from Kalimantan(Banjermasin 65mins), Java(Jakarta 85mins), Sumatera(Medan 70mins), Sulawesi(Makassar 95mins)

     DEPARTURE  –  Saturday July 16  at 10.20am  from  Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (Bus No.35 from

                                                  Bedok Interchange or Tanah Merah MRT Bustop

                                                  Kindly be present by 9.30am to buy two-way ferry tickets $50

                                                  Not more than fifty persons travel to Tg Pinang daily with ferry-boat

                                                      capacity of more than eighty passengers

       RETURN    –   Sunday July 17  at 1.30pm(Indon time,  Spore 2.30pm)

     EXPENDITURE  –  Pay-as-you-travel mode.   Besides fare for ferry ticket, a further $100 expense(680,000

                                    rupiahs) is adequate.   Hotel room-rates(Hotel Melia) not more than 350,000rph(twin


     TRAVEL CONFIRMATION  –  Members are required to RE-CONFIRMED  their availabilty to travel by

                                                 contacting FRISNA at the LATEST 1pm on Friday July 15, in order that Frisna

                                                 subsequently can call-up for replacements, other members on the

                                                 Reservations List, if any.

      GROUP  SIZE  –  Fourteen persons, excluding two EOs

Culturally chauvinistic male(CCM); Liberated Alpha female(LAF

 Dear friends

 A chance remark recently by a fellow member whilst we were socialising, prompted me to comment on the


 The first Iconic CCM I came across was in the early 70s when the mahjong host(a friend’s friend) wife literally had to cater to the four players’ needs – preparing the table, serving refreshments and after we stopped by 5pm for happy-hour drinks, she had to walked up and down from the third level as the elevator stopped at the 5th level(Stirling Rd, Queenstown flats) to cross the road and buy Or-luak, chai-tow-kuay and rojak and two bottles of stout and mind you she was mid-way pregnant with her first child.

 After serving us the food as well as getting the utensils, she had to wiped off the iced-water stains spilt earlier by her husband and minutes later to mop off some chilli sauce carelessly spilt by yours truly.  The host had discouraged a friend to render assistance with the remark "not to worry…..leave it to her…….

woman’s job".

 My take is up to the mmid-70s, a woman when admitting she had a husband which has turned out to be below par, would console herself with the thought "Well, its just my hard luck, but at least I have a family and children.  Just look at Ah Choo, approaching 30 like me, in fact some months older than me, and still with no prospect in sight"  But two decades later, this below-par husband would have been chucked off,

"Good riddance!"

Increased intellectuality and economic independence means the female’s attitude and mannerism now do intimidate some "lacklustre" males.  Parental influence to some extent navigate one’s selection of absolute pragmatism.  "He smokes, you smoke……..who is going to stop smoking if you want to have a baby next time"   "Son, I don’t think you can afford her, she’s a single child you know, chauffered throughout from young"  "Your wife will still be working after marriage…, no need to serve you coffee, even once in awhile?"  "Yes, you’re lucky, he’s well-off, but see that his mother in future don’t "lord" over you, cause rich women tend to ‘knuah suay simpu boh lew’.   These were comments I overheard at my family’s clan- gatherings through the years.  Perhaps, Peranakans tend to be more concerned over their childrens’ marriage selections.

 My take is unless one upholds the thought that "man is meant for procreation" then pragmatism will prevail. 


  Abel Tan

Silverhairs’ Singlehood, a boon or bane

Hi SHCians

 With due respect, do pardon me if my comments on the above ruffle some feathers.

 There are a few hundred University-educated Malay women now in their mid-30s and older whom are resigned to the fate of being lifelong spinsters unless they are willing to become second or third wives because their age group has a disproportionate ratio of three females to one male with a university/higher learning education.  Many of their parents are on-off distressed because it is the Malay culture to "berumah tangga"-get married.   Now the university/polytechnic educated Malay males below 30yrs old are equal in numbers with their female counterparts.

 Singlehood is a boon as there are no family-vines hindering our mobilityparticularly if one lives alone.  But on the other hand living alone means that if one decides to stay indoors the whole day and it happens that one does not make a phone call throughout the whole day and neither is a incoming call received, then one becomes dumb for a period of 12/13hours.

 As our hair recedes and turn more greyer when our age cross the half century mark and when we tend to become more homily, the spectre of loneliness creep steadily upon us, perhaps more pronounced for male Silverhairs as the womenfolk do not refrain/disdain  from participating in relativess organisational activities.  Usually two-thirds of the participants in CCs’ and social clubs’ activities are women.

 The "inducement" that triggered me not to remain single happened in early 1999 when a divorced pub-cum-mahjong kaki died of a heart attack and his corspe was undiscovered more than 24hours later untill three of the deceased mahjong kakis, including yours truly, called over one Sunday afternoon and by a fortunate coincidence the three of us arrived within seconds of each other at the lift lobby.

 Thus, it is compulsory for Silverhairs to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  A fit male single-Silverhair may wish to consider tying the knot by turning to marriage agencies depicting foreign women as increasingly more grey-haired male Sporeans do during the past decade.  Yours truly was quite fortunate in not having to "search here-and-there" as my Indonesian wife was a maid baby-sitting a family two doors away from my quite regular-mahjong-host cousin’s unit which was on the second level and where my wife often baby-sitted at the corridor, a position my cousin’s visitors would have to passed first.

 A "younger" female Silverhairs perhaps may wish to ape Julia Roberts’ "Eat, pray,love" and who knows?

The Babas, Malays, native Thais, Filipinos are not recticent in marrying later in life(mostly second marriages) perhaps they are more accomodating of the warts & moles of a spouse, albeit at times they can be quite blinkered.  They believed "Berkembah, bertaboh hiburan – twins create merriment"

 Abel Tan

Retirement…..don’t worry, be happy

 Hi SHCians

 Begging your pardon Terence and the rest of Silverhairs, allow me to expand on the above.

 My take is many retirees are quite concerned whether their current savings will last through the years for I have been told twice straightforwardly and also overheard on more than half a dozen times, the exclamation "not enough money, what for live long".  But my perception is these retorters tend to be less of a disciplined type as they maintain an unhealthy lifestyle not only of smoking, drinking and overeatinf but also an addiction to outright gambling of "must buy" 4Ds, Toto, football bets, punting horse-racing, etc.

 With due respect, we can stretch our dollar, if we reduce our standard of living a notch or two, by reducing particularly the restaurant food-bills and budget travelling trips as well as putting token bets on the numbers.  Another way of stretching our dollar is to seek the now various avenues of investments in increasing our pile, but do temper one’s desire on optimising returns in order to avoid the potentiality of crippling pitfalls.   The bottom line is to reduce expectations and instead accomodate contentment.

 Try to be engaged during our awaking hours.  Perhaps, some  Silverhairs can formed small groups of a van-load or mini-bus full to make twice a week daily excursions to local places or the furtherst to Johore’s Skudai, Kota Tinggi and Kukup-cum-Tanjong Pia(the southernmost Asian landmark).

 Lastly, do keep oneself fit & healthy so that one do not tend to feel quite lethargic almost daily, particularly during the humid afternoon hours.  Beleive me, I know of two guys in their early 70s whom due to a healthy lifestlye, is always bright & cheerful plus with a relatively "young romantic heart".  In this respect, kindly note it is not my intention to belittle any Silverhairs.


 Abel Tan

Peranakan gathering for SHCians

Sorry for a belated Gong Xi Fa Chai to all SHCians.

This is for Agnes Teo (at the moment I am attending another function, but got chance to use host’s PC. Apology if I left Gunong Sayang without saying goodbye.  On my way to Sengkang, it occurred to me that if you can, do please organise a Peranakan Lunch-cum-Ronggeng session in the near future for SHCians whom are Peranakans.

Do have a word with the Committee and as long as the date is not in July/August and December, the GSA premises is available.  The only snag is the musical band Dendang Irama is sometimes hired for the Muslims’ weddings on Sundays.  Your Bibik Singers will probably lend a hand.


 Abel Tan

SHCians’ Permanent Rotational retirement-cum-holiday Home

  Dear Friends

A Permanent Rotational retirement-cum-holiday Home for SHCians means, Silverhairsclub secure a term-period lease of say 3months, 6months, 12months or more on houses/apartments/hotel rooms any pre-registered SHCian can visit/stay at anytime or during the whole lease period.  This Home must be affordable in Reach as well as in Rent which mean the place should not be too far away from Spore and accomondation is not expensive and the Home’s location can be rotated in locations of our neighbouring countries, specifically Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and with uninterrupted leasing-accomondation.

This Permanent Rotational retirement-cum-holiday Home should provide sleeping quarters for up to Twenty Scians at any one time.  Thus, the Home can be a cluster of a few houses/apartments/hotel rooms.  If more than One Hundred SHCians are willing to sign-up for such a project, this Permanent Rotational retirement-cum-holiday Home (PRRHH) can materialise.

My take is Malaysia is the most ideal PRRHH due to near-absolute similarities between us.  Peninsular Thailand is also ideal vis-a-vis Betong, Songklah, Rayong & Hua Hin.  A comparatively cheaper lifestyle will be the Indonesian Riau Islands which my personal choice is Kundur Island(main town, Tanjung Batu) which is 2hours due west of Batam.

My perception is many retirees would wish to take a "break" every quarter say for a holiday sojourn of between 2weeks to 6weeks.  A PRRHH would definitely meet our needs.

Abel Tan

One Day/One Night Johore Seafood Tour

Maximum pax is 16 persons (including myself and 2 others as co-leaders). 

Interested members, please pick your choice from the following 2 destinations, and the majority selection prevail:-

Batu Pahat (Straits of Malacca seafood) with optional river-cruise, Sungai Api Api. 


Mersing (South China Sea seafood) with optional boat-cruise to Pulau Besar.

  • 22nd May (Friday)

9.00 Depart by bus (yellow-coloured Causeway bus) from Ban San / Queen Street junction terminal

10.30-45am  Arrive at Larkin terminal

11.10am Depart for Batu Pahat  OR  11.30am Depart for Mersing

Both destinations take about 2hours 10/15mins (without breaks)

Upon arrival Batu Pahat, check-in Hotel Garden (70 plus ringgit or more)

Upon arrival Mersing, check-in Hotel Seri Malaysia (90 plus ringgit or more)

Other hotel choices are available upon majority’s request

  • 23rd May (Saturday) 

10.00am Optional river or boat cruise OR detour to Keluang and take 1.05pm train for home

2.30pm depart BATU PAHAT

3.00pm depart MERSING

Registration :

  1. Bira
  2. Eyvonne Chew
  3. S.K. Chua
  4. Genet Leong
  5. Sockie
  6. Daisy Yeo
  7. Pauline Chew
  8. Norlinda ?
  9. Ah Nee ?

3 mths short-term retirement living – Indonesia

Hi Terence 

Firstly, its heart-wrenching being unable to attend Saturday’s annual D & D, because another colleague had earlier than me applied for a weekend day’s leave.  Only one from each of the 4 services’ staff section is permitted to take a weekend leave of ONE day only.  Glad you guys had a good time and several new faces were welcomed.

Your flattering confidence regarding my expertise in outlying Indonesian islands’s potentiality for retirement living do overwhelm me.  As stated in my previous remarks, the crucial factor is one must be quite conversant in Bahasa Indon/Melayu so as to gel comfortably with the locals and thus it is due to my proficiency in BERCAKAPAAN Jawa dengan Melayu which easily integrate me into the local scene unlike my sheer incompetence to pick up the Thai language or Teowchew dialect during my frequent sojourns in peninsular Thailand re: Satun, Betong, Hatyai, Songklah, Ban Upai, Rayong & Hua Hin during the early 70s to early 80s.

Next year, probably in July will arrange a 2days/2nights trip to(50minutes flight from Batam) to Bangka island, nearly centrally in the Java Sea, a big island more than 4times the area of Spore.  The island with its one-third sized sister island(more than 20 others in this group of islands) Belitung island are for the past century till today, producers of more than half the tin output in Indonesia.  There are beautiful beaches (Pantai Parai Tinggiri at Sungailiat, a smaller town) plus for me am attracted to the jagged peaks and aura of the 3000ft plus Gunung Daik.

Bangka was promoted as a inter-country tourism of Indonesia during the former presidency of Megawati 2001-04.  The development of Pangkalpinang the biggest town of less than 100,000(propably 25% Chinese Indons) amazes me in May 2007 with a couple of nice hotels and the attractive El John(what a name) shopping plaza.  Unlike Thailand(spurred by the American GI’s R & R during the Veitnam War days), my take is Malaysia, Phillipines & Indonesia are not overly keen in drawing tourism perhaps due to the locals abhorrence of brash and uncultured foreigners eg the backpackers whose unkempt appearance and tendency to nude sunbathing is disturbing re: my conversation with a few Kelantanese at Pantai Ser Tujuh(Beach of the Comely Seven), Tumpat, Kelantan, in the early 90s and with one English-speaking Mindanaon in Butuan 1995, north-east coastal town in Mindanao, southern Philippines.

Overlooked to mention that Kuching, Sarawak can be considered by the Sporean retiree as well as Labuan.  Unlike Indonesian islands, nearly all Malaysian islands are more than 95% populated by native Malays and comparatively less developed too.  Smaller Malaysian towns like Teluk Intan & Sitiawan(Perak), Segambut & Rawang(Selangor), Bentong(Pahang), Muar, Batu Pahat, Segamat, Keluang and Mersing(Johore) with significant Malaysian Chinese residents are considerable choices too.


Abel Tan

Karimun trip

 Hi Guys ie. Lily, Bira, Norlinda, Ah Nee, KC Lau & Tian Soo, am pleased that all of you had a nice time.

 Probably when the "round island" road in Karimun is ready in a year’s time hopefully (you guys would have notice that from the incline of the hillside Hotel Gloria, the new road is less than 50metres ready) we shall make another trip to Karimun.

 Meanwhile, as soon as the travelling logistics are correctly certain, Lily will assist in organising a ONE DAY/ONE NIGHT Free & Easy trip to Segamat town, central Johore state.  Maximum pax is TWENTY persons including myself and with AT LEAST Seven males in the group for the purpose of "showing off muscle".  This excursion is slated for mid or end July where we can savour seasonal fruits of durians and mangosteens.


 Abel Tan

Karimun Island trip


 Hi Friends 

 Since it is a majority decision, then this trip becomes a 1day/1night event.  But I shall leave earlier, as planned a day beforehand, ie on Thursday 26th March.

 As relayed to you at yesterday’s SCH meeting, Lily please call Indo Falcon-62783167 to reconfirm Departure time on Friday 27th as the ferry’s departure timetable do change to an hour or two later from published time at the last minute.   Lily, do please sms/call me just before you guys depart from Habourfront so that I can be ready to receive your arrival at Tanjung Balai.  I shall wear a bright red T-shirt, parking myself in the public-awaiting area just otside the Customs & Immigration concourse.

 The fare (double than normal) is 10,000rupiahs($1.30/33) per person for the journey from ferry jetty to Hotel Maxi, a distance approximately from CK Tang to Centrepoint, Orchard Road.  Will arrange for all vehicles to be air-conditioned.  Lily, do please let me know by 25th March, the number of rooms needed.

 Just to recap the day’s itinerary, say 30-45minutes after checking into hotel, we shall visit Gunong Karimun Waterfall.  Our nasi-padang lunch will be in the vincinity of Hotel Maxi.  The venue of the eveneing’s seafood dinner will be confirmed after I make further enquiry.

 Lily, appreciate your help, and make sure travellers’ ferry tickets are bought Two-way.


 Abel Tan

Trading Fund

 Hi Silverhairs

 In essence, this SHC Trading Fund will be set up in accordance with the following criteria:

 1.  Capital          –  made up of multiples of shares @ $100 each with a MINIMUM Twenty shares,

                               $2,000, and up to a MAXIMUM of One Hundred shares, $10,000

 2.  Shareholders  –  a SHCian can subscribe up to a maximum of THREE shares

 3.  Trading Account  –  Only one trading-account in the name of Silverhairsclub Trading Fund and

                                       this Account will be the depository of the Fund’s capital and trading


 4.  Dividends        –  will be cash distribution monthly or fortnightly

 5. Executor          –  a selected Committee member of the Fund will rotationally (monthly timeframe)

                                 execute "buy" & "sell" orders and subsequently inform, soonest as possible

                                 other participating members

  Interested members can form a sub-group meeting on 25th February during SHC monthly meet

at same venue.

  Abel Tan            

2 Days & 2 Nights Karimun Island

Batam-sized Karimun Island is 1 hour 45/50minutes by ferry south-west of Singapore.

March 26 Thursday

  • 1.30pm  Depart Harbourfront
  • 2.15/20pm (Indon time)  Arrive Tanjung Balai (Two main-street town)
  • 2.30pm   Check-in  Hotel Maxi or Hotel Palapa
  • 3.00pm   Visit The Vila (brothels)-15mins duration for Look-see with courteousy
  • 4.00-5.30pm  Leisurely walk(approximate distance from CK Tang to Centrepoint) from seafront through 1st main-street to hotel
  • 5.30-6.30pm    rest period
  • 6.30-8.00pm    Seafood dinner
  • 8.00pm   Onwards – Karaoke in hotel lounge(with or without hostesses, tips payable 10,000 rupiah-$1.35, Minimum per hostess)

                                                  PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE FROM HOTEL’S FRONTSTEPS

March 27 Friday

  • 6.30-9.00am(Indon time)   Breakfast in hotel (FOC)
  • 9.30-12noon  Visit Gunung Karimun waterfall (halfway up 300metre high mountain)
  • 12.30-1.30pm   Nasi padang lunch
  • 1.30-4.00pm     leisurely walk(approximate distance from CK Tang to Centrepoint) through 2nd main-street(parallel with 1st street) to seafront
  • 4.00-5.30pm     rest period(optional High-tea) at Hotel Holiday Karimun
  • 5.30-7.00pm     open-air seafront seafood-dinner.  After dinner is OPTIONAL to walk back or motor-cycle pillion-ride (cost-5,000rupiah) to hotel
  • 8.00pm  Onwards – Karaoke in hotel lounge or watch TV in rooms

                                                  PLEASE DO NOT VENTURE FROM HOTEL’S FRONTSTEPS

March 28 Saturday

  • 6.30-9.00am    Breakfast in hotel (FOC), Optional choice of 4 kopitiams of not more than 10 customers’-capacity within 20metres walking distance of hotel
  • 9.00-11.30am    Free & Easy/Shopping plus Rest period
  • 11.30am            Check out from Hotel
  • 11.30-1.30pm     Nasi padang lunch OR a-la-carte lunch at Hotel Holiday Karimun
  • 2.00pm (Indon time)    Depart Tanjung Balai
  1. Please credit Twenty Dollars to POSB Savings a/c-510-03720-0 (being hotel deposit Deluxe room, with longbath & mini-bar, at not more than 250,000rupiah
  2. MAXIMUM PAX of Twenty-one (including myself, Abel Tan) on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  3. CLOSING DATE – 9th March Monday.
  4. An expense of $120, varying exchange-rate of between equivalent of 720,000-760,000 per One Hundred dollars is sufficient but EXCLUDES two-way ferry fare of $55 (inclusive of Singapore’s seaport tax but excluding Indonesian 25,000rupiah, payable upon departure from Tanjung Balai).
  5. 100,000 rupiah approximates between $13.20 to $13.90 on prevailing day’s exchange rate 

G O N G     X I     F A     CAI

Abel Tan