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We would like to take a moment in welcoming our new members who joined us recently…….. 

Philip Quek Janie Ng  Vincent Chee Rose Ong

Lim J T Stella Sheng Agnes Tan

We look forward to your participations in this Forum and

events organised by our members.

Have FUN ………..

   Club Admin


Welcome New Members

We would like to take a moment, welcoming our new members who joined us recently. They are :

  • Ms Nancy Lim M H
  • Ms Rebecca Tan S W
  • Ms Holly Lim M

We look forward to your participations in this forum and events organised by our members. Or to start, simply write a brief introduction of yourself to this post.

Have fun ……

Please email to clubadmin@silverhairsclub.com should you encounter difficulties logging in to SHC website with your passwords.

If you have send in your membership application and your name is not listed in this post, please email to admin@silverhairsclub.com. Thanks again for joining!

Club Admin

System upgrade on 30 Aug 2015

Hi fellow members,

We will have a system upgrade on Sun 30 Aug 2015.  This upgrade will clear some bugs; and will incorporate new changes.  I am not sure what these changes are; but the improvements have been incorporated from feedback from all over the world.

We should completed the upgrade by 1 Sep 2015.  Look forward to your feedback.

Terence Seah

Welcome New Members – Month May/June 2015

We would like to take a moment in welcoming our new members who joined us in May/June 2015. They are :

  • John How
  • Tara
  • Peter Wong
  • Philip Foo
  • Eve Ong
  • Hazel Lim
  • Susan Sia
  • Adeline Y
  • Lay Chin

We look forward to your participations in this forum and events organised by our members. Or to start, simply write a brief introduction of yourself to this post.

Have fun ……

If you need help with your passwords, please email me at clubadmin@silverhairsclub.com   If you have send in your membership application and your name is not listed in this post, please email to admin@silverhairsclub.com. Thanks again for joining!

Club Admin

August “Boom Boom” – Be the first to answer two questions correctly and win $100 NTUC vouchers


“Boom Boom” – Win $100 NTUC vouchers

It’s easy to participate.  Simply answer two questions, and the first person to provide the correct answers wins a $100 NTUC Fairprice voucher.

  • Question 1 – Singapore’s newest attraction is a 15 min River Safari Cruise. When is the launch opening date?
  • Question 2 –  SilverHairsClub was open for membership in Oct 2005.  Clue: Offically, the first member is a lady.  She has profiled herself in HairsClub.com. Name one of her interests or hobbies.


  1. The winner will be announced 1-2 days before the last day of each month on this forum.
  2. The lucky winner will need to email boomboom@SilverHairsClub.com, provide the mailing address, and the vouchers will be delivered by registered post.
  3. Each member can win only one prize per calendar year or until 31 Dec 2014.
  4. Strictly for registered members.  Msembership should be updated for email address and contact tel during participation.

Boom Boom starts 1 August 2014 at 0001 hr. You may submit your answers after this date and time on this forum only.

Terence Seah


Charity and social projects

charity1charity3 charity2Some members spent a lot of their time and also money doing charity work. They could be working in a home or ophanage or an old-age home, looking after kids or older folks.

For others, it could mean support a building project for a library, cooking for a self-help kitchen or teaching language at a local village. All these charity and social work could be in Singapore or any of the nearby countries. It could be in the Philippines, Batam, Thailand, or in a disaster zone.

I think it is nice to hear what you are doing or had done offering charity work and social services. Be it paid or volunteer, share with us. The more detail you tell us, the more others will get to understand. Some of us may be interested to join you in your charity projects. Charity is very personal.

Terence Seah

SHC BBQ at Changi Beach Park on Sat 19 July 2014 (CANCELLED)

bbq4bbq3bbq2 bbq1  The last BBQ we had at Changi Beach Park gave us the impetus to hold another BBQ at the same place.

This time, we shall hold this event together with the Cycling group, led by Douglas Chan.
Douglas will provide the details in the cycling post.

The venue will be at the same Pit as the last. Not sure if it was pit 4 or 5. The car park is a few minutes to the pit. The bus stop is also a few mins to the pit.  Now confirmed at PIT # 5.

The BBQ at Changi Beach Park will enable members to mingle around, and enjoy the breeze and fresh air.

Meantime, please keep this date, Sat 19 July in your diary. I need someone to help me book the same pit as the last, as I am now travelling and payment has to be made at Sam Post.  Pit booking done.

Due to transportation difficulties, all participants to bring their own drinks, beer or coloured water.  You can bring your own mat or foldable chair, if you wish to sit down.

  • Cost per registered member:  $10.
  • Cost per non-registered person:  $15.

Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1. Let us know your transfer reference number.

If you can offer to help, please let me know.  Thank you.

Strictly for SHC members only.  More details to come.

Terence Seah

Registration list:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Douglas Chan (cycling leader)
  3. Christina Pan
  4. Ah Nee
  5. Charles Chua
  6. Dolly Lim (will buy meat for bbq)
  7. Grace Kok
  8. Hou Chong
  9. Judy Lim
  10. Lina Ng
  11. Lily Ho

EOs and ECs can run simple polls (Try this poll)

Many EOs and ECs are cautious about members response to an activity that they plan to organise.  It is true that it can be disappointing to find low or even no response to an idea or event.  Our upgraded software allows us to run simple polls on this website.

  • Sometimes, you may want to know if your event is an accepted idea.
  • Sometimes, you may not be sure which days of the week participating members prefer.
  • If you are not sure, if your event is acceptable, feel free to speak with any of the senior SHC members.  They will be able to guide you as to whether the event will be workable.

So EOs and ECs, this poll service is for you.  Think about it, and if you wish to run a poll, do email me at terences@SilverHairsClub.com.  Note, these are intended to help you, but please keep the polls simple.  You may also write to me for non-event type of polls.

Terence Seah

[poll id=’3′]

How to access SilverHairsClub.com from your Smartphone?

It’s not only kids that have a smartphone nowadays.  Today, many people carry a smartphone; maybe because these phones are really smart.

Many SilverHairs carry a smartphone.  If you have an Android phone, you can access SilverHairsClub.com by downloading an Apps into your phone.  It’s a WordPress apps.  Maybe u need a WordPress for Android.

Now, you dont need to fight with your children for using the home computer; you can make more use of your smartphone.

Terence Seah

System down this morning

Hi SHCians,

Sometime today, our system was down.  Members were not able to access the Posts or the comments.  The sytem is still not working as normal.  Our hosting company and software guys are attending to it.  I won’t be able to say why or how this happened until the problem is recified.

When it is up correctly, I shall inform you.

Terence Seah

Are You Keen 2 Be Interviewed by Straits Times

Hi Members

We are proud 2 annouce that we had received an invitation from a Straits Times’ reporter who would like 2 interview our members on their interests n likes. Here’s the invitation :

"Basically, I’m working on a special report on the Silver Dollar Industry. We want to highlight that this group of people (babyboomers in their 50s and 60s) are a very viable group of people who are willing to spend on their hobbies, interests, and things like traveling. Too often they are forgotten and neglected when actually they are the people with the spending power as well as the ones providing demand for niche services or activities.

So I would be curious to interview members of your club who are very passionate about certain hobbies, e.g. appreciating wine, collecting luxury items, painting, gardening, skiing, extreme sports or even chasing idols – most importantly they must be people with a passion who are willing to spend and invest on their interests and hobbies.

Would really appreciate it if you could put me in touch with a few like minded people who are willing to be interviewed and photographed, in a group if they prefer.

Now for the questions:

What is the median age of members in the Silver Hairs Club?
Why was it set up, and by whom, when?
Besides sports, what other activities are organized by the club? Are there wine and dine trips or food appreciation, art appreciation, golf trips?

And for those who are willing to be personally interviewed, What are your spending habits like? Are there hobbies you spend on, for example, collecting figurines, gardening, golf, or fishing? How much do you spend on your hobbies in a month?

Apart from the daily necessities, what kind of items do you spend on on a regular basis?

Has the current recession affect in any way these spending habits? How? Do you find that you travel less or is travel considered a must-do for you?

Do you think that companies out there have are selling products that look into your needs as an older person? Why and how?

What are some of the products that you wish you could buy but are not available in the market? (eg. big sized font books.)

If you are interested, please give your names n topics here. Successful members will be notified. Closing date Mon, 13 Apr 2009.

YK (Admin)

  1. Francis (Dancing)

In case, you find yourself locked out of the SHC website

The SilverHairsClub.com forum is strictly for registered members.  All registered members will get a welcome email from the administrator.  If you have not received one, it means you are not cleared to be a member.

1.  The easiest way to get registered as a member is to write an email to admin@SilverHairsClub.com.

2.  It is also possible to register on SilverHairsClub.com directly but your first and last name must be given.  If not, you are still not considered registered as a member.

Any member who registers a non-member for an event may be locked out of the website.  A member may also be locked out, if he/she fails to contact the administrator, if requested to do so.  As the club does not take personal details from the member, this procedure helps to verify the membership.

When registering for events, please use the full registered membership name, as we have many Patricks, Verons, Agnes, etc.  Please help to ensure this policy is adhered to.

Terence Seah

New roles to lead the SilverHairsClub into 2010

As part of the plan to refresh the SilverHairsClub, we shall have two new roles, to replace the current role I play.

The two roles are: 1. SHC website administrator and 2. SHC Club manager.

Wef 1 March 2009, Loh Yew Kwong will take over the role of SilverHairsClub.com website administrator.  Term end 31 Dec 2010.  New forum participants, passwords, moderation and control of taboos, web banner photos, security, systems features and content will be managed by the website administrator.  Haha, excludes shutting down the website.  The website administration has full rights to delete any content, including contact information, words and phrases considered taboos of the club.  Please note that SilverHairsclub.com is moderated.

Wef 1 May 2009, Dolly Lim will take over the role of SHC Club manager.  Term ends 31 Dec 2010.  The Club manager’s role focuses on all club activities, with special interest on the monthly gatherings.  As usual, SHCians can continue to organise their own activities and invite other SHCians to join in.

Between now to end Dec 2009, we shall be looking for a new Calendar manager, someone to keep track of activities and record them onto the Diary of Events.

Oi Cheng will continue as Pictures Manager, and she manages all photos submitted for publishing on the website.

As for myself, I shall leave the above roles to both Yew Kwong and Dolly Lim.  However, i shall continue to play an interest role in Blue Helmet projects, and be an ordinary SHCian.

Have fun.

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub – some one to lead SHC in early 2010

I like to share my thoughts on the future plans of SilverHairsClub.  In two years time, I plan to relocate to Thailand to spend more time with my family.  This means I shall be here in Singapore, maybe once a year.  As such, I like to start the thinking process on the future running of SilverHairsClub and SilverHairsClub.com.  As discussed before, SHCians prefer SilverHairsClub to remain in its current format and culture.  This has been decided, and not likely to change.  To read past discussions, click here.

Do also note that SHC Corporate will proceed, and will be developed over the next two years.  This will include Blue Helmet projects. 

In my mind, I would like to look for someone to lead SHC, in two years time.  If you are visible during SHC gatherings, known to members, IT smart, prepared to commit the time, accept the rules of the club and SHC culture, membership must remain free, no advertising, etc, please put your name on this thread.

If members have ideas and visions for the future, we can discuss them here, for this person to take note. Please do not send me emails on this topic.  Doubt I can manage.   We discuss here openly for members to see.  Do be sensitive to other SHCians views and comments.  This thread will remain open until then.

Terence Seah

When sending emails to many members

This website has been designed as a communication forum for SilverHairs.  When a SHCian organises an activity; and invites others to join in, other members can join in by writing a comment on that Post.  When you write a comment on that Post, the member gets an email alert.  Your mailbox will not get cluttered.  You know.

Some members prefer to send emails to hundreds of other members.  Some of these email include chain mails, jokes, etc.  When one party replies, everybody gets a duplicate.  However, this method tends to clog up many mailboxes.  Many members get annoyed.  Some members continue to receive these emails, even when told otherwise to stop.  For those who loves to write, please be sensitive.

Terence Seah


How to reset your password, if you have forgotten it?

Sometimes our memories fail.  And, we forgot our password.  Well, you have already registered, what can you do?

  1. Go to "Shortcuts", on the left side of the website.  Look for "Login".
  2. Look for "Lost your password?"
  3. Enter your "username" or "email address".
  4. Your new password will be emailed to you, within 30 minutes.

Remember, usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.  You can use simple usernames like "patriciatan" or "terenceseah".  Have fun.

Terence Seah

Participating in SHC Corporate discussions

This thread will focus on taking SHC Corporate to another level.  Participants raise and discuss the ideas and concepts here.  Please keep your comments focussed on the topic.

  1. Do you see opportunities for SHC Corporate as a Social Enterprise?
  2. What are your ideas and concept?
  3. If you like the idea, would you initiate SHC Corporate as a SE.
  4. What are your views on funding?
  5. How do you see SHC Corporate starting up?
  6. There could be other agenda issues, so please go ahead.

We close this discussion on 30 June 2008.

Terence Seah

SHC Website Membership Administrator

We have seen keen interests in SilverHairs participating in the SilverHairsClub website forum.   At the same time, the SilverHairsClub membership is expanding.  To participate in discussion on this website, SHC members need to register separately on the website.

We are looking for 2 SHC Website Membership Administrators, with the following loves.

  • Loves meeting new SilverHairs via email and in person at gatherings.
  • Has at least 30 minutes to spare each day on the SHC website.
  • Friendly, and can show a smile in an email, even though you may wish to knock that someone on the head with your shoe.
  • Has attended at least 2 monthly club gatherings.
  • Currently, not holding any SilverHairsClub positions.
  • Ensure confidentiality of database.
  • Two persons to manage Last name A-M and the other N-Z.
  • Term:  till end 2008.

The tasks:

  • To welcome newly registered members to the website forum.
  • To ensure that new members fill in the first and last name and a proper nickname.  This proper nickname appears on all Posts and Comments.
  • To manage passwords, for members who have lost their passwords.
  • To promote authority levels, as members meet the club’s discussion criteria.

Task excluded:

  • No responsibility for forum content in SHC website.

If you love to to volunteer for these two positions, please raise your hand.

** Update:  Both Oi Cheng and LH Jie are now SHC website membership administrators.  Register now, and they will be there to welcome you via your registered email.

Terence Seah

SHC logo

SHC Calendar of Events is up, at the top of website

Two months ago, Christina Chan suggested the issue of a diary of SilverHairsClub activities.  As more posts come up, events are pushed lower the forum listing.  This makes it difficult to find the events.

Dolly Lim and Yew Kwong have both volunteered to be SHC Calendar of Events managers.  If you are organising an activity for SilverHairsClub members, you may inform Dolly or Yew Kwong.  They will insert your activity into the Calendar of Events.   Thank you both for volunteering.

Note:  Non-SHC members, external organisations, external events, advertising or promotions not allowed.

Terence Seah

Specially designed SilverHairsClub T-shirts

Hi, this is a reminder to submit your name to get the first SilverHairsClub T-shirts.  These are specially designed, good quality and comes with the SilverHairsClub logo.  To get this T-shirt, you need to know the names of 50 SHC members, by face.  As the quantity being produced is small, each T-shirt costs us $15 plus $4 for embroidery, and we will not make big quanitities.

So hurry, get to know more SilverHairs, and get a free SilverHairsClub T-shirt.  Closing date: 31 Dec 2006.

Terence Seah

Job leads from Candy-June Wan

Please help to pass the word around to folks who might be interested and/ or suitable, that AWWA Educational Services is looking for relief teachers and teacher assistants.  AWWA (Asian Women’s Welfare Association) is a voluntary welfare organization and one of the services they provide is a school for children with special needs.  Relief teachers and teacher assistants are needed for a period of 6 to 7 months to cover for teachers/ teacher assistants who will be attending a full time Diploma course.  Most important criterion is the applicant enjoys being with children.  Details of the positions are as follows:

Relief Teacher Positions
Minimum ‘A’ Levels or Polytechnic Diploma.  Should have a credit in English at ‘O’ Levels.  Experience in working with the children with disabilities would be an advantage.   In addition to classroom teaching, individual will be involved in conducting group activities eg. field trips, outings, hydrotherapy etc. 

Teacher Assistant Positions
Minimum ‘O’ Levels with credit in English.  Experience in working with children with disabilities would be an advantage.  Duties and responsibilities include assisting teacher in the smooth running of the class and group activities.
Positions commence 26 June.  Morning session is from 7:45am to 1:15pm or afternoon session from 12:45pm to 6:15pm.  Please email application to violet_cheong@awwa.org.sg as soon as possible.
Candy-June Wan

SHC updates

I would like to introduce Vishal Chhiber, from New Delhi as our membership administrator.  You will be able to read more about him on this site.  As our numbers are getting bigger each month, Vishal will help us to keep our membership list neater and more organised.

Please feel free to contact Vishal, by writing to him under his posting.  All members’ tel contacts, address and email addresses will continued to be confidential and will not be released by the memberhip administrator.

Event organisers and Match makers will have access to Vishal on members who have written in to participate in the different activities. 

The SilverHairsClub should not be used to promote issues regarding politics, sex, religion, direct marketing and MLM.  Please remove all such postings on the public forum.  However, if your work and business involved MLM, wealth creation, insurance, direct marketing, selling of health products, we respect your business, and you may put your postings directly and only under your name and Members’ profile.

We encourage healthy and active activities, retirement work, job discussions, small business discussions, anything that would help SilverHairs make new and more friends, and finally leading to more meaningful SilverHairs years. 

Terence Seah +65 9489-4360