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Am interested in keeping fit and travelling and would like to meet like minded people.

Anniversary Celebration of Badminton at Gombak

Dear All
The badminton kakis at Gombak had existed since 2011.
We played on Thursdays, then shifted to every Tuesdays, 10.00am to 12.00noon at Bukit Gombak Indoor stadium.
We are celebrating our 4th Anniversary on 21 April 2015 (Tuesday) after our regular games.
We accept all players of all skills levels. Just come attired in non-marking shoes and comfortable exercise attire. We provide shuttlecocks and rackets (if you don’t have one).
If you’d like to join us on this day (and all Tuesdays), please indicate your interest here so that we can update you further..

Badminton at Gombak 2015

Dear All
Badminton at Gombak started 3 years ago.
It saw players came and go.
The regulars who come faithfully made it worth the efforts of “bookers” who camped at 7.00 am just to ensure that we get our bookings on Tuesdays 10.00am to 12.00 noon.
(Sometimes, we would miss the regular slots if the booker is too slow to click the buttons.. sigh..)
Yes, Gombak is “out of the way”, “ulu” and “walau.. so far leh”
Still, I hope there are SHC members out there who would join us for some sweating out.
We welcome pros and beginners
See you on 6/1/2015 (Tuesday) at Gombak Indoor stadium, 10.00am-12.00noon

Genting Highlands – 4th to 7th August 2014

Hi All
Although it is still two months away, I’d encourage SHC members to block the above dates for a relaxing and refreshing time at Genting Highlands.
Our corporate member has “lobang” to book packages (under MICE) for 3 nights stay with 3 breakfasts, 3 dinners and 2 lunches and 2-way transport in deluxe rooms at less than S$300 per person (4 pax per room, Maxims/Resorts Hotel).
If you think it is a good deal, please register your interests here (with your email address) and we will get back to you.
Once the available vacancies are filled, late registrants will stay at First World instead.
Hope to catch up with you.

Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium

Dear All
Due to the new booking system of the Singapore sports council, there had been a bit of mess in the bookings for the month of May
Please note that bookings at Gombak is as follows:
20 May – Tue – 10.00-11.00, C1; 11.00-12.00, C6
22 May – Thu – 11.00-12.00,C2
27 May – Tue – 11.00-01.00pm,C2
29 May – Thu – 10.00-12.00, C2.
Those in the whatsapp group had already been informed.
New comers are welcome to join.

Add on to Pat’s – 2nd Anniversary Celebration of Gombak Badminton

Dear All
We will also be having Awards Ceremony for the following:
1. Most “Attentive” Player – {erm.. meaning the one who is attends most of the sessions}
2. Best “Dressed” Player – 2 awards
3. Most “Valuable” Player

Come and be surprised – you may also win an “Award” just for being there 🙂
For those without transport to the restaurant, just make your way to Gombak MRT, walk to the indoor stadium and find us at courts 2 or 3. Get there by about 12.45pm.
We will arrange for those who drives to fetch everyone to the restaurant – but please register under Pat’s blog so that we know who needs transport.
See you on 3rd April.

Badminton at Bukit Gombak Stadium

Dear All
The Badminton Kakis at Gombak had been around 2 years – and we are giving ourselves a pat on the back..
We have managed to consistently play – Thursday, or Friday and/or Tuesday.
I’m proposing a second anniversary celebration on 3rd April 2014 (Thursday).
It will include :
1. Award for the most regular attendee,
2. Award for the least regular attendee
3. Award for best comic player
4. Award for …(suggestions please)
We will then proceed to have a celebration lunch at —- (can anyone suggest a venue???)
Please indicate if you would like to participate in this celebration.

Badminton at Bukit Gombak Stadium

Hi All
The Badminton game at Bukit Gombak Indoor stadium resumes.
We have booked following dates:
07-01-2014 (Tuesday) 10.00am to 12.00nn
09-01-2014 (Thursday) 10.00am to 12.00nn
16-01-2014 (Thursday) 10.00am to 12.00nn
The regular time-slot is Thursdays, 10am – 12.00nn.

Do come and support/cheer/jeer.. 🙂
See you

Games interests group

Hi All
The Gombak badminton group meets regularly at Bukit Gombak Indoor stadium on Thursdays from 10.00am to 12.00noon.
At Clementi Sports Complex – lead by Linda – there is table tennis
(Hi Linda, can you fill in the days and times for the activity?? Thanks)
In the East, Frisna also has a group on Tuesdays ( is it by invitation only??)
Are there any other activities and games in other parts of Singapore on a regular basis?
Can we can collate a time-table of the day/time/activity/location so that SHC members who need to get their joints/muscles moving know where to go?
Or kopi kakis for companionship when bored?
Is such a “time-table” schedule a workable idea?

Weekly Badminton on Thursdays at Bukit Gombak Indoor Stadium from 10.00am to 12.00noon

Hi All
The Badminton Kakis at Bukit Gombak celebrated its first anniversary in April.
Members come and go – but we have a group of 10-plus regulars and irregulars, coming from all over Singapore.
We welcome everyone to the weekly session – pro or beginner.
I’d not be posting the weekly session unless special activities are organised. [such as lunch at Bollywood – by EO Mr. Johnny Pow, .. :)]
To all SHC members who are bored on Thursday mornings – come play badminton, table tennis or just coffee/tea/lunch/chit chat ..
See you

some jokes/sayings about growing old

1. My wife still gets orgasms – unfortunately she gets them from shopping.. Ed Fischer
2. Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week..
A little candlelight, dinner, soft music and dancing..
She goes Tuesdays; I go Fridays.. Henry Youngman
3. You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.. George Burns
4. It was a major operation – they removed my savings account, my car, my house….
5. I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me.. Fred Allen
6. Happiness is good health and bad memory.. Ingrid Bergman
7. Wrinkles are hereditary. You get them from your kids.. Erma Bombeck
8. Old people shouldn’t eat health food. They need all the preservatives they can get.. Anonymous

Badminton at Bukit Gombak Stadium on Thursdays 10am

Hi All.. the badminton at Bukit Gombak indoor stadium is celebrating its 1-year anniversary this month..
Thanks to all loyal, persistent and consistent participants, we have a regular group of about 10 regular and some irregular players.
Singapore is small and Bukit Gombak stadium is situated just at the door-step of Bukit Gombak MRT station, we hope that more badminton enthusiasts would come and join us..
The skills of the players varies – so come and look-see.
Just bring yourself, proper shoes and attire – with or without rackets, shuttlecocks provided – and join us for a sweaty sessions. In fact, the indoor stadium can be quite a sauna.. 🙂
If you are not keen to play, you can still come and join us for off-courts chit chat and lunch/coffee around 12 noon – usually at the food centres around the area.
(Unless Mr. Johnny Pow would like to organise exotic places like Bollywood Organic Vegetable gardens again..)
Hope to see you.

Last call for help – Dementia Project

Dear All, this is my last call for help with my project. I have so far received 3 responses (via personal email) from members who shared their experiences and completion of the questionnaire (not-so-professionally designedemoticon). If you have previous experience or is currently a care-giver, I’d really appreciate your help to complete the questionnaire. Please email me at inez@wsinnovate.net for me to send you a copy of the questionnaire. (We need about 10 responses from each group member to make up the sample size of 50).Thanking you in advance..inez

Badminton on Thursdays at Bukit Gombak

Hi All, the badminton group has been quite regular – since April/May 2012. It is steadily growing with the regulars and not-so-regulars, from East to West (and all over Singapore), congregating at Bukit Gombak Stadium on Thursdays from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. We have increased to 2 courts, that means a total of 4 hours of play.        For the coming weeks, we will have coaching sessions for the weaker players. This is to improve the standards of play – but it is OPTIONAL. We welcome players of ALL skills/standards. Our routine is to play, chit-chat, laugh, play, CHEER/JEER – then shower (bring your own hot water and soap)- then lunch (at your own expense) across the road. Sometimes, we have more elaborate ones (thanks to the drivers amongst us.) Come join us, get to know us – players /non-players – or just have coffee/lunch. Latest Attraction – meet our handsome COACHES emoticon who will teach you new badminton tricks…

Project on caregivers of dementia patients

Hi All, I am currently pursuing the Specialist Diploma in Health Promotion at Nanyang Polytechnic. My group is undertaking a project to find out the needs of caregivers of dementia patients. The internet and brochures from the hospital/day centres etc are some areas where caregivers have access for information. But it is mostly "too technical" or "too general".. As such, my team mates and I are interviewing caregivers to find out the "gaps" and attempt to consolidate a "survival kit" for caregivers, both professionals (such as doctors/nurses) and non-professionals (such as spouse/children/relatives/etc). If you are a caregiver, (now or have taken care of one previously)  and willing to share your experiences, please email me at inez@wsinnovate.net. I will furnish you with more details about the project.                                                                                    Thanks A Lot.. inez

Stay Healthy, Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Hi All.. 2012 is endng in awhile.. and 2013 is coming in awhile… The group at Bukit Gombak is thinking of booking the indoor stadium – all 6 courts, on a fixed day and time- (10am to 12nn on Thursday)- for SHC members in the coming year. Currently the badminton group books 3 hrs each time,but we also use the table-tennis for free. The group consists of members who comes from all over the island – (model SHC members: Frisna who comes from the EAST; James Tan from CENTRAL, Bira from IN-Between, Primsose from Bt Gombak, Amy/Yoon Chin from Clementi and so on.. so on,,,emoticon).We also welcome anyone who drop-in, on annual leave, on grandchildren leave.. If any SHC member is thinking of adopting 2013 Resolution  – Stay Healthy, Don’t Worry, Be Happy – we would like to hear from you. The other courts can be used for line-dance, social dance, etc etc…(if badminton is not your game). We hope to make the Games Day on Thursdays a reality (also a consistent SHC meeting day). We need your support. emoticon Any Comments … inez                       

Badminton at Bukit Gombak Indoor Stadium

Hi ALL.. the last two sessions of Badminton for 2012 at Bukit Gombak indoor stadium falls on 20th and 27th December (Thursdays) from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. at court 6. It had been a wonderful year of sweat and more sweat, so come and join us if you have not experienced the group. The group of regulars and irregulars has made Thursday morning workout a routine that I always look forward to attend.  Many thanks to everyone who volunteers with the bookingsemoticon.. Many thanks to everyone who willingly pays (no questions asked) whenever we collect monies to defray the costsemoticon.. Many thanks to everyone who buys shuttlecocks or contributes them without asking for paymentsemoticon..Many thanks to everyone who made it possible because of YOUR ATTENDANCEemoticon.. Have a blessed Christmas and we look forward to a better 2013. CHEERS

Games Day on Thursday for November and December

Hi All                                                                                                          Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium remains from 10.00am to 12.00noon (2 courts)  for the month of November. Free table tennis is available – just borrow the bats and balls from the booking office.                                                                                                                                                          December is the month of holidays and vacations, so we would appreciate that the regulars can indicate the dates that they are NOT AVAILABLE so that the courts need not be "wasted".emoticon If you do not wish to put it on-line, please SMS me or Yoon Chin so that we can co-ordinate the booking dates for December.              Thanks and let’s have a sweaty good time together.                                Cheers.. emoticon

Games Day on Thursdays

Hi all.. we invite anyone and everyone from all over the island to join the us at Bukit Gombak stadium on Thursdays (for other activities besides badminton.) After alighting from the Bukit Gombak MRT station, is the indoor stadium where the regular group plays badminton. However, table tennis is also available and it is FREE (bring your own bats and balls). A short distance away, we can go for a walk at the Guilin Park. If anyone wants to cycle, i have a foldable bicycle which you can borrow. For lunch, there are neighborhood coffee shops, or we can adjourn to HomeTeam club, which has a Chinese restaurant. To venture further, we can drive to IMM for free parking. We can continue the afternoon’s fellowship with bowling or card games or mahjong or whatever..                                                                                                            Come and join us on Games Day …Cheers  emoticon

Badminton Group – 25 Oct 2012 (latest update)

Hi badminton kakis, Sorry to disappoint you but the badminton court bookings at Home Team ClubHouse has been "hijacked" by a private function..emoticon
However, we have booked the squash courts. There’s also swimming, bowling and a driving range available for a change. Since it is our regular Thursday morning get together in the west, please try to come and do our Thursday exercise in a different form. Lunch as usual after the games. We apologise for the unfortunate cancellation – so we will buy coffee for all who comesemoticon. Cheers and See you. Yoon Chin/Inez/Ron Teo

Badminton Game in the west, Thur 13 Sep 2012

Hi all, today we had our un-usual badminton game at CDAN clubhouse (Bukit Batok) – courtesy of Ron Teo. The multi purpose hall has 3 courts, and since we are the only ones playing, we had the whole place to ourselves. However, the lighting is not bright enough for silver haired players – so we have unanimously voted that badminton game should remain AT Bukit Gombak on Thursdays from 10am to 12.00 noon.

The next session is this Thursday – 13 September. Come and sweat it out – Cheers

Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium on Thursdays

Hi all.. the badminton "kakis" at the above venue is stabilizing – around 12 to 14 peoples each time. The booking is from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. Thanks to all who contribute time, monies and shuttlecocks. The objective is to "sweat & sauna" so regardless of your skills & abilities, just come and enjoy the fun and fellowship (we also have lunch at the coffee shop across the road, or anywhere that anyone may suggest). Bookings have been made for 26th July and 2nd August. We will take a break to celebrate National Day – 9th August (Thursday). emoticonCheers

Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium

Hi all.. the bookings for the courts at Bukit Gombak stadium is rather erratic – sometimes Thursdays, sometimes Fridays – because we can’t predict the enthusiasm of the public who sometimes choped/booked the courts before we do .. (sigh..) So, for next week, booking is on 18th May, Friday and then the following week, it will be Thursday, 24th May, at the same time of 10.00am to 11.00am. The regular group will be reminded via SMS but all are welcome to join. Cheers

Blood donation

Hi all.. Does SHC have a regular blood donation group? I think there was a posting early this year about blood donation but i cannot locate it. Is anyone interested to spearhead this on a regular basis – 3 to 4 times a year SHC meeting at HSA Outram Road blood donation centre? 

Badminton on Fridays at Bukit Gombak Stadium

Hi all.. the group of badminton players at Bukit Gombak stadium on Fridays would like to keep it a almost permanent fixture – that is, Friday 10.00am to 11.00 am.

We will continue to book on Fridays, same time and welcomes anyone interested to join. When the group stabilizes, i may not post on the site but will contact each other via SMS should there be any changes (such as going on holidays, courts not available etc).