About Robert Ong

I am a retiree but still active in singing karaoke, dancing and travelling. I also do some trading in the stock market


The double murder at Bedok should serve as a wake-up call for those who employ domestic helpers in their homes.                                                         They have to ask a few pertinent questions before they embark on such   an endeavor.                                                                                                              1) Do they absolutely need such a service.                                                              2) How much do they know about the helper who is a total stranger in  the household, in terms of her character, psychic, her background. Does she carry a lot of baggage which is a time bomb waiting to explode. It may need a slightest   provocation to set off the explosive scenario and murder.                                        3) Very often they underestimate the physical strength of the “intruder” who can inflict a lot of damages. There was one case of a woman employer who was banged against a wall and died instantly.                                                                   4) Beside the employers, can the maid agencies play a roll in mitigating the danger of providing an almost  unknown person into a home.                                   5) What can the MOM do to regulate such an employment.                                    Robert



Today at about 7.30 pm I was doing a little shopping at a large  shopping mall in the eastern part of Singapore.

Outside the mall I was rather amused and intrigued  by a lone forgotten music maker. With due respect he did make some respectable music through his singing accompanied by his guitar playing. So he is quite talented. In fact I rather enjoyed his ensemble which pervaded in the evening air.

However the reality was he was  performing for donations. But sadly the scene was rather melancholy as the evening crowd hardly paid him a second look, many of whom were bypassing him and busy doing their own things. Did he really have to earn a few bucks this way? Had he been forgotten by his family or even the society. At this time of the day many folks would  be at home enjoying a dinner with family. Had he fallen through the cracks or it was his own choice.

Robert Ong




  • An EC event for Karaoke Singing
  • Venue:   Kolam Ayer C/C Geylang Bahru
  • Date and Time:   23/6/2016 Thursday. 6.30-10.00 pm
  • Fees:  About $6 per pax depending on number of participants
  • Beverage: Self-made hot drinks
  • Parking: Ample free parking lots in the C/C compound
  • Buses: Nos. 26, 107, 107M, 140, 853 (Board the bus near Lavender MRT or Kallang MRT and alight at Block 68 Geylang Bahru)
  • Use own VCDs or select from catalogues.
  • A attendant DJ will be in service
  • A good sound system for you to display your singing prowess
  • Participants:
  • 1) Robert Ong
  • 2) Peter Tan
  • 3) SIS Wan Tho
  • 4) Jessica Tan
  • 5) Ronald Lee
  • 6) Daniel Chan
  • 7) Susan Lee
  • 8) Sally Tan
  • 9) Stella Sheng

Karaoke Singing on Friday 14/8/2015

  • Venue: Kolam Ayer CC 2nd floor Geylang Bahru
  • Date & time:  14/8/2015 6.30 to 10.00 pm
  • Rental: $50.00
  • Refreshment: Tea bags and hot water
  • Use own VCDs or select songs from catalogue
  • Car parking: Free in CC
  • Public transport:   Buses 107 or 107M from Lavender Mrt
  • Remarks: Due to space and time constraints , no. of participants will be limited to 12.
  • Type of event: EC
  • Registration:   1)  Robert Ong  plus 4
  •                         6)  Ron Lee
  •                         7)  Jass Soh
  •                         8)  Peter Tan
  •                         9)  Jessica Tan
  •                        10)  Daniel Chan
  •                        11)   ( Plus one friend)
  •                        12)

Robert Ong (EC)

$8b Extravaganza on 4-D, Horse Racing, Toto and Games

  •  It has been reported in the media that Singaporeans spent an astounding
  •  close to $8 billion a year on betting beside the two casinos.
  • The amount is more than the combined revenue of the two casinos
  • What are the dreams and priorities of these punters
  • Do they dream to become an instant millionaire
  • What are the odds against them
  • In Toto draw, to win the top prize, all the 6 numbers out 49 must be right. The      odds is 1 out 13,983,816 which is almost 14 millions.
  • Just to get some idea of the enormity of this number, one cannot finish counting  $1 million in one dollar notes in one day
  • In a recent Toto draw the top prize was about $4 millions but the money was shared among 5 persons. So even the punter is lucky to strike 1st prize he  may not become a millionaire
  • Can Singaporeans do something more creative, imaginative other than betting
  • Jack Ma was an English teacher before he struck gold in setting up Alibaba                                                                                                         Robert  Ong


  •  Of late the SLS has surfaced into the Singapore limelight drawing comments from ministers and the public. Many opinions have been expressed in the social media majority of which showed indignation against the dodgy retailers. So much so that it was blown out of proportion.
  • To be fair, scams do happen in isolated cases at SLS. But how these retailers have been able to survive for so long in spite of its notoriety.
  • The culture of doing business at SLS is unique and is different from most other shops like Challenger and DIY. SLS is able to attract a certain group of customers. There are reasons for this phenomenon. The retailers offer a wide range of electronic goods and spare parts. The salesmen  are not always there to scam a potential customer and they are not stupid. They are also keen to make a sale if they can make some profits.
  • But SLS is not a place for those people who are gullible. They must know what they are doing
  • Here is an anecdote:  Many years ago I bought a AKAI video recorder at SLS. Before I went I checked out the price at a legitimate electrical shop in HDB heartland. I was surprised that SLS shop quoted a price at about 250 dollars cheaper. But the salesman told me that it was an export set and warranty would not be included. I accepted the trade-off which proved to be a fantastic bargain. I used the set for many years. Except for a minor repair, the set is still in working condition.
  • By the way, scams are everywhere, it does not matter whether you are in Barcelona, Paris, New York, New Dehli, London or Hong Kong.                                   Robert Ong




10 Days 8 Nights NZ South Island Scenic Drive

  • An attractive tour on a visit to the beautiful sceneries of New Zealand South Island. It is a self-drive escapade which covers the major attractions of the South. The leisurely drive through the pristine country side, the exciting towns, the fjord and the glacier is a pleasurable experience.
  • Itinerary:
  • Day 1 Singapore – Christchurch
  • Day 2  Christchurch – Ashburton
  • Day 3  Ashburton  – Mt Cook
  • Day 4  Mt Cook  –  Queenstown
  • Day 5  Queenstown
  • Day 6  Queenstown – Fox Glacier/Franz Josef Glacier
  • Day 7  Fox Glacier/Franz Josef Glacier
  • Day 8  Greymouth
  • Day 9  Greymouth – Christchurch (Return the car at the train station and travel by rail to Christchurch)
  • Day 10 Christchurch to Singapore
  • Flight by SIA
  • Date  Early next year (To be advised in due course)
  • Accommodation: 4 persons in a room
  • Costs: $2798 + $380 taxes (excluding meals and petrol)
  • Travel Agent:  Chan Brothers Travel
  • Remarks: We may include a short tour of the Milford Sound if time allows
  • If you are interested or need enquiries, you may email me hbrong37@gmail.com


  • A fresh graduate answered to a advertisement for the post, “Admin Officer” in the local newspaper. Apparently the position must be quite a senior one. In the interview, he was asked to sit at the head of the table with a panel of three interviewers on each side. He faced with a barrage of questions which were unrelated to each other.
  • The applicant had a hard time trying to grasp the flow of thoughts of the interviews
  • One question posed  was:
  • “If I were to employ  you and ask you to sell straw hats on the streets, would  you  do  it”
  • How would you answer it


  • Here I am not referring to coffee bags.
  • It is an anecdote happened many years ago `when I was travelling in a plane returning from Vietnam on my way home
  • Sitting next to me was a Taiwanese and we started a conversation
  •  He remarked that in the plane there were many Singaporeans who came and went back without achieving anything
  • He revealed that over the years he set up many businesses in the  newly opened country
  • He succeeded mainly because he did something which few Singaporeans would contemplate doing it.
  • His ” Three in One” strategy was to employ a Vietnamese woman who worked for him as a interpreter/translator, a secretary and a companion
  • This story illustrates the difference between a Taiwanese and a Singaporean

Robert Ong

Billion Dollar Fiasco in the Stock Market

During the past few days there was great upheaval in the Singapore Stock Market.
Some of the small-cap companies have increased its capitalisation within a few months to billion dollars.
Many companies started at IPO prices of few cents. Through market manipulations, some stock prices were chased up to a dizzy height of more than two dollars.
By the time the regulator suspended the three counters, it was too late. After the suspension and the resumption of trade, billions of dollars were wiped out.
This incident has invited many comments written to the press.
For those who might have some interests of the stock market, you might want to read my comment printed in the Straits Times Foum Page (A23 October 9 2013)


Tonight I watched a documentary produced by  Nat Geo.
It showed to what extent people will do for money.
It featured a major city in Asia. The investigator travelled to the city where racketeers pulled some   of the most scary scams.
In this instance, the man wanted to explore how far he could go to expose the scams. He started to make contacts with the underworld by making them to know that he wanted to buy a death certificate in order to make insurance claims. He paid in local currency equivalent to US$450.
True enough, he got a real certificate issued by a doctor. So he became a dead man but still held a piece of official paper that could be used to claim millions of dollars from the insurance company.
Don’ t you think the world is getting more dangerous

N.B   I intentionally refrained from mentioning the name of the city in which the scams happened. Probably you can guess correctly. It must be a country where there are a lot of poor people. But it cannot be Ethiopia. For it has not reached that level of advancemet in terms of civilisation. Neither can it be a country like Switzerland where the people enjoy the highest standard of living and they are happy.


Recently we have read about rather poignant accounts of personal experience, reflections of life. These have prompted me to write about my life experience which happened a few decades ago. But these happenings left an indelible mark in my memory. Hopefully the story will spur others to write about their life experiences.

When Changi International Airport was building the Terminal 2, our company was shortlisted as one of the contractors to supply a specialised machine to upgrade  the airport’s efficiency in order to maintain its cutting edge. On work assignment I led a team of technicians to Germany to familiarize with the machine. We took a flight to Frankfurt and caught a train to a town which was the headquarter of our principal. When we arrived, the machine was a skeletal structure with a lot of cables and control panels. But towards the end of the week, the equipment was already shipped out to Singapore. This demonstrated the superb efficiency of the Germans. During the days we spent the time at the factory, but in the night time, our host took us around the country. On one night, we were at a beer bar where the locals spent on booze and on socialising with one another. There was no descrimination based on race, gender or social status. In fact I was the only China man there. There was even a professor amongst the gathering. While we were enjoying ourselves, a black man came in to sell roses but nobody paid any interest. At the spur of the moment I bought a stalk of roses and presented it to  the female companion of my host . She was ecstatic and with her at my side, a picture was taken. The evening was culminated by another display of diplomacy when my host asked me to write about my impressions of Germany during  the week stay. Probably it was due to the liquer and the atmosphere, I produced a masterpiece- at least to my host. After reading it , he was so impressed, that he carefully folded the piece of paper and kept in his pocket. What prompted him to do that?

It would be appreciated if you could share your  life experiences with other SHC members.


Cars can breakdown due to a variety of factors. It may be because of engine failure, tire puncture and others.
What are the actions to take when these incidents happened in a rather
precarious situation?
1) Tire puncture
(a) Drive the car to the shoulder lane and place an object such as the spare tire or a sign board at 20 feet away from the rear of the car
(b). Do not try to repair yourself.
(c) Everyone must stay a distance away from the car
(d) Immediately call a car workshop for repair and towing service
2) Engine failure
(a) Do the procedures same as 1(b), (c) and (d)


For this month’s gathering we will revert to our familiar place in
the East. It has the convenience of transport and space.  It has two
foodcourts for food and beverages. We shall make use of the occasion for
meeting up with friends.

The gathering is formatted as follows:

Date & Time:   Friday 28 September
2012,  2.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Venue:   Changi City Point Mall Foodcourt 2nd level (
Changi South Ave 1 )

Transport:   The Expo MRT


Robert Ong


Janet   Loo

Freddie Liew

NOTE: Due to poor participation response, regretably
the event has to be


    For this gathering, we have chosen a condominium estate as a venue. As usual it has all the facilities befitting this style of living. That is, it has a full-size swimming pool, a out-door spa pool, tennis courts, rooms for table tennis, gymnasium, games.

  • The estate is the Melville Park Condominium. It is made available to us by a SHC member who is a resident/owner. She is Ms Janet Loo.
  • We will assemble and make use of the seats in two pavilions at the barbeque pit area next to block 24.
  • As there are no eateries in the vincinity, it is recommended that participants take their lunches before arrival.  The nearest place is at East Point Mall.     
  • Date & Time: Friday 24 Aug 2012,   2pm-6pm                                                              Venue:   Melville Park Condominium
  • Transport:   Simei MRT. Then take bus No. 9 and alight at the 3rd bus stop infront of the Metta Building. Please gain entry at a side gate and tell the guard your purpose of visit. For those using their vehicles, please enter the estate at Simei St 1.
  • Registration:  
  • Robert Ong
  • Christina  Pan
  • Janet Loo
  • Alice Seah
  • Jane Ho See Jah  
  • Conrad Lee
  • Ron Lai
  • Alice Lai 
  • Pearl Wong
  • Jacqueline Han
  • Lilian Teo
  • Nina Choo
  • Rosalind Soh
  • Ronald Lee
  • Dan Huang
  • Click here to view photos                                                                      


We shall meet again at our usual location at Changi City Point
Shopping Complex. The place has its charm and uniqueness. It boasts
of two big foodcouts, a high-end restaurant and an array of many
other eateries. It has many retail shops displaying apparels, shoes
and many others and showrooms.

The retail outlet owns its vibrancy mainly to its proximity to the
MRT station, landed property housing estates and the many international
logistics companies.  

As we all know that today Facebook is a major social networking site
which was started in 2004 by three Harvard University students. It soon
expanded.  When we meet monthly, we are actually also doing social
networking. We exchange information, views and form subgroups of those
with similar interests. For example, we have succeeded in forming dance
class.  It is ongoing.

Our impending gathering will be schduled as

Date and Time:  Friday 20 July 2012, 1.30 pm to 5.00

Venue:  Changi City Point complex foodcourt (2nd

Transport: Expo MRT


 1)   Robert Ong

 2)   Gabriella Chua

 3)   Alice Cheong

 4)   Conrad Lee

 5)   Aice Seah

 6)   Ronald  Lee

 7)   Marg Tian

 8)   Grace Wong

 9)   Soh Yew Tiong


Having watched the TV program on the subject: "PERSPECTIVES" last week, it has prompted me to pen some reflections. The panel of speakers consisted of two top leaders from the business community and two professors from the academic institutions.

They discussed mainly on the qualities and traits of leadership and the paradigm of diversity for socio-economic sustainability. One professor voiced the opinion  that it is easy to teach the students on subjects of study like mathematics, psychology, political science, but not easy to inculcate leadership. 

In this 21st century, the world has undergone many changes. The onset of globalisation, the proliferation of information and the mobility of people have shaped the civilisations of many countries, for better or for worse. Why some countries have become economic powerhouses and others have fallen into decadence to the point of bankruptcy. What are the factors that differentiate them.

China has risen from the sick man in Asia to become the no. 2 economy within a few decades, wherereas some countries are on the decline and USA still retains the no. 1 position.

China has the advantage of big population. Thus it has a big market and a large pool of people to tap talents. When it staged the 2008 Olympic Games, it won the most number of gold medals. There have been tremendous spinoff from this event. Whereas Greece staged the 2004 Olympic Games and now it owns hundreds of billion dollars in debt. USA’s success is due mainly to its diversity. It attracts the talents from the whole world. Japan is on the decline because it lacks the element of diversity. It has  one of the most  homogeneous sociaties.


It is time to meet again. For this gathering, we intend to introduce some changes of atmosphere.

We shall move from a shopping centre to a private club where we can do not just engaging in dialogues but participating in other activities what a club can offer. These include swimming, bowling, badminton, board-games, jackpot games and karaoke. These series of activities will generate a lot of fun and will keep us occupied for the whole day.

Date and time:  Friday 22 June 2012  11am to 6.30pm

Venue: Chinese Swimming Club at Amber Road

Transport:   MRT: Dakota MRT is the nearest station

                    Buses: 31,43,135,196,197


  Robert Ong (EO)    Daniel Chan (tentative)        Peri Liew            Daisy Yeo              Mega Abdullah

  Judy Lim                 Christina Pan (tentative)      Thomas Loh        Lee Peng Peng      Wendy Koh

  Lilian Teo                Gabriella Chua                       Paul Kong           Alice Seah              Maureen Lee

  Pearl Wong             Ronald Lee                             Pearl Goh           Lydia Soh(DR)       Rosalind Soh

  Rosalind Lee           Conrad Lee                             Nina Choo          Angie Chiaw           Roland Tong

  Freddie Liew          Catherine Koh                         Dennis Tan        Rosna                      Tan Li Li

  Ong Choo Im

  CLICK HERE to view photos                                                                                                                                            


Portent for Disaster

The car accident at the junction of Victoria St and Rochor Road last Saturday, which involved three vehicles, caused the deaths of three persons.

The combination of several factors portends for the disaster. The powerful  $1.8 million Ferrari was driven by a young and wealthy man in the early hours of the morning. From the video recording by the second taxi driver, there was an interval of 5 seconds between the change of traffic light to green in the taxi’s favour and the impact. It means that the time was not enough for the Ferrari driver to beat the traffic light even though  he might see the amber light.

As for the deceased taxi driver, the moment the light turned green, if he were to delay the pickup by at least  one more second, the Ferrari would have zoomed past the junction without accident.

This is my two cents worth analysis based on  the press report. Of course the traffic police will make an investigation and find out what exactly had happened.


The march of time rambles on relentlessly and the passing of each month is forever manacing. It is time for our gathering. How do we treasure our time and engage in meaningful occupation.

 For some, as retirees, they may spend quality time by  helping to bring up the grandchildren. For others, they may embark on a  new endeavour such as learning a new skill on playing a musical instrument, attending a dance class to find entertainment. Our gathering is also another escapism from the drudgery of routine.  

Outdoor activities are part and parcel of our lives. It has been reported in the media that a study on myopia in children reveals that the ailment  is not due to inheritance but due to lack of exposure to sunlight. This finding has profound  relevance and far-reaching impact in the Singapore context.

The May gathering will be as follows:

Date and Time:  Friday 25 May 2012    2.30-4.30 PM

Venue:  Changi City Point Foodcourt (2nd level)

Transport:  EXPO MRT


1)   Robert Ong (EO)                                       9)  Rosalind Soh                         17)  Johnny Pow

2)   Sue Tan                                                    10)  Oi Cheng                               18)  Annie Tan 

3)   Conrad Lee                                               11) Molly Chua(withdrawn)       19)  Soh Yew Tiong

4)   Christina Pan (tentative)                         12) Jeanie Chan                          20)  Nina Choo

5)   Alice Seah                                                  13) Paul Kong                             21)  Charles Wee

6)   Vivien Ler (tentative)                                14) Peggy Kong                          22)  Lilian Teo

7)   Michael Tan                                                 15) Pearl Wong                         

8)   Rosalind Lee(withdrawn)                           16)  Daisy Yeo


It seems that not too long ago we had our last meeting at Changi City Point. We have found the place to be easily accessible by MRT and conducive for us to get together in a informal and relaxed manner.  It is an ideal place to exchange views and to make new friends.

DATE & TIME:  19 APRIL 2012 Thursday, 2.30pm to 4.30pm   

VENUE: Changi City Point Food Court 2nd level ( opposite EXPO MRT)

Note: Besides the MRT the last shuttle bus from Simei MRT to the venue is at about 1.30pm


1)  Robert Ong (EO)                               11) Christina Pan (tentative)       21) Andrew Koh (tentative)

2)  Pearl Wong                                        12) Thomas Loh (tentative)         22) Caroline Gee(tentative)

3)  Jimmy Tsin (tentative)                     13) Rosalind Soh

4)  Janet Loo                                           14) Rosalind Lee

5)  Angie Ng                                             15) Conrad Lee

6)  Mary Chan                                           16) Soh Yew Tiong

7)  Frisna Tan                                            17) Constance Wong

8)  Lydia Chin (tentative)                         18) Susan CH Tan

9)   Peri Liew                                             19) Ronald Koh

10) Alice Seah                                           20) Charles Chua  

CLICK here to view photos

SHC regular meeting in the East, for Retirees, 16 Mar, 2012 Fri

Hi members,

It is time again for us to get together and interact by exchanging our views, our knowledge, wisdom and our experiences.  For examples: 1) How do you play your role as a more senior member of the family. 2) How do you balance your time in regard to recreation, exercise and socialising, besides the time spent on sleeping and eating. 3)You may want to share a memorable and interesting episode with others.

We will hold the next meeting as follows:-

Venue:  Foodcourt at Changi City Point( 2nd level, above Gain City showroom)

Date:  16 March, 2012  Friday

Time:  2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Transport:  Expo MRT


1)  Robert Ong (EO)

2)  Pearl Wong

3)  Wendy Koh

4)  Jimmy Tsin (tentative)

5)  Rosalind Soh

6)  Rosalind Lee

7)  Freddie Liew

8) Roland Tong

SHC regular meetings in the East, for retirees

I am a retiree, live in the East and have answered the call of Terence to lead the monthly gathering in the East for retirees. The meeings will be held on weekdays as most retirees have the time and to avoid the weekend crowd.

Our first meeting is laid out as follows:

Venue: The Banquet food court at East Point Shopping Centre (5th floor) 

Date: 17 Feb 2012 Friday

Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Transport: MRT Simei,  Buses: 5, 9, 531, 38

Topic: Beforehand, each participant gives some thoughts to one or more topics for  interactions.

We will try this format and see how it progresses. Any suggestions will be considered.     

Attendance –

  1. Robert Ong (EO)
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Pearl Wong
  4. Frank Kaw   
  5. Alice Seah 
  6. Mary Chan  
  7. Ronald Koh
  8. Janet Loo 
  9. Francis R. Mangalam  
  10. Jimmy Tsin  
  11. Wendy Koh
  12. Stephanie Goh 
  13. Marilyn Tay
  14. Molly Chua
  15. Melina Yong
  16. Peri Liew         
  17. Freddie Liew 
  18. Gingko Tay
  19. Christina Pan 
  20. Mega Abdullah
  21. Constance Wong  
  22. Lydia Soh
  23. Clara Chay
  24. Rosalind Soh 
  25. Douglas Chan
  26. Charles Chua                               

As we are holding this gathering at a public place, we have to keep the group manageable. Therefore in this instance, we shall limit the number of participants to 24.

The  registration is hereby closed.  We shall meet on the 17th.

Robert Ong                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Inviting Karaoke enthusiates to a singing session, 25 October, 2011

It is time to exercise your vocal chord and to demonstrate your prowess in singing.

You are cordially invited to a  continous 4-hour karaoke singing session at the Kolam Ayer Community Club. The lounge is air-conditioned and is equipped with a good sound system and is provided with the service of a KJ. You may bring your own favourite VCDs or select a song from the catalogue.

This is an EC event and due to constraint of space, only 5 participants will be allocated in accordance with the first-come -first-serve basis. If the SHC members are interested, I shall organise an EO event for members only.

The club is located at Geylang Bahru. Bus services are 107, 107M and 26. There are ample free parking lots in its compound. The charge is $5/ per pax. It is used to defray the costs of renting the lounge and of providing the service of a KJ.

Date and Time: 25th October, 2011  1.00Pm-5.00PM

Venue: Kolam Ayer Community Club, 2nd floor

Cheers and meet you there

Robert Ong

Vulnerability of Currency float and manupulation

We live in an interdependent world where very often we have no control over events that originated from external unexpected quarters. Sometimes the damage caused can be catastrophic.

Of late, there have been worries about currency manupulation from external sources. Are countries really vulnerable from such an maneuver? To better understand the machanics of currency instability as a result, we have to look some of the incidents that have happened in other countries. How and why such events came about. There are giant hedge fund companies which specialise in this money making process. One such company is owned by a billionaire named George Soros. He saw the opportunity when the British pound was weakening. He betted successfully for the currency to devalue, and made more than a billion dollars. At that time, there was little what the British government could do to stem the attack.  However, when Soros picked Hong Kong as the next potential victim, he failed because the currency was backed fully by the PRC government. The counter measure was so overwheming that Soros had to back off.

By the way, according to the recent Forbes report  on ten richest billionaires in USA, Soros was rated in the 7th position. 

There are few countries immune from currency attacks especially small economies. I am wondering what counter measures would Singapore  take to protect its currency from such an incursion.

SHC Karaoke Singing Session

Hi everybody I am organising a karaoke singing session, I hope it will rekindle your singing passion.

Date & Time:  10 Dec 2010 Friday 6.30pm to 10.00pm
Venue:   Kolam Ayer Community Club
Costs:   $8
$10 per pax (revised)
6.30pm-7.00pm Registration of singers

7.00pm-10.00pm   Refreshment and free karaoke singing

Due to constraints, the number of participants will be limited to 20 based on first come first serve.  The CC is chosen because of its accessibility by public transport, ample free parking lots, the availability of a proper karaoke sound system and the provision of a DJ. 
We need your support. Are there any volunteers for  one more EO. 

Robert Ong (EO)

  1. Robert Ong
  2. Tim Liu
  3. KK Yeo
  4. Peggy Low
  5. Clara Chay
  6. Lydia Chin
  7. Bernie Chung
  8. Jonson Tan
  9. Debbie Oh
  10. Shirleen Kao
  11. Thomas Loh
  12. Rosna Rauaee
  13. June Leon 
  14. Anna Seet


I am organising a exciting trip to Taiwan planned for travel early next year. It is a 7nights-8days tour on Free and Easy basis.

The itinerary includes 2 nights stay in each of the two resorts

The costs incude SIA plane tickets and hotels but not meals, local transports, side visits.

Costs: S$1450 as quoted by one travel agent (subject to change)

Please indicate your interests and preferences

"Due to poor response, the event is withdrawn and cancelled"

Robert Ong