About Peter Sng

I'm 67 years old, a grandfater of 8. I was a school teacher till 1985. I now teach retirees and Country Club Members, etc to strum the Ukulele. I occassionally conduct Strum And Singalong sessions at my home. To view my videos, key magisng in www.youtube.com and watch about 60 videos


I’ll be 70  on the 1st January 2014 and I’m a grandfather of 10. I was a school teacher for 20 years till age 40.

I’ve been a professional ukulele trainer since 2009. I conduct ukulele course in Churches, Golf Clubs, Community Clubs, Condos and at my Home-studio.I have taught more than 1000 students. I occasionally strum and have sing-along sessions at my home.

Making short trips to neighbouring countries whenever I have time is also  my interest.