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Cycling – 3 Feb 2018

Hi all

Our first cycling event for 2018 is this Saturday, 3rd February.

To facilitate easy bicycle rentals, member must download the bicycle sharing apps, namely: “OFO” “mobike” and “Obike” from your mobile.
You should have a data plan to activate its usage.

Time : 5pm.
Meeting Point : Sports Hub. Circle line exit A. Infront of Singapore Sports Museum.

### OFO’s bike is free usage until 04 Feb.

Please sign here if you are joining.

01. Doug
02. Andrew
03. Thomas Goh
04. John Howe
05. Eva Choy
06. Yew Kwong
07. Jade
08. Judy
09. June Koh
10. Anna Lee
11. Henry Ong.
12. Yatsing
13. Margaret Tian
14. Adeline Tan
15. Freda Lim

1. Bobby Bok.
2. Aaron Howe
3. Cola Tan
4. Heven Kuek

Monthly Cycling -Coney Island

IMG-20151015-WA0006Hi all Cyclists

Date : 14 Nov 2015
Meet : Pasir Ris car park C.
Time : 1600hrs
bike rental : available.

I will be there around 1500hrs to assist and train newbies, free bike will be provided.
Please PM me if you want some trainings.

Event will be cancelled if the 1hr PM2.5 hits 100

Joining :
1. Douglas
2. Ronald Lam
3. Andrew K
4. Theresa S
5. Lily H
6. Eileen Ang
7. Susan T
8. Irene P
9. Lydia Chin
10.Daisy Phua
11.Christina Pan
12.Tony Tan
13.Peggy Yap
14.Arthur Yap
15.Ann Lim
16.Thomas Goh
17.Bobby Bok

1. Bobby Yee

I have added those who had WhatsApp me.

Monthly cycling-27 June 2015



IMG-20150620-WA0016Hi all cyclists

We are going island cycling at St John’s Island.

Meet : Marina South Pier,
Time : 8am
No rental bikes nearby. Only folding bikes allowed on ferry.
Ferry : $18 return

Those without bikes are welcome to join.
We will visit St John’s and Larazus island.

Things to bring:
1. Brolly or hat
2. Sun block
3. Packed lunch or some snacks.

1. Douglas
2. Lily
3. Judy Lim
4. Susan CH Tan
5. Julian Mok
6. Andrew k
7. T.S. Lim
8. Hou Chong
9. Ah Nee
10. LinaN
11. Susan Tan
12. James Tan
13. ChristinA

Monthly cycling-09May15

Meet : Burger King, ECP
date : 09 May 2015
Time : 1600 hrs

We will revisit MBS and Singapore Sports Hub via the newly opened PCN link from Fort Road.

Beginners who wish to learn cycling can meet me at 1500hrs or earlier, free bike for training will be provided.


1. Douglas
2. Fredalim
3, Yatsing
4. Hou Chong
5. Lily H
6. Judy L
7. Lina N
8. Charles C
9. Ronald Lam
10. Andrew K
11. John Howe
12. Steven Chan
13. Irene P

Monthly Cycling -18 April 2015

Hi all cyclists

Monthly Cycling-18 April 2015

Meet : Burger King, ECP
Time : 1600 hrs

We will use the new pcn and cycle to MBS. Rental bikes are available nearby.

Beginners who wish to learn cycling can meet me at 1500hrs, free bike for training will be provided


1. Douglas
2. Lily H
3. Ah Nee
4. Dolly L
5. Caroline G
6. Lina N
7. Judy L
8. Steven Chan
9. Andrew Koh
11.Charles Chua
13.Serene Low
14.John Howe
15.Lilian Teo
16.Grace Kang

Sungei Rengit Revisit: 21/22 March 2015

Hi all.
We are going to revisit Sungei Rengit before it becomes and transformed into a Petroleum Hub.

Our journey begins from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Tg Pengelih jetty. It is about 18km from jetty to Sungei Rengit town.

The area’s landscape is changing rapidly, the tranquility scenery is fast disappearing, very soon the town may also be demolished.

This is a 2D1N event (21-22 Mar 2015)

Meet : Changi Village hawker center
Date : 21 Mar 2015.
Time : 0800 hrs.
Cycling speed : leisure(10-15kph)
Rental bike cost : Sgd 11-12 per day.
Ferry : Sgd 13-15 one way.
Hotel :2 to a room @MYR 168.

closing date : 07 Mar 2015.

Going :
1. Douglas
2. Charles Chua
3. Lim TS

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31Jan2015- Nostalgic Ride to Pengerang – cancelled.

Hi cyclists.

All cyclists are invited to participate in this nostalgic cycling event from Tg Pengelih jetty to Sungei Rengit town before it becomes a petroleum hub.

The area’s landscape is rapidly changing, the tranquility scenery is fast disappearing, very soon the town may also be demolished.

This is a 2D1N event (31Jan-01 Feb 15)

Meet : Changi Village hawker center
Date : 31 Jan 2015.
Time : 0800 hrs.
Cycling speed : leisure.
Rental bike : Sgd 11-12 per day.
Ferry : Sgd 13-15 one way.
Hotel :2 to a room @MYR 168.

closing date : 23 Jan 2015.

Going :
1. Douglas

Monthly cycling – 20 September 2014

Hi cyclists

We will be visiting Seletar Hotspring.

Date : 20 September 2015
Meet : Yishun Dam
Time : 1600 hrs.

Things to bring : face towel, extra clothing’s and some eggs(optional)

I will be cycling from Tampinese to Yishun Dam, those who want to cycle with me to the meeting point at Yishun Dam are to meet me at Sengkang East Way in front of Compass Point at 1500hrs



Monthly Cycling -20 September 2014

2014-08-11-22-42-122014-09-08-16-42-26Hi Cyclists

We will be cycling to Seletar Hotspring,

Date : 20 September 2014
Time : 1600 hrs
Meet : Yishun Dam @ Yishun Ave 1.
Things to bring : face towel, extra clothing and eggs (optional)

I will be cycling from Tampinese to Yishun, those who wants to cycle there are to meet me at Compass Point at 3pm.


joining :
1. Douglas
2. Hou Chong
3. Lily
4. Lina,
5. Fredalin

Monthly Cycling – 21 June 2014


Dear All

Our monthly cycling for June 2014

Meet : Burger King – ECP
Time : 1600 hrs
Route : TO Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay.

1500hrs – Training for beginners with Grace.

1. Doug
2. Grace
3. Dolly
4. Fredalim
5. Charles.
6. Hou Chong
7. Lily
8. Ah Nee
9. Lina.
10. Thomas Goh
11. Thomas Loh
12. Bobby B.
13. Anna S.
14. Andrew K





Monthly Cycling – 17 May 2014

2014-05-04-19-25-53Hi Cyclists

Our next cycling event will be to Labrador Park

Meet : Labrador Park MRT station facing Carpark.
Time : 1600 hrs
Bike rental kiosk : Nil
Dinner : Seah Im food centre (byo)

We will visit Labrador Park and Kepple Island.
Those cycling from the East may meet me near Popeye Punggol.


1. Douglas
2. Karen
3. Lily
4. Mike Tay
5. Dolly
6. Anna

Monthly Cycling- 26 April 2014

Hi Cyclists.

Meet at : Pasir Ris car park C
Time : 1600hrs
Route : To Punggol waterway.
Bike rental : $6/- 2 hours

We will have a new segment for beginners interested in cycling.
All newbies or beginners interested in cycling are
encouraged to sign up for this free lesson.
Grace Kok has volunteered to be the trainer and I will assist her.

Feel free to ask her any questions during training.


1. Douglas
2. Grace
3. Eileen A
4. Lina N
5. Lee ah nee
6. Melissa Khng
7. Steven Chan
8. Hou Chong
9. Joan Ang
11.Lai Fong
12.Jane Yeoh – TBN

Newbies ??

Memorial Ride – 19 October 2013 @ 4pm


Hi all cyclists

A Memorial Ride in remembrance of Janet Chan will be held on 19 October 2013. Janet Chan used to join our monthly cycling whenever it was held at ECP, although she was not a regular cyclist, she was one of the first to have a foldie.

Date : 19 October 2013
Time : 1600-2000 hrs
Venue: meet at Burger King, ECP at 1530hrs
Route: It will be on PCNs and on pedestrian walkways starting from Burger King to Gardens by the Bay.

Rental bikes are available nearby.

Those going :
1. douglas
2. ah nee
3. lily
4. boon liang
5. lina ng
6. hou chong
7. yew kwong
8. eileen thean
9. judy lim
10. audrey wong
11. bira
12. andrew koh
13. yatsin
14. julian
15. solomon chang
16. susan tan
17. fredalim
18. caroline gee
19. Paul Kong
20. Peggy
21. Nina
22. John Howe

Maybe :
1. Karen Thio
2. Eileen Ang
3. Irene Poh
4. Malcolm
5. Lydia Soh
6. Tony Ang

Monthly Cycling – 21 September 2013

Hi Cycling Buddies.

Our next cycling is 0n 21 Sep 2013

Meet at : Burger King – ECP
Time : 1600 hrs
Route : TO Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay (cycling will be on PCN and pedestrian paths)

Rental bikes are available,

Those joining:
1. douglas
2. Lily
3. Lina
4. Hou Chong
5. Eileen
6. Julian
7. YK
8. Charles Chua
9. Alan Ang

Ah Nee – with apologies as she unable to join this round

Monthly Cycling – Pulau Ubin – 18 August 2013

Hi All Cyclists

Monthly cycling for August will be to Pulau Ubin.

Date : Sunday 18 August 2013
Time : 0900 hrs
Point : Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Do bring your own bicycle otherwise you may have to rent.
We may do a simple off road riding otherwise it will be on road.

Who would like to meet for breakfast at Changi Village Hawker Center before boarding for Pulau Ubin.

Those coming:
1. douglas

Monthly Cycling – 20 July 2013

Hi Cycling Buddies.

Our next cycling event is on 20 July 2013

Meet at : Pasir Ris Car park C, free parking for those who drive.
Time : 1600 – 2000 hrs
Route : Punggol Park connector or to Seletar Airport.
Rental bike available from $6 onwards

Those Joining:
01. Douglas
02. Dolly
03. Hou chong
04. Lily
05. Ah nee
06. Lina
07. Yatsing
08. Grace
09. John
10. Julian
11. Malcolm

12. Yew Kwong – (joining for dinner)
13. Caroline

CLICK here to view photos

Cycling to Sungai Rengit – Pengerang : 15 June 2013

Hi All Cyclists

Our June’s event will be a 1 day cycling trip to Sungai Rengit, Pengerang.
The fist 12 to sign up is assured of a place.

Meeting Point : Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Time : 0930 hrs

Bike Rental : SGD 12
Ferry 1 way : SGD 11 (total $22)
Ferry 1 way + bike : SGD 13 (total $26)

Money to be transferred once we have the required number of cyclists that are going.
No refund after transfer, however, you will have to find your own replacement if you are unable to join.

Things to bring :
Passport – should be valid for more than 6 months
Sun block/poncho – to protect yourself from sun/rain
Malaysian Ringgit for lunch and shopping

The organiser is not liable or responsible for any accident(s) or mishaps arising from this cycling event.

Who is going :
1. douglas (own bike)
2. charles chua (own bike)
3. anna (own bike)
4. julian (own bike)

CLICK here to view PHOTOS

Monthly Cycling-18May2013

Hi Cyclists,

We will continue our cycling to Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay for our May cycling event. Let us meet at ECP Burger King from 3pm onwards for chit chat.

4 pm – roll off
8 pm – return rental bike

All rides are on PCN and footpath.

Please raise your hand if you are joining.


1. douglas
2. ah nee
3. lina
4. lily
5. hou chong
6. Steven Ng
7. Lydia

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Monthly cycling – 20 April 2013

Hi Cyclists

For April’s cycling event, we will be cycling to Marina Barrage/Garden by the Bay.
We will ride on the pavement instead of on the road.

3.45 pm – meet at  Burger King near the old Marine Cove, ECP.  to rent bikes
4 pm – move off
8 pm – back to ECP Burger King to return bikes
Please raise your hand if you are coming.

Yew Kwong (joining for dinner)

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October Cycling – Pengerang-Sg Rengit, 20 Oct 2012

Hi cycling kakis

Our October cycling event will be a leisure ride to Sungei
Ringet-Pengerang.  The first 12 to sign up will be assured of a place.

  • Date : 20 October 2012
  • Time : 0700 Meet at Changi Point Ferry Terminal
  • Bike rental at CV : $12 Return ferry cost SGD26/-

Please deposit it
to my posb sav acct : 053 05750-0 by 16 Oct 2012.

Things to bring:

  • Passport valid more than 6 months
  • Sun block/poncho or anything to protect yourself from the sun/rain
  • Some Malaysian Ringgit for your lunch and shopping

You have to find your own replacement if you are unable to go as there will
be no refund.  Participants must have some experience cycling on the road.

The organizer is not liable or responsible for any accident or mishap arising
from this cycling event.

Registration :

  1. Douglas
  2. Roger Wong – renting
  3. Joseph Ko
  4. George Ng
  5. Ron Teo – renting
  6. Solomon Chang
  7. Solomon’s friend
  8. Ivan Lim
  9. Mike Tay – renting
  10. Malcolm Chen – renting
  11. KS Tan
  12. Steven Chan – renting 
  13. CLICK  here to view Photos

Monthly cycling – Pulau Ubin (Sat) 29 Sept 2012

Hi Cyclists

For those interested to cycle in Pulau Ubin :

  • Meet around 8.30am at the last coffee shop at bk 5, Changi Village for breakfast before going to P.Ubin
  • Those who have own bike – can bring along.
  • Those don’t have own bike – can rent at P. Ubin ($7 – not sure whether rates have gone up or not).
  • Bring anything to keep away sun and rain.
  • You may break off from the group at any time.

If you are interested or have any query, please post your comment/s here.  As I am now overseas, will reply upon my return.

Btw, we will have a cycling trip to Pengerang next month October 20.

Registration :

  1. Douglas Chan – Cycling Leader
  2. Ivan – own bike
  3. Malcolm – renting
  4. Lily – renting
  5. Li Li & friends 
  6. June – renting
  7. BL – renting
  8. Bira – renting
  9. Steven – renting
  10. Alan – own bike



  •  CLICK here to view Photos


Monthly Cycling – Night Riding – Friday, 17 Aug 2012

Hi All

We are going for a night cycling on Friday, 17 Aug starting at 2030 hrs.  This date happens to be the 1st day of the Lunar 7th month.  Nightfall at Bedok Reservoir is deserted, silent and quiet.  Come, let us enjoy the starry night.  Those who don’t have bike are also welcome to join.  Ride will end at 10pm.


Registration :

  1. Douglas
  2. Lily
  3. Ah Nee
  4. Lina
  5. HC
  6. Ivan
  7. Charles Chua
  8. Anna Seet
  9. Audrey Wong
  10. Eileen Ang
  11. Who else coming?

1 Day cycling trip to Sg Rengit/Pengerang-19 Nov 2011

Dear Cycling Kakis

EOs for Monthly Cycling have decided that this will be our last cycling event for Year 2011.  Our next cycling event will be 18 February 2012.

We need 12 participants to confirm our ferry bookings to Pengerang, otherwise it may be cancelled. 

Registration close: 15 Nov 2011.  Will advise payment on later date. 

Please register ASAP if you are interested.


  1. 0630 – Meet at CV hawker centre, be early if you need to have breakfast or you can ‘tapao’ and have your ‘makan’ on the ferry.  (Ferry journey is about 1.15 mins.)
  2. 0645 – Briefings and collection of rental bikes.
  3. 0700* – Depart Singapore.
  4. 0830 – Arrival at Tg. Pengilih Ferry Terminal and cycle to Sugei Rengit, distance about 18 km.
  5. 1200 – Seafood lunch – optional.

  6. 1345*- Depart Sugei Rengit for ferry to Changi Point.
  7. 1600 – Board ferry for Singapore. 


  • Return ferry : SGD 24
  • Bike rental at SG : $10-12   (no collection of bike at Pengarang due to time constraint).

Important:  emoticon

  • Valid passport for 6 months
  • Some MYR for shopping / food
  • Gloves, hats or helmets
  • Sun block lotion and poncho  (must have)
  • Water bottles filled with water.
  • Sweets/energy bar
  • Small face towel

EOs: Lily, Ah Nee, Dolly & Douglas

Those coming:

  1. Douglas
  2. Dolly Lim
  3. Peggy Tan
  4. Audrey Wong


Photos by Douglas

Monthly Cycling @ ECP -20 Aug 2011

Hi Cycling Enthusiasts 

Just to keep this cycling event alive

As usual:

  • 4.00 pm – meet at McDonald@ECP
  • 4.30 pm – proceed to rent bike
  • 6.30pm- return bike
  • 7 pm :dinner time

Bike rental :$5-6

Route : To Bedok Reservoir via  Siglap PCN

Please register if you are coming

  1. Douglas
  2. Lily
  3. Dolly
  4. Janie
  5. Andrew Y
  6. John H
  7. Daisy Y
  8. Ah Nee
  9. Veronique
  10. Audrey W
  11. Peggy Tan
  12. Wendy Goh
  13. Kum Hong
  14. Caroline G
  15. Charles C
  16. Patrick Koh
  17. Veronica Tan
  18. Joyce Tan

Photo : http://s377.photobucket.com/albums/oo215/dougchan/Monthly%20cycling%20-%2020%20Aug%202011/

Cycling on Sat, 19 Feb 2011

Hi-Cycling enthusiasts

Meet at rear of McDonald Restaurant, Marina Cove (former East Coast Recreation Park).

Rented bicycles are abundantly available at reasonable rates.
Rental Cost is between $5-$6 .

Activity will not be cancelled even if it rains but will be brought indoor and turn it into chitchat session.
Rain or shine, we will be there.

Our Usual Program –
4.00pm. : Gather for chitchatting inside aircon McDonald..
4.30 pm. : Proceed to bike rental kiosk.
4.30-6.30 pm. : Cycle to NSRCC or to Changi Ferry Terminal..
6.30pm : All cyclists to return bikes and go for dinner at nearby food joints.

Cycling Team : Ah Nee, Douglas Chan, Jade Phua, Lily Ho and Yew Kwong.

Who are coming –

  1. Douglas Chan
  2. Ah Nee
  3. Susan Chang
  4. Dolly Lim
  5. John Howe
  6. Lily Ho
  7. Daisy Yeo
  8. Anna Seet
  9. Mike Tay
  10. Debbie Oh


Photos by Mike Tay