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(issued new pw and update email address 7May2016)

Donating of Kindergarten Story Book

Dear all SHC members,
Presently, I have some 180 copies of this story book, The Tooth Fairy, which I intend to donate to recommended kindergartens/child care centers.

I’m sure this book, which is well illustrated and written in simple English with a moral that comes with each story, will bring joy to children during story time. This book is suitable for children of 1.5 – 6 years old.

The reason for making this small donation is a show of my way in giving back to society, also supporting the Govt’s current national campaign, Read More Physical Books, which is aimed primarily at preschoolers. Hopefully, this promotion will also encourage more mothers to read regularly of bedtime stories to their children thus inculcating good reading habits from young.

If any SHC members who may know of certain needy kindergartens/children learning centers, interested in receiving this donation which is limited to 10 copies per recipient, please give me full kindergarten/center’s name, contact details including email address with which I can use to communicate with them directly. I fully respect the present PAPD Act. Do a good deed and be blessed.

Finally, I’m contactable on frankaw@gmail.com.

Best regards


Frank Kaw – Profile

Greetings To All SHC Members!

My name is Frank Kaw, a Geminian and new member.

A senior citizen and semi-retired business consultant, I was very much involved in my younger days in turnkey projects such as  setting up of pre-schools and English language centres notably in the fast moving market of China and India besides Vietnam and Myanmar, and co-ordinating bilateral trade between East and West with a trading base in Singapore. It was a satisfying and self-fulfilling 30-year trading and consulting career ever undertaken. I shall be pleased to share my business knowledge and experiences with members of SHC.

After completing my hig school education, I took up a temporary teaching position but left the profession after a year of service to join an international European company which offered me further studies and training in business administration/management in England, France and Japan. The vast expertise acquired in a MNC provided me a solid background and base  in handling and accompishing  all tasks.  Being an ex-member of Dale Carnegie’s Public Speaking Institute,  and recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Scouting Award also helped in my business dealings and speaking engagements.

A born Methodist, I also helped in restructuring and operating of church and kindergarten’s administration and finance management in Singapore and Malaysia.

Presently,  I while away most of my retiring time in a small but cosy European social club in Singapore besides engaging in "pass time" share trading, and enjoying occasional  social and business gatherings, and "teh tarik" sessions with friends and business associates. I shall be glad to meet members and participate in similar or other activities at SHC.

Finally, I wish to thank Terence Seah for giving me the opportunity to post my profile in this website, and also Dennis Har  for introducing me to SHC, a hub of social and business activities for all interacting seniors with or without silver hairs.

I wish SHC continuous growth and success in the years ahead.