Recruit the new SHC committee

shclogo300    committee1

Dear members,

We have tried different committee concepts to run SHC.  We learn what works and what fails.  But, we should not give up, even though we had failed in the past.  I still think it is better to have a committee to run the SilverHairsClub.  Personally, I do not prefer the status quo situation.  So, I will try again.  One concept which will not change is that members can continue to organise activities for other members, as EOs or ECs.

The new committee will come from our general membership.  For the first year, the chairman will be me.  Haha, I am no retired general, maybe a retired fisherman. If you like to join the committee, please whatsapp to me at +65 9489 4360.

Some points which I have learnt over the last 10 years from Club members are:

  1. Able to work with other committee members.  Friendly and sociable members preferred.  Less “I” and more “We”.
  2. All meetings will be via Whatsapp only.  Physical meetings only from time to time.  Why Whatsapp?  because I travel most of the month, so very little time in Singapore.  But, I believe in SHC and our seniors population.  We have to care for ourselves.
  3. Members should not circulate pictures, videos, URLs, only text.
  4. Agenda strictly re Club matters only.
  5. No politics, sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.
  6. Committee members who are unable to participate in the meetings, I am sorry we have to let you go.  Committee members who break the rules, will be automatically take out of the committee.

If you would like to develop a future for SHC, and are interested to make our objective work, I would to invite you to join the new SHC committee.  Our objective is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.  I would like to extend this platform, but let’s discuss within the committee.

I look forward to hearing from you.  +65 9489 4360.

Terence Seah


Sept Monthly gathering

shclogo300 announcement4  aprilmtg1

This month, we were planning to have the SHC monthly gathering with Ann Giri as the EO.  Unfortunately, she has indicated she has no experience organising the monthly gathering.  Looks like the Sept monthly gathering is off.

I am not sure about future monthly gatherings.  A few things go on in my mind.

  1. Should we have a paid person or group to organise the monthly gathering?  Of course, we have to figure out how to pay this person or group.l
  2. It appears that free membership is not working.  Members expect someone to organise the monthly gathering on a regular monthly basis.
  3. There is a suggestion that we should ask the previous EOs to organise gatherings again.  I am not sure, as it runs counter to our idea to have one member do a gathering once in the lifetime of the members.
  4. Maybe we should pick members in turn to be the EO if the member has not done the role before.

What do you think?

Terence Seah


System upgrade on 30 Aug 2015

Hi fellow members,

We will have a system upgrade on Sun 30 Aug 2015.  This upgrade will clear some bugs; and will incorporate new changes.  I am not sure what these changes are; but the improvements have been incorporated from feedback from all over the world.

We should completed the upgrade by 1 Sep 2015.  Look forward to your feedback.

Terence Seah



Date: Saturday, 5 September 2015
Time: 4.30 pm sharp
Meeting Point: City Hall MRT station (Exit B, near Ticket Office)
Duration: Approx. 2 hrs
ECs : Alice Seah and Azhari Cuttilan

The next monthly walk will be to admire the beautiful sky line of Singapore. On one side of the Singapore River are office buildings of various shapes, and on the other side the yet to be completed Civic Centre.

The scene along the Jubilee Bridge is picturesque. The atmosphere is windy and you will see two old buildings which were restored but now occupied by restaurants, wine bars and cafes. We will pass the new Marina Financial District which is occupied by financial institutions and various other companies.

The walk will end at Marina Bay Sands food court where we will have our dinner.

Note: Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and camera. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

If you can make it please register.

1) Winnie Tan
2) Lilian Teo
3) Gabriella Chua
4) Maureen Lee
5) Daisy Phua
6) Theresa Seow
7) Danny Lye
8) Winnie Lim
9) Grace Wong
10) Karen Phoo
11) Bessie Lam
12) Ann Lim
13) Tony Ang
14) Wendy Lum
15) Judy Lim
16) Angie Ng
17) Irene Chua
18) Bernie Chung
20) June Tan
21) Evelyn Ong
22) Moon Wong

It’s National Day!

50 years of independence,

From backwaters to modern metropolis –

Achievement par excellence!

Good governance, supportive citizenry,

And we see ‘a nation built with love by you and me’.

So proud are we of things uniquely Singapore,

We treasure the little red dot ‘right down to the CORE’!

Happy 50th National Day! THREE CHEERS!

dragon215euniquely S’pore!

Opportunity to tap the newly launched Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise (RaiSE)

RaiSE was launched on 27 May 2015.  In Channel News Asia”s report today, RaiSE will distribute $30m worth of grant and investments over 5 years to boost social enterprises. The requirements are a financial assessment, a compelling social objective and a proven sustainability of the business model.  The amount awarded depends on the maturity of the social enterprise.  Funding will support proof-of-concept.

RaiSE notes that many social enterprises face challenges such as talent, business know-how and funding.

SilverHairsClub has a clear objective of providing a platform for Singaporeans, over 45 to meet new and more friends.  It has been operating since Oct 2005, and we would be celebrating our 10th anniversary this Oct.  We have many activities.

1.  As a social enterprise, our EOs and ECs have organised numerous activities.  We have no lack of activities, as we believe in our concept of one member doing an activity during the life of his/her membership.  Some EOs have been organising and running activities for the last 10 years.

2.  Financially, SHC operates on a cost basis.  The Club does not collect membership fees, and as long as members are over 45, Singaporeans and PR, they are eligible to join as a member of SilverHairsClub.  We have been operating 10 years under this financial model.  Although we do not have a physical premise to call our own or rent from a landlord, we have managed well with public venues and private premises.

3.  In terms of management, we operate with minimal manpower.  Some of our key roles are membership admin, IT and hosting services and support services to our  All other operations and management work are within the role of the EOs and ECs.

4.  With the existing model and concept, SHC can expand its social enterprise to other Singaporeans and PRs living within mainland Singapore.  Funding and assistance from RaiSE will widen our scope, our membership and sustain our activities.

What do you think?  Shall we actively seek assistance from RaiSE?  And what can you do be part of the committee to seek this assistance? Thinking.

Today’s article is available at

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub celebrates its 10th anniversary in Oct 2015

announcement red square grungy isolated rubber stamp  memory1  Champagne

Dear members,

Many of you have been with SilverHairsClub since Oct 2015 2005.  Many are still around, while some have gone quiet, and some can only see us from afar.

I have uploaded a video (right column) showing the  faces of members during our early days.  See if your face is there.  I remember many faces; and this video brings back good memories.

October is our 10th Anniversary; and we can look forward to a fun celebration.  At this moment, we have kept our options open.  Give us your thoughts on what you think the celebration can be like.  I look forward to your suggestions; and if you like to be part of the organising committee, feel free to write to me.

This event will be held in Oct 2014 2015.

Terence Seah


Monthly Walk – East Coast Parkway Lake and Beach Walk, Sat 2 May 2015


MONTHLY WALK – East Coast Parkway Woods, Lake and Beach Walk
Date: Saturday, 2 May 2015
Time: 4.30 pm sharp
Meeting Point: Kembangan MRT (taking a bus to Chai Chee Industrial Estate)
Duration: Approx. 2 hrs
ECs : Serene Low and Alice Seah

The walk will commence at Swan Lake Linear Park Connector toward East Coast Beach.

The walk is through Cicada Woods seeing different forest biodiversity and species of birds, insects and wild plants; photographic view of scenic water ponds with willow trees; and sea view packed with vessels lining the horizon.

We will end the walk at Parkway Parade area which are surrounded by hawker centres with a great variety of sumptuous food.

Note: Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and insect repellent. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan


1) Serene Low
2) Alice Seah
3) Winnie Tan
4) Gabriella Chua
6) Jazz Soh
6) Tan Li Li
7) Danny Lye
8) Janie Ng
9) Rosy Tan
10) Theresa Seow
11) Susan Sia
12) Veronica Wong
13) Elaine Ang
14) Angie Ng
15) Ronald Lee
16) Janis Han
18) Monica Tan
19) Alice Tan
20) Hew Lee
21) Ann Lim
22) Silas Yeo
23) Moon Wong
24) Ronald Lam
25) Grace Kang
26) Peng Peng
27) Irene Poh
28) Tony Ang
29) Pauline Chiew
30) Daisy Yeo
31) Judy Foo
32) Philip Foo
33) Irene Chua
34) Ang Seok Khim
35) Andrew Koh
36) Lily Lim
37) Yatsing


Date: Saturday, 11 April 2015

Meeting Place: Changi Village Bus Terminal

Start Time: 4.30pm Sharp

Duration: about 2 hours.

Getting There By Bus:
No 2 from Bedok or Tanah Merah MRT station
No 29 from Tampines MRT Station/Bus Interchange
No 59 from Bishan Bus Interchange
No 109 from Serangoon Central Bus Interchange

For those who are driving, parking is nearby the hawker centre.

ECs for this walk: Veronica Wong & Mary Tan

A walk along the rustic Changi Point coastline is not to be missed!
Changi Point provides a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

A charming boardwalk takes you through lush greenery and undulating terrain along the rugged
western coastline, while a meandering waterfront walkway along the eastern beachfront creates
an interesting tropical experience of sea and sand. Viewing decks and pavilions along the way
enable you to pause, soak in the sea breeze and enjoy the excellent views out at sea.

The Changi Point Coastal Walk is divided into six segments, each with its unique experience :
– Sunset Walk, has beautiful view of the sunset, hence its name
– Kelong Walk, reminisce the good old kelong days as you tramp on wooden stilts
– Cliff Walk takes you through the rugged western coastline
– Sailing Point Walk, enjoy views of the sailboats and the expanse of the sea
– Beach Walk, a relaxing coastal walk along sandy beaches, along the way pause, soak in the sea breeze and enjoy the views out to sea
– Creek Walk, appreciate the views, sights and sounds of the bumboat activities ferrying the public to and from the offshore islands.

At the end of the walk, those who wish to have dinner, there’s the Changi Village hawker centre where there are various food stalls,

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

To join the walk, do register here!

  1. Gabriella Chua
  2. Danny Lye
  3. Bernie Chung
  4. Judy Lim
  5. Peter Goh
  6. Eyvonne Chew
  7. Julie Guan
  8. Linda Chung
  9. Margaret Soo
  10. Janis Han
  11. Janis’ friend
  12. Alice Seah
  13. Monica Tan
  14. Eddy Lee
  15. Margaret Chua
  16. Christina Chan
  17. Alice Tan
  18. Ronald Lee
  19. Lydia Soh

Monthly Walk, Sat 7 Mar – Lower Pierce reservoir Board Walk



Date: Saturday, 7 March 2015
Time: 3.30 pm sharp (be punctual as would be taking a bus to Bishan Park)
Meeting Point: Yio Chu Kang MRT station (Beside POSB ATM)
Duration: Approx. 2-1/2 hrs
ECs : Alice Seah and Serene Low

The hustle and buzzle of Chinese Lunar New Year will end on 5th March. After feasting on all the sumptuous goodies during this festive period, let us all get ready to burn off some excess calories by joining our next monthly nature walk.

The walk will cover the area of Lower Pierce Reservoir, the second oldest reservoir in Singapore. On the boardwalk, we will meander through the matured secondary rain forest where there are numerous rubber trees and oil palms. Apart from the flora and fauna, there are birds, wild boars, monkeys, squirrels, mini monitor lizards, spiders etc.

At the end of the walk, we will aim for the Casuarina Curry Restaurant for the famous crispy roti prata.

Note: Bring water bottle, caps, umbrella and insect repellent. Do wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong,
Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan.

Please register.

1) Alice Seah
2) Serene Low
3) Gabriella Chua
4) Alice Tan
5) Loong Say Meng
6) Sharon Loong
7) Danny Lye
8) Charles Wee
9) Christina A Chan
10) Susan Tan
11) James Tan
12) Azhari Cuttilan
13) Peng Peng Lee
14) Theresa Seow
15) Vincent Lim
16) Shirley Tan
17) Pauline Chew
18) Lilian Teo
19) Catherine Yeo
20) Lily Lim
21) Jimmy Tsin
22) Richard Wong
23) Moon Wong
24) Tony Ang
25) Vincent Lim
26) Andrew Koh
27) Lawrence Khan

Susan Tan CH takes over the role of Calendar manager

announce1  announce3  announce2

We have a Calendar which EOs and ECs can use to link their events to.  However, few members use it.  Once in a while, we have members asking where and when are the coming events.

I have asked Susan CH Tan to man the calendar, so that we can keep it updated for use by members.  On your own, EOs and ECs can put in their activities in the Calendar, and link it to the Post;.

Susan has kindly agreed, and she will man the Calendar.  EOs and ECs who do not know, unable to or forgot how to use the calendar can contact Susan for help. As a guide, if your event is NOT LINKED to the calendar within 24 hours, Susan will come in to help, and place the link for the Event organiser EO or Event Cordinator EC.  Ask her, if you want to know more about the Calendar.

Here is our Calendar.

Thank you Susan for helping up in the club.

Terence Seah


Lim Yoon Chin manages our forum’s new members registration and passwords


Wef this month, Yoon Chin (Ms) will be managing SilverHairsClub’s new members registration and passwords. I had been looking for volunteers, and finally we found Yoon Chin who has accepted this role. Thank you very much.


A.  New Members:

To join as a new member, the applicant needs to read, and email the applicantion to

Upon successful application, admin will approve and send a welcome email to the applicant, copy Yoon Chin.

She uses the email address and will create a new user, based on the info in the application. You will get a temp password, by email to enter

(Please note only can approve the membership. Yoon Chin ( will help you with username and password).

announce4   announce5

B. Existing members (with lost passwords):

On your own, members can get a temp password by clicking

But, if you had tried numerous times, checked that your email address is correct and still cannot sign in with your username and password, you can contact Yoon Chin at

You may be required to register NEW again, if you have forgotten username, password and email address.

Thank you Yoon Chin.

Terence Seah


A volunteer to manage our Club support function

volunteer2     volunteer1

SHC needs a few members to help with support functions.  Here, I like to highlight membership, registration, approval and lost passwords.  Due to my travelling patterns, I am unable to access my desktop, thus slowly down the registration, approval and loss passwords process from 1-2 days to sometimes a few months.

The job of managing registration, approvals and lost passwords is straight forward, but it requires a desktop or notebood.  The person has to be patient, and able to communicate with members via emails.

The most important criteria is the person must maintain confidentiality, and cannot release ANY information about another member to any other members, even if the skies turn red or there is an emergency.  This person cannot use the membership information for any purpose, other than for the task itself.

Obviously, the member has to be aware of club happenings and policies. If you can volunteer with this support function and if you have been a member for at least 3 years, please write to me.   I hope you will appreciate that I reserve the right to turn down any application, altho I will inform the applicant accordingly if I do turn down the applicant.

Closing date: end Feb 2015.

Terence Seah


Lost your password?

pass1  pass2

This week, we shall give some time to help members who have lost their passwords, and are unable to retrieve them.

If you or your friends do not have a password, please write to before 17 Jan 2015.  After this date, your membership will be removed if you cannot remember your registered email address.

For members who register for their friends for events, please ask them to get their own passwords to enter the club now.  Once their membership is removed, they would have to apply new, as members.

Terence Seah


Regular SHC retreat to Desaru for members to get to know new and more friends

lotus desaru    lotus desaru1  lotus desaru2  lotus desaru3  SilverHairsClub will be 10 years  in Oct 2015.  During all this while, we had observed our objective; and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet new friends.  This has worked very well, and many members have found their own circle of new friends.

Last few months, I have been reviewing our objective and plans for 2015.  The idea of providing a platform for members to meet, and then letting them find other SilverHairs with similar interests, hobbies and thinking has worked well.  So, I intend to stick to this route.  Yes, many succeeded; but many have not succeeded.  We have not been able to individually pair or group member interests yet.  It is kind of difficult to read members’ minds.

This year, in 2015, we are working on expanding members’ gatherings to outside Singapore.  Same idea on providing the same platform.Stay flexible, to gather to various size groups, eg from 20 to 200 pax, if the venue is flexible.  Stay close to Singapore, and desaru has been identified; thanks to the thinkers and support from fellow members.

It is important to keep cost low, to encourage retirees and semi-retirees to participate. We have many rich and fairly rich members in the club, as well as those who are still working, and able to afford 4-5 star outdoor activities.  But, for many members, maintaining a group of friends during our SilverHairs years is important.

Lotus Desaru Hotel has been identified to provide retreats for members.  A new idea is now to offer opportunities for members and other Singaporean/PR to participate in this retreat.  This opens the possibility of a wider membership, and expanding what we currently offer to members to Singapore as a whole.  I do not have all the ideas and plans, but you can help to add ideas by giving your feedback.  If you wish to be part of this direction, have your say.

Current info suggests that there are a few ways to get to Desaru ie public bus to desaru, a ferry ride from Changi and then a short land ride to Desaru.  Driving is a common option but this requires organising. and finally a coach ride from woodlands MRT to Desaru.

Inndications suggest the price will be about SGD 100, to cover shared hotel room, breakfast, uncomplicated lunch and dinner, transport from JB to Desaru.  Not sure what it cost for the ferry; and the timing.

We can invite activities from our own members, and new corporate members.  May a good 2D1N to get to know one another and new ones too.

Terence Seah


Happy New Year to all members and friends

new year2    new year1

Dear fellow SHC members,

As the year draws to a close, and a new year begins, let’s take this occasion to wish one another a “Happy New Year”.

In particular, I wish you have met new friends in SilverHairsClub; and that you will also bring your other friends and family members to join the Club next year.

Thank you to all the Event Organisers EOs and Event Cordinators ECs who have played a role in bringing SilverHairsClub together. And to the other members who have silently worked in the background to bring more activities to our fellow members.


Have a meaningful and healthy year in 2015.

Terence Seah


Let’s send our year-end greetings to one another. 2015 is coming

Happy 2015 1  happy 2015 2  happy 2015 3

Dear members,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all members and families.

To many of us, this is the joyous time of the year. Weather is nicer, the mood is good, there is plenty of festivities around, bonuses if you are stil working and a new year to look forward to. Let’s look forward to our SilverHairs years.

Among some of us, we may be having a tough time, and may feel there is nothing to enjoy or feel good about. Perhaps, a loved one not joining us, a job lost, a sick family member or an exhausting retirement time.

Some of us may be looking forward to grand children running around, a move to another place to stay or… Aiyah, so many scenarios ahead of us.

Whatever, look forward, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Share with us, so our friends will know to.

Terence Seah


Lunar New Year falls on Thur/Fri 19/20 Feb 2015. Let’s have feedback on what we shall have for a CNY event

cnyear3   cnyear2  cnyear1

The Lunar New Year comes late next year.  But we have 2 weeks to enjoy this festive season.  We are now a few weeks away.  Let’s do some brainstorm on a big occasion to celebrate Chinese New Year.  Keep the ideas broad and Chinese,  No bad ideas.  Think of an event for at least 100 members.  Dont brush aside other members’ ideas and suggestions.

In the past, we had lunches, Dim Sum sets, buffet at a Jurong condo, ….   The more points you raise, the wider the ideas.  A Chingay show, a house party with majong and prata, an overnight somewhere, an overseas trip, a room at MBS.  Keep going.

Let’s use Dec 2014 to do some brainstorm work.  Be the first to raise your hand.

Terence Seah


New membership updates 2015

announcement red square grungy isolated rubber stamp  announcement2  announcement1

Update 1:
In response to members request to allow for membership to the SilverHairsClub for those who do not have access to a computer, internet and email address, the Club will now accept membership as follows:

* Send a photocopy of the IC to an address which will be provided soon. A mobile tel number will be used to link to the membership.

Update 2:
Corporate membership will no longer be free wef 31 Dec 2014.

Inactive corporate members with no activities for members, for a stretch of 6 months, will revert to our regular membership. As with regular individual membership, promotion of corporate events or advertising will be disallowed.

Please take note.

Terence Seah


SHC was down since last Thursday; it’s now back!

Dear members,

Last Thurs, was down, and members were not able to access the Club.  The IT engineers, the software suppliers and our hosting company believed our website had been hacked.  A few files which were key to getting the forum running were deleted.

Every week, our system and data files are automatically backup while we sleep. Over the last week, we had worked with various groups, and finally last night, the software guys restored the full database, accurate as of the last backup.  Whew!

When our system and database were down, we had broadcast to members via Whatgsapps what had happened.  However, some members did not received the announcements, and were lost as to what had happened.  Please check that you have +65 94894360 in your Whatsapp contact list.  My understanding is if we have your mobile tel number and you have ours, you should have received the Whatsapp messages from us.  Did you?

Other members resorted to Facebook to keep contact.  SilverHairsClub facebook is available at

And finally, some members have asked me for the contact telephone numbers of other fellow members.  The Club maintains the same policy since 2005 that contact details are confidential, and will not be released by the Club to any member. Sorry, I cannot make any exception for anybody, even if the rain fails to stop.

Please help check if anything has been lost.

My apology for the breakdown.  Normal transmission can now resume.

Terence Seah

Farewell to Daniel Ong

Daniel Ong Teck Hock had passed away at 2.45 pm today.

Daniel Ong was known to us as one of a few SHC members who dedicated his own time and finance in teaching other willing members. He spent every Saturday evening for more than a year in sharing his dancing skills and knowledge with a group of SHC friends at the Braddell Height Club House. We hereby wish to bid him farewell to a journey well travelled.

The wake will be held at Telok Blangah Tower, Street 31 Block 80-D. Funeral on Saturday.

BH Dance Group

Gathering for new members

new members3  new members1  new members2We can give this a try, a gathering for new members.  Some senior members felt that we should have a gathering for new members, for example those who have joined this year 2014.

The new members are likely not to know anybody in the Club, and sometimes are lost in the monthly gathering.  Hopefully a gathering for new members once a year would help.

In a gathering, older members tend to gather among themselves, resulting new members feeling that SHC has many cliques.  So, perhaps a gathering for new members may or can help.  Many members keep saying the Club should do something to help the new members.  Many members feel that our gatherings should have a timeslot dedicated to introducing new members.

Perhaps, we should find a place, a date and a time. Yes, venue has been proposed and confirmed as follows:

1: Venue: Hans Cafe at Upper Pickering Road, Great Eastern Building.
2. Date: Mon 22 Sept 2014.
3. Time: 1700 – 2000 hrs.
4. Participation – Free.
5. F&B – Buy from the Hans Counter.
6. When you arrive, please see Kristy Quek at table registration.

Do let us know that you will be coming.

Terence Seah


  1. Terence Seah, EO
  2. Kristy Quek & Alice Seah (Registration Desk)
  3. Helen Cheong
  4. Jenny Lee
  5. Liew Pak Kon
  6. Jeffrey Gan
  7. Bobby Bok
  8. Susan CH Tan
  9. Ann Lim
  10. Lilian Teo
  11. Victor Khor


Sep “Boom Boom” – Answer two questions correctly and a chance to win $100 NTUC vouchers

boom1  boom1  boom2

It’s easy to participate.  Simply answer two questions.  Members who have given the correct answers will have a chance to win a $100 NTUC Fairprice voucher in a lucky draw, conducted during the 1st week of Oct 2014.  

  • Question 1 – SHC has two official songs.  The first song was compiled by sung by member Clara Chay, and the music composed and played by Ronald Wi. The second song is sung and compiled by Sompho Homjumroon, who is our Thai counterpart member. Q: Which province from Thailand does Sompho live in? (Only one word please).
  • Question 2 – SilverHairsClub has basically two titles for members organising events for other fellow members.  One is Event Organiser EO, and the other is Event Coordinator EC.  Let us know the name and the date of the event you have attended since the Club started.  Q: Who was the EO or EC of that event?


  1. Members who have given the correct answers will be entered into a lucky draw during the first week of Oct 2014.  Names will be announced a few days before the last day of this month on this forum.
  2. The lucky winner will need to email, provide the mailing address, and the vouchers will be delivered by registered post.
  3. Each member can win only one prize per calendar year or until 31 Dec 2014.
  4. Strictly for registered members.  Membership should have the updated email address and contact tel with the Club at the time of participation.

“Boom Boom” Sep starts as soon as the questions are posted on this forum. You can only submit only one answer to each question.

Let’s have some fun.  Please encourage your SHC friends to participate.

Terence Seah

Monthly Walk – Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to East Coast Lagoon Food Village

? Date : Saturday, 13 September 2014
? Time : 4.30 pm
? Meeting Place: Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal Departure Hall (beside Café Temptation)
? Distance: 7 km walk on level ground
? EOs: Serene Low and Christina Chan

How to get there:
MRT East West Line (Green Line)
Drop at Tanah Merah MRT station. At condo side, take Feeder Bus # 35 to Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal. Alternatively you can take the Bus # 35 from Bedok Temp Bus Interchange.
Note: the frequency of the bus is not regular and it may good if you reach the Ferry Terminal much earlier, have your tea and chit chat at Kopitiam there before the walk.

The walk: starts from the Ferry Terminal through paved roads of around 1 km before we reach the Changi Park Connector. From here you are going to enjoy the fragrance of forest pine trees, whiff of the sea saltiness, hear soft lapping of the waves, chirpy singing of the birds and screeching of the crickets.

We will end the walk at East Coast Lagoon Food Village where you will get a wide variety of yummy hawker food like satay, rojak, duck noodle, zhi char and many more.

Note: bring water, caps, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team EOs: Christina CL Chan , Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan, June Koh, Judy Lim.

1) Serene Low
2) Maureen Lee
3) Alice Seah
4) Gabriella Chua
5) Caroline Loh
6) Ronald Lee
7) Eddy Lee
8) Margaret Chua
9) Henry
10) Roland Leow
11) Daisy Phua
12) Tan Li Li
13) Theresa Seow
14) Christina Chan
15) Shawn Soh
16) Lydia Soh

Sep monthly gathering at CSC, 6 Sept 2014

flea mart1   flea mart2 flea mart3

SilverHairsClub will continue to play a role to enable SilverHairs to meet new and more friends. In September, we shall have a day gathering on a weekend. Our monthly gathering has been one of our most successful gatherings; and we will make effort to hold it monthly.

Hjere are the details.

1. Venue: Civil Service Club at Tessensohn Road. MRT – Farrer Park

2. Date: Sat 6 Sep 2014.  Time: 1100 to 1600 hrs.

3. Meeting area: At the cafe area and the CSC Lobby area, where the fleamart is being held.

4. Participants: Open to all SilverHairsClub members, families and friends. As this is CSC Club, there will also be CSC members and public.

5. Charge: Free to members and friends.

6. Food and drinks: available at the CSC cafe, near the swimming pool.

7. Registration: we will have a registration desk at the fleamart area. Please contact the registration desk when you arrive. Do put on your name tag so that other members can recognise you.

8. SHCians who are CSC members can invite fellow members to the swimming pool, jackpot room and other activities available at CSC.

Please indicate here your coming and the number of friends you will be coming with. See u there soon.

Terence Seah

Those attending the monthly gathering:

  1. Kristy Quek
  2. Jenny Lee
  3. SS Tan
  4. Vincent Khoo
  5. Ong Lin Khim
  6. Shamin Moledina
  7. Lily Ho
  8. Terence Seah
  9. HC lee
  10. Susan CH Tan
  11. Rosalind Lee
  12. Frisna Tan
  13. Gabriella Chua
  14. Caroline Gee
  15. Peri Liew
  16. Dolly Lim
  17. Jassmine Teo
  18. Joan Ang
  19. Yu Yu Chiu
  20. Theresa Seow
  21. Vivian Lai
  22. Lam Hoy Tzee
  23. Bee Gek
  24. James Tan TH
  25. Helen Cheong
  26. Bobby Bok
  27. Bernie Chung
  28. May Woo
  29. Yatsing
  30. Grace Kang
  31. Robert Ong
  32. Gingko
  33. Alice Seah
  34. Ann Lim
  35. Evon Lim
  36. Susan Tan
  37. Lina Ng
  38. Freda Lim
  39. Alice Tan
  40. Peng Peng
  41. Janie Leong
  42. Moon Wong
  43. Sock Cheng
  44. Daniel Chan
  45. Shawn Soh
  46. Mary Chan
  47. Veronique Lee
  48. Ann Giri
  49. Ronnie
  50. Randy
  51. Chan Keng Ngee
  52. Richard Lean
  53. Barbara Ong
  54. Willie Low
  55. Peter Goh
  56. Leow Soon Huat
  57. Lina Tan





Allowing mobile telephone number to be published on this forum

hp1      hp2

Dear members, in particular EOs,

We have not allowed the contact telephone numbers to be published in SHC, for security reasons.  This has its disadvantages.  Members are unable to contact the EO or the EC, in case of need for emergency contact.  Over the past years, some EOs have requested to allow their mobile tel to be published.  I see the advantage.  But, it is still a NO.

I am thinking of allowing mobile telephone numbers of EOs and ECs to be published.  If there is sufficient support for this suggestion, I am likely  allow mobile tel of EOs and ECs to be published.  Provided the EO and EC published enough information in the post.  And, that this does not allow the collection of members contacts for direct selling, MLM or any other purpose than the intended event.

Please to hear your views.

WEF 23 Aug 2014, EOs and ECs can insert their contact telephone numbers on this forum.  Non-EOs and Non-ECs should continue to use this forum for communication.

Terence Seah


August “Boom Boom” – Be the first to answer two questions correctly and win $100 NTUC vouchers


“Boom Boom” – Win $100 NTUC vouchers

It’s easy to participate.  Simply answer two questions, and the first person to provide the correct answers wins a $100 NTUC Fairprice voucher.

  • Question 1 – Singapore’s newest attraction is a 15 min River Safari Cruise. When is the launch opening date?
  • Question 2 –  SilverHairsClub was open for membership in Oct 2005.  Clue: Offically, the first member is a lady.  She has profiled herself in Name one of her interests or hobbies.


  1. The winner will be announced 1-2 days before the last day of each month on this forum.
  2. The lucky winner will need to email, provide the mailing address, and the vouchers will be delivered by registered post.
  3. Each member can win only one prize per calendar year or until 31 Dec 2014.
  4. Strictly for registered members.  Msembership should be updated for email address and contact tel during participation.

Boom Boom starts 1 August 2014 at 0001 hr. You may submit your answers after this date and time on this forum only.

Terence Seah


Whatsapp now used to announce Club News updates

apps3    apps2

From today, we are now able to use Whatsapp to announce Club updates to all SHC members. This is in line with the social media trend. The 1st announcement was made today.

If you did not get a SHC news update today, it means you have not completed your membership registration with SilverHairsClub. Or your registered tel is either wrong or not available to the Club.

Please email if you have not receive the Club news update today. Or you have not add SHC to your Whatsapp contact. And finally, if you do not have Whatsapp, give it a good. Need to catch up with the times.

Terence Seah

SilverHairs Enterprise has just set up a payment counter

payment counter1payment counter2 payment counter3SilverHairs Enterprise (SHE) intends to be more active.  In the past few years, SilverHairs Enterprise was used as the entity to engage companies, other social groups and government departments. We had not run activities under SHC before. Depending on the activities, SHE may be the entity to run some of the larger activities for SilverHairs and Singaporeans, PRs in general.  SHE is a business entity and is not intended to function at a loss.  Currently, SHE owns the website domain and all names related to the SilverHairsClub.

Different committee will be identified to run larger gatherings and programs.  Committee members will be compensated.

If there is payment required for the SilverHairs Enterprise activity, payment will be made online via Paypal or credit card.  A button has been set up on the right column of SilverHairsClub;.com.

Thank you to Jassmine Teo, Yew Kwong and Hew Lee for triggering the idea of online payment.

Terence Seah