Member Introduction – Jane Khoo Kok Kwang

  • I have just joined SHC with a view to occupy myself with the various activities and hope to enrich myself through interactions with other members.
  • I have three grown-up children and still provide freelance accounting work to various SMEs.
  • My interests:-  Group singing @ Karaoke, playing badminton, jogging, brisk walking, travelling and I love drinking “Teh See”. So if anyone of you knows where to get a good one, please recommend.



I’ll be 70  on the 1st January 2014 and I’m a grandfather of 10. I was a school teacher for 20 years till age 40.

I’ve been a professional ukulele trainer since 2009. I conduct ukulele course in Churches, Golf Clubs, Community Clubs, Condos and at my Home-studio.I have taught more than 1000 students. I occasionally strum and have sing-along sessions at my home.

Making short trips to neighbouring countries whenever I have time is also  my interest.


I am Audrey, a Singaporean who has migrated to Melbourne in 2011. My husband and I own an Australian cattle and hay farm. We live in a cottage surrounded by the farm. Our neighbours have horses and sheep farms. All these farms are located in a serene, spacious and peaceful area. Farming in Australia is high-tech using tractors and machineries. Not many tasks are carried manually.

I enjoy my own organic vegetable gardens which I use to ‘experiment gardening vegetables and herbs’ as my new hobby.

Should you visit Melbourne and would like to have a off-the -track tour itinerary, I can organise the land package, accommodation and catering.

JayBee Koh – Introduction

I’m Jaybee. 52 years young and serving in the RSAF.

I’m married to Lily Zhang and have 4 grown up children. My hobbies include soccer, golf and
cycling. Due to a recent spine injury, I can no longer play soccer or golf,
hence spend most of my leisure time cycling.

I also cycle to work to keep fit, still need to take IPPT : ( 

who am I ??

Dear Members

By now most of you might have received and read email from Terence ref "February News Update".
I just want to make a quick clarification here i.e. the original article was without name hence I asked you to guess ‘who am I’ but then the "Admin" added my name in it, hence there’s no need to guess anymore isn’t it?

But since I mentioned about BIGGER prize and several members have responded with my photo, I therefore would like to say "ok, the prize will still be given to those who have my photo" (but no prize for guessing who am I hee hee).

you may  download the pic here or send it to
Closing date: 8 Feb 2013 midnight
Prize will be given on 17 Feb at the Lohei gathering (so make sure you are there!)

For those who wrote to me via "admin", I will respond to you before CNY ok? (frankly I’m quite glad  many ‘non active’ members responding to the email. it’s worth the effort and time I put in)

Olivia Ros – introduction

Hello, warm greetings to all at SHC,
I am a retiree and have just joined SHC. 
My interests are varied covering both indoor and outdoor activities.     I love and enjoy music listening – live music, jazz music, western and mandarin oldies. Tours and travel, health exercises, jogging, nature’s walk, board games, reading, appreciating cultural songs and dance performances, etc are my other interests.
I look forward to meeting all of you – interesting people soon, to share thoughts, ideas, interests, etc.

May all have a Merry X’mas and a most exciting year 2013 ahead!


Olivia Ros

SHC Balloon Interest Group, Long Hair Princess, 8 Oct 2012

SHC Balloon Interest Group

Advanced Balloon Workshop

Long Hair Princess
Fee  : $8 includes material
Date : 8 October 2012, 730 pm to 930 pm
Venue : Tiong Bahru Community Club, conference room

67A Eu
Chin Street S1697151, 
(Before Tiong Bahru Market/Hawker Cenre/near the Park)

Map to
Tiong Bahru Community Club

Please bring black marker (from Popular Book store), balloon pump, scissor, big
plastic bag or laundry basket to put balloon. Camera or mobile to take balloon
All are welcome to attend.
(Please rsvp or email sylvia ang at, in advance as we need to prepare for material. No walk in please).

CLICK here to view photos 

September 2012 Balloon Interest Group

September 2012
Balloon Interest Group
Workshop #8
Theme : Big Octupus and Butterfly Hat
Materiial fee $4
Date :10 September 2012, Tuesday, 745 pm to 945 pm
Venue : Tiong Bahru Community Club, conference room

67A Eu
Chin Street S1697151.

(Before Tiong Bahru Market/Hawker Cenre/near the Park)
Please bring black marker (from Popular Book store), balloon pump, scissor, big
plastic bag or laundry basket to put balloon.

All are welcome to attend.
(Please rsvp or email sylvia ang at
in advance as we need to prepare for material. No walk in please).

CLICK to view photos

Dave Lee – Introduction

Hi Everybody,

Just joined the club.

I am 61, still working, married with 2 grown sons and a wonderful wife. May retire soon though as work is now very stressful.

My interests are:

Leisure cycling on park connectors on most weekends (had covered most). Own a folding bicycly (Birdy) that can handle slopes so save my leg muscle. Usually about 25 to 30 Km each time with rest stops in between. Speed from 18 to 20 KMPH. I always cycle from East Coast to Garden By The Bay (not on the road) on Saturdays morning.

Ocassional local hiking and walking (with the wife) at the parks.

Jogging (5KM) only once a week only to save my knees.

Swimming once a week.

Fingerstyle guitar playing. Have tons of tabs.

I was a Toys collector. Now very low profile.

If you share some of the above, you can always write to me at

Jennie Tan – Profile

Hi brothers and sisters of SHC,

It is so nice to be finally accepted as a member of SHC.

I am a retiree and my interests and hobbies are jogging, music, karaoke, singing, cooking and cycling. I jog regularly from Mondays to Fridays at the Mac Richie Nature Trail for an hour session without fail for many years. And so if anyone of you who is living near Bishan /Marymount/Toa payoh, AMK is keen to join me pls. write in the comment below or to my email address .

I am looking forward to have more jogging kakis.


Barbara Ong – Introduction

Hi , silver hairs brothers and sisters,emoticon

My name is Barbara Ong Choy Wan, I am very happy to join the happy family
silver hair club,, million tks for accepting me,cos I think we can age
gracefully, happily, and something sweet to remember in our life enjoying
ourselves cos our responsibilities fulfilled.Children nowadys are too pampered,
so let them experience what life is.?

I am born in the yr 1955,going to be 60 soon, have 2 children,1 boy + 1 girl,
1 husband.My girl is 24, working , son 22 in NUS. Husband working with SATS
(subsidiary SQ) Apron officer.

Have been a houswife all these yrs,only part time MLM for 5 yrs,in
Shuanghor Co.but not the very active type, more on consumming,no direct selling
I am aware of the rules. I am active as a maid at home,
cooking,swimming,meetings,singing & dancing ,are all my hobbies. I am
honest, big heart,straight forward and sometimes blurr or forget ful.very open
and friendly cos dont believe in enemies.Robert Ong is my bro in law.

I am not good in computer but can check mails and skype only, so maybe can
join the classes if I am free.

Selamat hari Raya and happy holidays, CHEERS, H..O..O.R..A..Y..emoticon 


HA! hA!

Hannah Chiang – Intro


wow, ive wasted tons of time just figuring out how WordPress works!  Everything I’ve typed just disappears! My patience has been tested and tested. If this one disappears again after I finish, it’s definitely God’s Will to find another group of friends elsewhere!

1) I will turn 55 Sept 11 this year.  I dont remember how I found SHC, was about 6 years ago, I think, prob just stumbled in.

2) I participated in a cycling event once.  Taught roller blading to 2 of the lady members here.  Sort of just lost track of the happenings here.

3) I play table tennis with a group of TT enthusiasts most Sunday afternoons.  

4)I will stop here before I say more, or I might get so frustrated this page might disappear again!

till next time


Don Ng – Introduction

Hi everybody,

I am born in 1952.

Currently I am still working as a Storekeeper at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

I am married with 2 sons aged 25 and 23. One is married and the other is staying with me and my wife. I got a Diploma in Warehousing from a private school. My interest is travelling and reading. I am quite proficient in the use of computer.

Don Ng 

Badminton at Bukit Gombak stadium on Thursdays

Hi all.. the badminton "kakis" at the above venue is stabilizing – around 12 to 14 peoples each time. The booking is from 10.00am to 12.00 noon. Thanks to all who contribute time, monies and shuttlecocks. The objective is to "sweat & sauna" so regardless of your skills & abilities, just come and enjoy the fun and fellowship (we also have lunch at the coffee shop across the road, or anywhere that anyone may suggest). Bookings have been made for 26th July and 2nd August. We will take a break to celebrate National Day – 9th August (Thursday). emoticonCheers

Sue Tan – Introduction

I registered to be a member of SHC last month and after a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, finally picked up the courage to sign up for two upcoming events.  You see, I have been a stay-home person for the longest time and keeping friends became more and more of something I needed the least.  After all, I have a husband and children to fill my days and I could count on their shoulders and ears whenever I needed to borrow one.  Going out of the house alone is something I hardly do, except when I pick my children from school in the quiet comfort of my car.  My personal space by now extended to the next MRT station. Recently, my youngest son had to independently travel home from school via public transport because we sold off one car, leaving me with one less chore, and only one chore left – cleaning house.  Well, I have become fat and lazy and I don’t like where I seem to be heading – nowhere! Hence, stumbling on SHC’s website at this point in my life seems like a blessing. I want to be a new person, make new friends, try new things, go on new adventures but I’m afraid I have to do this with an old body. So when you meet me at my first SHC outing which is the upcoming picnic, please know I have a yearning to make new friends but old habits that need some forgiving.  Apologies if I don’t make the first move. I may have forgotten how ;p Sincerely,

Sue Tan

Soh Yew Tiong – Introduction

Hello Everyone,

Though I had signed up with SHC for quite a while, I have as yet to join any activities. Now, I thought it is
time to join the fun. A little about my humble self…

I am a retiree, a family man who lives in the east. I have been a learner of buying and selling of currencies and;
to a lesser extent, stocks and unit trusts for a few years already. I spend much of my time looking and studying fractal geometrical charts and reading
trading books apart from trading. At times, I would share this passion with my friends
on the little I know.

Besides, I play golf locally and
overseas though my back injury had been preventing me from playing as well and as often as I wanted. I also walk and cycle while I would frequently jog in my dreams.

I look forward to making more
friends at the SHC.

Yew Tiong

Monthly Walk-Labrador Boardwalk/Keppel Bay

This is posted on behalf of Ms Lydia Soh, she will be back next Tuesday.


If you love Sunset, Plants, Small Animals, Waters, Swamps, Mangroves, Boats, Clippers, join us
for our second Walk of the year as we ‘creek’ down the natural & historical LABRADOR PARK.     emoticon

Date         :      Saturday, 10 March 2012

Time         :       4.15pm        

Meeting Place      :    Labrador MRT Station – Exit A, near but away from the top of the escalator

Getting There      :    Circle Line (CC27)
                                 Bus Nos. 10, 30, 57, 61, 93, 97, 100, 143, 166, 176, 188, 963
EOs        :    Lydia Soh & Charles Wee

Come in your walking gears, with umbrella/cap, drinking water and an open mind to explore.
Do sign up and we see you there.

Our Walk Team EOs: Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Joyce Tan, Veronica Wong and Conrad Tang, ChristinaCL Chan and me,  Lydia Soh,,,,, signing off


1. Winnie K-Tan
2. Gabriella Chua
3. Margaret Chua
4. Eddy Lee
5. Long Ai Ling (presently ?)
6. Grace Goh (presently ?)
7. Tang Cheng Luang (presently ?)
8. Tan Aik Hua (presently ?)
9. Danny Lye
10. June Tan
11. Charles Chua
12. Johnny Pow
13. Annie Tan
14. Jane Chua
15. Pauline Chew
16. Abu Bakar Abrahim
17. Oi Cheng
18. Jimmy Tsin
19. Goh Seow Yong
20. Suzhang
21. Lee Ah Nee
22. Lina Ng
23. Lee Hou Chong
24. Angie Ng
25. Alice Seah
26. Evelyn Ong
27. Catherine Chong
28. Karen Thio
29. Sally Kang
30. Pauline Choo
31. Daisy Yeo
32. Maureen Lee
33. Lilian Teo
34. Lydia Soh
35. Charles Wee
36. ChristinaCL Chan
37. Peng Peng
38. Arthur   (can’t recall your surname!)
39. Peggy    (Arthur’s wife)
40. Christina Pan
41. Janis
42. Annie Lim
43. Julie Toh
44. Jimmy Chew
45. Sally Chew
46. Wee Chin
47. Steven Yuen
48. Victor Chee
49. Janet Ng
50. Cheryl Ho
51. Gingko Tay
52. Irene Poh
53. Leong Kum Hong
54. Rosalind Soh
55. Dorothy Lee
56. Caroline Gee
57. Grace Ng
58. Richard Lim
59. Evelyn Yeo
60. Vincent Lim
61. Sockie
62. Joy Chuang
63. Lee Keng Seng
64. Ann Lim
65. SK Chua
66. Josephine Yap
67. Angie Chiaw

CLICK here to view photos

Lim Yoke Lai – Introduction


I am Lim Yoke Lai, a retired civil servant.  I enjoyed organising activities for the staff & family members during those working days.  As my retirement drew near, I was wondering what I should do to keep myself occupied.  A close friend suggested that I should put my experience into use.  Since my retirement I have organised many activities for a Club whose members are mainly retirees.  Hence I got to make many new friends and was able to organise activities be it in Singapore or Overseas. 

Not long ago, another friend suggested that I should join Silver Hair Club.  I was very surprised that the minimum age is 45 years, going by the Club’s name. 

After I signed on, I received a welcome email from Terence Seah.  I felt very welcomed & even spoke to him to tell him my interests.  He encouraged me to post it in the Silver Hair Club.  When I heard that I had to ‘post’ it, I really shivered as I am not an IT person.  I thought of my great teacher, who is also a SHC member.  She gave me very detailed steps on how to go about it.  Hence, here I am inserting my first post! 

Yoke Lai



Everyone of us has a story to tell. Having gone through half a century of living and working and being in and out of love, we certainly have encounter an experience that left a lasting impression.
We often wonder how we survive a certain situation in life which left us thinking and thanking providence that we are safe.

There are incidents in my life that left me thinking hard, was it a stroke of fate or lack of attention on my part?

Readers are encourage here to share their life stories.

Here are an excerpt of my life I want to share with you. I know that whenever we reveal a part of our life,
we put ourselves in a vulnerable position for others to judge us. Do we succumbed to such critical remarks or we stand firm in the belief that nothing will affect us as long as our conscience are sincere.
Some are ready to capitalise on the slightest mistake make which turn them into a monstrous rumour monger. Other take delight knowing that we commit a grave offence.

I have come to a stage of my life where I am past caring. Each step on our journey of life brings
us nearer to meet our Maker. Not many of us may live long enough to write our biography. Here is
such an opportunity. I believe story can be shared to bring out the intricacies and beauty of life.
Can we know joy without going through pain or happiness without sorrows. Most of us are well brought
up in life having parent that ensure that we are loved and are given an education that set them for
life, what about those that are deprived?

My story:

‘When I was in Secondary School, I remembered an incident that till today I wonder why I did it. It
was the school sport day, I was a venture scout. We were supposed to put up a show where some of us
have to walk on an omega bridge which is  made of rope suspended about six foot from the
ground, another rope is suspended above our head. I have a part to play and that is to fall off the
bridge. As I fell off, the St. John Brigade rush forward to attend to me, the nurses were concern and enquire for my well being. A stretcher was make from two poles and a scout shirt act as the canvass. I was carried to the tent where I stood up and walk away without a scratch.

This act was enacted to show the preparedness of Boy Scout. How did I survive the fall, well, I was
able to break my fall because since young my dad took me for judo class, I think I have a blue belt
but my older sister the brown belt. Why did I shared this, it because if I fell wrongly, I may be paralyze for life!’

SHC platform is for us to meet new friend and to get better acquainted. Usually better rapport
are achieved in meeting or smaller group. Doing it here on the post is another ball game, can it
achieve some form of understanding and care among member?

Now you know a part of my life and what make me tickle, do I bite? Would you dare to share your most
unforgettable and memorable moments in your life here?

There are more incidents to share, my next installment:
How I try to ‘commit suicide’ when I did a bungee jump’


Terry Tang – Intro

Hi SHCians,

My name is Terry Tang.

Although elderly I can still handle mostly basic steps in dances like cha cha, disco rock, and rock n’ roll, but I cannot remember line dance  steps as they keep on evolving most of the time.  Karaoke is another passion in which I can sing selectively in Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, English, Malay and Japanese..

Apart from long nature walks through nature reserves, I also love bird watching. At this time of the year migratory birds from northern China and Russia fly south to winter in Southeast Asia including Singapore and so it is the right time to watch foreign birds like buzzas, shrikes, red shanks and snipes, etc. 

When I was between my middle thirties and early fifties I used to climb very high hills like Mt. Ophir (Gunung Ledang in Malay), Bt. Timah Hill and some hills in Batam.  Now a few years  approaching age 70, I cannot climb high hills anymore like I used to.  I still have photos to remind myself of my adventurous streak in the past. 

Thank you,


Eddy Lee & Margaret Chua – Introduction

My wife, Margaret, and I are both retirees and look forward to getting to know the rest of SHC members.

I like to listen to the radio, read the daily news, keep abreast on current/political affairs, play badminton, cycling and swimming.  My other pastime is listening to songs especially the oldies.

Margaret enjoys her weekly morning walk and once in a while I would join her.  Her favourite trail starts from our abode, St George’s Estate, the riverside along St Andrew’s School, Potong Pasir and Bishan Park.  Her final destination is Ang Mo Kio Hub where she can relax, have a cup of tea and do some shopping if need be. 

Our other interests include travelling and going places especially Malaysia (an escapade from the hustle and bustle of city life).


Eddy Lee & Margaret




Catherine Lim – Intro

Dear friends,

Alex and I joined SilverHairsClub in May 09. I stumbled upon this blog a few occasions but decided to join this Club in order to join the cycling trip to Pengerang on 16 May 2009.  We enjoyed that trip very much as it was fun and hilarious at times.  That was the first cycling trip for Alex to Pengerang and the second time for me.

Here goes our intro – Alex and I are in our early 50s.  He is working full-time in MNC whilst I am working in the ‘Ministry of Home Affairs’ with "no salary"…..Well, I meant I am a ??? ,ha ha ha.

We are introverts and enjoy dancing, swimming, cycling, exercising (not too often, hehehe) and traveling (if budget permits).  We really wanted to join many of the interesting organized activities but have to give it a miss as it crashes with our other commitments.

We look forward to joining the future activities and get to know more friends.


Catherine and Alex Chan