Fortune cookies – Do you know what it is?

I am not sure how many of us have seen a fortune cookie.  Guess those who have patronised Chinese restaurants in the West, would know what a fortune cookie is.  Last week, I was glad to join the good company of Hou Chong, Tian Soo and CharlesC.  We ate at an Asian restaurant.  Food was so so; but what attracted me was a bottle of fortune cookies.

Bought one; but was finally given to me free by the owner.  Broke the shell, and inside was a strip with the words "Soon, you will meet more elders …"  Well, I like it.

Do you make fortune cookies? or can you make them? Say, maybe 250 pcs at a time.  I was thinking that this would be great idea for restaurants.   Please let me know, I would like to get in touch with you.

Chinese New Year is coming!

Terence Seah

For those who love cooking or want to learn how to cook

There are many, many websites in the Internet whereby we can get detailed recipes for dishes we want to experiment with or cook for our family members/friends. Google ‘ recipes for chilli crab’ and you’ll get thousands of links that you can select from. If you do know of a website whereby the recipes offered are tested and given the thumbs up by you please share the link with us. I have one > The pictures are really useful and the variety of dishes offered is international. The best part? It’s FREE! Yeahhhh!!!

‘Fine Dining’ @ The Regent S’pore – Fri Oct 29, 2010

Dear Members,emoticon

With the last quarter of Y2010 kicking in soon, would you like to pamper yourself & splurge that extra $$ for a candle-lit dinner in a posh restaurant with your partner, delicately designed for ‘FINE DINING’?

The chosen restaurant is BASILICO, an Italian Restaurant located @ The Regent Hotel Singapore, known for its authentic à la carte set menu with private room settings reserved for our exclusive use.

Date:      Friday Oct 29, 2010
Time:      7.30pm sharp
Venue:    The Regent Singapore, 2nd Level

                 One Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715


To enhance the evening, members are encouraged to dress formally e.g. Men in jacket suit/tie, and Ladies to be adorned in their favourite spaghetti-strap long evening dresses. Be assured of dining in an ambience that compliments your attire, not forgetting the plush upholstered chairs and the designer-clad wait-staff to serve your gracious needs.

Appended below are 4 unique main courses specially selected by the Italian Chef @ a fixed cost of $75.00 Nett per person, and you only indicate your preferred choice during dinner.

Set Dinner Menu @ S$75.00 nett

Plated Selection of Italian Cold Cuts, Marinated Seafood, Vegetables, Seasonal Leaves and Cheese /or Rich Ligurian Seafood Soup


(i) Roasted rack of Lamb with Eggplant Parmigiana and Green Asparagus/or

(ii) Grilled Aust. Beef Sirloin, with Crunchy Potatoes, Rocket and Aged Grana Cheese/or

(iii) Asparagus and Ricotta Tortellon, with Blue Cheese Sauce and Hazelnut, Freshly shaved Black Truffle/or

(iv) Roasted Salmon in Saffron Broth with Beans and Mussels


Home made Gelato with a miniature of Italian Sweets/or

Tiramisu Classic Venetian Mascarpone infused with Espresso Coffee and Marsala Wine

* Coffee or Tea *

There’s a twist to this dinner.. ~~ interested member is required to register as a couple (strictly SHC members) and you’re not obliged to reveal the identity of your partner on this thread. Members who’re game to fine-dine with us, please register your name on this thread & make payment to Jeff Lim’s POSB account by 20th Oct, to facilitate my final arrangement with the Restaurant. ~~ Bon Appetit!

List of Fine-Diners😕

  1. Sue Chan & Partner-PAID
  2. Janet Chan & Partner-PAID
  3. Cat Yeo-PAID
  4. Alicia Lim-PAID
  5. June Koh-PAID
  6. Lim Geok Suan-PAID  
  7. Mega & Partner-PAID 
  8. Dolly Choo-PAID 
  9. Irene Choo-PAID 
  10. Lin Chuah-PAID 
  11. Marg Tian-PAID 
  12. Terence Seah & Partner

emoticon  Max. 16 Diners  –  REGISTRATION CLOSED ~THANK YOU!


Payment transfer to: Jeff Lim Chee Keong of POSB Savings A/C No: 178-24973-8.


Photos by Boon Liang?

SHC Fleamart – Sat 20 Nov, now changed to Sat 11 Dec 2010

A date has been tentatively set for the next Fleamart, if not most likely, on Sat 20 Nov 2010.  Time is likely from 0900 hrs to 1500 hrs.  Location is not firmed yet.

Members interested to take up a stall are encouraged to take note of this date and time.  If you have items for sale, you may indicate them under this Post.  Pre-orders are also encouraged.  Commercial items or products are not allowed.  So, go ahead, whether new items, old items, used items, sealed and packed edible items.

Any form of sale or advertising outside this Post not accepted, and likely will be deleted.  This is a once or twice a year event where selling is permitted, at the SHC Fleamart.

Where possible, the location will be opened to the public for the sale of products.  However, all stalls will be made available to SHCians only.

Suggestions or ideas welcome.  However, please do not be disappointed if any idea is not taken up.  Have fun.  And, of course, if you raise your hands to offer assistance, I will be most pleased; but again, please do not be disappointed if I do not pick it up.  But, no harm, trying too.

The plan is to concide this Fleamart with the November monthly gathering.

Terence Seah

Fleamart stalls list:

  • Stall 1: Terence Seah
  • Stall 2: Hou Chong
  • Stall 3: Anna Seet
  • Stall 4: Rosalind Lee
  • Stall 5: Constance Wong
  • Stall 6: Yat Sing
  • Stall 7: Frisna Tan
  • Stall 8: Lily Ho
  • Stall 9: Caroline Gee
  • Stall 10: Dan Huang
  • Stall 11: Agnes Seow
  • Stall 12: Boon Liang/Thomas Loh
  • Stall 13: James Tan
  • Stall 14: Ann Giri
  • Stall 15:  Alice Teo /And we stop here.  Interested still? You may find someone to co-share a table.

Sat, 21 August Beach Party @ Sentosa

Programme :     emoticon

3 – 7 pm     Tea-Time  –  Alfresco (Sheltered)

  • Free flow of Tea & Coffee
  • Samosa & Spring Roll  (limited – so, do come early)
  • Beach Games (by game master – Yat Sing)
  • Swimming, Sun-bathing, Dancing, Card Games or just relax, ………. anything goes

7 – 10pm     Dinner Time   –   Indoor

  • Buffet dinner  –  Menu :
  • Fresh Garden Salad, Chicken Dopiyaza, Fish Masala, Dal Tarka, Vegetable Jalfrezi, Aloo Gobi, Naan, Steamed White Rice, Fried Papadum and Dessert – Kheer.
  • Free flow of Soft drinks
  • Alcohol – limited (by bar tender – Ivan Lim)
  • Dancing intermittent with Karaoke (by DJ – Jeffrey Gan with his latest sound system)

How to find us : 

  • By LRT – get off at the Beach Station and walk towards Palawan Beach.  We are next to KouFu Food Court.
  • By ‘Free Hop-on Hop-off’ Sentosa tram/trolley – get off at the Palawan Beach Stop.
  • By Car – park at Palawan Beach open carpark @ $3 for 8 hours;  or park at Beach carpark (covered carpark) @ $5 for 1st 4 hours (from 3 – 7pm) and $2 per entry after 7pm.

Photography :  (by our renowned Photographer – Sockie)

Rest assured there will NOT be any video clips made for public websites but photos will be posted in SHC website for members viewing.  Those who do not wish their face to appear in SHC website, kindly refrain from taking group photos as it is not fair to others in the group to have to have their pictures censored because of you.

Last Day of Payment :   have been extended to 19th August.  (Please scroll down for payment details.)

Those who have name tag – PLEASE bring along and wear it throughout the event.

When I was about 18 years old, I use to go camping at Changi Beach just behind where the British Army had a Survival School. behind the school, this stretch of beach was quite secluded. Sometimes we would organize Beach Parties there. By about 2 am, after most of the guests have gone home, a few of us guys would go ‘skinny dipping’. The few girls that were still there would pretend not to watch when we strip but after we get into the water they would shout comments at us from the beach.  I still remember 2 comments even up till today.

  • “Beware of the fishes, they might mistaken yours for a big worm”
  • ‘Don’t shake it more than 3 times…….it is call masturbation”

I am organizing our August  monthly meeting at  Palawan Beach, Santosa.  It will be a Beach Party, but we will not go ‘skinny dipping’ because at our age, I think we will look gross. Even the police would not want us in their station. They will put us straight into the lunatic asylum. I know this will not stop some of you from doing it.

My friend who owns Samudar Indian Restaurant at Palawan beach in Santosa has agreed to let us use the Restaurant on Saturday 21st August.  The restaurant has an alfresco dining area and an aircon dining hall. It can accommodate 200 people.  There are showers on the beach in front of the restaurant and changing facilities nearby.

We will start the party at 3pm. You can swim, play with balls, build sand castle or just enjoy the sea breeze. I need volunteers to organize a few beach games. For those who prefer to stay indoor, you can relax and talk or play board games.   At 7 pm we will have Indian Buffet.  The alfresco dining area which is on a wooden deck and the aircon dinning hall are both very suitable for dancing. You can dance anywhere at any time. You can also do it at the beach but we have to organize sound system outside. You can also pretend to be a teenager on your first date and bring a partner to the bush….there are many dark bushes but tissues are not provided. If you want to sing KOK we have to organize our own portable system because the Restaurant have no KOK licence. We leave the Restaurant at 10pm but you can stay at the beach as long as you like.

Public transport to Palawan Beach is by LRT from VIVO City. It cost $3. Those who drive, pay $7 per car regardless of the number of passengers. The buffet would cost $20 per head.  We will provide tit-bits from the collection of $5 each from those who pay after 31st July.  Those of us who are there in the afternoon should at least buy a drink from the Restaurant to help them pay their staff who would serve you.The restaurant would waive corkage charge for alcoholic drinks we bring. But please don’t bring any other outside food or drinks into their Restaurant.

Dress code will be ‘as little as possible’.  Opportunity for you to show your legs, tummy and butts,  if they are still presentable. I will bring some fig leaves for those who want to be like Adam and Eve.

Now I need the following volunteers

  1. Treasurer to collect the $20 $25 from every participant even if you don’t want to eat the buffet.
  2. Bouncer to throw out those who didn’t pay.
  3. Member registration – Irene Poh has volunteered
  4. Many beach game organizers.
  5. A disco King or Queen to organize the dancing and provide the music CD. They do have a sound system in the Restaurant.
  6. A KOK King/Queen to organize the singing.
  7. And of course, as many ‘gilah’ participants as possible to make it fun.
  8. Also new members, you can come fully clothed to make new friends.
  9. Matchmakers to make sure no one is left alone at this party
  10. Me???…….    I oversee lah.  Girls, remember to wear skimpy clothes, so that I have something to see.

Make your payment to Karen Thio POSB Savings Account number 121-86818-0

Payment before 1st August is $20. From 1st August please pay $25. The last payment accepted is 17th  19th August. 

Who are coming –

  1. Tian Soo (EO)emoticon
  2. Irene Poh (Registration)emoticon
  3. Dan (Matchmaker)emoticon
  4. Joy (Matchmaker’s boss?)emoticon
  5. Geraldine – foreign talentemoticon
  6. Caroline – (Registration)where the boys are emoticon
  7. Annto – to the beachemoticon
  8. Karen (Treasurer) emoticon
  9. Hyacinth  – water babyemoticon
  10. Jeff Chanemoticon
  11. Francis M – Fred Astair reincarnatedemoticon
  12. Catherine K – Ginger Rogers reincarnatedemoticon
  13. Sockie – this girl can shoot shoot shoot ?  emoticon 
  14. Lina Ng – from everywhereemoticon
  15. Hou Chong – can show you what is down underemoticon
  16. Suchang – from MAS partyemoticon
  17. Lily H – (Disco Queen)emoticon
  18. Yatsing – play $69/$96 gameemoticon
  19. Andrew Yeung – emoticon
  20. Janet C – (KOK Boss)emoticon
  21. Ivan Lim – bring Bombay Saphire ginnemoticonemoticon
  22. Peng Peng – the singeremoticon
  23. Christina CL – the walkeremoticon
  24. Eliza Chua – like Miss Dolittle?emoticon
  25. Lina Tan – from Equinox buffetemoticon
  26. Steven Chan – companion for men  emoticon
  27. Charlse  C – my travel buddyemoticon
  28. Lilian T – from PPemoticon
  29. Feztus – from Yunnanemoticon
  30.  Daisy Yeo – sell tissues emoticon
  31. Eyvonne Chew – hope to meet youemoticon
  32. LaiFong – can help to enjoy  emoticon
  33. Richard W – from RTS studioemoticon
  34. Marg T – from Taiwanemoticon
  35. Catherine Ho – hope to meet you.emoticon
  36. Ronnie Sow – Engelbert H and Tom Jones.emoticon
  37. Regina Sim – new friendemoticon
  38. Peter Chee – new friendemoticon
  39. Grace Ng – 1emoticon
  40. Grace Kang – 2emoticon
  41. Dolly l – (Bouncer)emoticon
  42. Lin Chuah – the golferemoticon
  43. Agnes Seow – masuk twice, come twiceemoticon
  44. Thomas Loh – young handsome MCemoticon
  45. SK Chuaemoticon
  46. Gabrella C – men are hungry and hornyemoticon
  47. Veronique Leeemoticon
  48. John Howeemoticon
  49. Helen Kuekemoticon
  50. Rosalind Leeemoticon
  51. Ronald Lamemoticon
  52. Nina Chooemoticon
  53. Biraemoticon
  54. Annie Gohemoticon
  55. Nelly Sohemoticon
  56. Lim Geok Suanemoticon
  57. Oi Chengemoticon
  58. C Jemoticon
  59. Dennis Hoemoticon
  60. Lydia Chin emoticon

Photos by Sockie & Karen

Chinese Sit-down lunch@Grassroots on 10/9/10 (Non-Halal)

Dear foodies,

GOOD NEWS ! ! !   I’m organizing another special sit-down buffer Chinese-style lunch at the
Grassroots club on 10-Sep-2010 (Hari Raya Puasa).
The details:

Event : Special non-halal 35-dish sit down lunch at Grassroots Club (3 min walk from YCK mrt)
Venue : Imperial Court Shark Fins, Level 3
Address: 190, AMK AVE 8, #03-01 The Grassroots Club
Date :   10-September-2010 (Friday – Hari Raya holiday)
Time :   11.30am to 2.00pm
Cost :   $25 nett (normal $29)
             (includes GST + SC, 35 dishes AND free flow of Chinese tea)
Closing Date: 25-Aug-2010 or when 40 pax reach

Soft drinks and alcohol can be ordered at own expense on ala carte basis.

Pls pay $25 to DBS Savings   047-5-014580   by 25-Aug-2010 

Those transferring from non-POSB/DBS accounts please sound out.

1)  James Tan (E.O) (paid)
2)  Susan Tan LC (paid)
3)  Bessie Lam (paid – 11/8)
4)  Andrew SP (paid 11/8)
5)  Steven Chan (paid 19/8)
6)  Maureen Lee (paid 11/8)
7)  Steven Ng (paid 20/8)
8) Pauline Ho (paid 16/8)
9) Susan Tan SW (paid 11/8)
10) Jane Ong (paid 11/8)
11) Tim Liu (paid 17/8)
12) Alan Bok (padi 21/8)
13) Ann Bok (paid 21/8)
14) Bobby Bok (paid 24/8)
15) Tracy Bok (paid 24/8)
16) Francis R Mangalam (paid 14/8)
17) Daisy Phua (paid 19/8)
18) Christina WH Chan (paid 20/8)
19) Seok Cheng (paid 20/8)
20) Jock Khim (paid 26/8)
21) Mei Foo (paid 26/8)
22) Clara Chay (paid 22/8)
23) Jonson Tan (paid $20 25/8)
25) Dayal Mulchand (paid 23/9)
26) Robert Cady (paid 23/8)
27) Doreen Cady (paid 23/8)
28) Anna Seet (payment in transit)
29) Primrose Kok (paid 26/8)
30) June Koh (paid 29/8)


For the convenience of this event, I’ve pre-selected the following 10 dishes:

1. Shark fin soup with chicken & Chinese Herbs
2. BBQ roast pork & soya sauce chicken 
3. Stir-fried seafood with conpoy.
4. Deep fried Soon Hock Thai style
5. Salad prawn
6. Sweet and Sour pork
7. Deep fried prawns
8. Sauted cubes Beef with black pepper sauce
9. Braised bean curd
10. Braised noodles with duck meat

Altogether, there are 3 dishes of soup, 17 meat/fish dishes, 6 vegetable plates, 5 noodle/rice varieties,
and 4 dessert selections.

In case your table wants to order additional items, you are free to do so, subject to 
NON repetition of the same dish. Also, no food is to be wasted for any item ordered, 
otherwise, the restaurant may impose a charge.

I look forward to a sumptuous meal with all you food buddies very soon.

Note: The last one organized in Jun-2009 was full house. Each table ordered at least 18 dishes.

Link reference :



Nearest  MRT – Yio Chu Kang
Buses (at YCK Terminal) – 13, 70, 70M, 72, 76, 162, 162M;;  (along AMK Ave 6) – 851, 852, 853, 86, 45
Car Parks – Grassroots club, YCK Swimming Pool/Sport center,                  
                   Nanyang Poly (free parking) (entrance at AMK Ave5)

james tan

Notes: The restaurant does not have a K-ok license at their premises. 
           Lunch is FREE sitting.

Chinese Sit-down Buffet Lunch@Grassroots on 10/9/10 (non-halal)

emoticonDear foodies,

GOOD NEWS ! ! !   I’m organizing another special sit-down buffer Chinese-style lunch at the
Grassroots club on 10-Sep-2010 (Hari Raya Puasa)
The details:

Event : Special non-halal 35-dish sit down lunch at Grassroots Club (3 min walk from YCK mrt)
Venue : Imperial Court Shark Fins, Level 3
Address: 190, AMK AVE 8, #03-01 The Grassroots Club
Date :   10-September-2010 (Friday – Hari Raya holiday)
Time :   11.30am to 2.00pm
Cost :   $25 nett (normal $29)
             (includes GST + SC, 35 dishes AND free flow of Chinese tea)
Closing Date: 25-Aug-2010 or when 40 pax reach

Soft drinks and alcohol can be ordered at own expense on ala carte basis.

Pls pay $25 to DBS Savings   047-5-014580   by 25-Aug-2010 emoticon
Those transferring from non-POSB/DBS accounts please sound out.

1)  James Tan (E.O) (paid)
2)  Susan Tan LC (paid)
3)  Christina Seet

4)  Sock Cheng 

5)  Bessie Lam (paid – 11/8)
6)  Andrew SP (paid 11/8)
7)  Steven Chan

8)  Jane Loh

9)  Rosalind Lee

10)Maureen Lee (paid 11/8)

11) Steven Ng

12) Pauline Ho

13) Danz

14) Joy

15) Susan Tan SW (paid 11/8)
16) Jane Ong (paid 11/8)
17) Tim Liu (tentative)
18) Alan Bok
19) Ann Bok
20) Bobby Bok
21) Tracy Bok
22) Francis R Mangalam
23) Daisy Phua


Waiting List

For the convenience of this event, I’ve pre-selected the following 10 dishes:

1. Shark fin soup with chicken & Chinese Herbs
2. BBQ roast pork & soya sauce chicken 

3. Stir-fried seafood with conpoy.
4. Deep fried Soon Hock Thai style
5. Salad prawn
6. Sweet and Sour pork
7. Deep fried prawns
8. Sauted cubes Beef with black pepper sauce
9. Braised bean curd

10. Braised noodles with duck meat

Altogether, there are 3 dishes of soup, 17 meat/fish dishes, 6 vegetable plates, 5 noodle/rice varieties,
and 4
dessert selections.

In case your table wants to order additional items, you are free to do so, subject to
NON repetition of the same dish. Also, no food is to be wasted for any item ordered,
otherwise, the restaurant may impose a charge.

I look forward to a sumptious meal with all you food buddies very soon.

Note: The last one organized in Jun-2009 was full house. Each table ordered at least 18 dishes.

Link reference :



Nearest MRT – Yio Chu Kang
Buses (at YCK Terminal) – 13, 70, 70M, 72, 76, 162, 162M;;  (along AMk Ave 6) – 851, 852, 853, 86, 45
Car Parks – Grassroots club, YCK Swimming Pool/Sport center,
Nanyang Poly (free parking) (entrance at AMK Ave5)

james tan

Notes: The restaurant does not have a K-ok license at their premises.
 Lunch is FREE sitting.

Silver Platter Event

Dear SHC Members

I am organsing an event on June 11, 2010 (Friday) at SpaBoutique ( from 6.30 p.m. – 8.30 p.m.  I would like to invite fellow SHC members to come grace our inaugural Silver Platter event where you will be treated to an evening of food, knowledge & entertainment.  Also a place to network and meet other Silver friends.  Entertainment includes a "Silver" fashion show by Mother and Child Project, trial head & shoulder massages, yoga as well as taijigong demos.  Cocktails & light refreshments will be served.  I am offering 10 of our exclusive entry passes, complimentary to fellow SHC members, so if you are interested, please email me at  First come first served!

Diano Loo

Live to eat – June 5, 2010 (Satuday)

Come June 5 on a Saturday night we shall have another opporunity to gather over a sumptuous dinner and a night walk. While time permit we want to enjoy ourselves as much as we could. What is your philosophy of life, ‘Eat to live or live to eat’?emoticon

All are welcome!

This time round just to ease our conscience we shall have Boon Liang to lead us in the night walk at Hort Park, a place he’s familiar  with  and according to him ‘his second home’!

Venue: Sin Kee famous Chicken Rice, Blk 38 #01-02 Commonwealth Avenue (3 minutes walk from Queenstown MRT).

Map :

Dinner Time: 6.00 – 7.30pm

Night Walk – 8.00 – 9.30pm

Menu: – White or roast chicken, Braised pig trotter, Curry fish head, Beansprouts, Oyster sauce veg., Crystal chicken feet and a hot or cold drink.emoticon

No charges for second helping of chicken rice.

Cost: $8.00 nett per pax/ Pay to Joy’s Posb Saving Account No. 159-131645 by 29 May 10.

Closing date: May 15, 2010

EOs, Dan, Boon Liang, Joy emoticon

Those coming:-

  1. Dan (PAID)
  2. Joy (PAID)
  3. Boon Liang
  4. Rosalind Lee (PAID)
  5. Eyvonne Chew (PAID)
  6. Daisy Yeo (PAID)
  7. SK Chua (PAID)
  8. Charles Chua (PAID)
  9. Agnes Seow (PAID)
  10. Pauline Ho (PAID)
  11. Gwyneth Lee (PAID)
  12. Tim Liu (PAID)
  13. Lilian Teo (PAID)
  14. King Seng Lee
  15. Alice Seah (PAID)
  16. Henry Yip (PAID)
  17. Sockie (PAID)
  18. Ivan Lim (PAID)
  19. Michael Tay(PAID)
  20. Irene Poh (PAID)
  21. Helen Wong
  22. Maureen Lee (PAID)
  23. Maria Tan (PAID)
  24. Janet Chan
  25. Rene Leong (PAID)
  26. Wee Chin (PAID)
  27. Kristin Leong
  28. Andrew Yeung (PAID)
  29. Lee Patrick
  30. karen Thio (PAID)
  31. Sally Kang (PAID)
  32. Judy Lim  (PAID)
  33. Steven  Ng (PAID)
  34. Karen Lim (PAID)
  35. Rina Tan (PAID)
  36. Anita Schechter (PAID)
  37. Steven Chan (PAID/eat only)
  38. John Howe (PAID)
  39. Thomas Loh (PAID)
  40. Eileen Thean (PAID)
  41. Maureen Lim (PAID)


Thank you for your support and company!


Please click her to view photos



Northern & Western Affairs @ New Chilli Padi Nyonya Buffet Dinner Restaurant

Main organisers: Dan Huang, Joy Chuang , Sue Chan , Charles Wee and
Steven Chan

(This event was mooted by Dan and it is opened  to members from
N,S,E or West Zones. 

Date: 24th April
2010 ( Sat ) 

Time: 7.00 pm.

Place: Chilli Padi Nyonya Restaurant @ Heng Mui Keng Terrace
(Ground level)  # 06-21,
Singapore  S 119620.  

Price:  $16.30 Nett ( including 10% service charge )

Max capacity:  40  pax ( First come first served basis )

DIRECTIoNS :  How to go to
Heng Mui Keng Café:

2) From  AYE exit Clementi
(by Car) or from Clementi Central Bus services 188
 From Jurong

 Bus Service 143 or 183 from Jurong East Bus

 From South
Buona Vista RoadThis way is usually called the 99 turnsTurn in when you see the sign and arrow pointing to
“King Edward 7 Residences and Prince George’s Park Residences”  Go down the slope. There is only one way.Then we will see this carpark in NUS before you see
NUS Business School under construction on the front right corner.Turn left when you reach the junction and drive up the
slope. You will see Kent Ridge Hall, Sheares Hall and Institute of Southeast
Asian Studies on the right. Then you will see this round-about.   We are located at the roundabout

Your early response is appreciated to ensure advance booking. Pls. transfer the correct amount by ATM to   Joy’s POSB  Savings Account No: 159-131645 latest by 18/4/2010 failing which it will be open to those on waiting

For more details of Chilli Padi restaurants, pls. click at


1) Dan Huang ( Dinner )  Paid 

2) Joy Chuang ( Dinner )  Paid 

3) Sue Chan ( Dinner )  Paid  

4) Charles Wee ( Dinner ) Paid  

5) Steven Chan ( Dinner )  Paid  


7) Juliet Ong ( Dinner )   Paid  

8 ) Aaron How ( Dinner )  Paid   

9) Catherine Yeo ( Dinner )   Paid  

10) Chin Boon ( Dinner ) 

11) Irene Poh ( Dinner )  Paid  

12) Marg Tian Dinner ) 

13)  Lilian Teo ( Dinner )   Paid  

14) Gwyneth Lee ( Dinner ) Paid   

15) Thomas Loh ( Dinner )  Paid   

16) Ronald Lam ( Dinner )  Paid  

17) Kristin Leong ( Dinner ) Paid   

18) Jonson Tan ( Dinner )

19) John Howe   Paid  

20) Maggie ( Dinner )  Paid  

21) Albert  Tan ( Dinner)  Paid    

22) Henry Yip ( Dinner )  Paid  

23) Clarice Yip ( Dinner ) Paid    

24) Richard Wong  ( Dinner )  Paid   

25) Alice Seah ( Dinner )  Paid  

26) Judy Lim ( Dinner )  Paid

27) Cheng Pun ( Dinner )  Paid 

28) Helen T Wong  Paid 

29) Veronique  ( Dinner )  Paid  

30) Helen Kuek ( Dinner )  Paid

31) Boon Liang Paid 

32) Janet Chan Paid    33) Tim Liu      34) Rose White   35 Lawrence Khan  Paid

An Enchanting Night at Safra Toa Payoh – April 3, 2010 (Sat) (Closed for comments/See update post)

Our next tantalising night since the Sizzling Rock will be held at Toa Payoh. It will be a time for new and old members to meet up for a time to drinks and be merry. A buffet dinner catered by Mouth Restaurant and karoeke session will be included. There is also a pool table available and impromptu dancing are encourage!

We have reserved the whole lounge which can accomodate up to 50 pax.

Venue:   B Box KTV, 293 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, Safra Club

Time   :   6.00pm to 7.30pm (buffet dinner)/6.00pm to 1.00am (karaoke)

Cost   :   $24.00 nett per pax with free flow of soft drinks and tea.

 (The cost may vary depending on whether we hit attendance on 30, 40 or 50 pax by one dollars)

Closing date:  March 23, 2010.

EOs, Dan & Joy

Registration List:

  1. Dan – with a bottle of wine
  2. Joy
  3. Jane Wong
  4. Leong Kim
  5. Maria Tan
  6. Judy Lim
  7. Irene Poh
  8. Tim and his fish ball
  9. Eyvonne Chew
  10. Maureen Lee
  11. Marg Tian
  12. Sue Chan – Dinner only
  13. Peter – Dinner only
  14. Geraldine Ting – tentative
  15. Look forward to your support emoticon


emoticonDear members,

After much deliberation, I was urged to put up this Lunar New Year DINNER Menu specially tailored for SHC members at S$22.00 nett per person @ Famous Crab King Restaurant located @ 31, Marina Coastal Drive, #02-07, Marina South Pier, Singapore 018988.  

Date of DINNER     :  Saturday, Feb 27, 2010

Time                       :   6.30 pm SHARP!emoticon


*  Salmon Raw Fish ‘Yu Sheng’ with Snow Pear
*  Braised Dried Seafood Soup with Fish Maw
*  Steamed Live Red Snapper in Thai-Teochew Style
*  Baked Live Prawns with Lemon Cream Sauce
*  Braised Chinese Spinach with Three Treasure Egg
*  Pan Fried Pork Chops in Chef Special Sauce
*  Fragrant Lotus Leaf Rice
*  Chilled Mango Cream with Sago

For members who take public transport, the nearest MRT station to exit is Tanjong Pagar Mrt Station, board Bus Service No: 402, opposite M HOTEL, which will take you directly to the restaurant’s doorstep.  Ample parking space is available for those who’re driving.  Click on this link for quick ref:

Kindly remit payment to Treasurer,  Jeff Lim Chee Keong of POSB Savings A/C No: 178-24973-8. 

Look forward to ‘Lo-Hei’ with fellow members for another Positive & Rewarding Year!


  1. Sue Chan –           PAID     (EO)
  2. Jeff Lim –               PAID     (CO-EO) ~ Sponsor  2 bottles of wine   
  3. Rosalind Lee        PAID
  4. Andrew Koh         PAID             (Sponsor a bottle of wine)
  5. Cat Yeo                 PAID
  6. Steven Chan        PAID
  7. Alice Seah            PAID
  8. Jonson Tan          PAID
  9. James Tan           PAID             (Sponsor mandarin oranges)             
  10. Sue Tan                PAID
  11. Daisy Yeo             PAID
  12. Judy Lim               PAID
  13. Ann Lim                 PAID
  14. Irene Poh              PAID
  15. Maureen Lee       PAID
  16. Gingko Tay          PAID
  17. Lilian Teo              PAID
  18. Karen Lim            PAID
  19. Maggie Teo         PAID
  20. Albert Tan            PAID
  21. Dan Huang         PAID               (Sponsor a bottle of wine)
  22. Joy Chuang         PAID
  23. Lee Ah Nee          PAID
  24. Lina Ng                 PAID
  25. Rene Leong         PAID
  26. Suzhang               PAID
  27. Marilyn Tang       PAID
  28. Michael Tan         PAID
  29. Eyvonne Chew    PAID                                   
  30. Pauline Ho           PAID
  31. Richard Wong     PAID
  32. Lily Ho                   PAID
  33. Mary Chan           PAID
  34. Irene Cheah        PAID
  35. Thomas Lau        PAID
  36. Belian                   PAID
  37. Kim Leong           PAID
  38. Anne Chee          PAID     H.C. Lee
  39. Gabriel Lim          PAID     Kent Chan
  40. Sock Cheng         PAID               
  41. Charles Wee        PAID
  42. Molly Chua          PAID
  43. Jonathan Ong    PAID
  44. Janet Chan         PAID
  45. Boon Liang          PAID   
  46. Helen Kuek         PAID
  47. Helen Wong        PAID
  48. Shirleen Kao       PAID               (Sponsor a bottle of wine)
  49. Dennis Wee        PAID
  50. Ronald Lam       PAID
  51. Ivan Lim             PAID
  52. Chris Lim            PAID
  53. Thomas Loh      PAID
  54. Chris Chan WH  PAID
  55. Seok Cheng      PAID
  56. Juliana Kok       PAID
  57. Tan Seok Wah PAID
  58. Jane Ong          PAID
  59. Pearl Kwan      PAID
  60. Simon Lee        PAID


    ~  Registration Closed!  ~ **   Thank You for Great Support!    emoticon


    Click here for photos

Do u make your own Chinese New Year goodies? & would u sell any of your goodies to fellow SHCians?

Generally, SHC does not accept selling of products and services on this website.  This year, I think we shall give it a go, and see how organise or disorganise we can be if we allow the selling of CNY goodies on this website.

As long as you are a SHC member and make the goodies yourself, and that the goodies are not from a commercial organisation, you can use this website and take orders here.  You can state the prices and when and how to collect the goodies.  No tel numbers.  Email addresses are ok. 

Can be kueh2, pineapple tarts, sponge cakes, "everybody’s birthday cake", roast cashew nuts, BBQ pork, etc.  Leave it to your imagination.  But, they have to be CNY goodies.

Please use only this Post.  This Post will close on 14 Feb 2010.

Terence Seah 

The Westerlies wind is blowing. January 30, 2010

The idea has been brought forth by Rosalind and Terence and some others. We had some territorial group formed before but it faded off into the horizon!

Before the Easterlies came up with some show, the Westerlies want to be the first to jump up the bandwagen. Those who are from the West may show your interest here. We would need to locate a place to meet or possibly a member’s home, whether for lunch or dinner? 

New members are encourage to come forward and we look forward to hear all your suggestions!

Dan & Joy

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Thomas lau
  4. Vivian Lai
  5. Steven Chan
  6. Lim Tian Soo
  7. Veronique
  8. Ann To
  9. Gwyneth
  10. Jennifer Lim
  11. Eyvonne Chew
  12. Boon Liang
  13. Sam Goh
  14. Kristin Leong
  15. Pauline chew
  16. Charles Wee
  17. Kim Leong
  18. Feztus Lim
  19. Tim Liu
  20. Freda Lim

An Enchanting Evening at Boat Quay – Saturday 5 December, 2009

Dear folks,

Shall we have an evening of fine dining, wine and karaoke by the Singapore River? It is that time of the year when the festive spirit is in the air and it is a good opportunity to meet new and ‘young’ friends!

The karaoke room is available to us free of charge from 6.00pm and it comes with an overhead projector. We are free to bring our own CDs.

Enjoy a different experience having your meals served on a hot stone!


  • Mushroom Soup
  • Choice of Main Course
  • 1) Norwegian Salmon or
  • 2) Chicken & Prawns or
  • 3) Rib Eye (Served with potato salad)
  • Dessert Mango Pudding
  • Coffee or Tea

Cost: $28.00 nett

  • Place: Sizzling Rock at 51 Boat Quay
  • Time: Dinner starts at 8.30pm. 
  • Corkage charge: $15.00
  • Closing date: 28 November, 2009

Dan & Joy will bring along a free bottle of wine!

EOs, Dan & Joy!

Registrations start here

  1. Dan Huang – with a bottle of red wine to share (PAID 28 NOV 09)/R/530
  2. Joy Chuang (PAID 28 NOV 09)/S/530
  3. Charles Chua (PAID 25 NOV 09)/R/815
  4. John Howe (PAID 1 DEC 09)/S/815
  5. Karen Thio (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  6. Janet Chan (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  7. Maggie Teo – with a bottle of barcadi Rum to share (PAID 1 DEC 09)/S/815
  8. Albert Tan (PAID 1 DEC 09)/S/815
  9. Susan Tan Jane Wong (PAID 28 NOV 09)/C/530
  10. James Tan Steven Chan (PAID 28 NOV 09)/R/530
  11. Tian Soo (PAID 28 NOV 09)/815
  12. Caroline Tan (PAID 1 DEC 09)/S/815
  13. Sue Chan (PAID 30 NOV 09)/C/530
  14. Cat Yeo (PAID 30 NOV 09)/S/530
  15. Andrew Koh (PAID 28 NOV 09)/R/530
  16. Boon Liang (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  17. Anna Seet
  18. Rene Leong (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  19. Gingko Nut (PAID 28 NOV 09)/R/530
  20. Suzchang (PAID 27 NOV 09)/C/815
  21. Ah Nee (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  22. Eyvonne Chew (PAID 26 NOV 09)/815
  23. Peng Peng (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/530
  24. Christina Chan (PAID 27 NOV 09)/R/530
  25. Eliza Chua (PAID 27 NOV 09)/815
  26. Lawrence Khan (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  27. Margaret Tian (PAID 27 NOV 09)/R/815
  28. Agnes Seow (PAID 26 NOV 09)/R/530
  29. Daisy Yeo (PAID 25 NOV 09)/R/815
  30. Florence Theng (PAID 30 NOV 09)/S
  31. Edmond Ong (PAID 30 NOV 09)/R
  32. Ann Lim (PAID 25 NOV 09)/S/815
  33. Maureen Lee (PAID 25 NOV 09)/S
  34. Irene Poh (PAID 26 NOV 09)/S
  35. Lilian Teo (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S
  36. Tan Sock Wah (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S
  37. Richard Kee (PAID 27 NOV 09)/R/815
  38. Jane Kee (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S/815
  39. Pauline Chew (PAID 27 NOV 09)/R/815
  40. Jacqueline Han (PAID 27 NOV 09)/S
  41. Frisna Tan (PAID 30 NOV 09)/530
  42. Winston Yeo/815
  43. Caroline Yun
  44. Hong Jeng/S/530
  45. Terence Seah (PAID 4 NOV 09)/R/530

REGISTRATION REALLY CLOSED!!!  Thanks for your support!

Kindly make payment to Joy’s POSB Savings Account 159-131645 by 28 Novenber, 2009, Thanks.

Click here for photos

Potluck II-Homecooked Desserts n Finger foods Potluck

All righty! The sequel to the first Homecooked Potluck will be happening sometime next month!

This time round, it’s all homecooked specialty desserts and finger food. Now before everyone starts bringing in ordinary desserts like green bean soups or yiou tiow or simple agar agar or soon kuay, I want to emphasize that the item has to be different from those stuff that can be easily obtained from food centres.
For example, if it’s going to be yiou tiow, it has to be something extraordinary that is made with it, or if it’s going to be agar agar, there must be something unusual about it, not just simple coloured and flavoured agar agar.
It would be good if potential participants can come up with a suggestion of two or more items which will be made into a ‘menu’.

Since it’s desserts and finger foods, please ensure that everyone gets a bite of each item.

Date : 21st November 2009 

Time:  3 pm to 7 pm

Venue: My Place in Pasir Ris,St 52 (off Drive 1 or Drive3).  

It’s open to both sexes, but if participants are coming as a couple, each person has to present an item.

I have a mahjong table and cards, so we could have some games if anyone is interested, but keep in mind that theses are secondary activities to the main agenda, which is eating, sharing recipes and socialising.

EO- Mary Chan


1. Mary Chan – ‘Or Nee" with gingko nut + plates n cutlery

                        Calamansi Chicken bites

                        Chocolate banana fudge cake



2. Andrew Koh –  drinks and ….alcohol ? emoticon

3.Ann Chee – pulut (?)

4.Judy Lim –  longan tou foo –  sweet and cool

5. Doreen Cady – Baked Pita bread stuffed with feta, cheddar, eggs and yogurt – yum yum!

6. Robert Cady – Stuffed Chicken wings with prawns n minced pork – double yum yum!

7. Constance Wong – Vietnamese popiah  –  mmmm, healthy and delicious snack

8. James Tan –  wasabe prawns  or cereal prawns

9. Susan Tan –  kueh lapis

10. Frisna Tan – gado gado –  another healthy snack

11. Alice Seah –  chilled banana dessert –  yet to be named

12. Steven Chan – Thai glutinous rice with mango/durian

13. Sylvia Ang –  fusion braised chicken wings

                               Mmmm…. the dishes are coming together nice and dandy!



Click here for photos

Indonesian Inspired Lunch Porridge Buffet on 24 Oct ’09 (Sat)

Date : 24th October 2009 ( Sat )

Time : 11.30 –2.30 pm

Place : Rajah Inn

Address: 302 , Tiong Bahru Road # 02- 13 / 14 / 15
Tiong Bahru Plaza Singapore 168732 ( Pls. assemble outside restaurant. )

Cost : $ 6.90 ++ estimated to
be  $8.15 Nett. with                                  
( Complimentary Desserts )

A  wide selection of over 20 Indonesian flavored Chinese dishes. 
Fruits included.

Pls. view at
for the variety of dishes and

Max : 20 pax on first come first
served basis.

Pls. transfer your payment  through  POSB / DBS  ATM only as
I have not apply for any on-line banking due to security concerns.  My 
POSB  Savings Account is  086-15021-2.

The last date for payment is 18th October 2009 (
Sun ). Only those who had made payment/s by due date will be confirmed.
you and look forward to your participation.  

Optional :  After the porridge
buffet we may proceed to the Coffee Club also located at Tiong Baru Shopping
Centre near the main entrance for further chit chat and to have
coffee/tea/other drinks/desserts.

The drinks will be at your own expense.The
Coffee Club is  cosy, air cond and a much quieter place to chit chat than
Kopitiam. I being there before and I like its ambiance.


1 Steven Chan  Pd

2 Frisna Tan   Pd

3 Paul Kong  Pd

Peggy  Pd

5 John Howe  Pd

6 Primrose Kok  Pd

7 Veronique Pd

8 Catherine Ho Pd

9 Pauline Chew  Pd

10. Sockie  Pd.

11. Lena Ho Pd 

Karen Thio Pd

13. Eileen Thean Pd

14. Danz Pd

15. Joyz  Pd

16. Ong Kim Ying Pd 

17. Sylvia Ang Pd

18. Daisy Yeo  Pd.

19. Steven Ng Pd

20. Anne Chee Pd

Homecooked Food Potluck – Sat, 17th Oct 2009

Rosalind Lee and Mary Chan have planned a ladies only homecooked food potluck. It’s now thrown open to men.                                                            

Number of participants is limited to 20.

Participants are invited to cook a dish and share with other participants, not only the food, but their recipes as well as their cooking tips.

Dishes have to be homecooked by participants and should be enough for at least 6 – 8 persons.

Date: 17th Oct 2009 (Saturday)
Time:  5 .30 pm to 9.30 pm
Venue: Eileen Thean’s place at Chai Chee Gardens. Address will be given later

Contributions of other items like drinks, desserts and salads are welcomed but will not be considered as a cooked dish.  Plastic plates, cups and cutlery are also welcomed.

Names of participants

  1. Rosalind Lee – fried rice n Plastic plates, cups and cutlery
  2. Mary Chan- – spicy chicken wings
  3. Maggie Teo – Shepherd’s Pie
  4. Constance Wong – Sambal cuttlefish on a bed of roses, um sorry, sedap achar.
  5. Tan Seok Wah – Dry Mee Siam
  6. Caroline Sit – Sambal goreng
  7. Eileen Thean – Hakka yeong tau foo
  8. Sylvia Ang –  cinnamon soy sauce chicken
  9. Oi Cheng – mixed vegetables
  10. Lilian Teo – Pulot Seri Kaya —– changed to corn pudding
  11. Steven Chan –  black bah kut teh (herbal pork rib)
  12. Dan Huang – English Trifle
  13. Jane Loh – Curry veg
  14. Ann Lim – ngoh hiang ———-withdrew
  15. Nina Choo – stewed pork
  16. Andrew Koh – soft drinks + wineemoticon
  17. Patrick Chan- soft drinks + wine + ice + bucket  emoticon
  18. Lydia Chin –  special Indonesian chicken
  19. Anne Chee – glutinous rice and dried sambal prawns.  
  20. Judy Lim – fried laksa                                                                            

                 Wow, the spread is looking sumptuous!emoticon With music and wine, what could be better? emoticon

                 Could all participants drop me a note by email so that I can forward to you the address of the   venue?  Thanks.                                                     

                          Registration Closed.

                          Thank you all.

Click here for photos

Calling all ladies who are good cooks!

My apologies to the guys for stipulating ‘ladies only’ in this thread. Perhaps, later on, the guys can be included.

In the meantime, what I would like to learn are more home-cooked dishes. I have some not-too-bad dishes that I won’t mind teaching.

Are there any ladies who are willing to share their yummy recipes or even hold a demonstration at her home or some other venue?

Are there SHC ladies who are keen on cooking?

Thank you


Live to eat or eat to live?

Most of us will one way or another be confronted by this question. I want to carry the question posed by Terence further, is it enough to ask ourselves what make us feel good or look good. When I look in the mirror, at the receding hairline and the paunch on me; I deny that I am looking at myself. This just cannot be me like when I was about 20 years ago; I was sporting more hairs and lot of muscle mass then.

Just some years ago I invested in a toupee which cost me $1000, it certainly makes me feel good and look good. It was weaved on my head at four corners and each week I need to go back for maintenance which cost $15 for each visit. One day I look for my toupee and found it missing, someone may have stolen it! Well, vanity comes at a cost!

I love to jog and swim when I was younger. With some friends we frequently jog at Mac Ritchie Reservoir and I can swim ten laps free-style effortlessly. Those were the day; I have put off doing exercise and neglecting to eat healthily. At what price? Now I am contending with diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

About twenty years ago I bought a book entitled ‘Eat right for your blood types’ by an author called, I think it sound like ‘Alamo’. It was recommended by a client of mine; I did try to read the book but was too lazy to read it through.

There will be lot of skeptics around denying the usefulness of sticking to the teaching. I belong to blood group A and realized that if I want to stay healthy and live longer I have to adhere to a certain diet. To my horror Type A blood type must stick to a vegetarian diet as we are prone to heart disease, cancer and diabetes. We must stay on foods in their natural state: fresh, pure and organic and we will naturally not put on weight.

I was disheartened to know that I must not consume beef, pork, lamb, veal, venison, duck and goose but luckily chicken, Cornish hens and turkey are okay. Seafood like carp, cod, grouper, mackerel, salmon and snail are most beneficial. Catfish, caviar, clam, crab, eel, frog, lobster, mussels, octopus, scallop, shrimp, squid and turtle are no no! Dairy products of all kind not good at all for Type A. Yogurt, goat cheese and goat milk are okay but all other cheeses and milk not allowed.

I have thought of becoming a vegetarian but the idea of denying me a juicy sirloin steak made me gave up the idea. The spirit certainly is willing but the flesh is tremendously weak! Will I be strong enough to stay on this diet knowing that the reward is overwhelming, to look good and feel good? I am looking for like-minded folks willing to share my dream of eating healthily and living life with zest and vibrancy.

Those who are curious to know their blood types and diets, there are:

Type A is people who should be vegetarian and avoid meat and dairy products.

Type B should eat red meat and fish. Type O should eat lots of animal protein and little carbohydrates and Type AB should eat a combination of Types A and B.

Type A+ :

  1. Dan
  2. Caroline
  3. Patrick Lee
  4. Angela
  5. Mary Chan

Type AB+ :

  1. Tian Soo

Type O :

  1. Amy Soon
  2. Catherine Ho

Type O + :

  1. Nor

Type XO ?

Soo Kee Nan – Wine & Dine, 11 September 2009

Dear Soo Kee and non Soo Kee,

Come and join us for Wine and Dine with a dash of humour and a touch of Hainanese hospitality!

Venue:   Mariners’ Corner Restaurant #01-02, 120 Cantonment Road, Maritime House, Near to Outram MRT

Free carpark subject to availablity. When you reach the gantry call 62249928 and say you are going to the Restaurant!

Date:      September 11, 2009 (Friday)

Time:      7.00pm

Highlights:   Free flow from open salad bar

                    Soup of the day

                    Choice of main course

  1. Grilled ribeye steak with black pepper sauce
  2. Original pan seared salmon with hollandaise sauce
  3. Oven baked chicken combo with prawns
  4. Hainanese braised ox-tail 
  5. Braised lamb shank                    

          Coffee or Tea/ Dessert – Blueberry cheese cake

Cost:   $28.00 nett per pax with wine/$22.00 nett per pax for non wine drinker!

Corkage charge $10.00. Wine per bottle about $29.00 plus 10% or $5.50 plus 10% per glass.

Saturday nights are always packed, therefore we have chosen to go on a Friday night. If the response is good, we can book the function room and have a time of sharing jokes and telling stories!

Those on a budget can opt for a la carte dishes costing about $15.00 and if you top-up $3.80, you get a set which includes free flow from the salad bar, soup of the day, garlic bread, dessert and coffee or tea! This price is unbeatable in town!


Dan & Joy

Those coming:

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Frank Kaw
  4. Patrick Lee
  5. Boon Liang
  6. Helen Wong
  7. Andrew Koh
  8. Janet Chan
  9. Ann To
  10. Veronique
  11. Peng Peng
  12. Catherine Yeo
  13. Charles Chua
  14. Tian Soo
  15. Suzhang
  16. Lina Ng
  17. Grace Kok
  18. Marg Tian
  19. Ronnie Sow
  20. Jane Wong
  21. Mary Chan
  22. Richard Kee
  23. Jane Kee
  24. Grace Wong



Special Lunch at Grassroots Club on 27-Jun-09 (Non-Halal)

emoticonDear foodies,

Note: For those who cannot come early at 11.30am, pls ask your friend to reserve the food for you
          on a separate plate, as dishes ordered cannot be repeated.

GOOD NEWS ! ! !   I’ve included everyone who signed up for this special lunch.
Once again the details:

Event : Special non-halal 27-dish sit down lunch at Grassroots Club (3 min walk from YCK mrt)
Venue : Imperial Court Shark Fins, Level 3
Date :   27-Jun-2009 (Saturday)
Time :   11.30am to 2.00pm
Cost :   $24 (after 20% discount, courtesy of Nora Chia, member of Grassroots Club)
                  (include 1 can Soft drink OR free flow of Chinese tea)

Pls pay $24 to DBS Savings   047-5-014580   by 15-Jun-2009 emoticon

1)  James Tan (E.O) (paid)
2)  Danz (PAID 14/6)
3)  Joy Chuang (PAID 14/6)
4)  Maggie Teo (PAID 9/6)
5)  Albert Tan (PAID 9/6)
6)  Susan Tan LC (paid)
7)  Susan Tan SW (PAID 6/6)
8)  Maria Tan (PAID 8/6)
9)  Eyvonne Chew (PAID 8/6)
10) Joseph Tan (PAID 6/6)
11) Julie Guan (PAID – 3/6)
12) Clara Chay (PAID 5/6)
13) Jane Loh (PAID 6/6)

114) Alice Seah (PAID 4/6)
15) Susan Chan (PAID 15/6)
16) Marge Tian (PAID 11/6)
17) Wong Hong Jen (PAID 15/6)
Pam Ong (PAID 6/6)
19) Charles Chua (PAID 9/6)

20) Jane Ong (PAID 6/6)
21) Arthur Yap (PAID 9/6)
22) Peggy Yap (PAID 9/6)
23) Bernie Chung (PAID 8/6)

24) Bessie Lam (PAID – 3/6)
25) Sockie (PAID 11/6)
26) Peng Peng (PAID 12/6)

27) Thomas Loh (PAID 15/6)
28) Linda Chang (PAID 5/6)
29) Ann Lim (PAID 6/6)
30) Lawrence Khan (PAID 13/6)
31) Lee Ah Nee (PAID 11/6)
32) Ben foo (PAID 15/6)
33) Pearl Goh (PAID 9/6)cash
34) Lee King Seng (PAID 6/6)
35) Lina Tan (PAID 14/6)
36) Eliza Chua (PAID 14/6)
37) Maureen Lee (PAID 4/6)
38) Nora Chia (member of Grassroots Club) (PAID 9/6)
39) Christina Chan CL (PAID 12/6)
40) Steven Chan (PAID)
41) Patrick Lee (PAID)

For the convenience of this event, I’ve pre-selected the following 10 dishes:

1. Shark fin soup with fish maw & sliced abalone
2. Poach fresh prawn

3. Soya sauce chicken with BBQ pork combo
4. Deep fried Soon Hock Thai style
5. Stir fried Coral clam in XO sauce
6. Sweet and Sour pork
7. Deep fried crispy chicken
8. Pan fried prawns with wasabi cream
9. Stewed beancurd in claypot
10. Fried noodles with duck meat

In case your table wants to order additional items, you are free to do so, subject to NON repetition
of the same dish.

I look forward to a sumptious meal with all you food buddies very soon.

james tan

Welcome to Adonai Spaghetti & Dessert

Italian Mee Rebus! Yes, this is what ADONAI is serving! 
Inspired by my partner’s vast knowledge of Pasta preparation in 300 over varieties, I  decided to give a try on a small scale of Pasta dishes in a Coffee shop concept.  
Affordable and value for money, you can expect fresh ingredients and a flavour-filled experience with every mouthful. 
 ADONAI has also connected Dessert into the stall.   Nothing beats a yummy coffee shop fare with prices range from as good as $2.00 onwards.  Though a coffee shop, but a good place for fellowship or meeting up for discussion as well as gathering. 
Do give your SHCian fellowmate support to this new birth of ADONAI situated at Roxy Square 1 #01-64, Stall 6…operates 7 days a week from 8:30 am to 6 pm. 
Some of my recommended and top selling items :
Carbonara Linguine (top with either Chicken Roll, Salmon, Chipolata, Garlic Prawns, Fungi)
Aglio Olio; (top with either Chicken Roll, Chipolata, Prawns, Fungi)
Spaghetti Bolognese; Spaghetti Meatballs; Spaghetti Lebus Prawns
Spaghetti cooked with Black Pepper Sauce or Thai Sauce top with either Fried Fish or Fried Chicken
Good Try on Pine Nut Pesto Spinach or Tomato

A meal never complete with a taste of Mango Sago; Durian Sago or Peach Sago BETTER STILL, try our Mango Sago with Pomelo and what more with Durian topping, Whoo! Lots more…do drop by and have a try!

Personal Notes :
I have been so blessed to have my very supportive SHC bowlers that have made special arrangement among them to patronize my stall on Vesak Day!  Thank you all my beloved bowlers!

Special Lunch on 27-Jun-09 at Grassroot Club (Non-Halal)

Dear SHCians,

I came across this Chinese Restaurant (Imperial Court) at the Grassroot Club in Yio Chu Kang 
offerring 27 dishes of buffet (sit-down style) for the price of only S$23++ (exclude drink). 
Venue: Grassroot Club, Level 3  (3 min fr Yio Chu Kang MRT station)
Restaurant : Imperial Court Shark Fin
Date : 27-Jun-09 (Saturday)
Time : 11.30am
Cost : $29 nett (includes 1 CAN softdrink or FREE FLOW Chinese tea)
Closing date : 2-Jun-09
Limit : 4 tables of 10 only (= 40 pax), SHCians only
Payment : will advise later

I’ve tasted the food there a couple of times n it’s of equally GOOD STANDARD as Crystal Jade.

Here’s a list of the dishes provided:
Highly recommended :
1. Shark fin soup with fish maw & sliced abalone
2. Poach fresh prawn
3. Soya sauce chicken with BBQ pork combo
4. Deep fried Soon Hock Thai style
5. Stir fried Coral clam in XO sauce
6. Steamed tilapia in Nonya sauce
7. Fried preserved meat w lotus root
8. Bake pork ribs w fruit sauce
9. Bake pork ribs w mustard green
10. Sweet n sour pork
11. Pig’s stomach teochew style
12. Diced chicken w achar
13. Deep fried Crispy chicken
14. Deep fried prawns w butter and milk
15. Pan fried prawns w wasabi cream
16. Deep fried prawn dumpling
17. Sauteed diced beef w black pepper
18. Stewed beef w bitter gourd
19. Baby kailan w salted fish
20. Mixed vege w beancurd
21. Stir fried french beans in spicy sauce
22. Stewed bean curd w golden mushroom
23. Stewed bean curd w minced prok in claypot
24. Fried noodles w duck meat
25. Fried meehoon home style
26. Yang zhou fried rice
27. Sweetened red bean paste w lotus seed.


Condition : Above dishes can only be ordered once per table. Any dish ordered must finish eating.

Those coming for the BIG feast, pls register here:

1)  James Tan (E.O)
2)  Danz
3)  Joy Chuang
4)  Maggie Teo
5)  Albert Tan
6)  Susan Tan LC
7)  Susan Tan SW
8)  Maria Tan
9)  Eyvonne Chew
10) Helen Kuek
11) Julie Guan
12) Clara Chay
13) Jane Loh
14) Alice Seah
15) Susan Chan
16) Marge Tian
17) Wong Hong Jen
18) Tan Boon Liang
19) Charles Chua
20) Jane Ong
21) Arthur Yap
22) Peggy Yap
23) Bernie Chung
24) Bessie Lam
25) Sockie
26) Peng Peng
Janet Chan Thomas Loh

28) Linda Chang
29) Ann Lim
30) Lawrence Khan
31) Sam Goh (TBC)
32) Lee Ah Nee (TBC)
33) Ben Foo
34) Pearl Goh
35) Helen Wong
36) Lina Tan
37) Eliza Chua
38) Francis R Mangalam
39) Maureen Lee
40) Nora Chia

Waiting List:

Lee King Seng
Christina Chan CL

REGISTRATION CLOSE Liao. Only waiting list available! ! !



PotLuck – Sun, May 17, 2009 Botanic Gardens

It’s been a long long time since our last big Potluck. Well, let’s have one, where we can meet, chat and have a picnic under the romantic sun. Everybody is invited. Simply, bring along a sheet to place on the grass and rest your buttock. Also a cap to shade your face.

Bring some home-cooked food, enough to share among 5 people. I suggest everybody brings along a bottle of ice water or tea or your favourite beer, as this is the heaviest item. For potluck, you can bring rice, noodles, curry, kuehs, desserts or salads. You can also bring along a roast duck, or steamed chicken, but make sure it is chopped into small pieces first. For those who cannot cook, you can bring black rubbish plastic bags, paper cups, plates, ice, forks or spoons or even some fans.

However, if we cannot eat or drink all the things you bring along, I guess you have to bring it home. So, enough for 4-5 people plse. So, come and stroll into the gardens, bring along your dogs, and let’s have a good time, meeting other members.

  • Venue: The Singapore Botanic gardens
  • Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009 Time: 1600 to 1900 hrs.
  • Fee: No charge. This is a public place.
  • Agenda: get together for a picnic, teochews, Hokkiens, Malays, Indians, Eurasians, cantonese, and everybody.

On arrival: Find a cool place and lay your sheet. Put your potluck infront of you and on your sheet. When SHCians walk around, invite them to come to your spot and sample what you have cooked. Remember to bring along your name tag.

We will start a registration list, so you can register what you are bringing along. If you change your mind later, simply notify by writing a comment, and we will change the item.

I believe that at this time, music is provided by SSO, celebrating its 30th birthday. We can listen to a string of familiar classics, while we relax for a picnic in the Palm valley. You may register what you are bringing along now.

Terence Seah

Registration List

  1. Terence Seah – Teochew "ang ku" kueh
  2. Daisy Yeo – Something paranakan peranakan
  3. Yew Kwong – Coming after cycling.  Will share what’s available.
  4. Geok Suan – "Soon Kueh"
  5. June Lim – Thinking
  6. Karen Thio – "Curry puff" lady off.  Now, got to think of something puffy.
  7. Neo Seok Sock Cheng – One big watermelon, dugged up and filled with plenty of other fruits, and camera
  8. Joy Chuang – Something to nibble
  9. Dan Huang – Something nibbleable
  10. Lina Ng – Banana muffins and some wine
  11. Gingko Tay – "Home chicken" Cordon Bleu in wine
  12. Norlinda – mee goreng and two pieces of chicken wings
  13. Lily Ho – some fingers and one diet coke for herself
  14. Kristin Leong – Bringing fried Bee Hoon at 6 pm
  15. Lokz Tan – Finger food, no idea what it looks like yet.
  16. Lydia Chin – wine and cheese on floor mats in picnic baskets.
  17. Wee Chin – Bringing some cheery tomatoes and easy to eat fruits.
  18. Francis R Mangalam – Bringing his new camera to shoot.
  19. Catherine Koh – home made vegetables.
  20. Jane Tan –  Juicy ondeh ondeh and kueh kosui
  21. Christina Chan WH – Sharing roast chicken and mushroom rice
  22. Lee Seok Cheng – sharing roast chicken and mushroom rice
  23. Tim Liu – some chickens from Geylang
  24. Francis Mangalam – a few black plastic bags, from Dolly.
  25. Lisa Ong – Lemak mix curry vegetables
  26. LH Jie – bringing dont know what, but something for sure.
  27. Sam Goh – busy and not coming; but has offered one half-bottle of unused red wine.
  28. Helen Wong – not sure what she is bringing for the potluck.
  29. Rene Leong – definitely something edible
  30. Alicia Soh – agar agar something too.
  31. Pauline Khoo – something
  32. Let us know what u are bringing. Can be healthy or not so healthy.

Cancellation of Dinner at H.K. Best Soup Restaurant on 25 April

Hi everyone,

– LATEST ANNOUNCEMENT — In case some of you missed this announcement.

We were informed by the chef at H.K. Best Soup Restaurant that they have closed for business with effect from early April. Hence, we regret to advise this dinner has to be called off.

We will be arranging to refund everyone, either in cash or via internet transfer to the respective account in due course. Please email the following : Your Name, Bank name, A/C Nbr and type of Account (saving or current) to Lina Ng at so that a refund can be made.

We would like to thank everyone for the great support and kind understanding.

We truly apologise for the bad news and sorry for any inconvenience caused. emoticon

Suzhang, Ah Nee & Lina

Dinner on 25 April 2009 at the H.K. Best Soup Restaurant

Dear SHC Friends,

Do you believe in drinking soup as a culture for life longevity ? Well, the HongKongers and Southern Chinese in China have done it.  As Chinese and especially the Cantonese, we were told by our mom, grandma, or even great grandma that drinking soup regularly is good for our body.

Basically, tonic soup is very nourishing to the soul, it improves blood circulations, boost energy and also increase one immunity level. It is also proven to be good for the overall well being.

There are many varieties of herbal soups. Do check this out if you want to know more on Chinese Herbal receipes on soup and its articles  :
(Disclaimer : By the way, the author is also Susan, but it’s not me……..) emoticon

Last weekend, about twenty of us (SHCians) attended a brief talk on the secret cum preparation of chinese herbal tonic soup  at “H.K. BEST SOUP” Restaurant. The owner/chef (???) is from Hong Kong, a highly respectable cook and is specialized in double-boiled soup. He is also a famous column writer on soup preparation/cooking in our local Chinese newspaper, ????.

For those who are curious and also to experience what Chef ? have in store for us, we are organizing a Hong Kong (Cantonese) cuisine dinner in April. This special value for money menu which Chef ? quoted for us, should not be missed !  For $220.00 per table, we are having “Pen Cai” (??) as our main course and also a special double-boiled wild yam or "Huai Shan" (??) soup. That’s not all, please scroll down to see the list of food in the menu below. This works out to be $22.00 per person nett only.

Read more about "Huai Shan" and its goodness here :

(Note : for those not familiar (including me !)emoticon  “Pen Cai” (??) is the next popular dish after “Buddha Jumps Over The Wall” – ???)

For those who are interested, this happening will be on:

Date         : 25 April 2009 (Saturday)
Time         : 6.30pm

Venue      : H.K. Best Soup Restaurant emoticon
                  723 Havelock Road (Near Beo Crescent, the Old Havelock Road area) 
                  Tel 6276 5295

Nearest MRT : Tiong Bahru – (EW17) about 8 mins walk to the restaurant

emoticonLocation map :

The Selected Menu:

1. ?????? – ??  (? ??????????????)
Authentic Traditional Hong Kong Style “Pen Cai” in whole abalone, sea-cucumber, dried scallop, dried oyster, etc. etc. (one whole abalone per person)

2. ????? (Hong Kong Style Steamed Sea Grouper)

3. ??? (King Prawn coated in Oat)

4. ????? (Kung-Po Big Frog)

5. ????????? (Seasonal Vegetables with Abalone Mushroom in oyster sauce)

6. ???, ???? ??? (Double Boiled Herbal Soup – fresh “Huai Shan”, wolfberry and other herbal with pork shoulder bone)

7. ????? (Dessert – Red Bean Paste with Lotus seeds)

8. ????? (Steamed "lian yong" Bun)

*** Free flow of Chinese tea & white rice. *** No corkage for wine or liquor.***

Other drinks or beverages at own expense.

Please remit your money to Lina at her POSB Saving A/C nbr :122-04284-7 by 31 March, 2009 to secure a place.

Those joining : Suzhang, Ah Nee, Lina Ng, Molly Chua, Ronald Lee, John Howe, C.J., Oi Cheng, Gingko, Charles Wee, Hong Jeng, Eyvonne Chew………..

We have now booked the whole restaurant – 6 tables max (10 pax to a table) on a first come first serve basis.  Interested party, kindly indicate your interest here.

EOs : Ah Nee (PR),  Lina Ng (CFO) & Suzhang emoticon

Registration start here:

  1. Ah Nee – Paid
  2. Suzhang – Paid
  3. Lina Ng – Paid
  4. Molly Chua – Paid
  5. Oi Cheng – Paid
  6. CJ – Paid
  7. Gingko – Paid
  8. Eyvonne Chew – Paid
  9. Ron Lee – Paid
  10. Hong Jeng – Paid
  11. John Howe – Paid
  12. Charles Wee – Paid
  13. Terence Seah – Paid
  14. Dolly Lim – Paid
  15. Caroline Gee – Paid
  16. Lily Ho – Paid
  17. Ann To – Paid
  18. Cath Yeo – Paid
  19. Janet Chan – Paid
  20. Peng Peng – Paid
  21. Joyce Kwok  Paul Kong – Paid
  22. Dan Huang – Paid
  23. Joy Chuang – Paid
  24. Ann Lim – Paid
  25. Susan Tan – Paid
  26. James Tan – Paid
  27. Alice Teo – Paid
  28. Sunny Yeow – Paid
  29. Helen Wong – Paid
  30. Alice Seah – Paid
  31. Bernie Chung – Paid
  32. Maria Tan – Paid
  33. Mary Tan  Jane Loh – Paid
  34. Julie Guan Peggy Kong – Paid
  35. Linda Chang – Paid
  36. Clara Chay – Paid
  37. Neo Sock Cheng – Paid
  38. Dennis Wee – Paid
  39. Veronique – Paid
  40. Lee Patrick (Song Juan) – Paid
  41. Rene Leong – Paid
  42. Yew Kwong – Paid
  43. Boon Liang – Paid
  44. Myra Chia – Paid
  45. Douglas Chan – Paid
  46. Janet Heng – Paid
  47. PH Liu – Paid
  48. Arthur Yap – Paid
  49. Peggy Yap – Paid
  50. Steven Chan – Paid
  51. Lee King Seng – Paid
  52. Maureen Lee – Paid
  53. Christina WH Chan – Paid
  54. Lee Seok Cheng – Paid
  55. Daisy Yeo – Paid
  56. Grace Kok – Paid
  57. Lilian Koh – Paid  Helen Kuek Bessie Lam – Paid
  58. Koh Tong Seng – Paid Peggy Ho – Paid
  59. Jade Phua – Paid
  60. Chin Boon – Paid

 Those on the Waiting List
 1)  Ella Tan    2) KC Lau


Back to Simple Basic Cooking.

Greetings from Sydney. We have just returned from a short "balek kampong" trip to Singapore and we were amazed to find such a great varities of fusion food between eastern and western food available to us. We did enjoy these new food versions but what we missed were simple traditional foods that filled us with memories of the tradition kitchens, with its preparations for special feast days and the ritual of everyday family meals.

We are awared that food preparations and cooking stlyes have evolved with the hectic lifestyle and needs of the younger generation. But unless we the silverHairs passed it to them (on the presumption that they wanted to learn) these traditional food and cooking secrets will be lost and slipped beyond the realm of recall.

My wife is currently compiling a collection of simple home cookings and recipes that are normally handled down from parents to children through the generations by word of mouth. We are writing this post to ask for your help and share with us your family cooking secrets so that we can preserve the true flavour of the original food for the young ones to keep.

Lunar year Gathering @ valentine day

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all

Good News….The above Halal buffet dinner cost only $4/- per person (adult or child) . I already grab one table for my family, I think this is a good way to save cost at this bad time, yet you can spend a night with your family or friends…oh there’s lucky draw, games & prizes too…

  • Date : 14 February 2009 Saturday
  • Time: 8pm – 10pm
  • Venue: Geylang Serai CC (Air-con) 99 Haig Road
  • Nearest MRT Station : Paya Lebar (15 mins walk to CC)
  • Bus Number: 16 , 33 (alight at Tg Katong Sec School) 5mins walk to CC
  • Bus Number: 2, 7, 13, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 51, 67, 154, 155 and many more (alight at Tg katong complex or City Plaza or CDAC building)10 mins walk to CC

Interested? you may get the tickets from me ASAP ! Cheers