EPIC 1000km KDF Millennium Ride 2017 – A Charity Event participation by Ivan Lim

Hi SHCians,

A charity ride a year helps keep the doctors away…

Hahahaaa! No lah! It’s just my coined saying only.

But seriously, for 2017, I am back to the EPIC 1000km Charity Ride.

Had a shoulder injury (non-cycling related) in late 2015 and had to drop out of the EPIC 2016 Charity Ride in January last year.

Like my previous efforts with the EPIC Cyclists, do note that for every SGD10/- of contributions you make through my profile for this EPIC 1000KM Charity Ride 2017, I will pledge SGD1/- from my own pocket, up to a maximum of SGD500/- …… just doing my $$$ part too and giving forward.

Hope to count on your support again! TQ in advance!

Lastly, wishing all SHCians, A Healthy, Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year 2017!

Ivan Lim

To find out more details of this Charity Fundraising Event or to donate online, please go to this link:

For other details/queries and/or off-line donations in Cash or Cheques, please let me know by commenting here. Will try my best to answer them.

Monthly Cycling on Sat, 17 Sep 2016

Hello hello

Location : ECP, East Coast Park
Start Time : 4.30 pm
Distance : 2 choices –
1. Burger King to Bedok Jetty (short distance)
2. Burger King to Fort Road (long distance)

Meetup time : 4.00 pm at Burger (for chatting)
Bike collection time : 4.15 pm (from adjourning kiosk)

Things to bring :
1. Helmet (or hats) & gloves
2. Sunblock, arm sleeves, shades and raincoat
3. S 11

Location map of East Coast Park –

Rain or Shine, we wait for U

Who is who coming –
Yew Kwong
Susan CH Tan
Lily Ho
Judy Lim
Rina Tan
Pauline Chew

PS : Pokémon Go fans pls come early to catch rare pokemon at ECP and share tips on how to improve your game levels.

Ride for Rations – A Charity Event

Hi SHCians, pls lend a hand…TQ!

On 26th to 28th August 2016, I will be cycling a distance of about 250km from Malacca to Singapore to raise fund for a registered charity organization, Sunlove Abode for Intellectually Infirmed Ltd.

This is my first time participating in this particular charity ride. The aim is to provide monthly food rations worth S$70/- or monthly breakfast rations of S$25/- for needy residents living in 1 room flats in Chai Chee, Hougang and Marsiling. 100% of the funds raised will be use to help them as all cost of this event is covered by us, the volunteers.

Please join me in making a difference. No amount is too small. To make a monetary donation, please click on the following link. Donations of S$25/- and above qualifies for tax deduction. To facilitate this, provide your official name, address, tel and tax reference (NRIC/FIN/UEN).


Or you can share out on your FB timeline etc using the below link:


Looking forward to your support. Thank you again!

Ivan Lim

(Note: Terence Seah had asked that I post this Charity Fund Raising Event on SHC Website.)

Monthly Cycling -Coney Island

IMG-20151015-WA0006Hi all Cyclists

Date : 14 Nov 2015
Meet : Pasir Ris car park C.
Time : 1600hrs
bike rental : available.

I will be there around 1500hrs to assist and train newbies, free bike will be provided.
Please PM me if you want some trainings.

Event will be cancelled if the 1hr PM2.5 hits 100

Joining :
1. Douglas
2. Ronald Lam
3. Andrew K
4. Theresa S
5. Lily H
6. Eileen Ang
7. Susan T
8. Irene P
9. Lydia Chin
10.Daisy Phua
11.Christina Pan
12.Tony Tan
13.Peggy Yap
14.Arthur Yap
15.Ann Lim
16.Thomas Goh
17.Bobby Bok

1. Bobby Yee

I have added those who had WhatsApp me.

Monthly cycling-27 June 2015



IMG-20150620-WA0016Hi all cyclists

We are going island cycling at St John’s Island.

Meet : Marina South Pier,
Time : 8am
No rental bikes nearby. Only folding bikes allowed on ferry.
Ferry : $18 return

Those without bikes are welcome to join.
We will visit St John’s and Larazus island.

Things to bring:
1. Brolly or hat
2. Sun block
3. Packed lunch or some snacks.

1. Douglas
2. Lily
3. Judy Lim
4. Susan CH Tan
5. Julian Mok
6. Andrew k
7. T.S. Lim
8. Hou Chong
9. Ah Nee
10. LinaN
11. Susan Tan
12. James Tan
13. ChristinA

Monthly cycling-09May15

Meet : Burger King, ECP
date : 09 May 2015
Time : 1600 hrs

We will revisit MBS and Singapore Sports Hub via the newly opened PCN link from Fort Road.

Beginners who wish to learn cycling can meet me at 1500hrs or earlier, free bike for training will be provided.


1. Douglas
2. Fredalim
3, Yatsing
4. Hou Chong
5. Lily H
6. Judy L
7. Lina N
8. Charles C
9. Ronald Lam
10. Andrew K
11. John Howe
12. Steven Chan
13. Irene P

Introducing a weekend of adventure at Khao Yai National Park, 10-12 Oct 2015

khaoyai nat parkmap      khao-yai-national-park

Some of you have joined me at Khao Yai National Park. This will be the first event dedicated to SilverHairsClub members and children, aged 26 and above. We intend to hold this exciting event in Oct, from a Friday to a Sunday.

Khao Yai is located some 1.5-2 hours north-east of the old Donmuang airport. It is ideally suitable for young adults, beautiful waterfalls in October, a good place to look out in its natural habitats for wild elephants, deers, junglefowls, Asian bears, and bird watching.

I plan to stay in tents, which we can buy on our own or rent from the National Park. We will arrange a cook to handle our dinners and breakfast. Ideally suited for members and their adult children.

For ourselves, there are grape plantations, where we can enjoy fresh grapes, juices, red and white wines. Also a good local beef steak.

There is adventure land, with horse riding, ATVS, rides. Our adult kids will enjoy time together, and they will find btheir own time to mingle with one another and get to know one another better. Car racing, and other trills which we used to enjoy when we were young. Bring your sons and daughters along. You have to make the effort.

Quietly located, Khao Yai air is fresh, the morning is cool and a good time to spend with family. Important our children can mix with other children.

Golf. Loves, we can play as the famous “Forest hill” golf course, where many tee offs start from a height. It’s easy.

I intend to make it easy, as we will have helpers to make our trip fun, enjoyable and meaningful.

This trip is for you and your adult children. Our plan is to arrive at the airport, and head straight for Khao Yai, 2 hours away.

Confirmed date:  Meet at DonMuang airport at 10am morning and 10am at Survanabhumi airport (if a group is formed) on Sat 10 Oct and we arrive back at Don Muang airport on Mon 12 Oct at about 5pm.  Others can proceed to Bangkok for other activities.

More details will come up. Express your interest here.

Terence Seah

Those interested:

  1. Terence Seah
  2. Moon Wong
  3. Helen Wong-Pow
  4. Leon Lau
  5. Gabriella Chua (tentative)
  6. Andrew Yeung
  7. Yatsing
  8. Christina Chan (tentative)
  9. Irene Poh
  10. Marg Tian
  11. Shirleen Kao
  12. Lina Tan
  13. Pow TK
  14. Ronald Lam
  15. Charles Wee (Paid)
  16. Steven Chan
  17. Bobby Bok
  18. Grace Ng
  19. Daisy Phua (tentative)
  20. Thomas Goh (Paid)
  21. Ann Giri (Paid)
  22. Maggie Teo
  23. Albert
  24. Lily Ho
  25. Sockie
  26. Eileen Thean

Young adult family members:

  1. This list is for young adult family members of SHC members. From 26 years and to below 45.
  2. .

Tentative plan for the Khao trip:

  • Sat 10 Oct 1000 hr – Tour guides will pick us up at DonMuang airport. At the new airport, if there is a group.  Tour guides are a legal requirement to protect the tourism industry. We plan to have one guide per van, besides a driver.
  • 1300 hr – 2 hours drive, followed by Lunch in Khao Yai, followed by Khao Yao sights. Winery and waterfal. This is almost the end of the raining season, so weather is dry; but plenty of greens and beautiful waterfalls.
  • 1600 hr – Check into to tents before night fall so as to enjoy the scenary. Enjoy the beautiful sights of KhaoYai. Also, can have an open air swimming pool. Walks and cycling.
  • 1700 hr – For those who are keen to join the night safari to look out for National Parks night animals, the group will leave at 5pm. Gate close at 6pm.  Your registration required. Return to base camp at about 7.30 pm to 8 pm.  1-2 hours. Participants sit on open pickups. Torches not required. Need to be quiet and follow the instruction of the Parks guides.
  • 1900 hr – Campfire plus rustic Barbeque dinner.
  • 2230 hr – Back to enjoy the skies, continue with food and drinks. Crawl into the tents and snore the night away. Closing 12 midnight.
  • 2400 hrs – Back to room and sleep for the night.
  • 1900 hrs – Dinner, Karoake and dancing in the hotel.
  • 1200 hrs – lunch. More sights of Khao Yai.
  • 0900 hrs – Sights of Khao Yai National park.
  • 0630 hrs – Breakfast and checkout. A simple placing of your luggage, tagged, at the hotel lobby. The porters will place your luggage in your resort bedroom.
  • Sun 11 October 0500 hrs – for earlyrisers to catch the first rays of sunlight. May need to drive out. Enjoy the mountain scenary.
  • Monday 12 Oct 0630 hrs – Breakfast.
  • 0515 hrs – To Khao Yai Golf course, for players only. Tee off 0600 hrs sharp.  Only for golfers.  Maybe we organise some eggs for you with coffee.
  • 1000 hrs – For non-golfers, we go to Premium Outlet, if you like shopping your years supply.
  • 1130 hrs – Those who would like to shop their whole years supply of clothings, we will go to Premium Outlet. Save your money now for fashion shopping.
  • 1200 hrs – Visit to ChokChai farm, the largest diary farm in Thailand. We can have the famous ChokChai steak here. And try local Thai steak.
  • 1600 hr – leave for Don Muang airport. For those going to Bangkok, we can arrange for you to go to Bangkok (selected spots only).

See you at another trip.

Monthly Cycling -18 April 2015

Hi all cyclists

Monthly Cycling-18 April 2015

Meet : Burger King, ECP
Time : 1600 hrs

We will use the new pcn and cycle to MBS. Rental bikes are available nearby.

Beginners who wish to learn cycling can meet me at 1500hrs, free bike for training will be provided


1. Douglas
2. Lily H
3. Ah Nee
4. Dolly L
5. Caroline G
6. Lina N
7. Judy L
8. Steven Chan
9. Andrew Koh
11.Charles Chua
13.Serene Low
14.John Howe
15.Lilian Teo
16.Grace Kang

Sungei Rengit Revisit: 21/22 March 2015

Hi all.
We are going to revisit Sungei Rengit before it becomes and transformed into a Petroleum Hub.

Our journey begins from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to Tg Pengelih jetty. It is about 18km from jetty to Sungei Rengit town.

The area’s landscape is changing rapidly, the tranquility scenery is fast disappearing, very soon the town may also be demolished.

This is a 2D1N event (21-22 Mar 2015)

Meet : Changi Village hawker center
Date : 21 Mar 2015.
Time : 0800 hrs.
Cycling speed : leisure(10-15kph)
Rental bike cost : Sgd 11-12 per day.
Ferry : Sgd 13-15 one way.
Hotel :2 to a room @MYR 168.

closing date : 07 Mar 2015.

Going :
1. Douglas
2. Charles Chua
3. Lim TS

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31Jan2015- Nostalgic Ride to Pengerang – cancelled.

Hi cyclists.

All cyclists are invited to participate in this nostalgic cycling event from Tg Pengelih jetty to Sungei Rengit town before it becomes a petroleum hub.

The area’s landscape is rapidly changing, the tranquility scenery is fast disappearing, very soon the town may also be demolished.

This is a 2D1N event (31Jan-01 Feb 15)

Meet : Changi Village hawker center
Date : 31 Jan 2015.
Time : 0800 hrs.
Cycling speed : leisure.
Rental bike : Sgd 11-12 per day.
Ferry : Sgd 13-15 one way.
Hotel :2 to a room @MYR 168.

closing date : 23 Jan 2015.

Going :
1. Douglas

Monthly Cycling -20 September 2014

2014-08-11-22-42-122014-09-08-16-42-26Hi Cyclists

We will be cycling to Seletar Hotspring,

Date : 20 September 2014
Time : 1600 hrs
Meet : Yishun Dam @ Yishun Ave 1.
Things to bring : face towel, extra clothing and eggs (optional)

I will be cycling from Tampinese to Yishun, those who wants to cycle there are to meet me at Compass Point at 3pm.


joining :
1. Douglas
2. Hou Chong
3. Lily
4. Lina,
5. Fredalin

Monthly Cycling – 21 June 2014


Dear All

Our monthly cycling for June 2014

Meet : Burger King – ECP
Time : 1600 hrs
Route : TO Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay.

1500hrs – Training for beginners with Grace.

1. Doug
2. Grace
3. Dolly
4. Fredalim
5. Charles.
6. Hou Chong
7. Lily
8. Ah Nee
9. Lina.
10. Thomas Goh
11. Thomas Loh
12. Bobby B.
13. Anna S.
14. Andrew K





Monthly Cycling – 17 May 2014

2014-05-04-19-25-53Hi Cyclists

Our next cycling event will be to Labrador Park

Meet : Labrador Park MRT station facing Carpark.
Time : 1600 hrs
Bike rental kiosk : Nil
Dinner : Seah Im food centre (byo)

We will visit Labrador Park and Kepple Island.
Those cycling from the East may meet me near Popeye Punggol.


1. Douglas
2. Karen
3. Lily
4. Mike Tay
5. Dolly
6. Anna

Monthly Cycling- 26 April 2014

Hi Cyclists.

Meet at : Pasir Ris car park C
Time : 1600hrs
Route : To Punggol waterway.
Bike rental : $6/- 2 hours

We will have a new segment for beginners interested in cycling.
All newbies or beginners interested in cycling are
encouraged to sign up for this free lesson.
Grace Kok has volunteered to be the trainer and I will assist her.

Feel free to ask her any questions during training.


1. Douglas
2. Grace
3. Eileen A
4. Lina N
5. Lee ah nee
6. Melissa Khng
7. Steven Chan
8. Hou Chong
9. Joan Ang
11.Lai Fong
12.Jane Yeoh – TBN

Newbies ??

Monthly Cycling / Skating cum Pot-Luck @ Changi Beach Park – 7 Dec.(Sat) from 4 pm to ?

party-clip-art-beach-party-palm-sunHi All

Remember we once had a pot-luck cum cycling at the Changi Beach Park 2 years ago?
If you forget, here’s the SHC page link for your revisit :

We had a lot of fun and LOTS of food then. Want to have another round of such fun? This pot-luck will tie in with our last Monthly Cycling for this year 2013. We will resume cycling again after Chinese New Year 2014.

For those who can’t cycle, you can skate. If you can’t do both — then just come and join in the fun in eating, chit-chatting catching up with old and new friends….. or swim.!! 🙂

The park is serene and much less crowded than ECP.

?Parking is free after 5pm and the nearest parking is : Carpark 1 although Carpark 2 is also very near.
?There is a clean and airy public toilet (with shower cubicles) at the same location.

Buses that stop right outside the park along Nicoll Drive bus stop B10) :
?# 9 – from Bedok Interchange
?#19 – from Tampines Interchange
?#89 – from Hougang Central Interchange

Buses to Changi Village Terminal (a short walk to the park along waterfront) :
?# 2 – from New Bridge Road Terminal
?#29 – from Tampines Interchange
?#59 – from Bishan Interchange
?#109 – from Serangoon Interchange

For information on bike or skate rental, you may enquire at :

Please register here and indicate type of food you are bringing so we have an idea.

Looking forward to meeting you folks soon.

EO – Lily Ho & Douglas Chan

Registration :
1) Lily Ho – fried bee hoon
2) Douglas
3) Silas – card tricks
4) Tian Soo – wine
5) Janie
6) Susan CH Tan – sambal goreng
7) Eileen Thean
8) Peggy Yap – green bean soup, fruits & lemon barley
9) Arthur Yap
10) Margaret Tian
11) Steven Chan
12) Dolly Lim
13) Patrick Cheong – potato salad
14) Caroline – play by ears
15) Lina Ng – curry chicken & baguette
16) Lin Chuah
17) Peri
18) Thomas Loh
19) Sockie
20) Teresa Seow
21) SK Chua
22) Esther Mok
23) Ann Lim – stuffed cherry tomatoes
24) Alice Yap
25) Bira
26) Judy Lim
00) Frisna
27) Hou Chong
28) Kristy Quek – fruits
29) Audrey Wong
30) Paul Kong
31) Peggy Kong
32) Nina Choo
33) Annie Tang
00) Charles Chua – cakes
34) Judy – disposal cultery
35) Johnny Pow – cabbage & pork belly
36) Annie Pow
37) John Howe
38) Helen Yeo – Soya sauce chicken
39) Boon Liang

Memorial Ride – 19 October 2013 @ 4pm


Hi all cyclists

A Memorial Ride in remembrance of Janet Chan will be held on 19 October 2013. Janet Chan used to join our monthly cycling whenever it was held at ECP, although she was not a regular cyclist, she was one of the first to have a foldie.

Date : 19 October 2013
Time : 1600-2000 hrs
Venue: meet at Burger King, ECP at 1530hrs
Route: It will be on PCNs and on pedestrian walkways starting from Burger King to Gardens by the Bay.

Rental bikes are available nearby.

Those going :
1. douglas
2. ah nee
3. lily
4. boon liang
5. lina ng
6. hou chong
7. yew kwong
8. eileen thean
9. judy lim
10. audrey wong
11. bira
12. andrew koh
13. yatsin
14. julian
15. solomon chang
16. susan tan
17. fredalim
18. caroline gee
19. Paul Kong
20. Peggy
21. Nina
22. John Howe

Maybe :
1. Karen Thio
2. Eileen Ang
3. Irene Poh
4. Malcolm
5. Lydia Soh
6. Tony Ang

14 – 17 Nov 2013 – UPDATE from previous post – ECO CYCLING ADVENTURE – Kuching

Date: 14th to 17th November 2013

Are you looking for a cycling adventure with a distinct difference?

Green on Bikes!!! Nothing is quite like touring on bike for an ecological, cultural, culinary and experiential experience!!!!

We synergize with the hotel and a team with the best of local knowledge and an insatiable passion for cycling to envision and provide adventurous experience in SARAWAK.  With moderate, achievable riding on charming small roads through village communities and lots of local interaction, you will have a chance to learn about the country and the people who live here. Food is a highlight.

Fortunately, cycling offers a low-impact form of physical activity that appeal to a wide range of the population. As long as you’re reasonably fit and familiar with your own limits, you’re a good candidate for a cycling adventure.

TENTATIVE PROGRAM*Program subject to change

November 14 2013 [Thursday] DAY 1 Upon immigration and custom clearance will transfer to check-in at Riverside Majestic hotel and prepare bicycle. Freshen up. Subjected to time and circumstances will then experience an evening ride (20km+-) and have dinner (own account).

November 15 2013 [Friday] DAY 2 – B/L/Commence cycling journey firstly to local kopitiam for breakfast. Continue to Fairy Cave (55km +-) Explore the cave and then have ethnic lunch. Rest and relax and continue to Lan-E-Tuyang home stay. (25km +-). Check in, explore the garden for durians. Wash up and then have dinner. Relax and enjoy the environment, culture and ethnic music. Overnight is at home stay.

November 16 2013 [Saturday] DAY 3 – B/D After breakfast at home stay, commence cycling through the village roads to Mt Singai – CMPC is a historical site. Although one needs to walk up the steps for more than 30 minutes, but upon getting to the centre with a chapel, longhouse, and amphitheatre et cetera, the feeling of fresh air and lush, green scenery that surrounds the place greets you with a calm and peaceful feeling. All you hear is the sound of the small jungle creatures that was left to live undisturbed. Perhaps may find durians too. Then continue cycling journey through scenic roads and stop for lunch (own account). After lunch continue cycling to Riverside Majestic hotel (30km +-) check in relax and freshen up and adjourn for seafood dinner.

November 17 2013 [Sunday] DAY – B After breakfast at the hotel, free and easy Check out of hotel and transfer to airport for flight back to Singapore

 Suggested Flight Malaysian Airline

SIN / KCH                 MH0642                    1250 / 1415
KCH/SIN                   MH0643                    1040 / 1205

Please note the luggage allowance is 30 Kgs The air ticket base on group is SGD250.00 and you can purchase through the travel agent Muhibbah Travel –Tel: 62942011, however, you may also check with other travel agents. But most important is to purchase the air ticket immediately if you have decided on participation. Please advice upon booking your flight

Anyway, I have already booked my air ticket online which was relatively cheaper.

 Bike Rental

You may rent bicycles in Kuching at RM70.00 per day. Through our experience we encourage participants to bring their own bike as one will enjoy much better knowing your own bike.

Cost is SGD 295.00 (10 participants & above) SGD 345.00 (6-9 participants) – EXCLUDES AIR TICKET, INSURANCE & personal expenses. Inclusive of 2 nights @ hotel and 1 night home stay; return airport/hotel transfer; marshals; support vehicle; meals as indicated; entrance fees; and activities.

Confirmation is upon payment of SGD295.00 and balance (if any) to be paid on day of departure. Group will be a minimum of six (6) and maximum twenty (20) participants only.The closing date is October 18 2013

Please indicate your interest in this post or email malchen@singnet.com.sg if you require further details.

Monthly Cycling – 21 September 2013

Hi Cycling Buddies.

Our next cycling is 0n 21 Sep 2013

Meet at : Burger King – ECP
Time : 1600 hrs
Route : TO Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay (cycling will be on PCN and pedestrian paths)

Rental bikes are available,

Those joining:
1. douglas
2. Lily
3. Lina
4. Hou Chong
5. Eileen
6. Julian
7. YK
8. Charles Chua
9. Alan Ang

Ah Nee – with apologies as she unable to join this round

Cycling From Brickland Road To West Coast Park VIA NParks PCN – Sep Saturdays 7am

Anyone interested to cycle from Choa Chu Kang Brickland Road all the way to West Coast Park?
NParks had just opened up the newly constructed PCN link bridge from International Business Park to Pandan Gardens.
This created a link across the highway joining Bukit Batok and Clementi PCN to West Coast PCN.

I only cycle on Sat mornings from 7:00 am when weather permits. I will be frequenting this route in Sept 2013.
A note on this. The total distance is 28 KM to and back. You need fairly good speed gears to climb the slope.

If you need someone to guide you to , I can help.

Monthly Cycling – Pulau Ubin – 18 August 2013

Hi All Cyclists

Monthly cycling for August will be to Pulau Ubin.

Date : Sunday 18 August 2013
Time : 0900 hrs
Point : Changi Point Ferry Terminal.

Do bring your own bicycle otherwise you may have to rent.
We may do a simple off road riding otherwise it will be on road.

Who would like to meet for breakfast at Changi Village Hawker Center before boarding for Pulau Ubin.

Those coming:
1. douglas

Monthly Cycling – 20 July 2013

Hi Cycling Buddies.

Our next cycling event is on 20 July 2013

Meet at : Pasir Ris Car park C, free parking for those who drive.
Time : 1600 – 2000 hrs
Route : Punggol Park connector or to Seletar Airport.
Rental bike available from $6 onwards

Those Joining:
01. Douglas
02. Dolly
03. Hou chong
04. Lily
05. Ah nee
06. Lina
07. Yatsing
08. Grace
09. John
10. Julian
11. Malcolm

12. Yew Kwong – (joining for dinner)
13. Caroline

CLICK here to view photos

Cycling to Sungai Rengit – Pengerang : 15 June 2013

Hi All Cyclists

Our June’s event will be a 1 day cycling trip to Sungai Rengit, Pengerang.
The fist 12 to sign up is assured of a place.

Meeting Point : Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Time : 0930 hrs

Bike Rental : SGD 12
Ferry 1 way : SGD 11 (total $22)
Ferry 1 way + bike : SGD 13 (total $26)

Money to be transferred once we have the required number of cyclists that are going.
No refund after transfer, however, you will have to find your own replacement if you are unable to join.

Things to bring :
Passport – should be valid for more than 6 months
Sun block/poncho – to protect yourself from sun/rain
Malaysian Ringgit for lunch and shopping

The organiser is not liable or responsible for any accident(s) or mishaps arising from this cycling event.

Who is going :
1. douglas (own bike)
2. charles chua (own bike)
3. anna (own bike)
4. julian (own bike)

CLICK here to view PHOTOS

Monthly Cycling-18May2013

Hi Cyclists,

We will continue our cycling to Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay for our May cycling event. Let us meet at ECP Burger King from 3pm onwards for chit chat.

4 pm – roll off
8 pm – return rental bike

All rides are on PCN and footpath.

Please raise your hand if you are joining.


1. douglas
2. ah nee
3. lina
4. lily
5. hou chong
6. Steven Ng
7. Lydia

CLICK here to view Photos


SHC EC Cycling Event: 19May (Sun) 8:30am

Dear Riders,

There is a cycling event coming up this Sunday, 19May2013 at 8:30am.

The start point and riding route are pending approval by LTA, SPF etc.

Details and Registration for this ride can be found here:

Ride of Silence Singapore Logo

Details: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ride-of-Silence-Singapore-2011-onwards/216932121668345

Registration: https://www.facebook.com/events/532778003422496/

Release of Liability: https://www.facebook.com/notes/ride-of-silence-singapore-2011-onwards/ride-of-silence-singapore-2013-release-of-liability/627504400611113

If interested, please raise your hands here (so that I know you are riding) and do the self-registration at the above weblinks accordingly.

Riders-ON, please wear your Orange Tees or SHC Cycling T-Shirt so that you can be visually identified and in a way, promoting SHC. However, do note that wearing of the Orange Tees is NOT mandatory for this EC Event. Thank you.

Ride Safe Home Safe

EC Ivan Lim

Come Support Us On 05May2013 (Sunday) – SHC EC 128km RIR Event!!


SHC 128km RIR 05May2013





Dear SHCians,

If you are free on 05May2013 (Sunday) from 3:30pm onwards, do come down and support your SHC 128km Round-Island-Ride (RIR) Cycling Team in this EC Event.

Venue: McDonalds @ West Coast Park, S(126844), Outside/Near The Carpark Area.
See Location Map here:https://plus.google.com/photos/115825574569324547805/albums/5868760472283161281

As the riders and the volunteers will ALL be wearing our SHC Cycling T-Shirts for this EC Event, we will be in our Team’s ORANGE Colours, so please wear something visually ORANGE too when you come down to support the Team……

Our Riders are expected to ETA at the End Point / McDonalds @ West Coast Park at about 3:30pm to 4:30pm…..hor!

If you are coming down to support us, do let us know too……thank you!

Ride Safe Home Safe,
EC Ivan Lim