SilverHairsClub Aug update – SHC Live! and part-time work opportunities

Dear fellow members,

This month, I shall focus on another part of Club members’ needs.

SilverHairsClub was formed in 2005 for the benefit of Singaporeans, over the age of 45. Therefore, it is important we meet your needs to meet other
SilverHairs.  If you find that the Club does not meet its objective of providing a platform for you to get to know
new and more friends, please do share with us. Your feedback would be shared with other members.  You may also want to do something which you have behind your head. 

I like to encourage you to take this opportunity to meet other SilverHairs.  If you have not visited SHC before, feel free to write to me or voice your ideas on this forum; but you must first register to enter

If you are always busy, you may like to join SHC Live!.  This is a live event, where you can meet
other members on the internet, from your home.  We have a Men’s night on Sat 18 Aug 2012.  Click here for details   There is a ladies’ night too.  Watch out for more details on when the organisers are ready with their details. 

Please feel free to organise an activity or event for other fellow members.  And, do take the lead.

For members who would like to make use of their experience and available time, and would like to take up part-time work opportunities,
please feel free to also write to me at  As SilverHairs and seniors, we can still reach
out to society and contribute to society. Currently, SilverHairs Enterprise is focused on opportunities in the
part-time area, for SHC members only, in areas of Eldersitting, errand runners, Office stand-ins, and Chinese tuition online.

I like to extend an invitation to members who can help to make our Blue Helmet projects a reality and success. 

We have started in the area of Eldersitting, and I am happy with the progress.  Two members have
volunteered as Enterprise administrators Jenny and Vivian, and a few members have already worked as part-time Eldersitters. Feedback from clients have been good. 
If you like to be an Eldersitter, read more about it in We see there is a demand for eldersitters, and we intend
to recruit more eldersitters. 

In Jan 2012, a few members have suggested we attempt govt or public funding.  We tried, and with the
help from participating members, we submited our proposal.  Unfortunately, the deciding department felt
that the SilverHairsClub members are not a disadvantaged group, and in Mar
2012, notified us that it could not support our project.  Nevertheless, under the SilverHairs
Enterprise, we decided to proceed on.  We pursue the eldersitter project because this project is our way of contributing to the elderly society. Fit and healthy seniors providing eldersitter services to the less fit elderlies.

We recruited fit seniors from SHC from April to June.  Members are interested
in part-time work, and all of them have experience looking after their elderly
parents and many have worked in eldercare organisations. Besides a part-time work income, we also want to interact with society. We are definitely wanted by society.

In May, after reviewing various systems, we went ahead to purchase and design
an online service booking system where our clients can book for eldersitters on
the internet.  Besides recruiting eldersitters, we also took in two administrators working Mon to Wed and Thur to
Sat to take calls, take online bookings, and pair clients with our eldersitters.  While we do face snags here and there, I am happy with the progress.

In June and July, we launched a series of advertisements in the Straits Times, Today newspapers and classifieds to test the effectiveness of advertising, and
which days are worth our spending advertising money.  We trial tested our procedures from system
tests, advertising, liaison between administrators and eldersitters, payment, live accounts, handling the clients and managing returning clients. We have
almost completed the basic steps.  Of course, more needs to be done.

During this period, we determined public needs, relative to services we
provide, and our eldersitter services are mainly companionship-type services.  We have no plans to go into nursing or
medical support services.  Following the good advices of supportive members, we are now venturing out to make links with
organisations whose patients require after care assistance.

This is the stage we are in now.  If the eldersitter srevices continue to meet our needs, we will quickly move into
other part-time work opportunities for members. If you are interested in any part-time opportunities for SHC members, please write to me.

We are now into the second half of 2012; and would be celebrating SilverHairsClub 7th anniversary in Oct. Give it a thought.

Terence Seah

SilverHairsClub &
SilverHairs Enterprise

Home-based marketing as a secondary source of income?

Mention MLM and there will be a lot of people screaming ‘no no’! Can a taboo be broken? I know I am treading on the precipice but I feel that this is something that need to be discuss.

Multi-level marketing utilises a combination of direct marketing and franchising. MLM have an image problem because of difficulties in distiguishing between legitimate network marketing and illegal pyramid selling, "ponzi scheme" or scam.

Life is about choices, then came MLM, work hard for three to five years and then you never have to work again. Is this possible? The answer lies in the one word "leverage". MLM is also about personal development and and business education.

A new and powerful trend is emerging, the marriage of MLM and internet maketing to connect with their distributors. The internet is a 24/7 and accessible anywhere and anytime. Physical contrains is no longer an issue. Cross borders business are now possible so is overseas recruitments

The questions now is why, is it because we worry most will take advantage of free advertisements on this post or? Most MLM distributors have their own websites, they can tap on Facebook, Twitters and so many other blogs to promote their ware.

I hope we can have a lively discussion here and should there be any qualms, let put is down here. Why deny us an opportunty to earn a secondary source of income in our twilight years?

Desperate Dan

SHC Retirees dreams in Myanmar

This Posting is approved.

William Chew, one of the founders of SHC, is opening opportunities for retirees to discuss possible options in Myanmar. 

We are looking for retirees who wish to spend time relaxing and working in Myanmar.
Possible options, can be:
1) Creative designer in Digital format.
2) Who wish to write (can be team work), turning cooking experience into cook book and we will publish into BOOK (share sale profits income), this can be Singapore Cook BOOK, Asian Cook BOOK, Indonesia cook BOOK.
Can enjoy live cooking and sell to good restaurants in Myanmar as well. Like running a restaurant.
3) Advertising related roles…sales, marketing, copy writer…
4) Printing related work

Send all your interest to email: with details specific to the needs above. Please note only emails with sufficient details will be forwarded to William Chew. 

Hope to hear from you all soon.  Closing date end Aug 2012
William CHEW

Medicines, health products and medical accessories – a discussion

Hi everybody,

I would like to start a discussion, and would like to hear from you.  What you do and your experience can help some of us decide where we can get our medications, health products and medical accessories.  Do not discourage the discussion with what you think is improper or even illegal.  But, if you have experienced any good or bad, then, that’s it, we should hear from you.

Here goes.  Cheaper or better?

Many seniors and elderlies suffer from some long term sickness.  We see a doctor, get a prescription, and we get most of our medication from polyclinics, private clinics, general hospitals and specialist medical centres. For some of us, the medisave allocation gets used up, during the first appointment with the doctor during the area.  Some medication is expensive, and requires life long consumption.

Where do we get medication, especially the specialised and expensive ones on a continued basis?  We can also buy generic medication, instead of original branded medication.

Where do you buy your medication?  Do you go get them from JB, KL or Thailand? Numerous pharmacies in JB.  Or do you get them from India, where there are lots of generic medication. Or you try sourcing them from the US and Europe.  Give some examples and price comparisons.  Have you good experiences or bad ones?  Share with us your experience and observations of differences.

Again, please do not discourage anybody from sharing their experiences or recommendations.  Be open, and expensive does not mean they are always good or the best.

Terence Seah 


Retirement living: Looking to studio apartments for seniors for inspiration

  • Today i visited a block of studio apartments for seniors near Toa Payoh Central and was glad to see how PLEASANT the environment is. The common areas are SPACIOUS and CLEAN. The common corridors outside the individual units are WIDE and UNCLUTTERED. The units are small bed-sitters, bright with windows on one wall. In the bathroom is an emergency alert cord.
  • The two lifts are BIG and stop at EVERY floor. On the third level are two cozy GARDENS.  Seats are PLENTIFUL and INVITING!
  • Nearby are other blocks of flats, shops, a hawker centre, a market….
  • Could HDB adapt this concept of studio apartment living for seniors with smaller nest-eggs to cater to seniors with bigger nest-eggs by building bigger studio apartments and providing more facilities? But however HDB modifies/adapts, it must keep to the 30-year lease and the non- marketability of the studio apartments for the ‘richer’ seniors. These two conditions will keep out the sharks and the profit-driven entrepreneurs.

N.B. Comments no. 1 -5  are pre-post comments.

Join a team to prepare a feasibility paper on “Short-term Retirement homes outside Singapore for Seniors”

On this forum, there has been many discussions on the setting up of "Short-term retirement homes outside Singapore for Seniors".  So far, we have many ideas and suggestions; but we have not been able to put up a feasibility paper.

Perhaps, this is a good time to bring together SHC members who like the idea, are interested in promoting this idea, with the aim of setting up facilities and services and also investing in the project if feasible.

Assuming we take 4 months to prepare a draft paper, the team can bring these ideas together, consolidate the discussion and finally write out a paper that is viable and feasible, practically and financially sound.  All participating members must have roles in the team.

If you have interest to work in this team, please let me know, and we will organise physical meetings and offline discussions.  Please indicate the role you would like to participate.

If the team can put up a feasibility paper, we can use it as an investment paper.  If you have experience and would like to participate, join the team.  I will coordinate the team; but if there is someone with experience in a similar project, do let me know.  Closing date for the formation of this team: 30 Apr 2012.

Terence Seah 

Old Age – The Last Lap

  • How does one want to spend the last lap of one’s life? with angst? with upset when one’s pride/ego is bruised? gripe? …
  • The ‘king’ in *Eccl. thought he was a superior being as he was very clever and good at acquiring power and wealth. Then he realised Death would come for him and LEVEL  him with the poor and the foolish he despised. Defeated, he lamented in agony "all is vanity and a striving after wind" 
  • I would like to have serenity in my old age. Question is – how to acquire/have this state of mind  (serenity) in old age? What personal qualities/character traits would be an advantage in this quest?

* a non-secular book

Constructive comments and feedback are welcome. 🙂

A Resort-cum-Club Retirement Home

 Hi Silverhairs,

 On security-guard duty since Sept 1st last year at the Singapore Post Building which is next to the Paya Lebar MRT Station, I have come to know two operations-staff whom, together with one of their cousins and plus one of their good friend who has an Indonesian wife(all are Malay-Muslims), in late 2010 bought two properties (each cost less than Three hundred and fifty million rupiahs, 1million rph = $14,300plus) at the Costarina Complex which faces the inlet where daily will pass by the ferry from Harbourfront.  From mid-last year, a ferris-wheel(probably less than half smaller than our Marina Flyer) and a small jetty with a few parked recreational boats were readied for residents.

 These two operations-staff sold their 3-rm flat to HDB for a 30yr-lease stay whilst the cousin downgraded from 4rm to 3rm and the close friend sold outright his 3rm flat.  The close friend is a permanent stayer while the other three make regular bi-monthly two/three day visits and since last year June holidays, six of their Muslim family friends have rented rooms up to one-week stay(was not told and did not enquire the rental rates).

 Perhaps a "Core-group of Absolutely-interested" Silverhairs can copy the above, a Silverhairs’ Resort Home located in JBahru(the Bukit Chagar site next to the Customs Complex is ideal as its higher elevation provide views of the Johor Straits, less than one hundred metres away, and it is also ten mins away to the newly renovated Evon Centre, but alas the buildings are quite dilapidated), the Danga Bay area, or the new Kulaijaya township which is 90mins away north from JBaru.  Kukup, Batu Pahat and Mersing can also be considered, but the latter two towns entail about three hours driving time.

 This concept has to be brainstormed by the Core-group of Absolutely-Interested Silverhairs and my take at least ten members are required to anchor this project and assuming one member foots out one hundred thousand ringgit, the capital base is One mil ringgit sufficiently enough to purchase two properties.


  Abel Tan

Sharing on Chiang Mai as retirement destination :)

Hi Everyone! Happy CNY !!

Retirement is a hot topics here, guess most of us wanna enjoy our lives after years of working hard for our $$$ 🙂
Several places hv been brought up here as we noticed.

I’m glad tt there’s a couple of guys who’re willing to share their knowledge & experience of Chiang Mai with us.

If u hv a thot of Chiang Mai & wanna know more of the place, … or
U hv experience there & wanna share some tips & advice …

… let’s come together for an informal sharing session to explore Chiang Mai as a retirement destination.
Am arranging a simple meetup as below:-

Date: next Sat,  11th Feb
Time: 10:30am, morning
Venue: YaKun at Orchard Central, 5th floor

Hope to touch on topics like:-
* Good & bad of Chiang Mai
* Stay options available
* Immigration laws, property options & laws, etc
* Biz opportunities & regulations (for those who still wanna biz / freelance job but less streeful one 🙂
* The community, weather, health facilities, security concerns, banking facilities, etc
* The various areas, zones for leisure, games, nature, … & to avoid !!!
* Charity / voluntary organizations tt’re worth supporting / helping
* Preparation needed to settle there
* Contacts there for assistance, etc

Do add if u’d like to know more or can provide info on.

Thanks all & hope to hear from u! Hv a great weekend ahead 🙂

Are you 100% retired? or have given up a full or part-time time job?

I believe we have many still-working SilverHairs in our membership.  By full-time, I mean working 9-5 or where the hours worked are long.I believe we have many still-working SilverHairs in our membership.  By full-time, I mean working 9-5 or where the hours worked are long.

By "Still-Working", or partially retired, I am referring to part-time work eg teaching, consultancy, online trading or when the hours worked are a few hours a week.  I also mean "paid work".

By retired, I mean "Not working" at all.  May be looking after grand children, playing mahjong daily,  going holidays, or catching up with friends regularly.

As a show of hands, can you raise your hands, so we know, you are retired, and what do you do in the course of the week? We may be able to learn from you how to go about our later part of our lives.

I hope that SilverHairsClub can also provide more opportunities for 100% retired members to gather together.

Look forward to know the real retirees.

Terence Seah

Bunch of retirees:

  1. Wendy Koh
  2. Rosalind Lee
  3. Gabriella Chua
  4. Lim Tian Soo
  5. Felice Lim
  6. Janet Loo
  7. Ronald Koh
  8. Jassmine Teo
  9. Vincent Khoo
  10. Robert Ong
  11. Charles Chua
  12. Aeden Tang
  13. Jacqueline Han
  14. Peter Lim
  15. Primrose Kok
  16. Susan Tan
  17. Steven Chan
  18. KC Lau
  19. Catherine Yeo
  20. Peng Peng
  21. Jane Tan
  22. Linda Chan
  23. Josie Yow
  24. Pearl Kwan
  25. Simon Lee
  26. Cheng Pun
  27. Richard Lean
  28. Tan Seok Wah
  29. Mega Abdullah
  30. Philip Wee
  31. Priscilla Wee
  32. Daniel Kang
  33. Keep coming.  This can be one of the longest list in our forum.


Exploring JB as a place to spend for retirement and healthcare

Hi guys and gals,

Once in a while, some members have expressed interest in looking at JB properties.  Their idea is to rent the properties for retirement or to buy, if the economics make sense.  Unfortunately, some of the organisers with good intentions, withdraw the trip plans, due to lack of support for their suggestions.

There is true the media has reported crimes in JB, theft in non-gated communities in JB, etc etc.

I like to take a different approach.  I think that the situation of many retirees and soon-to-be retirees warrant a relook at JB as a destination for retirement living.  Many Singaporean retirees have nice big or medium big HDB flats, which are probably fully paid.  However, many retirees, not all, see that they are not enjoying the lifestyle that they want.  Got asset, but little cash.  Why not rent the place out, and move to another cheaper place with more space and maybe conditions worth reviewing.

There, then is the possibility of looking for a nursing home, not for now, but maybe the future for ourselves.  Or may be for our old parents, relatives and friends.

I hope we can support those members who want to give JB a look at retirement and nursing opportunities.  Find out what it costs, how safe they would feel confortable with at different places, the good food, the ugly side, the bigger houses, etc etc.  The media has reported the negatives; and some of us have experienced negatives.  But, let’s not let these negatives prevent us from going to have a look.  There are other Singaporeans who have successfully stayed in JB, and come back once a month, to see their friends or for medical.  So, again, Let’s gives others a chance.

As such, I have requested Daniel Kang, who lives in JB most of the time, to coordinate this activity, from JB.  It is likely we will adopt the following approaches.

  • Daniel will assist to organise a van, likely a 9 seater from morning to late afternoon.
  • He will make arrangements to view some properties, maybe the Iskandar project and a nursing home.
  • He will arrange to meet some condo and house representatives, so that those who attend can get an idea of the possibility in JB.
  • The nursing home for Singaporean is also of interest, and I have asked him to work on this.
  • Towards the end of the day, we can land at some makan places, have a good meal before going back to Singapore.
  • All transport to JB and return will be organised by the individual.  Daniel’s task will be to pick up in JB and return you to JB.

I think that this activity would not suit everybody; but it is for those who wants to explore the possibility of another option.  Everybody has different situations, so, give every body a chance.  Dont let our experiences with negatives discourage other members from seeing the other side of the river.

Daniel will get back to us soon.  I thought it would be nice to inform you of this plan.  More later.  And, of course, if you live in JB and like to help us with seeing JB from the same angle, send me an email.  If you have interest to participate, please put your name down to register, and once the details are available, you can decide if you can make the date.

Terence Seah

Life in Perth

2012 is round the corner! Many of us will be thinking of plans to do. I wish to bring up a travel plan for ladies who would like to visit Perth or its surroundings but lack friends to travel with. I know that sometimes we put off trips for lack of finding someone to travel with and may not feel comfortable travelling alone. As I spend about 2-3 months in Perth when I am there, I can provide B & B homestay accomodation in my home of 1 furnished room for single or 2 ladies sharing. You can have a free and easy stay, moving on your own or join me sometimes for activities eg golf, walks, eateries or short trips to nearby towns eg Mandurah, Margaret River. You will need to arrange your own flights to and from Perth but airport transfers can be arranged. For details and costs, contact can be by email. Cheers Joan

“Rise in demand for eldersitters” in Today’s Straits Times

For some of us, we are still fit, healthy and mobile.  For some of us, we probably have difficulties leaving our house, and may be seriously feeling lonely at home.  ST reported that more households seek services that provide companionship for elderly members.  I am sure some of you have relatives and friends who are lonely at home, and in need of company; someone to chat with, share TV dramas together, need help with feeding or maybe just at home waiting for their sons and daughter-in-laws to return from work.

Even those with maids and family members at home may need to take some time off to go off for short errands and attend to children’s qactivities, thus leaving the senior at home.

Providing companionship to seniors can also include playing cards together, helping to prepare an afternoon tea or helping with simple basis exercises. It is interesting to read that most seniors who require companionship during certain day hours, prefer Singaporeans, as we have a better understanding of languages, dialects and culture.  Another preference reported was the age range of 35 to 55, as this group understands seniors better.

Such services will increase in demand, as the baby boomers get older in Singapore.  Service rates are around $20 per hour.  With many family adults working today, our aging population will definitely need companionship and some home care in our homes.  Like in our Asian culture, we looked after our children when they were young.  For some families, we may have the luck to have our children looking after us.  For others, we may want to live our SilverHairs years alone.

I hope to read your feedback and comments on this story.  It is in the STraits Times, Home, Part B.  Some of your feedback, thoughts, ideas and suggestions may be beneficial to government and institutional bodies.  We may be able to pick up some good follow up ideas from here. Please respect the views of other members.


From your feedback, there is a niche demand for eldersitters or elderly companionship services, on a one-to-one.  We also need to gauge if we have sufficient numbers to start an eldersitter servoice from within SilverHairsClub.  If you would like to be an eldsersitter, under the umbrella of SilverHairs Enterprise and SilverHairsClub, please send me an email at, expressing your interest.  We would initially work on a first come basis. 

Terence Seah 

I believe that more than 40% of Singaporeans can speak or understand Hokkien! Sat Oct 22, 2011

The only two places in Asia where I enjoy listening to Hokkien songs and singing are Malaysia and Taiwan.  Perhaps, Taiwan Formosa television has made Hokkien songs popular in Singapore with the Taiwanese soap operas.

I am not fluent in Hokkien; but like many of us, we enjoy listening to the songs.  A week in Bangkok, and I already missed my favourite Taiwanese "LOVE" drama.  To share with you, I am having a headache, because I have not been able to find a Club Manager to replace Dolly Lim in the new year 2012.  Music and songs and dancing are a great relief when it comes to solving headaches problems.  Of course, the other headaches are the consequences affecting us, as a result of the going-ons in Europe and the US.

So, I was thinking of having a Karaoke event, during the week of Oct 24.  The event will have a simple buffet, sit down, aircon pl;ace and we can sing, listen, enjoy each others’ company, and get to know one another.

But, really, I think we should stay focused, and not have multiple dialects or languages.  All songs will be in Hokkien only, single, duet or group.  And, to qualify as as "Karaoke" participant, as long as you like Hokkien songs, can sing of the screen and entertain fellow members when they eat and chat or dance, you can participate as a singer.

But, I dont have a place or the date yet.  Next week, I am back in Singapore, and we shall finalise the place and date.  Some of you are eager to be an EO.  Would you like to try as an EO?  I shall invite you for lunch or dinner at the place I have in mind.  This event is ON and confirmed.


  • Venue:  Oxford Hotel, 218 Queens Street, (2 mins walk from Bras Basah circle line or 10 mins walk from Bugis MRT).
  • Theme: Buffet dinner with Hokkien Karaoke – 680 titles. 
  • Date:  Sat Oct 22, 2011.
  • Time:  Starts 1700 hrs and ends 2100 hrs.
  • Costs:  $18 per person (Payment by 15 Oct 20110); $19 per person (Payment after 15 Oct 2011).
  • Payment:  Interested participants, please transfer the money to:   POSB Saving Account no. 085-46543-0; Account Name:  TAN SOK CHENG
  • Seating Capacity:   60 pax
  • Strictly for SHC members only.  Please bring along your name tag.
  • Dress Code:  Your regular Saturday Attire.

Terence Seah/Sally Tan


  1. Terence Seah (EO) (Paid)
  2. Sally Tan (co-EO)    (Paid)
  3. Dan Huang (Paid 19/10)
  4. Shirleen Kao (Paid 15/10)
  5. Judy Lim (Paid 11/10)
  6. Ronnie Sow (Paid 14/10)
  7. Annie Loh (Paid 7/10)
  8. Sarah Zahriah (Paid 14/10)
  9. Rena Wong (Paid 14/10)
  10. Sam Goh (Paid 14/10)
  11. Dolly Lim (Paid 9/10)
  12. Lily Ho (Paid 9/10)
  13. Janie Leong (Paid 9/10)
  14. Judy Tay (Paid 9/10)
  15. Eyvonne Chew (Paid 11/10)
  16. Lina Ng (Paid 9/10)
  17. Hou Chong (Paid 9/10)
  18. Steven Chan (Paid 11/10)
  19. Ann Lim (Paid 11/10)
  20. Lilian Teo (Paid 11/10)
  21. S. K. Chua (Paid 11/10)
  22. Josephine Yap (Paid 11/10)
  23. Esther Mok (Paid 11/10)
  24. Audrey Wong (Paid 15/10)
  25. Janet Chan (Paid 17/10)
  26. Doreen Lau (Paid 10/10)
  27. Ron Wie (Paid 10/10)
  28. Daisy Yeo (Paid 12/10)
  29. Helen T Wong (Paid 12/10)
  30. Eunice Tay (Paid 13/10)
  31. Joe Leow (Paid 13/10)
  32. Bobby Bok (Paid 15/10)
  33. Terry Tang (Paid 15/10)
  34. Clara Chay (Paid 20/10)
  35. Irene Poh (Paid 20/10)
  36. Teo Chin Hian
  37. Sock Cheng aka Sockie (Picture Manager)

Photos by Terence, Judy Lim and Sockie

Surabaya as a retirement destination

Among members, there are a few who are knowledgeable with Indonesia as a destination to spend time relaxing, mixing with the local culture, enjoying the tasty food as well as a possible place to spend valuable retirement time.  I was in Surabaya last week for about one week, and I have this to share with you.

I find the city of Surabaya rather homely.  If one can speak bahasa Indonesia, or bahasa Melayu, this will definitely help communicate with the local community.  I guess for many of us, many of us would have learnt this language in school. 

Due to my short period there, I could only see the city.  I didn’t get a chance to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo or even Mount Penanjakan.   Being a tourist, I could only see the Russian submarine monument, the Sampoerna cigarette factory, Chinatown and reluntantly Tunjungan Plaza, the largest shopping mall in Surabaya.  It is good shopping paradize.  I remembered there was a Pasar Atum, with loads of local goods.

For men or women who admire the beautiful Surabaya ladies, this is a great city to envy.  They just have great charms, smiles and looks.  The traditional costumes are very attractive.  I believe it’s the Javanese history and culture.

Part of the reason why I was there in Surabaya was to visit an Indonesia plant.  But, I also took advantage of the time to visit the city.  The mayor of Surabaya provided a fabulous dinner, coupled with live entertainment singing and dance.  I was impressed with Indonesian hospitality.

There are direct flights from Singapore to Surabaya, only less than two hours away.  I wish some of you especially those with Indonesia connections, or having lived and worked in Indonesia give us more insights into what it is like to consider one of the Indonesian cities as a place to retire or even for a short 3 – 6 months.

What is it like to retire in Surabaya or in any other city in Indonesia?

Terence Seah

What is it that we dont know about personal insurance?

I wonder how Sinigapore has become one of the fastest elderly
growing population in the world.  Either our medical system has
enabled the elderly to live longer or we just eat good food, and live longer
than our grand-parents.  The baby boomers are reported to be
richer and will be better financially than future generations.  Our
age group is believed to be better prepared for old age and retirement.

Many of us have some form of personal life and
health insurances.  I like to raise this topic for discussion, so
that all of us get a chance to share what we know or dont know about the
insurance policies we have kept somewhere under our pillows.

Let’s focus on personal, health and accident policies. 
Keep out corporate insurance. 

This topic can be sensitive, especially those policies
paid out of our CPF.  But, please stay cool.  I
hope we can benefit from better understanding of our insurance
policies.  Let’s talk about choices, differences of the different type
of policies.  Please do not copy wholesale from the web. 
Keep your comments short, and in easy understandable English or

There may be some insurance experts around us, your
contribution is invited.  We share.

Terence Seah    

You are next !!!

Last week we watched on TV, a video clip of this frail old woman sitting naked under a running fan. She then get toss onto her bed unceremoniuosly like a sack of manure. Whilst on the bed, she got slapped for groaning.

I am sure this scene get repeated in other old folks home and indeed in normal households. YOU may eventually be the next victim!!

The incident shows that money cannot buy care. You can pay the nurses 3 times more than thay can get at home but you cannot get them to care for you unless they have it from within. You can give your children all your wealth and intelligence but that does not mean they will care for you. Our Ministers gets 100 more salary than an average citizen ………(censored by author) 

This post is to solicit ideas on how WE can avoid being ill treated when we get real old.
Here are a few ideas which comes to my mind….just for discussion. 

We have to show care to others and hope divine justist exist. 
Give caregivers kindness and hope they will return kindness.
Give them money, little at a time,  in return for a little care each time.
Tell them the video camera is watching and recording them.
Tell them GOD is watching them?
Tell them about Hell, for people who mistreats the old.
Have policeman stationed in all old folks home.

Nursing homes in Singapore and nearby countries

I believe that some of you have experience seeing or sending your friends or relatives to nursing homes.  There are nursing homes in Singapore, JB, Malacca, etc.  We may not have seen them all.  If we dont get a chance to live and die in our own homes, we may have to be settled in a nursing home, either by our own choice or our children’s choice.

Just to keep this topic in perspective, by nursing home, I am not referring to hospice homes.   For some, a nursing home is a place to live our retirement days, to recuperate, to find friends and to live where there is nursing or medical care.  Our turn will come, or I mean, my turn will come; so I like to explore the nursing homes options while we are still alive.

What is your experience with nursing homes?  Where is it? where is it? what services do they provide.  And, importantly what does it cost to stay in a nursing home that you know.  To what extent does the cost include food, medicine, nursing care, the gym or swimming pool or even a trip to the hospital.  Is it convenient from where we stay, and are friends and relatives allowed to visit.  Are the rooms individual or are they individual houses.  If you have experience, please share with us.  If you have not been in touch with one, please do not point to any website/URL.  We rather hear from you directly.

Terence Seah

Retirement planning – CPF Life!

What to do with the $$ you know you have; can see cannot touch!

SELF-HELP — Register yourself for a complimentary talk, read on,,,,         emoticon

Turning 55?  
How much money can I withdraw? 
What happens if I sell my property after reaching 55?  

OR turning 62??
How to get L- and V-Bonuses?  
How can I get monthly payout from my Retirement Account?  
What is CPF Life?  

Learn more about CPF rules applicable to you from age 55 & 62.
Register for a complimentary talk, go to this website:


Reaching 55, 23 Sep 2009

Reaching 62, 15 Sep 2009

Reaching 55 (Mandarin Talk), 9 Sep 2009

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More about CPF LIFE:

Have questions about CPF LIFE?

• Who can join CPF LIFE?

• What are the CPF LIFE Plans available?

• What is LIFE Bonus or L-Bonus?

• How to join CPF LIFE?

Join us at the CPF LIFE Roadshow to find out the answers to these questions and more!
Come down to listen to talks on what CPF LIFE is. You can also visit the booths to have more
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Date :  5 September 2009 (Saturday)
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If you are not able to make it for the roadshow on 5 September 2009, do not worry,
look out for more information on the other CPF LIFE roadshows!

If you cannot find the page to register, drop me an email:

Best Regards,
Christina CL Chan

New Year Resolutions, Reflections, RV plans, dreams, etc

Hi Terence and all,

Reflecting on our RV plans of the past which have not materialise, I cannot help but to post this idea of an RV alternative.  I am looking to rent a condo unit either in JB or even Malacca  that can be a 2nd home for me, as I think it wil be much cheaper living there.   So I am  thinking of renting such a unit that is within easy reach of public transport and is in a good safe location.  

I am prepared to let out a room/rooms for SHC members for overnight stay either enjoying shopping, massage, makan or even for overnight MJ or for travel stops on their way up north.  This condo unit should or will be set up with cable tv, internet  and all necessary facilities like washing machine, kitchen for cooking etc.  This idea came about too from the very good response of my weekly JB trips that I had at times had to make 2 trips in a week.  

So anyone in a group wanting to really feel what is like staying in JB can book the room at a very reasonable cost to stay over for a night or for as long as they want.

Will also welcome any ideas to expand such a plan, as I think  there are quite a few things one can enjoy in nearby JB besides the cheaper food, massage, karaoke, dancing, hair styling, tailoring, car services etc, is the slower pace of life there, or taking up cheaper courses in JB.  Some special courses that cost $3000 in Singapore cost the same amount in M$3000 and therefore can be quite a saving. 





Living in JB for retire

We went to JB last friday. My firend and I are thinking the cos tof living in Singapore is very high. Thinking to move to JB to stay. That side condo rental is very cheap 4 room flat is only RM$1200 including furniture. Compare to Singapore this type of living standard we have to pay at lease $3K for rental. We sublet our 3 room flat and move there to stay save so much money.

Can you write a motor cycle?

Some of you drive or take public transport in Singapore.  For me, I can bicycle but not motor-cycle.  No licence too.  However, there are some remote areas in this world where there are very few cars.   Take Vietnam, Laos or Thailand, for example.   I think it is a good skill to be able to ride a motor cycle.  Helps one to get around quickly from the house to the provision shop. or just to go out and get a newspaper.

Hi everybody, as a show of hands, can you ride a motorcycle and has a license?  If you cannot, I guess the only way is for you to find someone who can, and you be the pillion rider.  You dont need a motor cycle.

Terence Seah

Registration list for motorcycle riders:

  1. Dan Huang – got licence, but needs a pillion rider
  2. Douglas Chan – also got licence
  3. Susan Chang – only wants to be pillion
  4. KC Lau – can ride, but no bike
  5. Jeffrey Lim – got no licence, but can ride one in HCMC.
  6. Janet Chan – waiting to ride as pillion for fun
  7. Pearlynn – no licence, but want to ride as pillion in HCMC
  8. Mary Tan – loves to go motocycling too, in Malaysia
  9. Stephen Tan – loves to join a motocycle holiday
  10. Ah Nee – thinking of getting a licence too, may be pilliion rider
  11. Lina Ng – thinking of being a pillion rider, I guess?
  12. Nolinda – only can be sit at the back
  13. Jane Wong – also thinking of getting a licence
  14. Dolly Lim – afraid this will be a ninja turtle event.  Guess can sit at the back only.
  15. Lily Ho – thinks activity for men only.  No lah, can be pillion too. Wonder can sit in front or not?
  16. Andrew Koh – got licence, long time no cycle.  I think it is ok.  Needs a day to refresh.

Short-term retirement abroad

I have been keeping a copy of the Straits Times, dated Mar 17, 2008 with the article "Retirement city: Develop low-cost retreat abroad", and think it is still relevant to toy with this subject again.  Please note this thread is not about giving up one’s citizenship or packing up and say goodbye.

Over the last 24 months, I have been asking around, and came to some conclusions why Singapore is the ideal place to retire in.  I may be wrong; but I tend to think there is truth in this observation.

  1. Most of us have families, children or relations in Singapore; and it is not possible to just uproot oneself.
  2. Between the men and the women, almost all women will not even think about the possibility of leaving Singapore for good.  For the men, the percentage is slightly higher, but as a family unit, the family will not leave Singapore for any of the nearby countries.
  3. The idea of selling the Singapore property may sound attractive, and together with the CPF can make one feel like a millionaire in another land.  Reality is the roof is still a required shelter for many years to come, for the children, parents or even ourselves.
  4. Health insurance, other kinds of insurances tend to provide cover, if one is living in Singapore.  Depending on the T&C, hospitalisation and other health care may not be covered under existing insurances.
  5. The idea of short-term living overseas, maybe 3 months, in nearby countries, sound like an attraction because of lower cost of living, lower medical costs and travel opportunities.

I tend to like short-term living overseas; yet, I feel sometimes it is not practical because of the above factors.  Lower costs overseas and travel opportunities are not enough drivers.  Shorter-term of 7 – 14 days overseas seem to be more practical and feasible.  What are your views?

Terence Seah 

Aussie vacation, April 2009

Hi All

My husband and I hope to do a self-drive of the eastern states visiting viz. Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney in April 2009. The plan is to fly to Adelaide or Melbourne, rent a car and then travel up south/north, staying at B & Bs/caravan park homes etc. We hope to take maximum of 3 weeks.

April is autumn time and the weather is cool. If any member is interested in doing the trip/part of the trip, then there can be a few cars driving too. All you need is to fly down and we can meet up. I’ll be sourcing for reasonable accomodation places.

BTW, I’m residing in Perth.




Both my wife and myself are in the process of taking a "drastic" change in our lifes by choosing to semi-retire or retire in the coming year.

Our friends and people we know are getting sick (newly diagnosed disease) or are dropping of like flies.

We want to retire or semi-retire in a country that the cost is not so high that can stretched our saving and yet allow us to build our relationships.  We are in our mid-40s which allows us to participate in the Silver HairS Club.

Any bright suggestions? thank you.

Do you know of a house/condo for rent?

If you know of a place for rent, not for a few days, but from 1 month to 1 year to a few years, please let us know here.  I shall get someone to organise this availability to members. 

The place can be a house, condo or a townhouse.  Location can be Singapore, China, Philippines, India, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos or Indonesia.

Get one digital picture of the place, the street name (exact address not required), city, number of rooms, no. of bathrooms, dates availability, TV, internet, proximity to hospitals, markets and department stores, contact email address, mobile tel (optional), distance from airport and interesting sites and places of interests around the place, and finally the rate on a per week or per month basis.  Dont worry if the place is on the tree top, somewhere up in the mountains, on some rice fields, remote beaches or right in the middle of the city. Once you have the above details, you may email me all the above, at one time please.

Compilation will be done on the internet (  Responses will go directly to you, via your mobile number or email address given.  When we reach approx 50 locations, we shall invite one or two members to manage this project professionally. 

Hopefully, this will be another way of getting short-term retirement living or holidays started.  This idea came about from yesterday’s monthly gathering.  Have fun.  Let’s get started.

Terence Seah

What is your dream retirement?

We have had a number of discussions on retirement and retirement village.  Ronald Wi (retired) went to Phuket, and we should hear from him.  For those who have not retired, share with us your plans and thoughts.  For those who have retired, share with us your ideas too.

What is your dream retirement?  Please comment on your retirement plan and ideas.

Terence Seah

Trip to India, by Kaushal

From Kaushal:

This is a follow-up to the gathering at Kaushal’s place on Jan 4.  With regards to India Trip in Feb/March 2007, it is a simple & easy going trip organised by me as I have a farm house (FH) in Hyderabad (HYD). From Hyderabad, the members can visit to nearby places by 2 or 3 Tier AC trains & buses/cars. One can stay in farm house as long one wants. India is a big country with lots of historical and relegious places of interest, which one can not see all in one visit as the objective is to relax with some sight seeing.

The following is tentative itinerary for the trip:

  • Arrive Hyderabad from Singapore by SQ.
  • Stay at the farm with the lodging & boarding provided.
  • Visit places of interest in HYD.
  • After HYD, depart for Bhopal, Jabalpur, Varanashi, Lucknow, Agra, Gwaliar & back to Hyderabad.

Accomodation: 3 star hotel outside HYD.
Transport: AC trains & buses/cars.
Depart HYD for Singapore.

A local person will make all the arrangement and be with us throughout the trip outside HYD.
Duration: 2 weeks to 1 month.
Cost: Actual on ‘No Profit & No Loss’ basis. A general Expense Account will be given at the end of the trip.

Interested to join, please register here.