SHC mthly gathering Sat 12 Oct 2019 afternoon

Still at early planning stage. Plse keep update here.

Date: Sat 12 Oct 2019 (confirmed)
Time: afternoon (confirmed)
Place: Still looking around. Must be near a MRT station.

Cost: To be advised. Ideas are welcome. If you like to host EO this event, please let me know or share your idea here.

The Club hopes every member will EO organise at least one event during the lifetime of your membership.

Strictly no discussions relating to politics, race, religion, sex, direct selling and MLM.

Terence Seah

SHC monthly gathering Fri 13 Sep 2019 mid Autumn festival


Hi SilverHairsClub members,

For many of us, some 30-40 years ago, many of us were young adults. Some of us were at a romantic stage of our lives.

Although not a public holiday, we know when the moon cake festival is here. We wait for the full moon to bloom at its brightest. Our parents taught us not to point out 1st index finger at the moon. And we get to enjoy moon cakes.

Perhaps you have your version of how the moon cake festival existed. But definitely the same mid autumn festival is a romantic day each year. Now that we are in our fifties, sixties and seventies, we can still be romantic, in love with memories of our younger days.

This year, we shall again celebrate the moon cakes cum mid Autumn festival.

Here’s the planning details.

* Date: Fri 13 Sep 2019

* Time: 1700 -1830 hr at Ground floor,  1830 to 2230 hr at roof top.

* Venue: Jayleen 1918 hotel (roof top),

42 Carpenter St, Singapore 059921. Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay. Cross the overhead bridge to Carpenter street.  Car Park $1.50 per hr, after 5pm.

* Music: Chinese evergreen, musician and keyboard accompanied.

* F&B: Buffet dinner.

* Dress: Appropriate, light and breezy.

* Cost: $28 per pax (early bird paid before 31 Aug 2019.  $30 after 31 Aug 2019).
Non- member price $35 per pax. As this is an Anniversary celebration, we shall make an exception: extend payment to be made by 05Sep for S$28/per pax for members; after 05Sep will be S$30, no further extension. Payment to a/c Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.
* Liquor: You may bring your own wine, beer or whisky if you like. No corkage charge.

* Dress: to suit the festival.

Be a part of the thinking and planning process. I look forward to your ideas and suggestions.

And if you like to join this committee, please WhatsApp text me.

– – – – – – –
SHC was established in 2015.  This year, the Club celebrates its 15th Anniversary.  We will commemorate this occasion on Fri 13 Sep 2019, in conjunction with our SEP monthly gathering and mid Autumn festival.  I look forward to your participation.
– – – – – –

5.00 pm to 6pm: registration at ground floor lobby.  Plse contact Estee Oh on Arrival.

6.50 pm Opening welcome by Douglas Chan, Cycling leader.
7.00 to 9.30pm Music
7.00 pm buffet dinner starts on rooftop
8.00 pm Guest singer
9.00 pm Anniversary cake cutting
10.00 pm: Event ends

Terence Seah
– – – – –

Attendance list:


  1. Caroline Gee – Baking and contributing a cake for our anniversary.
  2. Caroline’s Friend- NN
  3. Dolly Lim
  4. Doreen Chan
  5. Doreen Ho
  6. Terence Seah
  7. Bobby Bok
  8. Grace Kang
  9. Stella Sheng
  10. Karen Thio
  11. Thomas Loh
  12. Lilian Quek
  13. Andrew Koh
  14. Douglas Chan
  15. C H Teo
  16. Rosalind Lee
  17. Gabriella Chua
  18. Mary Kwek
  19. Lim Kim Eng
  20. Cheng Whye Kee
  21. Rosalyn Khoo
  22. Helen Chiew
  23. Juliet Say
  24. Diana Ng
  25. ChristinA Chan – Treasurer
  26. Graham Smith
  27. Doris Tan
  28. Eyvonne Chew
  29. George Lee
  30. Seok Cheng
  31. John Lim
  32. Yoon Chin
  33. Estee Oh – Registration desk
  34. Daisy Phua
  35. Steven Chan
  36. Inez Lim
  37. Pony Teng – Assisting at registraton desk
  38. Jean Tay – non member
  39. Evelyn Ong Choo
  40. Winnie Tong
  41. Violet – NM
  42. Christine Teo
  43. Catherine Cheng
  44. Agnes Hong
  45. Lee Joo Seng
  46. Doris Tan – unable to come
  47. Doris Tan’s partner – unable to come
  48. Irene Ong
  49. Michael Tan
  50. Judy Lim
  51. Janie Leong
  52. —- early bird registration before 31 Aug 2019. Registration is now closed.

SHC monthly gathering Sat 10 Aug 2019 SRIVILLE RC

Besides being a regular monthly gathering, the Aug 2019 event will be a get-together for members who wish to present and demo their craft skills. This will be a great opp SRIVILLE opportunity to pick up a new hobby or craft.

This is a big venue. Come meet new and old friends.

* Event date: Sat 10 Aug 2019 (day after National Day)

* Time: 6.00pm – 9.00pm

Scheduled program as follows
6.00 -7.00pm Craft demonstration
7.00- 8.30pm Line Dances lead by Sockie and listed below are those that she prepared for us to boogie on…  If more add on – Another update will be given out soon…

1. Take the first step
2. Electric slide
3. Little thumbs
4. Simply mine
5 wherever you may wander
6 silver threads
7 back track
8 magic cha cha
9 JB Waltz
10 stroll along cha cha
11 rock around the clock
12 waltz across Texas
13 bossa nova
14 sweet joanna
15 hit me

* Venue: SRIVILLE RC-Blk 2 Geylang Serai Multi Carpark #07, Roof Garden, Singapore 402002

(bus 154 from Eunos bus interchange 2 stop at Joo Chiat complex n use the overhead bridge to cross over to the hawker center

* Charge: $5/pax – collection at the registration table upon signing in.

Activities- $5 collection is only for rental of the place n the hot drink – not inclusive of demo craft which is $5/set (optional)

** craft demo by Karen Thio – beginner pack at $5/full set

** line dance : lead by Sockie.

** pls have your dinner b4 u proceed to the monthly gathering (coffee n tea will be provided.

Karen Thio – EO
Dolly Lim : Co-EO

Registration : Pauline Khoo

Craft sale : Anne Chee

Registered Members

  1. Karen Thio – EO
  2. Dolly Lim
  3. Anne Chee- sale of craft
  4. Pauline Khoo- registration table
  5. Sockie Neo- line dance lead
  6. Caroline Gee
  7. Yoong Chin- admin
  8. Howard Yong
  9. Terence Seah – SHC Founder
  10. Angeline Tong
  11. May Lee
  12.  Agnes seow (will be late)
  13. Thomas Loh
  14. Doreen Chan
  15. Joan Ang
  16. TaiLor / YKK /Loh yew kwong
  17. Sally Kang
  18. Evelyn Ong
  19. Patrick Sin
  20. Stella Sheng
  21. Dan Huang

Hope to see more members coming forward for registration.. Cheers..

SHC June monthly gathering 29 Jun 2019

Hi everybody,

The date for the SHC June 2019 monthly has been decided. I am unable to attend the event in June as my schedules do not permit.

However, if any member wishes to host the June monthly gathering, the Club will help you to inform the members.

Details are:

1. Venue: Pasir Ris Central Hawker Centre, 5 mins walk from Pasir Ris MRT.

2. Date/time: 29 Jun 2019
2pm to 5pm.

3. Cost: free and easy. Buy your own drinks and food

4. Attendance: flexible

We can now confirm the EO Lillian Chua and co-EO Dolly Lim.

Lillian Chua EO


Since the gathering venue is non aircon, I had arranged with the Kopi/Teh (& soft drink) Stall #01-12 at level 1, just beside our siting place, to provide beverage as a treat from my hubby, David Ong. ALCOHOLIC DRINK IS NOT INCLUSIVE.

Just order and tell them under David Ong account will do.

1 Dolly Lim

2 Lillian Chua

3 David Ong

4 Susan CH Tan

5 Annie Seah

6 Lee Ah Nee

7 Richard Wong

8 Susan Tan

9 Pat Oei

10 Linda Chua

11 Lydia Poh

12 Michelle Sim

13 Judy Chia

14 Maria Tan

15 Pauline Khoo

16 Jan Teo

17 Doreen Ho

18 Caroline Gee

19 Tony Ang

20 Andrew Lim

21 Agnes Lim

22 Lydia Chin

23 Vincent Hee

24 Sally Tan

25 Catherine Yeo

26 Thomas Loh

27 Cheng Whye Kee

28 Yap Sew King

29 Ong Chew Teck

30 Theresa Seow

31 Irene Poh

32 Yoong Ching

33 Christina Teo

34 Sherry Wong

35 Hou Chong

36 Lina Ng

37 Gingko Tay

38 Malyne Suen (Catherine Soon)

39 Grace Kang

40 Francis Rajaratnan

41 Frisna Tan

42 Mary Chan

43 Jimmy Yeong Cheng Tsin 

44 Ronald Lam

45 Mega Sundram 

46 Lillian Teo

47 Daisy Yeo

48 Clara Chay

49 Daniel Chan

50 Helen Wong

51 T K Wong

52 Brian Ong

53 Helen Lee

54 Bobby Bok

55 Pow P K


















    SHC May monthly gathering, Sat 18 May 2019

    Most of our monthly gathering have been held on weekdays in the city area for the convenience of working members.

    We shall move East this time, and we hope to bring in more members who live in the East, and who have time during weekends.

    Date: Sat 18 May 2019

    Time: 2pm to 5 pm

    Venue: Koufu Sengkang General Hospital, 110 Sengkang E Way, #01-21, Singapore 544886.

    Nearest MRT: Sengkang

    This koufu foodcourt is clean and spacious. I look forward to your coming.

    Please register your coming below:

    Terence Seah

    Registration List:

    1. David Ong
    2. Lillian Ong
    3. Howard Yong
    4. Stella Sheng
    5. Alan Ang
    6. Jenny Lim
    7. Lee Ah Nee
    8. Ong Chew Teck
    9. Yap Siew King
    10. Doris &
    11. Graham Smith
    12. Chan Keng Ngee
    13. Leon Lau
    14. Christine Teo
    15. Paul Phua
    16. Sharon Lim
    17. Terence Seah
    18. Andrew Lim
    19. Agnes Lim
    20. Dolly Lim
    21. Richard Lean
    22. Anne Boey
    23. Sally Tan
    24. Bernie Chung
    25. Dennis Har
    26. Bobby Bok
    27. Richard Wong
    28. Daisy Wee
    29. Victor Khor
    30. Olivia Ros Jiang
    31. Sandra Tay
    32. Steven Chan
    33. Thomas Goh
    34. Yoong Chin
    35. Sherry Wong

    SHC CNY event Sun 10 Feb 2019 HiTea at Jayleen hotel

    We have now confirmed our CNY gathering as follows:

    Date: SUN 10 Feb 2019
    Time: 2pm to 5pm
    Event: Hi Tea afternoon SilverHairsClub mthly gathering
    Price: SGD 25 per head for the 1st 30 paid members.
    SGD 30 per head from the 31st paid pax.

    *** Payment to our Treasurer Christina Chan via POSB acct: 542 107 561 by 1 Feb 2019.

    Dress: as Chinese as you can.

    Please register your coming below.
    Strictly for SHC members only.

    Terence Seah

    Registration list:
    1. Catherine Yip (pd)
    2. Maria Chong (pd)
    3. Steven Chan (pd)
    4. Tony Ang  (pd)
    5. Gabriella Chua  (pd)
    6. Stella Sheng (pd)
    7. Jenny Lim
    8. Karen Thio (pd)
    9. Thomas Loh (pd)
    10.Alan Ang  (pd)
    11. Jeffrey Gan  (pd)
    12. Irene Gan  (pd)
    13.  Sandra Tay  (pd)
    14.  Mega Abdullah  (pd)
    15. Terence Seah  (pd)
    16. Sue Chan  (pd)
    17. Wong Hong Jeng  (pd)
    18. Frank Kaw  (pd)
    19. Mary Kwek  (pd)
    20. Tan Poh Heng (pd)
    21. Peter Loo (pd)

    22.  Judy Lim (pd)

    23.  Susan Tan (pd)

    24. Caroline Gee (pd)

    25. Dolly Lim (pd)

    26. Lilian Chua (pd)

    27. David Ong (pd)

    28. Lee Ah Nee (pd)

    29. Gingko Tay  (pd)

    30. Lilian Quek (pd)

    31, Lydia Chin (pd)

    32. George Chew (pd)

    33. Francis Poh (pd)

    34.  Closed.

    SHC 8 Jan 2019 monthly gathering at Velocity

    Let’s beginning the year of the pig with the Jan 2019 mthly.  Many members would have celebrated a fun and memorable year end.  Before the Lunar New Year festival arrives in early Feb, let’s find sometime together to meet up.

    This is a good occasion for members who wish to organise a CNY lunch or dinner, and forming a table or two among friends.  Members who are joining the Phuket to Bangkok self drive in April can also get together and meet up.  Better still, those who are non drivers and wish to join the trip as passengers can also look to partner willing drivers. Plse read Phuket post for details.

    As usual and typical of monthly gatherings, this event is for you to meet new members and catch-up with old ones too. Come along and get to know people whom you can get along with.  Get to know someone who will come with you to our monthly gatherings every time. Find travel Kaki’s, mahjong Kaki’s, JB kakies, food lovers, or friends to chat. Cycling, walking or exercise friends.

    Date: Tues 8 Jan 2019

    Time: 1700 to 2000 hrs

    Place: Velocity @ Novena square, 238 Thomson Road| #03-47/56, Singapore 307683

    MRT: Novena station

    Please register your coming. Susan Tan will put your name down in the list below. I shall also be coming.

    The first 30 names whose names appear on the registration list will receive personally a SilverHairsClub cloth batch which you can sew on to your bag, cap, or totte supermarkets bag or jeans. 

    Terence Seah

    Registration list:

    1. Terence Seah (EO)
    2. Andrew Koh
    3. Priscilla Wee
    4. Doris Tan &
    5. Graham Smith
    6. Daisy Yeo
    7. David Ong &
    8. Lilian Chua
    9. Vicky Siong
    10. Gingko Tay
    11. Marie Nicole Chong
    12. Kheng Lim
    13. Stella Sheng (Registration)
    14. Margaret Khoo
    15. Catherine Chng
    16. Howard Yong (giving away the SHC cloth patch for the 1st 30 registered members)
    17. Laura Wee
    18. Maria Tan
    19. Doreen Chan
    20. Bobby Bok
    21. WK Cheng
    22. Christina Pan
    23. Angeline Tong
    24. Bernie Chung
    25. Jessie Ow
    26. Peter Goh
    27. Joan Ang
    28. Sherry Wong
    29. Lee Ah Nee
    30. Michael Tan
    31. Francis Mangalam
    32. Alan Ang
    33. Martin Han
    34. Christine Teo
    35. Adeline Tan
    36. Edward Lim
    37. Karen Thio
    38. Susan Ng
    39. Peggy Ho
    40. May Lee
    41. Rosalind Lee
    42. Thomas Loh
    43. Christina Chan
    44. Charles Wee
    45. Teo CH
    46. Theresa Seow
    47. James Chan
    48. Lilian Quek
    49. Leon Lau
    50. Lilian Koh
    51. Sally Tan
    52. Winnie Tan
    53. Steven Chan
    54. Caroline Gee

    SilverHairsClub monthly gathering at Kallang Wave Sat 17 Nov 2018

    This Nov gathering will be held at Kallang Wave. Here’s the first information. The monthly gathering serves as a platform for members to meet new and more SilverHairs friends. More details will be added here.

    Date: Sat 17 Nov 2018
    Venue: Kallang Wave (NTUC food court)
    MRT: Stadium station CC6 Exit A.
    Dress: as sporty as you like.
    Starting time: 3pm
    End time: 6pm

    After 6pm (watch for change in time), another activty will commence from Kallang Wave. Those interested in cycling can join DouglasC and AndrewK to rent a bic and cycle to Marina Barrage, a journey which is beautiful, scenic and refreshing.

    Those who wish to walk, you can also start from Kallang Wave, after the gathering at 6pm, and walk 3km to Marina Barrage. The tentative end point is Satay by the Bay.

    Members attending the gathering, please register here. Strictly members only.

    Terence Seah (EO)




    1.   Marie Nicole Chong
    2.   Bobby Bok
    3.   David Ong &
    4.   Lilian Chua
    5.   Martin Han
    6.   Doreen Chan
    7.   Melissa Khng
    8.   Stella Sheng
    9.   Daniel Chan
    10.   Thomas Loh
    11.   Richard Wong
    12.   Cath Yeo
    13.   Vivian Yong
    14.   Malyne Suen
    15.   Tony Ang
    16.   Steven Chan
    17.   Daisy Wee
    18.   Grace Kang

    SHC 13th-Anniversary – October Monthly Gathering, Fri 19 Oct 2018

    Congratulation!  A new member has won the 1st prize

    SHC started in October 2005.  This month is our 13th-anniversary.  We will be celebrating this occasion with members during the October monthly gathering.

    This CLAYPOT sign was my first sight when we went to 313@Somerset to have a check.  The previous stall is under renovation.  The seating is still the same.  If you are lost in finding the place, please look for this stall.

    The Claypot corner is quiet with a good ambience. We had a monthly gathering here before and it serves our need well. The food court has a variety of food

    The SHC Oct monthly gathering is scheduled as follows:

    Date:     Fri 19 Oct 2018

    Time:    5pm – 8pm

    Venue:  313@Somerset

                 Food Republic Level 5

    Place:   Claypot corner/Pepper Lunch Express

    MRT station: Somerset

    SHC monthly gathering is a good opportunity for old as well as new members to meet, greet, socialize and encourage everyone to participate in new ideas and share their interests.  This month, we would like to thank our two members, Caroline Gee and Doreen Cady,  who are helpful to volunteer to bake the delicious cakes for us and to play surprise games.

    Do not miss this occasion!

    EO: Kristy Quek;  Co-EO: Doreen Chan

    Please register your attendance here:

    1. Kristy Quek
    2. Doreen Chan
    3. John Howe
    4. Howard
    5. Caroline Gee
    6. Dolly Lim
    7. Michael Tan
    8. Jenny Lim
    9. Margaret Khoo
    10. Rachel Chan
    11. Doreen Cady
    12. Joan Ang
    13. Lydia Chin
    14. Andrew  Lim
    15. & Agnes Lim
    16. Stella Sheng
    17. Daniel Chan
    18. Trudy Lee
    19. Alice Liang
    20. Winnie Tan
    21. Peggy Ho
    22. Charles Wee
    23. Sarah
    24. Cindy Low
    25. Peg Ho
    26. Frisna Tan
    27. Christine Teo
    28. Peter Thia
    29. Steven Chan
    30. Kent Godwin Chan
    31. Richard Lian
    32. Lilian Chua
    33. Kenneth Tan
    34. Thomas Loh
    35. Lee Ah Nee
    36. Lilian Quek
    37. Shirley Lai
    38. Tommy Choo
    39. Nelly Soh
    40. Simon Lee
    41. Pearl Kwan
    42. Jane Tan
    43. Agnes Low
    44. Steven Yuen
    45. Shirley Joanne Wee

    This is to inform all members that we have closed for registration.  The Food  Republic, a public food court place,  we have chosen is unable to accommodate more than 45 people.   Furthermore, we are not allowed to make much noise.  Thank you for your understanding

    Members on the waiting list:

    1. Bobby Bok
    2. Doris Smith
    3. Graham Smith

    PS::  Those who turn up without registering will not be allowed to join us.

    Those confirmed members who withdraw from the gathering; the members on the waiting list will be invited

    Thank you


    Kristy Quek & Doreen Chan

    SHC Sept Monthly Gathering, Fri 28 Sep 2018

    The Sept monthly gathering is confirmed: 

    1. Date: Fri 28 Sept 2018

    2. Time: 5pm to 8pm

    3. Place: The Food Republic at Shaw Hse Orchard Rd #B1 next to Isetan Supermart. It’s spacious & has a few secluded corners where we can chope for our big group. Many food stalls & nice food too.

    4. Agenda: Chit-chat over food & kopi.

    It’s a good opportunity to know the new members and also to catch up with some old friends.

    SHC new and old members are invited to join the monthly gathering. Please register your attendance.

    This is my first time as EO. Please give me your kind support. Kindly give me a chance and forgive any of my shortfalls.

    Look forward to your support. Thank you.

    Jan Teo


    1. Jan Teo
    2. Susan Tan
    3. Yoong Chin
    4. Catherine Soon
    5. Charles Wee
    6. Cheng WK
    7. Leon Lau
    8. Mary Chan
    9. John Lim
    10. Stella Sheng
    11. Doreen Chan
    12. Daniel Chan
    13. Alan Ang
    14. Winnie Tan
    15. Howard
    16. Kristy Quek
    17. Jeffrey Lim
    18. Joan Ang
    19. Gingko Tay
    20. Peter Thia
    21. Hew Lee


    SHC Fri 31 Aug 2018 Monthly gathering

    The Aug monthly gathering is confirmed for:

    1. Date: Fri 31 Aug 2018
    2. Time: 1700 – 2000 hrs
    3. Place: One Raffles Place @Food Junction at 5 Level. OneRafflesPlace is situated above Raffles Place MRT station and directly connected via Basement 1.

    This is a good opportunity to know many new members, and also to catch up with those who are busy on weekends with grandchildren, families and JB trips.

    Topic –
    The monthly gathering serves as a platform for SilverHairsClub members to meet. Strictly no discussions on race, religion, sex, politics, direct selling and MLM.

    This Sep gathering will focus on travel. If you wish to find fellow travellers, let’s all get together to do some planning.

    Table 1: JB is a popular getaway.
    Table 2: Cruise to somewhere.
    Table 3: Ho Chi Minh
    Table 4: For the Nov group Chiangmai. Participation closed.
    Table 5: Japan and Korea.

    All other activity EOs can form your own table to catch up during this evening.

    Terence Seah


    1. Frisna
    2. Bira
    3. Howard Yong
    4. Sally Tan
    5. Shawn Soh

    SHC July month gathering, Sun 29 July 2018 at NUH “Red Spot”

    We shall be having the July monthly gathering.

    Date; Sun 29 Jul 2018
    Venue: Red spot, a NUH Foodcourt, NUH medical centre. Susan Tan has confirmed this is a quiet food court on a Sunday, due to its location in NUH.
    MRT: Kent Ridge station, only one EXIT.
    Time: 1300 hr.

    EO. As I am travelling, I won’t be able to attend. But the show goes on. Susan Tan is the EO.

    Any member who likes to coordinate a small group discussion during the monthly gathering, plse contact me via whatsapp.

    Updates will be made on this Post.

    Terence Seah


    1.   Susan CH Tan
    2.   Kristy Quek
    3.   Ann Lim
    4.   Yoon Chin
    5.   Pauline Khoo
    6.   Charles Wee
    7.   Marge Tian
    8.   Lillian Teo
    9.   Peri
    10.   Thomas
    11.   Doreen Ho
    12.   Eileen Thean
    13.   Teresa Seow
    14.   Annie Seah
    15.   Winnie Tan (tentative)
    16.   Freda Lim (tentative)
    17.   Steven Chan
    18.   Veronne Tan
    19.   Anne Boey
    20.   Doreen Chan
    21.   Lina Tan
    22.   Angelia Tan &
    23.   Robert Steen
    24.   Pearl &
    25.   Simon
    26.   Ronald Lam
    27.   James Chan
    28.   Charlee Low
    29.   Laura Wee
    30.   Janis Han
    31.   Margaret Soo
    32.   Richard Wong
    33.   Bessie Lam
    34.   Cheng Whye Kee
    35.   June Chan
    36.   Veronica Wong
    37.   Fong Weng Chang
    38.   Gingko Tay
    39.   Steven Yuen
    40.   Veronique
    41.   Daisy Wee
    42.   Karen Phoo
    43.   Annie
    44.   Yumei
    45.   Douglas Chan
    46.   Ronald Lam
    47.   Hewlee
    48.   Foo Chee Tun
    49.   Richard Kee
    50.   Jessie Ow

    To the rest, dont be shy la,  you’re not No. 1 already, so, come come!!   (From Susan Tan)

    SHC Monthly gathering on Jun 2018

    Place : One Raffles Place @Food Junction at 5 Level
    Time : 1300 to 1500 hr
    Date : 9th Jun 2018
    MRT : Raffles Mrt or Clark Quay Mrt

    link :

    * Terence will be there !

    There will be few events for group discussion on the following topic :

    1. Makan Group
    2. SHC logo patches registration
    3. HDB flats on 99 year lease
    4. Whatsapp Careshield discussion
    5. Tour Group

    Hope to see members to register.

    Pls pardon me for my slow in process due to my commitment in full time courses until July and also my first time EO. Kindly be kind and give chance to forgive my short fall.

    1. Howard
    2. Stella
    3. Peter Ong
    4. Peter Ong wife
    5. Angie Ng
    6. charles wee
    7. Adeline TAN
    8. Daisy Phua
    9. Tony Ang
    10.Thomas Goh
    11.Gabriella Chua
    12.Hew Lee
    14.Steven Chan
    16.Cheng Whye Kee
    17.Ronald Tay
    18.Winnie Ng
    19.Caroline Gee
    20.Dolly Lim
    21.Sha Mo
    22.Alan Ang
    23.Suzie Lim
    24.Christine Teo
    25.Roland Wee
    26.K H Leong

    27. Bobby Bok

    28.Bee Gek

    29.Christina Pan

    30.Thomas Loh

    31.Gingko Tay

    32.Victor Chee

    33.Susan Sia

    34.Shawn soh

    35.Bernice Chung

    36.ChristinA Chan

    37.Yoon Chin

    38.Patricia Sin

    SHC May monthly gathering, date not confirmed

    We can have the May monthly gathering if a member raises his/her hand to be the EO. I won’t be available in May and June 2018.

    If you have not been an Event Organiser for the monthly gathering, plse give it a good, as all members are expected to organise at least one event for the club.

    One option is SilverHairsClub invites outside organisers to handle the monthly gathering. I would assume there will be an organising fee, if we are unable to organise the event ourselves. I hope members would make effort to be an EO, as the Club has expenses, and this is one way to keep the club going. We would therefore no need to hire external organisers.

    Look forward to your suport.

    Terence Seah

    SHC discussion on CPF life MediXXXX and health insurance, Sat 28 Apr 2018

    The SHC WhatsApp group on CPF Life, MediXXC and health insurance has 49 participants. The top topics are CPF payouts, MediXXX and Health insurance. Other topics are CPF Life payouts, retirement acct and related retirement costs.

    As these are important topics for many of us, and I would like to organise a live session for us to share information, ask Questions and hear what other members have to say about these topics.

    Plse note this is a member sharing activity.  You are advised to contact CPF directly for the information you require.

    The WhatsApp discussion is excellent, as it has allowed members to share with one and all. This will continue and you are invited to join. We shall taken in new participants until closing date 15 Apr 2018.

    The live discussion will be 3 hrs. One hour for speakers, one hour for Q&A and one hour for group discussions.

    The date and time is now fixed as follows:

    1. Date: Sat 28 Apr 2018.
    2. Time: 2.30 – 5.30pm
    3. Venue: 78 Shenton Way, Spore 079120.  Behind M Hotel.  Nearest MRT Tanjung Pagar.  31st floor.  Use of place, complementary from member Raymond Wong.
    4. A security pass will be required to enter the building.
    5. A projector is provided for speakers and USB presentation
    6. No food is provided. Only drinks.
    7. Cost: SGD 4.50. Payment to POSB Savings  542-10756-1, Treasurer Christina Chan.


    1. If you would like to speak on a topic, you have 15 mins. Please contact Terence Seah with topic briefs at WhatsApp +65 94894360.


    1. For those unable to attend this session, feel free to continue to join the Whatsapp discussion which is ongoing.

    This event is strictly for SHC members. Closing date for registration: 17 Apr 2018.

    Terence Seah


    1.  Raymond Wong
    2. James CL Tan
    3.  Terence Seah
    4.  Caroline Gee (pd)
    5.  Dolly Lim (pd)
    6.  Ronald Lam
    7.  Doreen Ong
    8.  Gingko
    9.  Lydia Chin
    10.  Steven Chan (pd)
    11. Stella Sheng (pd)
    12. Susan CH Tan
    13. Marge Tian

    SHC April Monthly gathering

    Hi everybody,

    We are at the thinking and planning stage for our April monthly gathering.  Some ideas include holding the event at West Singapore or North Singapore.  We could hold it on a weekday in the evening, to cater to working members.  This may mean the CBD.  We could add a talk or topic.  We may even be able to hold the event in your office or factory.

    But, important is to find a suitable location, near a MRT station. It is always good to have flexible F&B, rather than a fixed menu.  We should keep costs low.

    Most members can respond their participation, if we give 10 days notice.  Lets keep our options open.  I look forward to hear your ideas and suggestions.  Closing date for feedback: 1 Apr 2018.

    Terence Seah

    SHC Mar 2018 monthly gathering at Jayleen Hotel, Sat 17 Mar 2018

    1. I am sure most of you have enjoyed the Lunar New Year festivities, the food, the drinks, the time with family and friends and the sights and sound. Let’s welcome the year.

    This month’s monthly gathering has now been confirmed as follows:

    • Venue: Jayleen Hotel, 42 Carpenter Street, Nearest MRT Station: Raffles or Clarke Quay.
    • Date/time: Sat 17 Mar 2018, from 1400 hrs – 1800 hrs.
    • Mini buffet and free flow of tea/coffee.
    • Price: $15 per SHC member.  Deadline: 14 Mar 2018.
    • Price Non-member: $20 per pax.  As this is an EO event, strictly for SHC members only)
    • Price: After deadline: $25 per pax.

    Payment to POSB Savings  542-10756-1, Treasurer Christina Chan.

    Once payment made, please indicate date of transfer, the amount and the transaction reference in this forum for tracking purpose.

    Please register your coming.  and do bring along your name tag.

    Terence Seah

    Registration list:

    1. Terence Seah (EO)
    2. SS James (pd)
    3. Seng Kim (pd)
    4. Peri (pd)
    5. Ann (pd)
    6. Susan (pd)
    7. Stella Sheng (pd)
    8. Steven Chan (pd)
    9. Maria Tan (pd)
    10. MM Chen (pd)
    11. AS Ee (pd)
    12. MS Wong (pd)
    13. Linda Chan (pd)
    14. Wu SC (pd)
    15. Bessie Lam (pd)
    16. Dolly Lim (pd)
    17. GingkoT (pd)
    18. Michelle Sim (pd)
    19. Lydia Poh (pd)
    20. Melody Kim Tan (pd)
    21. Andrew Koh (pd)
    22. Charles Wee (pd)
    23. Mega (pd)
    24. Richard Yee (pd)
    25. Jenny Ho (pd)
    26. Christine Teo (pd)
    27. Ronald Lam (pd)
    28. Daisy Wee (pd)
    29. Yatsing (pd)
    30. Sue Chan (pd)
    31. Catherine Yeo (pd)
    32. Wong Hong Jeng (pd)
    33. Lydia Chin (pd)
    34. Peng Peng (pd)
    35. Anna Lee (pd) &
    36. Henry Ong (pd)
    37. Rene Tay (pd)
    38. Lina Tan (pd)
    39. Mr &  Mrs KS Loh (pd)
    40. Mr & Mrs KS Loh (pd)
    41. Peter Loo (pd)
    42. Jennifer Lim (pd)
    43. Loh Yew Kwong (pd)

    We shall close at 40 pax. Early bird Deadline:  14 Mar 2018.


    SHC monthly gathering, Sat 20 Jan 2018

    Jan 2018 opens with its monthly gathering on Sat 20 Jan 2018.

    Venue: Food Junction, #05-07, OneRafflesPlace
    Date : Sat 20 Jan 2018, 1400 – 1700 hrs.
    Raffles Place MRT station.

    Strictly for SHC members only.

    Terence Seah

    Registration List:

    1. Terence Seah
    2. Ann Boey
    3. Barbara Ong
    4. Wendy Lum
    5. Alice Liang
    6. Shamin Moledina
    7. Stella Sheng
    8. Susan Tan
    9. Lillian Koh
    10. Caroline Gee
    11. Dolly Lim
    12. Eve Choy
    13. Andrew Koh
    14. Ronald Lam
    15. Richard Wong
    16. Catherine Yeo
    17. Bobby Bok
    18. Cheng WK
    19. Thomas Goh
    20. Doug Chan
    21. Kenneth Tan
    22. John Howe
    23. Alan Choo
    24. Yap Sew King
    25. Agnes Tan
    26. Ong Chew Teck
    27. Susan Tan LC
    28. James Tan CL
    29. Dora Lim
    30. Chan Keng Ngee
    31. Gingko Tay
    32. Agnes Low
    33. Marie Lim
    34. Shirley Lai
    35. Richard Kee
    36. Daisy Wee
    37. Mega
    38. Jeffrey Gan
    39. Pauline Tan
    40. Edward Lim &
    41. Connie Tan
    42. Shirley Lai
    43. Jane Tan
    44. Lydia Chin
    45. Doreen Ho
    46. Melissa Khng
    47. Lina Tan
    48. Ann Lim
    49. Peggy Seet
    50. Sheila Lim
    51. David Chan SY
    52. Daisy Yeo
    53. Peter Lim &
    54. Jennifer
    55. Yatsing
    56. Eileen Chua
    57. Bruce Lee Weng Cheong
    58. Peter Goh
    59. Maria Tan
    60. Lim Joo Tian
    61. Lai Fong
    62. Doreen Chan

    First SilverHairsClub gathering, Chiangmai Sun 25 Mar 2018

    Trip is over> here’s a 10 min video.

    As part of plans to build a SilverHairsClub communiy in Chiangmail, we shall have the first SHC gathering in Chiangmai on 28 Mar 2018. A venue will be identified towards the end of Jan 2018. Venue will be in Chiangmai city. we will invite fellow Singaporeans who are already living in Chiangmai.

    Currently Scoot flies direct Sin/CNX/Sin on certain days of the week. March is the low peak season, is also attractive because of low hotel rates and low airticket prices.

    For those interested, please make your own airticket and hotel arrangements. You may come to CM any date or time, but the SHC Chiangmai gathering is firmed for Sun 25 Mar 2018.

    There is also a SHC Retirement community Chiangmai evaluation trip from 23 – 29 Mar 2018. This group will also meet up for this SHC gathering on 25 Mar 2018. For members considering long term stay in Chiangmai, you can participate in this trip. Whatsapp Terence +65 9489 4360.

    We have identified a Thai song Sabai Sabai which is a catchy and popular song. This song is reflective of the SHC Chiangmai community that we will build in Chiangmai. I hope you will learn this song, to better understand the community, the culture and the language.

    Keep in touch with updates here. Please register your interest to come hee.

    Terence Seah


    Dear all ,


    helping first time EO Doreen Cady to post. Hope to see lots of you old timers n new members in this Special Monthly Gathering. Its special because
    1. the place is new
    2. Doreen Cady is a fantastic event organiser
    3. There will be new way of introducing members and…

    I will be there to make u laugh!

    Yes, we will have fun n games. Register quickly before all 60 seats are snapped up!

    DATE:28 Sep 2017 (Thu)
    TIME: 1800~2100

    VENUE: Big Street restaurant n bar.
    Corner of jalan Kelantan/jalan Besar
    (Exit B Rochor Mrt DT13. Bus 23 64 65 66 67 130 139 147 857)

    FEE: $28, paid by 24 Sep for buffet dinner n entertainment by EOs.
    Early bird: $25, payable before 18
    22 Sep 2017 12noon.


    Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1.  Kindly indicate your payment details — date, time and amount.


    6-630 registration n introduction

    630-730 dinner

    730-800 games

    800-830 humor n seow2  time

    830-900 fun n chatting continues. Maybe sing-a-long

    Register here….

    1. Doreen Cady (EO)  — Pd
    2. Robert Cady — Pd
    3. Frisna Tan (co-EO)  — Pd
    4. Winnie Tan (Registration)  —  Pd
    5. Christina Chan (Treasurer)  —  Pd
    6. Charles Wee  — Pd
    7. Maria Tan  —  Pd
    8. Christine Neo  —  Pd
    9. Gabriella Chua — Pd
    10. Amy Yu  —  Pd
    11. Terence Seah  — Pd
    12. Joan Ang  —  Pd
    13. Laura Wee  — Pd
    14. Ng How  —  Pd
    15. David Low  —  Pd
    16. Richard Lean  — Pd
    17. Steven Chan  —  Pd
    18. Helen Cheong  —  Pd
    19. Janie Leong  —  Pd
    20. Robbin Lim  —  Pd
    21. Barbara Ong  —  Pd
    22. Susan CH Tan — Pd
    23. Marge Tian  —  Pd
    24. Krystal Lam  —  Pd
    25. Lydia Poh  —  Pd
    26. Doreen Chan  —  Pd
    27. Nina Choo  —  Pd
    28. Tony Ang  —  Pd
    29. Jimmy Ibrahim  — Pd
    30. Stella Sheng – pd
    31. Ray Quan – pd
    32. Yatsing  — Pd
    33. Ronald Lam  — Pd
    34. Jean Kiang  — Pd
    35. Rosalind Howe  — Pd
    36. Bobby Bok  —  Pd
    37. Pat Oei  — Pd
    38. Linda Chua  — Pd
    39. Marie Chong — Pd



    Shc Monthly Meeting
    2 August 2017

    I would like to thank everyone who takes their precious time to attend this August monthly get together. Turnout was unexpectedly high and we also get to have very good constructive feedbacks from our very own members.
    Thanks again and also to those unable, due to unforseen circumstance. I look forward to the next monthly meeting to attend and support the next EO .
    All the best and stay healthy.
    Stella sheng


    July is a terrible month. 33 deg C or higher is common. The rising temperature warms the body, agitates the mind and torments intolerance. Thank goodness there are only a few days left.

    Come August and the autumn breeze starts blowing. Similarly, as we approach our autumn years, we shall be more benevolent. Let us relax and unwind. Let us come together simply for a cup of coffee and chat.

    Date – 2 August 2017, Wednesday

    Time – 6 pm to 8.30pm

    Venue: Asia Square 2 Food Garden
    Downtown line D 17 ( Blue Line )
    Food and Beverage:  All types

    Agenda: Chit-chat over a cuppa on all topics except the SHC taboos viz: politics, religion, direct selling and mlm

    I welcome all who come for the sake of seeking fun, generating goodwill and creating laughter. Be happy, be merry and be contended.

    My heartfelt thanks to members who had attended the May gathering. You are wonderful people. I hope to see all of you again – and more – on Wednesday.

    Those attending are :
    1. Raymond Wong
    2. Christine Teo
    3. Jenny lim
    4. Pat oei
    5. Stella sheng
    6. Lillian chua
    7. Peggy Ho
    8. Richard lim
    9. Christine Neo
    10. Amy Yu
    11. Margaret Koh
    12. Su chan – busy in work
    13. Daniel Chan
    14. Doreen Chan – in malaysia last min
    15. Agnes Low
    16. Michele Sim
    17. Lydia Chin
    18. Victor Chee
    19. Steven Yuen
    20. Alan Ang
    21. Olivia jiang
    22. Mary tew
    23. Edward Lim
    24. Connie Tan
    25. Chan Keng Ngee
    26. Ronnie Chow
    27. Randy Toh
    28. Bruce Lee
    29. Jazz Soh
    30. Steven chan
    31. Steven yuen
    32. Patrick Chan
    33. Ong lee tong
    34. Jeffrey Gan – To be confirm
    35. Tony Ang
    36. Charles wee
    37. Daisy wee
    38. Jimmy Tsin – To be confirm.
    39. Christina Pan
    40. Phua cher meng
    41. Lilian Quek
    42. Lee konh lin
    43.lena Tan
    44. Ray Quan
    45. Babara
    46. Abel Tan

    . Any more …….. Plse register here.

    Stella Sheng (EO), Raymond Wong (Asst EO)

    Thank you to all members for attending this June Monthly Gathering, 9 Jun 2017 evening


    Appreciate your comments

    Old members to bond their friendship with members of their good old times

    New members to mix and know more old members

    Time flies!  left 7 days!  Please register early!

    This location was picked after our recent coffee chat gathering.  It is a quiet good place.   An appropriate place to welcome all our SHC members meet and greet chit chat time

    Date 9 June 2017

    Time   5pm – 8.30pm

    Venue   Fragrant Hot Pot, 313@Somerset, Food Republic Level 5 Singapore

    Fr Somerset MRT-c right-walk straight-bread talk-Samsung-Turn Right-see Candy Empire-take lift on your right to level 5 or take escalator up to level 5 Food Republic

    Above pictures will lead you to food court and meeting place

    5.00pm  Enjoy your early dinner at 313 Somerset

    6.00pm  Leon will share 45mins on healthy immune system in the science of ageing

    Topic covers:

    1.  What is Ageing?
    2.  Am I Ageing Too Fast?
    3. What Can I do to Slow Down Signs of Ageing?

    ***Take care of your body and it will take care of you**

    Please take note that promotion of all health/supplementary products is strictly not permitted in this club.  Members doing so may have their membership terminated immediately

    6.45 – 8.30pm  Members’ discussion

    Our happy times for the evening.  Looking forward to your presence

    Please register early.  Strictly organise for SHC members.


    1.   Doreen Chan
    2.   Yoon Chin
    3.   Lydia Chin
    4.   Sally Tan
    5.   Jeffrey Gan
    6.   Caroline Gee
    7.   Martin Han
    8.   Michelle Sim
    9.   Leon Lau
    10.   Helen Cheong
    11.   Joan Ang
    12.   Jenny Liauw
    13.   Tony Ang
    14.   Richard Lean
    15.   June Chin
    16.   Peggy Ho
    17.   Doris Tan & Graham Smith
    18.   Dolly Lim
    19.  Janie Leong
    20.  Maria Tan
    21.  Sue Chan
    22.  Kristy Quek & maid
    23.  Stella Sheng
    24.  Moly Quek
    25.  Lynn Tai
    26.  Agnes Low
    27.  Grace Kang
    28.  Joan Wong
    29.  Daisy Wee
    30.  Steven Chan
    31.  Amy Ko





    Party On Board ss Aegean Paradise On 16th June 2017

    I had racqi the Cruise ship last Friday and decided to co-ordinate the Gathering. A programme is drawn for your consideration. You can participate in 2D1N or One full day event.

    The Pragramme: ( S$ 25.00 NCD)
    1 Day event: Starts at 8.00 am or 10 am Ferry from Taman Merah Ferry Point. Catch the 6.45 pm Or 8.30 pm (latest) Ferry from Aegean Paradise Of course there are earlier Ferry 5.00 pm/2.45 pm.
    Breakfast – 5.30 am to 9.30 am ( Want BF catch the 8.00 am Ferry)
    Lunch – 11.30 am to 2.30 pm
    Dinner – 5.30 pm to 9.00 pm
    Supper – 10.00 pm to 1.30 am(Next day)
    Day Show – 2.00 pm to 4.00pm

    2D1N event : In addition to above mentioned in a 1 D event , the following include
    Karaoke : 7.00 pm to 3.00 am at S10 per table with 1 free drinks
    Disco ( Fri Night) 11.00 pm to 3.00 am

    Passengers also can buy the following services
    1. Foot Reflexology & shoulder @ S$20 per One hour
    2. Indo Massage at S$ 25 per hour Or
    3. Thai Massage at S$ 50 per hour ( Men like this, Why?? Find out yourselves

    We arrange our meeting, Coffee Chats , or Excises in between when you are on board. Please Volunteer your valuable service to EO the coffee Chats, Excise, Karaoke sessions. The dancing floor is too small for mass dancing.

    Please register your interest to attend. No collection . Pay before you board the ferry on the day of event.


    SHC May monthly gathering, Fri 5 May 2017

    Our last few monthly gathering was organised by Daniel Chan. it was held at Hans Cafe at the basement of Chinatown point.

    We shall now try another location, away from the buzz of working people and shoppers. We make effort to keep to somewhere near the train station so that members working in various part of Singapore can get here conveniently after work. Food and drinks, we go for variety and choice. Seats plentiful, as this venue is crowded during working hours. So, here it is, details of our May monthly gathering. Strictly for SHC members.

    Date: Fri 5 May 2017
    Time: 1700 – 2030 hours
    Venue: Asia SquareTower 1 Food court, level 2,
    Marina View, Asia square, Singapore 018960
    Near train: Downtown DT 17

    If you have been there, please recommend an area to meet. If you have a special interest, do highlight here so that others know you are coming. You may introduce yourself here before coming, to make the gathering more fun.

    The monthly gathering aims to provide a platform for members to meet new and old SHCians. Please register your coming.

    Terence Seah

    Those coming:

    1. Caroline Gee
    2. Amy Yu
    3. Stella Sheng
    4. Maria Tan
    5. Bobby Bok
    6. Doreen Ong
    7. Hewlee
    8. Andrew Koh
    9. SS James
    10. Jazz Soh
    11. Doreen Chan
    12. Steven Chan
    13. Robert Ong
    14. Doris &
    15. Graham Smith
    16. Martin Han &
    17. Christine Neo
    18. Christine Teo
    19. Chan Keng Ngee
    20. Dolly Lim
    21. Rosalind Lee
    22. Gingko Tay
    23. Barbara Ong
    24. Edward Lim
    25. Daisy Wee
    26. Tony Ang
    27. Edward Lim
    28. Grace Kang

    Some pictures from the evening event:

    CNY Lo Hei Lunch

    SHC Happy 5, neither too many nor too few

    Thank you for the presence of Charles, Daisy, Dan, Bobby including myself

    making an effort to attend this Lo Hei Lunch today

    Good to know these faithful members have committed this Rooster year gathering fun

    We hope to see more members next year

    Thank you for sharing



    The Rooster is coming; let’s come up with suggestions on how to celebrate the occasion

    Traditionally, most of us would have now started to springclean our house.  Then, we start to think what we shall do for the family reunion dinner.  The next day, we would visit our parents, and we fight to figure out which relatives we like to visit.  We wait for invitations to visit colleaques and friends.  And, we anxiously wait for our children to come over with their children.  Not forgetting we enjoy exchanging oranges and give angpows.  We enjoy the goodies, the bak kwa and Green Spot drink.

    As the year passed, some of our children feel it is better to spend this holiday to escape the tradition and chore of visiting relatives.  The cruise ships are full with bookings throughout this season, and family members explore going down under to Australia, a short trip to Bintam or regional Asean.  For many of us, Chinese New Year may now be different from what it was before when we were 16, 30 and 45.

    At around this time, we think what event we can hold.  Usually, we land up with a sit-down round table lunch or dinner.  If the event meets our club’s objective, we can go for it.  I guess there are limitations at this time, and costs are likely to be high, and most people would have their plans.  But, we can still celebrate this Rooster year together.

    Think of a gambling table, some satay or prata or even chicken curry.  Think a little further than Singapore. Maybe a country club function room. Maybe someone’s house or apartment.  How about dancing on a Sat afternoon?

    If you have something in mind, share with us. Suggest a date, a place and cost.

    Closing date for suggestions: Mon 23 Jan 2017.

    Terence Seah

    A poolside SilverHairsClub gathering Sat 14 Jan 2017

    The Club had planned to hold a members only gathering at a condo poolside, sometime in Jan or Feb 2017. The date is now confirmed for Sat 14 Jan 2017, 12 noon to 1700 hrs.  We have booked the function room and the Karaoke room. The condo is conveniently located walking distance from DT3 Hillview train station. We are able to use the pool as one of our members Grace Ng lives there. Bring your sexy trunks and swimming costumes. Bathing facilities available around the pool. You can also suntan on the deck chairs around the pool.

    The activity aims to provide a platform for members to meet one another and get to know one another better.  Details on the program are being worked but you are invited to contribute an event, if the condo management allows it.

    A lunch buffet is being organised. Member Daisy Phua is assisting the organisation of the F&B.

    Full Event fee: $25.

    Early bird registration and payment before 31 Dec 2016 – $20

    Plse make payment to Chris Chan POSB Savings Acct 542-10756-1. Payment update will be handled by Christina Chan.

    If you think you can help with this activity, please raise your right hand. Thank you.

    Terence Seah

    Registration and pàyment list:

    1. Terence Seah – Pd.
    2. Grace Ng –  Pd. Registered for acrylic painting
    3. Stella Sheng  – Pd.
    4. Christine Teo – Pd.
    5. Adeline Yeo – Pd.  conducting a demo on acrylic painting
    6. Daisy Phua – Pd. food and beverage
    7. Steven Phua – Pd.
    8. Alan Ang – Pd.
    9. Ann Lim – Pd.
    10. Susan Tan CH – Pd.
    11. Jane Tan – Pd.
    12. Lily Ho – Pd.
    13. Lilian Teo – Pd.
    14. Doreen Ho – Pd.
    15. Moon Wong – Pd.
    16. Sam Goh (Ah Huat) – Pd.  Leading a laughter yoga session, 15-30 mins
    17. Jeffrey Gan – Pd.  providing us with music to soothe the afternoon.
    18. Mrs Irene Gan – Pd.
    19. Doreen Chan  –  Pd.
    20. Winnie Tan –  Pd.
    21. Joan Ang – Pd.
    22. Mega – Pd.
    23. SS James – Pd.
    24. Andrew Koh- Pd.
    25. Judy Lim – Pd.
    26. Bobby Yee – Pd.
    27. Clara Chay – Pd.
    28. Bessie Lam – Pd.
    29. Bess Neo – Pd.
    30. Irene Tan – Pd.
    31. Sarah – Pd $25.00 by ClaraC.  Will return $5.00
    32. Shireen Cheong – Pd.
    33. Nina Choo – Pd.
    34. Sally Tan SC – Pd.
    35. ChristinA Chan – Pd.
    36. Grace Kang – Pd.
    37. Audrey Tung – Pd.
    38. Eliza  Leong – Pd.

    Below are those who register on/or after 01Jan2017, paid $25.00  —

    1. Kristy Quek  – Pd.
    2. Kristy’s helper  –  Pd.
    3. Wendy Lum  –  Pd.
    4. Michelle Sim  –  Pd.
    5. Wong Hong Jeng – Pd.
    6. Bobby Bok  –  Pd $20.00, to top up (see comments)
    7. Martin Han  –  Pd.
    8. Shawn Soh –  Pd.
    1. Closing date and time for registration and payment:  Tue 10 Jan 2017 2100 hrs.

    SilverHairsClub July monthly gathering, Tue 26 Jul 2016

    announcement4     June2016 meeting  polaroid-110612

    The next SHC monthly gathering is now set to be held as follows. This is a good opportunity to meet new and old SilverHairs.  The old Hans Cafe at Upper pickering Street has been closed; and this is a good time to try the new Hans Cafe.

    • Date:  Tue 26 July 2016
    • Venue:  Hans Cafe, Chinatown Point, 33 New Bridge Road, #B2 – 34 & 36, Chinatown Point, Singapore 05941
    • Time:  1700 to 2100 hrs
    • F&B:  On your own account.
    • Menu
    • Menu local:

    Registration:  Please register your name here.  Bring along your name tag.

    Strictly no discussion on sex, race, religion, direct selling and MLM.

    Registration list:

    1. Terence Seah
    2. Laura Wee – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    3. Stella Sheng – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    4. Sue Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    5. Ronald Lam – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    6. Mary Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    7. Christina Chan – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    8. Ann Lim
    9. Frisna Tan
    10. Theresa Seow – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    11. Daisy Wee – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    12. Bernie Chung – 1 complimentary cloth SHC patch
    13. Shirley Tan *
    14. Teo Chin Hian *
    15. Steven Ang *
    16. Francis Rajaratnan M *
    17. Rose Chuang *
    18. June Ong *
    19. Jenny Liaw *
    20. Estee Oh *
    21. Jothi Dumont *
    22. Jacqueline Lim *
    23. Chris Leow *
    24. Sally Ang *
    25. SS James – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
    26. Andrew Koh – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
    27. Robert Ong – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
    28. Sam Goh (half Johorean) – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
    29. Hwa Bee Gek – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
    30. Lam HT – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
    31. Bobby Bok – One Complimentary cloth SHC patch
    32. Jimmy Tsin – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
    33. Susan Sia – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
    34. Peri Liew – One complimentary cloth SHC patch
    35. Thomas Loh
    36. Steven Yuen – One complimentary cloth SHC patch (last piece)
    37. Susan CH Tan
    38. Karen Thio and Helper)
    39. ……………………………..)
    40. Wendy Lum
    41. Tony Ang
    42. Nina Choo
    43. Alan Ang
    44. Malyne Suen
    45. Victoria Tan


    Registration Desk:

    Susan Sia

    Sam Goh


    1. SHC first logo patch

      SHC first logo patch