The double murder at Bedok should serve as a wake-up call for those who employ domestic helpers in their homes.                                                         They have to ask a few pertinent questions before they embark on such   an endeavor.                                                                                                              1) Do they absolutely need such a service.                                                              2) How much do they know about the helper who is a total stranger in  the household, in terms of her character, psychic, her background. Does she carry a lot of baggage which is a time bomb waiting to explode. It may need a slightest   provocation to set off the explosive scenario and murder.                                        3) Very often they underestimate the physical strength of the “intruder” who can inflict a lot of damages. There was one case of a woman employer who was banged against a wall and died instantly.                                                                   4) Beside the employers, can the maid agencies play a roll in mitigating the danger of providing an almost  unknown person into a home.                                   5) What can the MOM do to regulate such an employment.                                    Robert


SilverHairsClub – Westend Singapore

One suggestion that came out from recent brainstorming ideas on “Bringing SHC to the next level” is to have a regular gathering for members who live in West Singapore.  Reason given was many of our activities are centred around the city or in the East.

We had a couple of gatherings in the West; but this gatherings did not continue due to a lack of follow-up.  Some members would like to continue with Westend gatherings; and I thought we can give this suggestion a kick again.

Past few gatherings were held at JEM or Jurong East, where JE MRT is located.  Please recommend a venue.  It does not have to be at JE, but as long as it is located where a MRT is, I guess the suggested venue will work.

From experience, it is difficult to mix retirees and part-time working members with full time working members.  So, we may need to have two gatherings; one on a weekday for retirees and one on a weekend for working full time members.

Thank you for the members who have met and contributed to this suggestion.  Look forward to suggestions of venues and date/time.

Terence Seah


EC Event – Line Dance Class – Starting 15 Sep (Sun) 4 – 5.30 pm

Dear all

Hope to have some of you join me in the line dance class starting this Sunday :)))

Course : Line Dance (Upper elementary/12 lessons)
Period/Day/Time : 15 Sep 2013 to 8 Dec 2013/Sun/4pm to 5.30pm
Venue : Bukit  Batok CC (near West Mall/Bukit Batok MRT station)
Fees : $53.90 for Passion Card holder paying with Passion Card
$55.00 for Passion Card holder paying with cash or ATM card
$60.00 for non Passion Card holder

See you this Sunday!



For this month’s gathering we will revert to our familiar place in
the East. It has the convenience of transport and space.  It has two
foodcourts for food and beverages. We shall make use of the occasion for
meeting up with friends.

The gathering is formatted as follows:

Date & Time:   Friday 28 September
2012,  2.30 pm to 5.30 pm

Venue:   Changi City Point Mall Foodcourt 2nd level (
Changi South Ave 1 )

Transport:   The Expo MRT


Robert Ong


Janet   Loo

Freddie Liew

NOTE: Due to poor participation response, regretably
the event has to be


    For this gathering, we have chosen a condominium estate as a venue. As usual it has all the facilities befitting this style of living. That is, it has a full-size swimming pool, a out-door spa pool, tennis courts, rooms for table tennis, gymnasium, games.

  • The estate is the Melville Park Condominium. It is made available to us by a SHC member who is a resident/owner. She is Ms Janet Loo.
  • We will assemble and make use of the seats in two pavilions at the barbeque pit area next to block 24.
  • As there are no eateries in the vincinity, it is recommended that participants take their lunches before arrival.  The nearest place is at East Point Mall.     
  • Date & Time: Friday 24 Aug 2012,   2pm-6pm                                                              Venue:   Melville Park Condominium
  • Transport:   Simei MRT. Then take bus No. 9 and alight at the 3rd bus stop infront of the Metta Building. Please gain entry at a side gate and tell the guard your purpose of visit. For those using their vehicles, please enter the estate at Simei St 1.
  • Registration:  
  • Robert Ong
  • Christina  Pan
  • Janet Loo
  • Alice Seah
  • Jane Ho See Jah  
  • Conrad Lee
  • Ron Lai
  • Alice Lai 
  • Pearl Wong
  • Jacqueline Han
  • Lilian Teo
  • Nina Choo
  • Rosalind Soh
  • Ronald Lee
  • Dan Huang
  • Click here to view photos                                                                      

The Westerly wind beckons – July 27, 2012

Another opportunity for the Westerlies to meet again. This time round we hope to introduce more activities for you, Swimming as usual from 10:00am follows by lunch and bowling from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and karoeke from 4:00pm to 7:00pm.emoticon

We hope to order nonya foods for lunch, those in favour please indicate early as prior booking is required. We  have booked a room from 12:00-4:00pm, after lunch we can play games, and chit chats. I will share about a trip to Penang and will be getting Pat to share on his experiences as a senior Toastmaster member.

Kaoreke will be another exciting time for us as the room is free of charge and we only need to order a soft drink or beer at $5.50.emoticon

There is fun for anyone, we look forward to your participation.

Venue:   Singapore Polytechnic Graduate Guild, Dover Road, enter by gate 4, nearest MRT Dover Station

Parking is free!

Time: 10:00am Swimming/12:00pm Lunch/2:00pm Bowling/Karoeke 4:00pm.

EOs, Dan & Patemoticon

Those coming"

  1. Dan
  2. Pat
  3. Susan Tan
  4. Terry Tang (No lunch?)
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Tan Seok Wah
  7. Lim Tian Soo
  8. Gabriella Chua
  9. Charles Wee
  10. Ron Teo
  11. Tan Li Li
  12. Peng Peng
  13. Goh Ah Lam
  14. Gingko Tay
  15. Cat Yeo
  16. Richard Kee
  17. Jane Kee
  18. Primrose Kok
  19. Angela Kok
  20. Shawn Soh
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Feztus
  23. Jacqueline Han
  24. Evelyn Ong
  25. Johnny Pow (No lunch)
  26. Annie Pow (No lunch)
  27. Caroline Gee – tentative
  28. Simon
  29. Pearl
  30. Bobby Bok
  31. Lydia Soh


We shall meet again at our usual location at Changi City Point
Shopping Complex. The place has its charm and uniqueness. It boasts
of two big foodcouts, a high-end restaurant and an array of many
other eateries. It has many retail shops displaying apparels, shoes
and many others and showrooms.

The retail outlet owns its vibrancy mainly to its proximity to the
MRT station, landed property housing estates and the many international
logistics companies.  

As we all know that today Facebook is a major social networking site
which was started in 2004 by three Harvard University students. It soon
expanded.  When we meet monthly, we are actually also doing social
networking. We exchange information, views and form subgroups of those
with similar interests. For example, we have succeeded in forming dance
class.  It is ongoing.

Our impending gathering will be schduled as

Date and Time:  Friday 20 July 2012, 1.30 pm to 5.00

Venue:  Changi City Point complex foodcourt (2nd

Transport: Expo MRT


 1)   Robert Ong

 2)   Gabriella Chua

 3)   Alice Cheong

 4)   Conrad Lee

 5)   Aice Seah

 6)   Ronald  Lee

 7)   Marg Tian

 8)   Grace Wong

 9)   Soh Yew Tiong


It is time to meet again. For this gathering, we intend to introduce some changes of atmosphere.

We shall move from a shopping centre to a private club where we can do not just engaging in dialogues but participating in other activities what a club can offer. These include swimming, bowling, badminton, board-games, jackpot games and karaoke. These series of activities will generate a lot of fun and will keep us occupied for the whole day.

Date and time:  Friday 22 June 2012  11am to 6.30pm

Venue: Chinese Swimming Club at Amber Road

Transport:   MRT: Dakota MRT is the nearest station

                    Buses: 31,43,135,196,197


  Robert Ong (EO)    Daniel Chan (tentative)        Peri Liew            Daisy Yeo              Mega Abdullah

  Judy Lim                 Christina Pan (tentative)      Thomas Loh        Lee Peng Peng      Wendy Koh

  Lilian Teo                Gabriella Chua                       Paul Kong           Alice Seah              Maureen Lee

  Pearl Wong             Ronald Lee                             Pearl Goh           Lydia Soh(DR)       Rosalind Soh

  Rosalind Lee           Conrad Lee                             Nina Choo          Angie Chiaw           Roland Tong

  Freddie Liew          Catherine Koh                         Dennis Tan        Rosna                      Tan Li Li

  Ong Choo Im

  CLICK HERE to view photos                                                                                                                                            


The Westerly gale is blowing – June 29, 2012 (Friday)

It’s time for  us to meet again Westerner, this time round we shall have a burst of activities!!!emoticon

Venue: Singapore Polytechic Graduates’ Guild, 1010 Dover Road. Gate 4.

Nearest MRT: Dover. Pickup can be arrange from Dover or Clementi MRT

Time:  10:00am             SwimmingemoticonBadminton

           12:00pm             Lunch

Stir-Fried Sliced Pork with Black Bean Paste $9.00
Black Pepper Beef Steak $9.00
Sliced Beef with Bell Pepper in Hot Plate $9.00
Stir-Fried Chicken with Asparagus in Hot Bean Paste $9.00
Wok-Fried Ginseng Chicken in Clay Pot $9.00
Prawn Paste Chicken $9.00

           2:00pm               Karoeke or Bowling

Those keen on playing with the One Arm Bandit (Jackpot machine) also welcome.

Please indicate whether you are coming for one or all the activities.

EOs, Dan & Pat Oeiemoticon

Registration List:

  1. Dan Huang
  2. Pat Oei
  3. Johnny Pow
  4. Annie Pow
  5. Barbara Lim
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Tian Soo
  8. Terry Tang
  9. Peng Peng
  10. Charles Wee
  11. Mike Tay
  12. Catherine Yeo
  13. Primrose Kok
  14. Angela Kok
  15. Yoonchin
  16. Lena Wang
  17. Susan Tan
  18. Janie Leong
  19. Richard Kee
  20. Jane Kee


The march of time rambles on relentlessly and the passing of each month is forever manacing. It is time for our gathering. How do we treasure our time and engage in meaningful occupation.

 For some, as retirees, they may spend quality time by  helping to bring up the grandchildren. For others, they may embark on a  new endeavour such as learning a new skill on playing a musical instrument, attending a dance class to find entertainment. Our gathering is also another escapism from the drudgery of routine.  

Outdoor activities are part and parcel of our lives. It has been reported in the media that a study on myopia in children reveals that the ailment  is not due to inheritance but due to lack of exposure to sunlight. This finding has profound  relevance and far-reaching impact in the Singapore context.

The May gathering will be as follows:

Date and Time:  Friday 25 May 2012    2.30-4.30 PM

Venue:  Changi City Point Foodcourt (2nd level)

Transport:  EXPO MRT


1)   Robert Ong (EO)                                       9)  Rosalind Soh                         17)  Johnny Pow

2)   Sue Tan                                                    10)  Oi Cheng                               18)  Annie Tan 

3)   Conrad Lee                                               11) Molly Chua(withdrawn)       19)  Soh Yew Tiong

4)   Christina Pan (tentative)                         12) Jeanie Chan                          20)  Nina Choo

5)   Alice Seah                                                  13) Paul Kong                             21)  Charles Wee

6)   Vivien Ler (tentative)                                14) Peggy Kong                          22)  Lilian Teo

7)   Michael Tan                                                 15) Pearl Wong                         

8)   Rosalind Lee(withdrawn)                           16)  Daisy Yeo


It seems that not too long ago we had our last meeting at Changi City Point. We have found the place to be easily accessible by MRT and conducive for us to get together in a informal and relaxed manner.  It is an ideal place to exchange views and to make new friends.

DATE & TIME:  19 APRIL 2012 Thursday, 2.30pm to 4.30pm   

VENUE: Changi City Point Food Court 2nd level ( opposite EXPO MRT)

Note: Besides the MRT the last shuttle bus from Simei MRT to the venue is at about 1.30pm


1)  Robert Ong (EO)                               11) Christina Pan (tentative)       21) Andrew Koh (tentative)

2)  Pearl Wong                                        12) Thomas Loh (tentative)         22) Caroline Gee(tentative)

3)  Jimmy Tsin (tentative)                     13) Rosalind Soh

4)  Janet Loo                                           14) Rosalind Lee

5)  Angie Ng                                             15) Conrad Lee

6)  Mary Chan                                           16) Soh Yew Tiong

7)  Frisna Tan                                            17) Constance Wong

8)  Lydia Chin (tentative)                         18) Susan CH Tan

9)   Peri Liew                                             19) Ronald Koh

10) Alice Seah                                           20) Charles Chua  

CLICK here to view photos

SHC regular meeting in the East, for Retirees, 16 Mar, 2012 Fri

Hi members,

It is time again for us to get together and interact by exchanging our views, our knowledge, wisdom and our experiences.  For examples: 1) How do you play your role as a more senior member of the family. 2) How do you balance your time in regard to recreation, exercise and socialising, besides the time spent on sleeping and eating. 3)You may want to share a memorable and interesting episode with others.

We will hold the next meeting as follows:-

Venue:  Foodcourt at Changi City Point( 2nd level, above Gain City showroom)

Date:  16 March, 2012  Friday

Time:  2.00 pm to 4.00 pm

Transport:  Expo MRT


1)  Robert Ong (EO)

2)  Pearl Wong

3)  Wendy Koh

4)  Jimmy Tsin (tentative)

5)  Rosalind Soh

6)  Rosalind Lee

7)  Freddie Liew

8) Roland Tong

SHC regular meetings in the East, for retirees

I am a retiree, live in the East and have answered the call of Terence to lead the monthly gathering in the East for retirees. The meeings will be held on weekdays as most retirees have the time and to avoid the weekend crowd.

Our first meeting is laid out as follows:

Venue: The Banquet food court at East Point Shopping Centre (5th floor) 

Date: 17 Feb 2012 Friday

Time: 1.30pm to 3.30pm

Transport: MRT Simei,  Buses: 5, 9, 531, 38

Topic: Beforehand, each participant gives some thoughts to one or more topics for  interactions.

We will try this format and see how it progresses. Any suggestions will be considered.     

Attendance –

  1. Robert Ong (EO)
  2. Gabriella Chua
  3. Pearl Wong
  4. Frank Kaw   
  5. Alice Seah 
  6. Mary Chan  
  7. Ronald Koh
  8. Janet Loo 
  9. Francis R. Mangalam  
  10. Jimmy Tsin  
  11. Wendy Koh
  12. Stephanie Goh 
  13. Marilyn Tay
  14. Molly Chua
  15. Melina Yong
  16. Peri Liew         
  17. Freddie Liew 
  18. Gingko Tay
  19. Christina Pan 
  20. Mega Abdullah
  21. Constance Wong  
  22. Lydia Soh
  23. Clara Chay
  24. Rosalind Soh 
  25. Douglas Chan
  26. Charles Chua                               

As we are holding this gathering at a public place, we have to keep the group manageable. Therefore in this instance, we shall limit the number of participants to 24.

The  registration is hereby closed.  We shall meet on the 17th.

Robert Ong                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

A regular SHC meeting point in the West, for retirees

I have been exploring the possibility of having other SHC regular gatherings outside the central area in Singapore.  Last week, I spoke with Vincent Khoo, who lives in Jurong East.  In general, since he is retired, and would also like to gather and coordinate SHC members together on a regular basis.

In general, I have some agreement and understanding on having a monthly gathering there at Jurong East, for those members who live in the West.  Key points are:

  • Place – Jurong East
  • Venue likely a food court.  This is being explored by Vincent. Food court Kopitiam, 2nd floor, IMM
  • Time – 10 am – 12nn or 2pm to 4pm, a weekday
  • Frequency – likely once a month
  • Date:  Fri 10 Feb 2012
  • Residents – those who are retired and live in the best.
  • Transport – MRT, Jurong East.
  • Food – As you would buy from the food court.
  • fees – there are no charges.
  • Topic – Vincent will lead.  But, participants can suggest topics.

Soon, I will announce the start of these gatherings.  Note:  The usual monthly gatherings for all members will still continue; although this one will be in the West for retired SHCians.

For your info, thoughts and comments.  If anyone has suggestions, and would like to lead in the East and North, please share your thoughts here.  This is to be a regular happening.  We will take it from here.

If you are living in the West, and would like to be part of this grouping, please register here.

Terence Seah

  1. Vincent Khoo
  2. Inez Lim

  3. Peter Lim
  4. Primrose Kok
  5. Susan Tan
  6. Steven Chan
  7. Lim Tian Soo
  8. KC Lau
  9. Catherine Yeo
  10. Terence Seah
  11. Peng Peng
  12. Jane Tan
  13. Linda Chan
  14. Josie Yow
  15. Pearl Kwan
  16. Simon Lee
  17. Cheng Pun
  18. Richard Lean
  19. Tan Seok Wah
  20. Mega Abdullah
  21. Grace Wong
  22. Lilian Teo

Click Here to view Photos

The Westerlies wind is blowing – Jan 30, 2010 Update!

After visiting various eateries we have decided on Safra Jurong, recently buillt to the tune of $43m. It is located near Boon Lay MRT and Jrong Point just across from the bus interchange.

Dinner from 6.00m – 8.00pm at the Japanese food Street, a wide selections of cuisines from $3.50 – $8.90 and Safra members get to enjoy a further 5 % off.

Karoeke at KBox from 8.00pm – 12.00am. The rate is $25 ++ and includes two drinks.

Mahjong from 4.00pm-10.00pm at $10.70 per hour per table in a private room.

Those who have other interest may go for or dip or laze st the poolside.

Finally,if you are still undecided how about we catch a movies at Jurong Point?

Please indicate your area of interest early.

Dan & Joy

Those confirmed coming for dinner:

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Kim Leong
  4. Helen Wong
  5. Gwyneth Lee
  6. Kristin Leong
  7. Thomas Lau
  8. Veronique
  9. Richard Kee
  10. Annto
  11. Jennifer Lim
  12. Steven Chan
  13. Vivian Lai
  14. Helen Kuek
  15. Jane Kee
  16. Pauline Chew
  17. Feztus Lim
  18. Freda Lim
  19. Lena Ho
  20. Thomas Loh
  21. Yeshe
  22. Jane Ho

East Zoners’ Get-together – Latest Update

A heartfelt thank you to all who have indicated their interest in attending this first East Zoners’ Get-together.

Kindly note that additional information will be sent via email to the members in the list below this weekend.


Day/Date      :  Saturday 16th January 2010

Time              :  3 pm ~ 5 pm

Venue            :  SIDEWALK TAVERN, 924 East Coast Road 

Reserved Seats  :  26 



01.  Rosalind Lee

02.  Lee Ah Nee

03.  Rene Leong

04.  Andrew Koh

05.  Sam Soo

06.  Maggie Teo

07.  Alice Seah

08.  Frank Kaw

09.  Eileen Thean

10.  Pauline Ho

11.  Daisy Yeo

12.  GingKo

13.  Marilyn Tang

14.  Ronald Lam

15.  Angie Ng

16.  Belian

17.  Susan Zhang

18.  Bernie Chung

19.  Pauline Tan

20.  Norlinda

21.  Caroline Gee

22.  Terence Seah (THE Towkay :p)

23.  Steven Ng

24.  Tang Yat Sing

25.  Boon Liang

26.  Judy Lim

Add-ons (those okay with seating on laps :p)

01.  Alice Ou

02.  Phillip Ou

03.  Ping Hock

04.  Steven Chan

05.  David Anthony Samuel

06.  Caroline Loh

07.  Gabriella Chua


Click here for photos

Any SHCians from Northern Part of Singapore?

Dear members,

I would like to initiate this thread for those who are residing in the Northern region of Singapore, since members from both the Western & Eastern regions have created a separate thread for their respective group.   Special thanks to Ah Nee for calling ‘the Northerners’ out too… 

Members who are residing in Upper Thomson Road, Yio Chu Kang, Seletar, Sembawang, Yishun & Woodlands areas; you are welcomed to pen your thoughts or give any suggestions to hold a small gathering , to kick-start the beginning of a New Year 2010!

Wishing everyone Joy, Peace & Happiness as Another New Year rings in!emoticon


The Westerlies wind is blowing. January 30, 2010

The idea has been brought forth by Rosalind and Terence and some others. We had some territorial group formed before but it faded off into the horizon!

Before the Easterlies came up with some show, the Westerlies want to be the first to jump up the bandwagen. Those who are from the West may show your interest here. We would need to locate a place to meet or possibly a member’s home, whether for lunch or dinner? 

New members are encourage to come forward and we look forward to hear all your suggestions!

Dan & Joy

  1. Dan
  2. Joy
  3. Thomas lau
  4. Vivian Lai
  5. Steven Chan
  6. Lim Tian Soo
  7. Veronique
  8. Ann To
  9. Gwyneth
  10. Jennifer Lim
  11. Eyvonne Chew
  12. Boon Liang
  13. Sam Goh
  14. Kristin Leong
  15. Pauline chew
  16. Charles Wee
  17. Kim Leong
  18. Feztus Lim
  19. Tim Liu
  20. Freda Lim

‘Soo Kee’ Clan is back!

Since our last lunch together in November 2008, some of you are wondering if we will make a comeback. Well, here it is, our next gathering to meet and indulge in some Hainanese cuisines is here.

  • Date:   February 28, 2009 (Saturday)
  • Time:   12.00pm
  • Venue:   Chin Chin Hainanese Restaurant, 19 Purvis Street. (Five minutes walk from City Hall MRT)

The menu as follows:

  1. Hainanese Mutton Soup
  2. Curry Fish Head
  3. Hainanese Pork Chop or Roast Pork
  4. Hainanese Prawn Roll
  5. Egg plant with salted fish
  6. Fish Maw Mix Vegetable
  7. Fish Maw Stew
  8. Yee Buah (dessert)

Rice and Chinese Tea included at $15.00 nett!

Payment to Joy’s POSB Saving Account: 159-131645 by February 21, 2009. 

Non-Hainanese entry requirements: Must be able to speak a smattering of Hainanese dialect!


 LiangShun,Dan & Boon Liang, Alan

Those coming:

  1. Dan Huang          (Paid)
  2. Joy Chuang         (Paid)
  3. Caroline Gee       (Paid)
  4. Boon Liang          (Paid)
  5. Andrew Koh        (Paid)
  6. Mary Chan          (Paid)
  7. Veronique          (Paid)
  8. Patrick Chan       (Paid)       emoticon
  9. Gwyneth Lee      (Paid)
  10. Lim Geok Suan
  11. Annie Goh
  12. Alan Bok            (Paid)
  13. Ann Bok             (Paid)
  14. Charles Wee     (Paid)
  15. Wong Hong Jeng (Paid)
  16. Helen Wong
  17. Lina Ng               (Paid)
  18. Wee Chin             (Paid)emoticon
  19. Jonson Tan          (Paid)
  20. Ivan Lim               (Paid)
  21. Frank Kaw
  22. Helen Kuek
  23. Suzhang             (Paid)
  24. Gingko Tay          (Paid)
  25. Dennis Wee         (Paid)
  26. Anna Seet
  27. Ronald Lee          (Paid)
  28. Molly Chua          (Paid)
  29. Douglas Chan     (Paid)
  30. Douglas’s friend  (Paid)
  31. John Howe          (Paid)
  32. Nelly Soh
  33. Lee Patrick
  34. Ah Nee                (Paid)
  35. Karen Wong          (Paid)
  36. Pharis Saleem       (Paid)
  37. Chris Chiew           (Paid)
  38. Elizabeth Tan        (Paid)
  39. Agnes Seow          (Paid)
  40. Andrew Lim
  41. Agnes Lim
  42. Dolly Lim                (Paid)
  43. Oi Cheng               (Paid)

  44. CJ                          (Paid)

  45. Chin Boon

    Click here for photos