The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, a baffling mystery in our lifetime

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Latest radar investigation has shifted from the seas around South East Asia to the Andaman Sea and now the vast Indian Ocean.  No traces of debris from the jetliner. It’s more than a week, and satellites from the US and China are still combing their images. Ships, destroyers, helicopters, planes are all deployed and countries around the world have offered to help.

How can such a modern jetliner disappear from radar screens, without a trace of where it was heading to?  Let’s give ourselves sometime to discuss this occurrence, something that has happened so shockingly in our lifetime.

Terence Seah


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Hi! All SHCians!

Calling all former CHIJ- Our Lady of Good Counsel ex- students/ teachers etc to attention.

Would like to contact you guys for our school alluminae asap.  Was wondering how many of us are from there. We could come with some activities in future.

Please e-mail to    if you find reply to SHC website inconvenient.

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Catherine Ho

Looking for Montfort School classmates

I started my Primary One at Montfort School in 1962.  If you have been in this school for the six years of primary education and four years of Secondary, come join in.  I remembered some of us still have unfinished fights behind the wall, and the good old days when we go down Ponggol Road to catch "Bua Ki crabs".

For those who do not know, in those days, Montfort School is a boys school, all the way to Secondary Four.  Then, that’s when we get a shock to find girls during the next two years of Pre-U.  And, that’s when the results start to drop.

Terence Seah