Tentatively 15 or 16 Nov – Ideas on “How we can move and mix around at a buffet restaurant?”

How can members mix around at a buffet restaurant?

It’s always a battle.  When we gather together, we all love to plong ourselves on a chair. Then, we don’t move for the next 2-3 hours.  And then members complain we should move around because we are not mixing around.  Then, we have introductions, games, and members feel they have no time to network.

I like an “All standing gathering” with a drink on the left hand and some snacks on serving tables. We keep our right hand for shaking hands. But then, we complain the legs are just not that strong. “Why no chairs?”

At Hans restaurant, some tables are long, and we don’t know who to talk with, on the right or on the left.  Some tables are small, and we squeeze and again, we don’t move.

dining in a buffet restaurant

What about a buffet restaurant?  If we go for a buffet lunch or dinner, and we sit down in tables of four, how are we going to mix and network.  At the end of the gathering, we go home knowing 3 persons, and not knowing the others.  What can we do?

SilverHairs love to make friends.  Don’t have to go into the why’s. How do we mix and network at monthly gatherings and still get to know a good number of other members?

There is always a spread of food on the serving table.  Nowadays, the restaurants serve ah la cart buffet or order as you like.  And, each of us get our own plates, bowl and fork and spoon.  Can we move ourselves, say every 30 mins?  The EO can “ting a glass” and time to move.  Those who don’t want to move can sit still; others can move.  We do it 3 times, and in 2 hours, we get to meet a new set of friends.

What do you think?  Do you have ideas?

Terence Seah


6 thoughts on “Tentatively 15 or 16 Nov – Ideas on “How we can move and mix around at a buffet restaurant?”

  1. Hi Terence

    Your Post is sooo adorable!

    Made me giggled with these ‘Then, we don’t move for the next 2-3 hours.’, “Why no chairs?”, kekekee, “and we squeeze and again, we don’t move.”……….

    It’s good to do the ‘ting a glass’/switchoroo to move members around. Everyone must move; otherwise it’s not fun.

    Don’t like the idea of buffet cos participants may be too busy at the food counter or try to avoid being switched, kakakaa and the switching/changing seats will be challenging.

    • How we eat and what we do at the dining table tells a lot about us.

      I remembered when i was 21, i used to observe a girl eat with a pair of fork and knife. She would press her index fingers on the fork and knife, and delicately bring the food to her mouth. I was just impressed at how well she was brought up. Until today, I still remember her actions.

      As I grew up, I learnt how important it was to have good tables manners. I told myself one should have some finese, so that others will not look down on us, and that we were educated well. It was until one day when I was eating in a restaurant with a colleaque. He was eating a crab, a whole crab; and he was using a pair of fork and knife. I observed him and it took him about half an hour to finish the crab. It wasn’t a clean job; but his hands were clean. I dont know what when through my mind.

      My son is 13 and one day he was having a nice bowl of soup, at a table in the company of family friends. He scooped the soup until it was almost empty. And finally, he lifted the bowl and poured the balance of the soup onto a soup spoon. He then drank from the spoon. I didnt scold him, I thought he was being natural. But I was shocked.

      It’s nice to observe one another eat, even among SilverHairs. We get to know the other person better. Sometimes, ladies get all excited when they see men pull and tear a huge chunky turkey leg; looks very manly. And men can get pretty obsessed at how ladies lift the wine glass, take a sip, do a cheers and put back the glass on the table. Some of these little actions can turn many of us on.

      Of course, many of us dont care. We have already seen many years. Niceties are for the younger prople.

      It’s nice we have some monthly gatherings in tables of four or two.

      And, how can we move around?

      Terence Seah

  2. Terence has brought up this delicate matter of how do we behave when we are
    together interacting while at the same time we are dining.
    To achieve the social grace, certain etiquette must be observed.
    Certain behaviours are against the norms. Asking embarrassing questions are
    a taboo. For instance, do not ask a question on a person’s age, what car he drives, what type of house he owns.
    The mannerism of how a person consumes his food with grace and practicality is paramount.
    How do you eat a whole crab and chunks of fried chickens? Do you use knife and fork? Not practical. It has to be tackled with fingers but with grace.
    .In a gathering, how do we overcome the initial barrier of getting accepted by
    others especially when we meet strangers.
    I think the EC or EC plays a crucial part in being a host or a master of ceremony.
    He provides the “lubricant” to smoothen the process of interaction thereby making the occasion more congenial. The success of the event is very much pivotal on the organiser. He has to be constantly on the move.

  3. Looks like a buffet sit-down dinner is workable for SHC social networking. Let’s find a place on a Sat or Sun, sometime mid Nov. I think I will be back in Singapore mid Nov, after the Yangon trip with other SHC members. Can be a high Tea, late lunch or evening dinner. Must be a restaurant. SilverHairsClub events are great events for SilverHairs to meet new and more friends.

    Please recommend a place. Tentative date, Sat 16 or Sun 17 Nov. Please keep these dates free.
    And anybody likes to help me? Dont be shy.

    Terence Seah

  4. Dear Terence

    16 and 17 Nov I will be attending a friend’s wedding at Montigo Resort, Batam so the dates are out for me. Thought I’d better tell you early.


  5. I have not got anyone to book the place yet, but please keep Mon 18 Nov dinner as the date. The place is like at Nez shopping centre, and we will have a buffet there.

    Am thinking of trying Seoul Restaurant, it has a buffet and we shall try to see if the concept of SHC social networking works.

    Does anyone has one of those discount cards for the Seoul restaurant?

    If you can come, please register here.

    Terence Seah

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