Organising Events/Activities for Members

It would be so nice to have long time members organise events and activities for new and fellow longtime members. Hopefully, this will spur new members to do their part.

Some suggestions here

How about some baking or cooking lessons.
Or maybe a weekend trip to some seaside resorts for some spa and “laypak” (nuah/”rot”) time. Heard that there are some good accommodation/spa treatments at some resorts in Batam at quite reasonable prices – anyone wants to initiate?
Would someone like to ki chiew to organise a mini sports day? I miss those school days throwing quoits, sack race, three legged race, etc.
Or a funfair?

Throw in your suggestions and hopefully someone will pick out something from the list to organise.


11 thoughts on “Organising Events/Activities for Members

  1. Hi Carly

    Use your post to ask Terence/the commitiee a question, thanks

    Nowadays, when I surf the Esplanade site, I found it has various events including art, drama, dancing, musical etc, through out the year round. Some of them are charge and some of them are free.

    I am interesting on those free dancing/musical events. I will make up a list for these events of 2 weeks period very week. For example, now I have a list in my hand showing the free dancing/muscial event from now to 1st of Dec 2013 and I will attend these events whenever I am interest and free.

    If I want to post my list on this site (every week) in case some SHC members who have the same interest like me (on dancing/musical and don’t need to buy tickets), I don’t know if they will be counted as Advertisements. The arguements is that, they are Esplanade events, but are free.

    Please Terence/the committee enlighten me. Thanks

    • Hi Andrew,

      If you are an EO or EC, we are reasonably relaxed on the mention of the place. If there is no indication of your being an EO or EC, you can be pretty sure the Post or comment will be treated as an advertisement.

      And, if in doubt, write to admin or the committee.

      Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence

    That means I cannot post my list on the site, as my list will include all the free dancing/musical event for the two week period. I will not attend them all. Even I attend, I will not be an EO or EC (I have my reason for not being an EO/EC, but not nice to state here)

    So I can only circulate my list to some SHC friends by other methods.but not to all the SHC members with a post. To those SHC members who are interesting of free dancing/muscial events, I can just say sorry here.

    Thanks for enlighten me.

  3. Hi Caroline,

    This idea has been floating in my mind for a long time but since you’ve invited us for ideas I am pleased to share this with you. I think we can have some fun at a local day tour to raw/dry food warehouses, factories, veg farms. I am game to anything and have been to these kind of tours which I used to organise in my estate many years ago – it’s quite fun actually – you can find some simple and good chee cheong fun, bazhang, bao, and buy them for a hearty Sunday breakfast. There are also frozen seafood and curry paste suppliers in the industrial factories – beer factory, yakult factory, coffee factory too, selling to us at a cheaper cost than outside. Or visit the shiitake mushroom farm or fresh fish farm – no need to travel further to see all these places when you have them at your doorstep. Wow, there’s a jade and gem factory nowadays – didnt have that before – no need to go so far to Yangon to buy them anymore. Some guided farm tours are chargeable and this is an additional payment but it’s not that high – just a few dollars only. But we cannot be going to all of these places – tour company can bring us to 3 or 4 stops only due to limitation of time.

    We adjourn for lunch at a nearby food court centre and since most of SHC members are either in the East of West, we’ll probably go North to try out the foodies there.

    I think overall the cost is about $10 per head if we hit the maximum.

    But we need a full busload of 43 persons to enjoy the economy of scale cos they charge us a lumpsum. We can choose a Saturday and such tours start from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

    This is a random survey only and let’s see how the response is first before I start to organise something.

    Game anyone?

    • Yes, we do have Tony Ang who is Johorean. I am sure encouragement from members helps. Johore is a practical playground and enjoyment venue.

      Dont have to wait for 40 pax. Go for it.

      Terence Seah

  4. Hi Carly

    Like Susan, I also have a few fun events (depends on how we want to enjoy ourselves) that I have in mind. I’m thinking of some small group tours to the north – Kranji countryside farm visit. We can learn about nature, watch migratory birds making a stop at the wetlands (if we are lucky enough), visit the goat farm, the organic farms, the fish farms (ornamental fishes), etc.

    We can learn about edible plants, join educational farm tours, etc or even have a 2D1N farmstay up north. Come 2014, I will be an EO for one of the above!


  5. Dear Susan & May,
    Thank you for your prompt response and actions. Really appreciate that you have started the ball rolling.
    My apologies for the delayed response as I have been under the weather and even had to stay one night in the hospital. But I am much better now. Its so heart warming to see the many activities being organised. I would try to attend as many as possible, health and time permits.

    Thank you Jeff for organising the parties for members to work their itchy feet. Btw, Jeff’s parties are always fun and value for money so go for it.


  6. Dear May

    Thank you May. Almost there! But now the hacking cough is driving me crazy.

    So good to hear you will be EO for an event. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

    Meantime, enjoy what you are doing and have a great one at your countdown party!


  7. Hi Carly,
    Happy you are on your feet again. Accidentally, After my holiday with Irene and 2 of my dance students, I log into your blog and I was telling Irene, SHC do need people like you so more EO and EC will dare and willing to organise events. Keep it up and all the best. Jeffrey/Irene.

  8. Hi Jeff
    Thank you for your compliments. We, being Committee Members try our best to do whatever possible for members to try and organise an event at least once in their life membership. As for you, you always have something going on and this keeps members busy and happy! Keep them coming!

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