Trip to Singapore


I will be in Singapore from 31 Oct to 5 Nov and I am looking for accommodation for 4 persons – 2 rooms in a HDB flat.  Prefer Hougang or nearby areas.  

Also looking for car rental – 5 days from 31 Oct to 4 Nov.  Please email

Looking forward to meeting SHCians at Shirley’s Sausage outlet.  Available on one of these days – 1 Nov Thurs or 2 Nov Fri or 4 Nov Sun – early morning or late evening.    My interests include fishing, water-wise gardening, cooking, flower arrangement, charity events, small business, real estate and retirement planning.  


Mary Lee (from Perth)


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  1. hi Mary Lee…
    wud love to meet u while u r here..maybe we’ll hv a small get-together with some SHCians to hv dinner or something?i dont know u..wish i knew u earlier when i visited Perth last year!I hv a cousin & niece staying in Marabooka? this correct spelling?i dont mind visiting Perth again cos its a lovely place..Fisherman’s wharf,Fremantle,sand dunes,waverock…maybe u can tell me more interesting places to visit next time perhaps :)

  2. Hi Mary

    Would love to meet up with you while you are here.

    I can only meet late in the evening cos I am still working. Sunday morning is fine for me too. Will see the response and then you decide and keep us posted.

    See you soon and take care.

    Warmest Regards

  3. Hi Norlinda, hi Caroline,

    I am looking forward to meet you both and Shirley too. Will keep you posted.

    Norlinda, great to hear you have relatives in Mirrabooka which is north of Perth. It is lovely here, spring now and birds are singing non-stop throughout the night. Next time you come to Perth, we go explore the outback.

    You take care too.


  4. Hi Mary

    Nice to know you are coming to Spore. Yeap, I would love to meet up with you together with Nor & Caroline, as both are my buddies too. Please let me know too when you are here and we can arrange to go out with you. I have not been to Perth and would like to know more about it. Perhaps you could share some of your fishing experiences with me. I am looking forward to meeting you…. See yah !

  5. Hi Suzhang,

    I would love to meet you too and I will get some dried apricots, figs and nougats for you. Maybe we go catch crabs and clams at Pulau Ubin…I know the spot. Then we cook our catch and eat them.

    Ta ta!

  6. wah!…not bad idea lah Mary,cook our very own seafood!..sedap.hhmm..yummy, can ask Caroline to masak cos she’s a great cook..
    lagi sedap than the fish & chips at Perth’s Fishermans’s wharft..hahaha!
    btw..u rely noe the spot?..maybe now its gone after they korek2 to do the boardwalk??

  7. Hi Nor,
    Just put the crabs in a pan and add 1/2 glass of water, cover and boil for 15 mins…boleh makan! Masak clams dengan garlic dan chilli padi for 10 mins. Makan with hot steaming rice, boleh?

    As long as there are rocks below the boardwalk, you can still get the clams and the crabs which love sting-ray heads or raw chicken wings.


  8. wow!…look like we will hv a fishing trip to Ubin!..Susan is expert…she always go Kelong…but hor…she dont know how to do the bait..only know to jaga the catch & eat only!..rite Susan? ( Suzhang is her glamor name lah!)
    btw…Mary, our fren Ah Nee very shy to seek an invitation to meet u…can we piggy bag her along with us pls. :)

  9. Susan

    Can you also include me when you meet Mary? I also very interest in Perth. But I only can join your meeting if it is on 31 Oct or 1 and 5 Nov. 2-4 Nov I’ll not be in Singapore


    Welcome to Singapore, hope can meet you when you are here

  10. helo dear Andrew..u very ‘cute’..why ask Susan when u r in Mary’s blog now….u shud ask yrself lah…dont be shy like our fren…& we
    hv to follow Mary’s date, cos i think her schedule rather tight..betul Mary?

  11. Hi Nor,
    I love to meet people who can eat so we can share heaps of food. Do bring Ah Nee along , shy people are usually very cute and gentle.

    Hi Andrew,
    1 Nov or 5 Nov is fine with me. Looking forward to meet you.


  12. Ah Nee…u better be cute & gentle ah!if not very susah!..hehehe!
    Andrew…see..Mary is very obliging & frenly :)

    wah!..heaps of food..sure no problem for us!
    gotta go to my meeting at 7.30pm with u tom…this my ofis com,ssshh!…at home i very malas to logon lah!…very TV addict!

  13. Hi Mary Perth,

    Looking forward to meet you. Me hor, must thanks Norlinda for introducing the shy shy me to you. Don’t worry, I am very cute cute and gentle wan. We also got one thing in common, I also like flower arrangement. What kind of food you like huh?

    Ah Nee :)

  14. Hi Mary

    Many thanks for your kindness and apprec your thoughtfulness. I wud love to go fishing o crabbing with you if you really hv the time for us. Think with Nor, Caroline & Ah Nee, we will be so occupied eating & chatting, we will hv no time lah….he..he..

    Nor, don’t make me malu lah… You know I know can oredi..ha..ha..

    Andly, you interested in Perth only not in meeting Mary ah ?…ha..ha..joking only.
    Ok lah, will include you if you don’t mind to be the only guy lor. So when we yak non-stop, you hv to bear with us har.


  15. Hi Ah Nee,

    I love to arrange fresh and silk flowers for my own house, for weddings, anniversaries, Easter, Christmas and my own house. What about you?

    In Spore, I love the hainanese curry rice after a midnight movie and I adore the yummy hawker food like mee-siam, dried noodles with chicken feet with mushroom, etc.

    In Perth, HK tim-sum, roast pork, roast duck are yummy! I cook lamb, beef or chicken curry – using herbs from my garden. I love seafood too especially steam fish and crabs.

    and what food do you like?


  16. Hi Susan,

    If it is ok with you, Nor, Caroline, Ah Nee, Andrew, I will be bringing my husband, Stephen, my brother Jo, also from Perth. No worries, we are happy-go-lucky-and-simple kampong teowchew folks.

    We are also looking forward to catch up with our good old buddy, Terence during this trip.


  17. Hi Mary,

    Like to meet up too. Let us know when.

    I am interested in water-wise gardening. What do you do here.

    Is it just buckets collecting rain water. Or a roof gutter rain collection cum recycling system?

  18. Hi Mary

    No worries. The more the merrier only think when we start talking, I think can only hear my voice lah. I am very loud but I am gentle and kind inside. The built in amplifier in me was installed when I was born so cannot do anything about it.

    But dun worry, I will give you all chance to talk and be heard ha! ha!

    So now we have to get the date and time confirmed. You have to tell us cos I know you have a tight schedule.

    Warmest Regards

  19. Mary must be busy this morning…didnt hear her leh? ..or now doing her gardening?..

    I also like flower arrangement,last time so crazy even take course to learn! not the cooking type, prefer home decor.Every yr i sew my own curtains.I used to stitch cushion covers & bedspreads too,but not now lah..very time consuming!
    Its pity u not here yet on my hari raya which falls on 13th Oct, if not u can ‘admire’ my curtains!…hahaha:)
    oh..pls bring along whoever u wish to makan2 with us..then we can get to know yr family too.

    Caroline..yr built in amplifier not bad hor, never rosak,sori juz kidding!for me everytime got gathering always try to yak louder,if not cant be heard mah? day, sore throat!..susah lah!..hahaha :)

  20. Nor,
    I was busy this morning. After getting my grandson to school, I have guests for lunch – 3 Singaporeans who lived nearby. After a few rounds of beer, they went off with some herbs and fruits from my garden.

    Sama juga, I also sew my own curtains and cushions. Crazy about patchwork bedspread esp those country designs – can die for it.

    Please feel free to be yourself, yak as much as you like. I will provide the strepsils.

  21. Caroline, no worries about the schedule. I am booked for 31 Oct & 3 Nov. I will let Terence decide the meeting time and place.

    Grateful that you have a loud voice. You can earn heaps of money doing presentation, lectoring, or start your own spice girls group…serious!

    Right now, I can feel the joy from the conversations with you gals. THANKS!

    Take care.

  22. Hi KT,

    Water-wise gardening include :

    (1) treating soil to reduce water evaporation – mix of soil conditioner, fertilizer, water granules and top it with mulch. Bury potato skins, egg shells, leftover bread, anything that is not cooked/oil in your soil/pots.

    (2) planting water-wise grass and plants – need less water to grow well. Kangaroo paws, black boys and cactus are best. For fruit trees, avoid banana trees (need heaps of water), I plant olives, avacado, loquat, lemon, oranges, limes and figs.

    (3) Group same type of plants that require the same amount of water, plants of different height and colours to get good garden design

    (4) Water tank to collect rain from gutters, big bins (with cover) to collect rain streaming from shed, trees, etc.

    (5) Recycle water after washing rice, veg, fish, etc. Water from the fish tank is best for your plants

    (6) On very hot days, cover your plants with clear plastic boxes (made by cutting off bottom half of big plastic cans)

    and more…

    I will let you know more about water-wise when we meet.

  23. Thanks Mary. I think I want to be a farmer instead of a cafe owner. Whatever you do in the garden sound very interesting.

    Aiyah not those huge farms. Just grow enough fruits, veggies and herbs for self consumption.

    See you soon :)

    PS typical Singaporean. Eat and then da bao some more! My guests usually go home with my belimbing, pandan and curry leaves at my former home ha! ha!

  24. Dear Caroline,

    I love to work with plants, just poke the seed or cutting, then watch them grow – great satisfaction when you harvest and eat your own fruits and veg. It is also therapuetic to work among the fruit trees and flowers. In Perth, I used to rear chickens (isa browns, sussex, chinese silkies) and fresh eggs were plenty every day.

    PS typical Singaporean hmm – but it is also a great blessing to be able to share with others. I am full of gratitute because I have the LOT! both in the gift of life and the capacity to do serve others.

  25. Hi Mary Perth,

    I called you Mary Perth to differentiate between Mary Tan & Mary Chan of Singapore.
    I love beautiful flowers that’s why I took a pro flower arrangement course. After I completed the course, I literally help out at my Sis florist shop (just to gain customer’s confidence in me) during weekend and festive season like Valentine day, Mother’s day, teacher’s day, Chinese New Year, Christmas and 1st & 15th of the chinese calendar. Guess what, many young colleagues of mine asked me to arrange hand bouquet for their wedding. he…he..he…you should see these happy couple smiling with satisfaction! this is my greatest achievement. Just like Caroline, her dream is to be a Cafe Owner, I may want to be a florist when I retire. When eating is concerned I just love to eat, especially Chilly crab, Assam fish, anything spicy and hot! Looks like we are having a great feast when you are here. :)

    Ah Nee

  26. Dear Mary

    You are right about sharing. I really dont mind them da baoing. In fact my domestic helper will get the knife and plastic bags ready for their bungkus. Its just one of those jokes we always talk about eating and da baoing.

    The problem is I do not have green fingers. I remember that whatever I planted always turn brown.

    My rellies and guests are lucky that my domestic helper has green fingers, otherwise all my trees and plants will be either brown or botak.

    I have also learnt something new. I did not know that there are so many types of chicken. I only know those kept in the coop and those free range, which we call kampong chicken.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  27. Hi Ah Nee,

    Wow, I must learn from you! During spring in Perth, I have great choices of wild flowers and lillies to add to my arrangement which is really fun. Good money to do weddings and it is so amazing to work with brides as they are the happiest people on earth. So when are you retiring to start your florist shop?

    Yeh, I love hot, spicy and sour food too! Thanks!

  28. Yes Caroline, there are many times of chicken and you will get to see most of the varieties at the Royal Perth show held during 3rd term school holidays. There will be chicken egg-laying contest, pig racing, sheep, cow, horse competition, free ice-cream, camel rides…lots more in one huge annual event which I never miss.

  29. Hi Mary,

    It was nice to meet you at Hans.

    You look pretty young to be in SHC lah!.

    That reminds me of the display of different kinds of breeds of SHEEP eg Merino,..etc in New Zealand – one of the most BEAUTIFUL places on earth.


  30. Hi Steven,
    Thanks for the compliment. :-)
    I will take your comparison of me with sheep as such, baa aa aa. and I do agree that NZ is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  31. Dear Mary…
    rite now..never think of retiring yet, want to go travelling to so many parts of the world!..I must go jalan2 b4 i tak boleh jalan!..

    I love gardening too, but with so limited space,mana boleh grow so many like yours!only hv 2 mango trees in front of my house…that also only bear fruit once..why ah? it bcos some pple say, when it bear fruit for the 1st time..mustnt be touch by yr hands? what a myth?

    OK..we wait for your ‘auspicious’ date to meet all of us, then we can cakap2 till sore throat lah..aiyo! :)

  32. Dear Nor, agree that we need to travel and see the world, both the undeveloped and developed countries.

    And for your mango trees, once the flowers appear, apply TLC with a handful of sheep manure and water it more often till you get those fat juicy fruits. I have 4 Kensington mango trees – those fruits are yummy!

    Not sore throat but numb fingers from all the tiap2!

  33. Um Steven,

    which Mary are you referring to? I suddenly realised that you seem to be chatting with Mary Lee. Presumptuous of me to think that your comment was meant for me.

    It would help if everyone could do what Norlinda does.
    She refers to me as MaryC or Mary Chan if preferred, to avoid confusion.

  34. Dear Mary Chan/Steven,

    Nice to hear from both of you. Being born in the year of the sheep, my dream is to buy a country house with 5 acres to rear some sheep, rabbits, horses and pigs (these 3 animals get along very well with the sheep) and of course lots of chickens.

  35. Hi Mary Lee,

    Good morning from one Mary to another.
    I see we have been getting mistaken for each other online. :-)

    When I get a msg addressed to “Mary”, I have to sift through to see if it’s meant for me.

    I haven’t met you yet and I hope to when you come in later this year.

    I’ve never been to Perth but am planning to. It’s just that other travel plans have been coming in between and Perth has always been pushed back on the shelf, hehe.

    Looking forward to hearing from you again,


  36. Mary,
    If you want to put a face to my name, I’m in photos 7,9 and 10 of the SHC gathering just held on Tuesday the 18th Sept at Han’s.

    Is there a photo of you that I can look at? One that was taken in an earlier activity or event?
    With a face, it’s easier to “talk” to a person, don’t you agree? :-)


  37. Hi MaryC,

    I brought my parents to Perth in 1990 to visit relatives and it was love at 1st sight – so much like my old kampong in Punggol – I can catch fish, prawns, crabs in the rivers, rear pigs, chickens, ducks, goose, run around with my dogs.

    You look great in those photos. i will get one of my photos for you.

  38. Hi MaryLee,

    So you have been there quite a while now, 17 years? Wow, you like the kampong life huh? You are so like my sister.
    She’s in Rotoiti, New Zealand. She went over also in the 1990’s and fell in love with the place. She was running a place with another sister of mine, called Mooselodge, next to Lake Rotoiti and still lives there with her two hound dogs, Ninja and Casper. You can check out the place online. It’s an extremely lovely place, with it’s own 18 hole golf course.

    I have another sister in Auckland, who wenet to study there, fell in love with a Malaysian Chinese, settled down there and now have 2 kids.
    In fact, she’s back here in Malaysia, visiting with her family and will be in Singapore round about the end of this month.

    Yes, do show me a photo of yourself. I gather you are around my age as you mentioned somewhere that you have grandchildren? I’m not a grandma yet, but will soon be a mother-in-law, hehe.
    I have 2 daughters and the older one is getting married soon.

    Hear from you soon,


  39. OOps MaryLee. sorry, so many typos.
    “its own 18 hole….”
    and “went there to study…”

    That’s for typing too fast and not proof reading before submitting, hehe.

  40. Mary Lee @ #24

    Thank you for your water-wise suggestions. We’ll catch up on the rest. But there’s one I wish to touch on now.

    In Singapore now, there is a rule against constructing gutters except if you are maintaining existing ones. I wish to engineer around this issue. Explicitly, the main reason is to fight mozzies.

    How do you collect water from your gutters. Eg. Do you have a valve cum tap off system to a tank (open or close). Is this auto or semi-auto.

    Appreciated. Thanks.

  41. Hi Mary(Perth)

    V.Good. when you have your own dream house, you can also host “FARMHOUSE ” visits to TOURISTS as they do in New Zealand.

    The host treated us to tea,shows us how to milk COWS using mechanised equipment which seems to SUCK non-stop.He has farmhouse with 12 rooms.Every room and toilet door were painted in the same wooden brown colour and all looks the same.Sometimes went in by mistake. They were a very HOSPITABLE old couple. at night we had AMOR candle light dinner at his dining place which he told us was used by the “kord of the Rings” movie director for their set.No wonder lah with so many ancient British memorabilia and other painitings ,the whole dining hall was chosen for the movie. At that time,I was still BLURR lah what Lord of the Rings was ????

    Besides, they rears sheep too and he was so GOOD to HUG on to his pet sheep.Can’t believe men are so wicked to slaughter and eat them.

    In the morning when I woke up, I couldn’t bELIEVE the sight from my windows. Miles and miles of GREEN FIELDS with cattles and sheep grazing the grass. what a SPECTACULAR sight.

    For once, I thought I was in HEAVENLY PARADISE. If only I could bring this heavenly view back to my “WINDOW” in S’pore.

    When I was staying in my former condo at East coast , my window view was CONCRETE JUNGLE”.

    I had shifted to Clementi and now my window view is covered with LUSH GREENERY.( Why? becos down below it belongs to Malaysian land,otherwise there will biult many HDB blocks bLOCKING my view.

    It is GOOD if you and the others can join us this Sat 22/09/07 for our walk and we can be your “TOURIST GUIDE” to show what Clementi has been transformed to since you left for Perth so many yrs.ago.

    Steven Chan

  42. Mary Lee @ #27 et al

    To all Farmers-would-be Unite.

    Don’t need to look afar.

    There is a quiet underground movement to restore hi-tech, green farming back and the landed gentry class back in Spore.

    How is this possible, you may ask with astronomical property prices here. Watch what the smartest real estate money is doing. CDL has been nuking the competition with their eco-garden smart buildings, leaving FE looking rather drowned in their ornamented Newater fountain pools.

    Don’t worry if your air plants and hydro mushrooms grows or not. The real estate spin will make your green investment bloom. This will drive the farming gentry class for the next decade.

    If you want to farm come back to Spore!

    I am trying to adopt a Jack Rusell. Red fox hunting anyone?

  43. Good morning Mary Lee

    Thanks for all the information about your good life in Perth. I am really envious and at the same time happy for you. You must be having a very fulfilling life there.

    I have been to Sydney and Canberra (more than 10 times) and to Brisbane once but have never been to Melbourne or Perth.

    Maybe I should plan a trip to Perth and see your lovely house and all the interesting happenings. Not in the near future though.

    I am also born in the year of the sheep. Maybe thats why I love my veggies and whole grains ha! ha!.

    Have a nice day.

    Warmest regards

  44. Hi Mary (P)

    Can you pls. SHARE with us and tell us more abt

    I would like to visit Perth in future.

    Went to Melbourne for 1 week to attend my nephew’s wedding. Ma ma mia! Melbourne is so QUIET like a GHOST town after 7pm.

    You do not see office workers strolling in the city like we do in S’pore.

    Heard some go to Crown casino to gamble or for entertainment.

    Not much night life like but in Spore we have late night shopping,pasar malam and kopitiam /food courts to keep customers busy.


  45. Hi Steven,

    Perth has a good mix of country and city. The north and south freeways of Perth lie between the big blue ocean and the luscious green hills. The city area has banks, hotels, offices and shopping arcades which streamed into Chinatown where you can get Asian food and groceries.

    Outside city, most suburbs have their shopping centres, provision shops, lakes, sports complex, libraries and schools. Local supermarkets and chemists open 7 days (7am to 10pm)

    Working here is quite a breeze especially after working 28 years in the MNC in Singapore. We DIY a lot like we built our brick wall. We cook and eat at home most days. Weekdays, I pack lunch for family members to work and school. Once a week, I meet the mums for coffee at the kopitiam.

    Weekends, we gather with family and friends for tim-sum, bbq in the hills, fishing or sell our wares at weekend markets. We go to the cinemas occasionally, the kids sometimes go marathon movies from midnight till morning. Like Singapore, we are involved in lots of charity work. We are members of Chung Hwa and my 6-year old grandson speaks Teochew, Mandarin, Italian and English.

    Overall I enjoy the physical and mental space.

  46. Hi MaryC

    I have only been here for 5 years. My relatives been here for a long time (some 20 years, others 35 years). I worked full-on for 28 years, then retired from full-time at 45 years, ventured into 3 small businesses for 2 years before coming to Perth. Even after getting my visa, I stayed in Singapore to take care of my aged mother-in-law (she’s passed away).

    Though relatives and friends visit me in Perth, I still make sure I go back to Singapore at least once or twice a year.

  47. MaryLee,
    It will be great to meet you when you next come back for a visit.
    There was a time when I wanted to migrate to NZ, but not any more. I love going there in the warmer times, but the winters are way too cold for my liking.
    I really should take a trip to Perth. I’ve been to Brisbane, Goldcoast and Sydney, but briefly on a tour, so didn’t form much of an opinion of Australia, except that the “whites” are not too friendly, like those in the far south of NZ.
    Perhaps they are that way with tourists, I don’t know.

  48. Dear MaryC

    I love the 4 seasons which offer so much variety and attitude to life e.g winter stew or steamboat, summer barbies, carmelions in winter, cherries in summer, whitings in winter.

    For travel, try to stay with locals (e.g ‘rokans’ in Japan) – try their food, get to know their culture. My neigbours (mainly from Europe), fellow workers, solicitors, property agent, my chemist & postman come from a diverse background and they are a lovely bunch. There is so much to learn from them. I try to influence others with a lifestyle and attitude showing the pride of my Singapore roots. Be nice and show concern. Once they experience this, they will be friendly.

  49. Hi KT,

    Water runs from the gutters into the down pipes, then to the soak wells beneath the ground.

    Being water-wise, we direct water to the water tank:

    1. connect the gutters to a down-pipe which leads directly into a water tank.

    2. install a pump to get water from the tank to the main reticulation outlet which will distribute the water automatically depending on settings – e.g Wed & Sun at 6am

    The retic man and water tank supplier will set up the tank and retic system which is connected to the mains. We do the reticulation piping for the garden and set the timing according to season, weather & plant type.

    Also must be responsible to clear gutters to prevent mozzies. I contracted dengue fever in Singapore and it was a real holiday – so weak for months.

  50. Hi Steven,

    For pets:

    In Perth I have a 5 year old shitzu, name is Ginger. He is a Teochew dog. Everyday we play big ‘belong’ and he always cross the line without me touching him. He loves raw herring. Contemplating to get another dog. Any suggestions?

    In Spore I had 7 kelpies for the 1st 25 years, then we had 5 cats mainly 2 Bengals, 2 Persians and 1 scottish short hair. I visit my cat Peipei whenever I go back to Singapore. I also had 7 ranchus, 1 betta, 3 cichlids, 5 turtles and a huge tank of guppies, 2 pythons and 7 geese.

  51. Hi Mary (P)

    Looks like you are also running an ANIMAL farm.

    PYTHONS , you must be very BRAVE to handle them.

    what in the world are these
    7 ranchus, 1 betta, 3 cichlids ???

    Never heard before.

    From the way, you had describe in this and past comments , you are an ANIMAL LOVER cum a NATURE LOVER too.

    I am so hAPPY to hear of your so “ENRICHED” life in Perth. That will made you stay younger and live longer. Right ?

    Steven Chan

  52. Hi Mary (P)

    Thanks for sharing.

    I would certainly like to pay you a visit in your country home in future and learn more abt Perth lifestyle. OK?


    Steven Chan

  53. Hey Mary Perth

    I have a cat at home too and her name is also Ginger. She has a mixture of brown & black colour at the top and mostly white at her belly. I will show you her picture when I see you.

    You are sure an animal lover. If I ever visit Perth, I would like to visit your home and see your farm… ha..ha..

    Till me meet…take care,


  54. Hi Steven,

    My parents ran an old ‘Macdonald’ farm in Ponggol with all the animals and I have a pet pig called ‘black mole’. I learned to prepare animal feed on a large scale. I love snakes too and my grandson enjoys handling snakes at the farms here.

    Ranchus, betta and cichlids are types of fish. During my trips to Singapore, I still go to Tampine longkang to catch these tropical fishes.

    We all have enriched lives and are blessed in many ways. I seldom worry about having the best in life and I have a passion in what I do and believe. I yearn not for youth and longevity but strive to make this world a better place.

  55. Hi Susan,

    Still awake at this hour?

    I am so happy for your cat. What breed is she or he? Cats are so lovable and they are very good companions.

    Am moving to a new place in 2 weeks and will start all over again on an empty piece of land/garden. Of course I will bring my Ginger – his colour is ginger.

    Have you seen the wombat in Australia?

  56. Dear Mary

    Yes, am still wide awake after a game of badminton with Dan & the rest at Mt Faber SAFRA this evening. I hv not played for donkey years, and think I will wake up with aches all over tomorrow…sign of old age I suppose..ha..ha..

    Frankly, before I have Ginger, I’ve never like cats as 1stly, I am scare of them and also I prefer dog. I used to have a silky terrier some 20 years ago, before my son was born but gave it away, as my son suffers from asthmas.
    Anyway, Ginger is just a normal kind of stray cats you see in Singapore. She was given to us by my daughter’s classmate. I used to tell her that she has better life than me. She is the queen at home. Don’t hv to work, no worries,and gets to eat when she meow or hungry and best of all being loved by everyone at home.

    She really does make a good companion, especially for my husband…now that I am so bo eng with SHCs activities….he..he..

    Hope to get to see your cats & dogs pictures when we meet.

    And you ? still staying up so late ? Better go to bed & zzzzz.

    Good nite….


  57. Mary Lee @ #57

    Thank-you. 1000 times repeat. The answer has exceeded my wildest expectation. I am very impressed. And I am not normally given to melodramatic exaggeration of fact.

    I was beginning to think that this won’t matter to much as usual. I was wrong.

    I learned that mistakes can be improved on from Robert/Peter at last night’s talk. I stand corrected.

  58. Dear Mary,

    Think my fingers are too quick while typing, I miss a “n” behind my name…ha..ha… No, not Susa but Susan…

    Haven’t answer you on wombat : Yes, I think so in Adelaide. I hv carried a Koala, for picture taking while in Gold Coast and Cairns before, but was quite afraid of it claws as it’s long and sharp.

    Can you actually keep one in your farm ? How about kangaroo ? They are cute too. Will yak more with you… getting tired liao.

    Not good nite… but good morning..he..he..

  59. Hi Mary(P),

    I have a pet dog chow chow and is 8yrs.+ now. loves to sleep like a pig whole day long except to eat and defaecate.

    His mind seem to speak
    ” Nothing to do lah inside house so BoriNG so Sleep lah! ”

    Loves to go kai kai and “park” him outside Mc.Donald while I enjoy my breakfast and newspps in the morning.

    Yes, dogs makes loyal companions.

    Btw Mary Lee , Aren’t you BLESSED with such an “ENriched life” in Perth ?

    In Spore,
    SHOP,shop,shop,EAT,eat,eat nothing better to do lah!

    Steven ZZzzzzzzz

  60. Hi Mary (P) ,

    What is a wombat?

    A species of bat ?

    Not surprising since you keep pythons as pets.

    When we Sporeans see pythons in the garden/void deck we chabut or we call the police to catch them and sent them to the zoo.


  61. Dear Susan,

    Badminton is a good social game. I only play doubles – too old to play singles – used to take part mixed doubles in competitions.

    In Perth, I will have to pay $800 if I want to buy your ‘stray’ breed of cat like your ‘Ginger’. How come your husband not a SHC member? You have seen picture of my dog, Ginger – he just came home after visiting my neighbours.

    We are used to sleeping late – usually watching the late news or movie – I love Hindi films – those bollywood type.

    Wombats and kangaroos lived in the bush. The wombat is nocturnal, fat and heavy – I carried one which was 40kg. Kangaroos are quite smart. A partially blind kangaroo has been hailed a hero after helping to rescue a farmer who suffered serious head injuries when he was hit by a falling branch. His pet kangaroo, Lulu discovered the farmer lying unconscious in a field and alerted relatives at their home in Southeast Australia. The man was checking his property for damage following a severe storm when he was struck by a falling branch. His daughter said the kangaroo, Lulu stood guard over her father and “barked like a dog” to get help.

  62. Hi Steven,

    You can also have an enriched life in Singapore. Besides shop3 and eat3, you can explore new hobbies (like silk-screen painting, wood carving, kite making, make ribbon roses, carpentry) or charity projects (teach English, introduce dogs to handicap) or run small business like dog training, flower arrangement/catering for weddings, newspaper round, laundry, ironing, courier, design new walking sticks…

    Small pythons are quite docile. During 1960s/70s – the snake man at Haw Par villa allowed us to hold his pythons during his roadshow. My cats at Ponggol used to bring small tree snakes into the house.

  63. Hi Mary(P),

    Thanks for your great ideas.

    Right now attended volunteer workshop every Mon for the Caring for the Seniors.

    Last Mon, our co-ordinator says our project is put on hold as NCSS would not fund a duplicated kind of service as in RSVP and other support grps.

    Will notify us of chg of prog in Nov by email.

    In the meantime prepare for my 10 day grp tour holidays to China.

    Washing clothes OK by w.machine but I hated ironing and let my part time maid attend to it and mopping the floor too every week.

    In fact I wanted to set up a pet shop last yr. after my retirement but couldn’t find someone who share the same “passion”

    ..(.My cats at Ponggol used to bring small tree snakes into the house.) That’s is dangerous if they are still alive n can bite people esp. the green poisonous ones which camouflage among the branches and leaves.

    1 famous place where they display tree snakes is in Penang Snake Temple – a tourist attractn.

    Are u allow to keep a kangaroo as a pet in Australia or are they classified as ENDANGERED species ?

    It would be fun if I can keep a kangaroo in S’pore and it goes hopping around my neighbourhood .

    What a sight?


  64. Hi Stephen,

    I used to collect throwaways from the void-deck, sort and give them to the old people at Sungel Road. If you do not have any prog by Nov, please let me know. If you still want to help the seniors in Singapore, I will give a couple of contacts when I meet you in Nov.

    Lots of kangaroos are killed by vehicles and their surviving babies (joey) are usually picked up and cared for by the locals. If I stay in the countryside, I hope to rescue and raise a joey or Lulu one day, then I will invite Joy to have a ride.

  65. Mary has a short visit into Singapore. I have fixed Sun Nov 4 at 8pm to meet up with her. If you are able to join, please SMS me at 9489-4360 for the place. Dont forget your name. Cheers.

    Terence Seah

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