I am Audrey, a Singaporean who has migrated to Melbourne in 2011. My husband and I own an Australian cattle and hay farm. We live in a cottage surrounded by the farm. Our neighbours have horses and sheep farms. All these farms are located in a serene, spacious and peaceful area. Farming in Australia is high-tech using tractors and machineries. Not many tasks are carried manually.

I enjoy my own organic vegetable gardens which I use to ‘experiment gardening vegetables and herbs’ as my new hobby.

Should you visit Melbourne and would like to have a off-the -track tour itinerary, I can organise the land package, accommodation and catering.


  1. Audrey
    A very warm welcome to our club. From the hustle and bustle of city life, you have now found a peaceful life in a farm, but I wonder how tough it is to manage a cattle farm. Like Frisna, I am also keen to visit Melbourne and perhaps do a home stay in a farm.

  2. Hi Audrey
    It’s generous of you to offer organising land, accomodation and catering package for peoples going to Melbourne and sounds so inviting to visit you.. 🙂
    You’ve left your contact number on your profile – maybe not so good idea??
    Perhaps just your email address ?

  3. Hi Audrey,

    Welcome on board.

    On your introductory note, you mentioned you own a cattle and hay farm, living in a cottage surrounded by the farm. Hey, that interesting, really different from the lifestyle here.

    So happened that I will be going on a free and easy 15days Melbourne tour from 18th Dec to 1st Jan 14. As this is my first time there, would very much like to get in touch with you. My email: Very interested to visit your farm. In fact, this is one of my plan to either orchard or animal farm over there.

    Hope to hear and find out more info from you.

    Susan Tan

  4. This forum is getting strange.
    I was being insinuated to instruct Jeffrey to delete a few comments.

    And here is a post supposedly by Audrey Wong. I know Audrey very well and this is definitely not her. Audrey is single, works and lives in Singapore, far from the description on this post. On investigating, it was discovered that the person who last edited this post is Robert Ong.

    Robert Ong
    Care to explain?

  5. Dear Hew Lee
    Re your question :
    ” – on the left hand column, we normally read a name, why some member or members are allowed to use pseudo names?”

    Members (especially new members) were told to use proper name. Nick names are not allowed. The comment by ‘Yellow’ was under moderation because of this and that comment has now been removed. If ‘Yellow’ wishes his/her comment to be published, he/she must revert to the name used at the time of registration.

  6. Hi Audrey and Audrey,

    Interesting, although not a surprise. There are two Audrey’s. There are in fact more Audrey’s. As we get bigger, we will see more of such coincidence.

    I am sure we can find a way out.

    Terence Seah

  7. Hi Lily,
    Clarification: Is the latest “Introduction Post” by Audrey Wong, the same Audrey Wong we know years ago. If yes, why the need of re-introduction. It is more of an update. If no, then I would suggest a new “ID” be given to the new member to avoid confusion.

  8. Hi Lily,
    When I do an ‘Introduction” post on a new member, I base on inputs from
    On 28 Nov 2013, I received an email from Terence Seah about application
    for SHC membership. He forwarded the email purportedly from Audrey.
    I am not in a position to check the authenticity of the person’s particulars.
    The first step of an application is to register with the Admin. SHC. I do not play a part in this process. It is their task to ascertain that registration is correctly done,
    especially in regard to the person’s true identity.
    To avoid future confusion, I will not do the “Introduction” post until and unless the applicant has properly registered with a username and password. I do not play a part in the process of registration.
    I hope this will clarify and streamline the procedure of registration of new members.

    Robert Ong

  9. Hi Hew Lee
    The self intro “About Audrey Wong” is a profile created by Audrey herself and only she can edit it.

    From Robert’s explanation, it seems like our Chief is the one who provided the wrong Audrey info causing such confusion. I hope the new Audrey Wong would put up her own introductory post as there are many who would like to send greetings to her.

  10. ha ha this is serious (yet funny). after i welcome “audrey” then i saw the profile and said “oh oh I know this audrey but she’s not a new member. how embarassing to be the first person to welcome her. hmmm maybe she never introduced herself before and asked to do it now. but wait, moved to melbourne in 2011? seem like she was quite active participating in activities esp the cycling until last year leh”. It also occurred to me (before reading Robert’s comments) “could it be a trick to test whether members are still reading the forum as it is rather quiet lately?” but I must say this new member “audrey” profile is quite interesting. it brings “fresh air” to the club. we might be able to invest collectively in a farm there and take turn to man the plot cum home stay. I like farm life….

  11. Hi Audrey,

    Thank you for your response to my email. I have already written several times to you but I am still waiting for your reply.

    Appreciate if you reply via email regarding meet-up in Melbourne. I plan to visit your farm, mabye can arrange for farm-stay for a day or 2.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Susan Tan

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