I’ll be 70  on the 1st January 2014 and I’m a grandfather of 10. I was a school teacher for 20 years till age 40.

I’ve been a professional ukulele trainer since 2009. I conduct ukulele course in Churches, Golf Clubs, Community Clubs, Condos and at my Home-studio.I have taught more than 1000 students. I occasionally strum and have sing-along sessions at my home.

Making short trips to neighbouring countries whenever I have time is also  my interest.

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About Peter Sng

I'm 67 years old, a grandfater of 8. I was a school teacher till 1985. I now teach retirees and Country Club Members, etc to strum the Ukulele. I occassionally conduct Strum And Singalong sessions at my home. To view my videos, key magisng in and watch about 60 videos

6 thoughts on “MEMBER INTRODUCTION-Peter Sng Koon Seng

  1. Hi Uke Teacher, Peter

    Welcome to the SHC ~ Make new friends and enjoy the activities. I’m sure you can also arrange some fun activities for us.

    Woweee … Congrats Peter ~ you’re so blessed with 10 grandchildren!

    For a start, perhaps you may wish to join in my coffee meet on Thursday, 5 Dec from 2 – 4 pm at Singapore Post Building, Paya Lebar (next to PL Mrt station) – you can view details on my posting in this forum page.


  2. Peter
    A warm welcome to our club. For a start, I think you can put up a post on your monthly ukulele jam at Jurong Country Club. Some of our members may be interested in joining your ukulele group.

  3. Hello there Peter!

    Welcome, welcome to SHC!

    What took you so long to join the club?

    Well, just to refresh you. Remember Karimum with Abel?
    I remember well especially the freshly laid kampung chicken eggs you bought and had them served half boiled to all of us.

    I remember too the chick you were interested in. Ha ha ha…..
    I am just being naughty here. Hope you don’t mind.

    And ha! You are a magician too! Frankly, I was somewhat scared when you did the cigarette ashes trick on my palm. Think you had taken advantage of the fact that I was very tired then. Ha ha…..

    Hope to meet you again soon in an SHC event.

    Best regards

  4. Hi Terence / hi folks
    I just joined & after reading some of the comments I would like to know when is the next meeting to see if I can offer my help to assist in your future organising committees for your social events.
    Regret I joined too late to participate in your Xmas & New Year programs as it is full now.

  5. Bravo Peter, you are 70 and still so active! Hope when I reach your age I will be as active as you too. hope you can participate in my monthly/xmas gathering on 19 Dec and serenade us with your ukelele (can’t pay you a fee but i can buy you dinner!!)

  6. Peter Sng… hmm… this name sounds so familar… must hv met you before somewhere. Do join us on 19th or 20th Dec.. bring your ukulele.. and the songsheets.. a few extra copies.. and we can do some singalong sessions.. nice!

    cheers.. lydiachin.

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