New Year Resolutions

Recently I received an sms fr someone I hardly knew. She said “you have such a big mouth and ate up your husband thats why he died early”. And she has been telling nasty stories about me to people I know. But she is but a prop on my stage. Chinese call these type “xiao ren”. And this came to my mind “To Forgive Is Divine” but Karma has its way. Someday she will get her just desserts.
I have lost some friends due to my impatience (dont know if it is related to my thyroidism) or its just me. I jumped to conclusions which were grave mistakes. How many more years do we have left on earth? I dun want to count but live every day like its the last.
So even drowsy from medication, I am clear about my New Year Resolution as follows:

1. Treasure my loved ones and the people who care about me (which I will continue to do),
2. To live life to the fullest at no one’s expense (something I neglected due to my laid back attitude),
3. To get the answers from the horses mouth and not jump to conclusions,
4. Be mindful of people’s feelings (which I will continue to do),
5. Find time to do more baking and cooking,
6. Love myself more (something which I have neglected),
7. Do more charity work,
8. Ignore hurting remarks and to live and let live,
9. Pay more attention to my health (which I will continue to do), and
10. Be happy always.
You may wish to share your New Year Resolutions so that we can pick up some tips.

I wish everyone a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year. Everybody stay Healthy and HUAT!!!!
Best Regards

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  1. Caroline,
    Yes …. like the words of wisdom.. don’t sweat the small things. Focus on the pleasant and beautiful and all things that count. Our life gets shorter with each passing year.
    Have a merry and joyful Christmas .

    • I have a few wishes and resolutions.

      My first wish is to see our current members encourage the quieter members to take an active role in SHC. Let’s be more positive and forward looking towards the SilverHairs years ahead of us.

      My second wish is for members not to draw away members after collecting telephone numbers and email addresses. While this may be a natural process, the outcome is similar to the dwindling ageing scenario in many countries.

      My resolutions for 2014 are to focus on more other activities for SilverHairsClub members eg retirement issues, business networks for members and how to bring some income to the Club. Club has been in the red for 8 years. I am looking at turning it around as i am actively looking forward to my retirement too.

      May my wishes and resolutions come true in 2014.

      Terence Seah

  2. Thank you Caroline, for starting this New Year Resolution post. It is that time of the year so let us express our desires. Personally, I always think the Chinese language is a better way to tell our emotions and thoughts. Hence, I am thankful to a friend who has given me the inspiration to write my resolution. I have edited it to make it simpler and applicable here.


    Briefly, it means I thank and treasure people who like me by reciprocating.
    I forgive those who have offended me and hopefully they reciprocate too.

    IT is a time to rejoice and reflect.
    IT is also a time to applaud and appease………
    MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR….most important of all, I wish everybody the BEST of health and let us gallop into 2014 with vigour and vitality.

  3. Terence
    My wish is for your wish to come true!

    Daniel, my pleasure.
    And thank for you for the translation otherwise I would have been clueless, well almost.
    My sentiments the same. Glad you made a meaningful contribution.

  4. Dear Carly
    that’s a cruel way to “curse” you like that! but luckily it’s just a prop. indeed ‘forgive & forget’ and live life to the fullest. The Carly I know is considerate, soft hearted and caring.
    “LIKE” your no.1-10. For no.6 i’ve been doing it for quite sometimes. everyday I say “I love you, muack2” to different part of my body. to the part that’s in pain, I “talk” to them to be well soon so that “we” can all live happily together until 88 years old (my wish. so can see my only daughter to have a good husband and have a happy family life)
    I made some resolutions before but didn’t carry them out. the only one i did was writing to LKY but never got a response! (what a disappointment). I think this year I should make one again – TO BE ON TIME!! (but not sure whether can keep it leh, hope everybody can help me…e.g.if your function is 6PM, tell me it starts at 5)

    Terence: you really care so much about SHC. all your resolutions are about it. salut!

  5. Hi Caroline,

    “When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.” posted on Facebook.

    My new year resolution is cut down on late nights, in bed before 12.00mn, yeah!

  6. Thank you Dorine. Yes, I have had someone having the most agressive and foul language hurled at me but when he realised his mistake and he said sorry, I told him its alright, we are still friends. 🙂

  7. Dear Frisna
    We can control what we want to say but we cannot control what other people want to say so just live and let live. Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you like my New Year Resolutions. I hope what you wish for will come true, and I am pretty sure they will 🙂 We all wish our daughters will marry right and well so yes 🙂 Positive thinking!!!!
    Have a great Sunday!

  8. Have been feeling very moody lately. Family or friends issues – I dont know. But I really wished that all these causing my mood will kwai kwai leave me soon…

    Cheers.. Dolly

  9. Dolly, I wish for your unwanted mood to leave you asap and wish for good tidings and all things nice for you cos you deserve nothing but the best!
    Kind Regards

  10. Carly and Dolly

    Life is like that, sometimes happy sometimes sad. Meet people you like and stay away from people you don’t like. Not happy, go and find your favourite food. Happy, go on diet and hope to live longer.
    Life can be simple but we have to make it that way. Easy for me, because I am simple minded.
    Don’t look forward to X’mas and New Year because you are one year nearer to the grave. Celebrate everyday and pretend New Year is still long time to come.

  11. Carly, people can be very nasty and cruel when they misunderstood us. The day they realise their wrong-doings is the day they grow up! hahaha… I’ve had a bad experience in Year 2013 when someone I thought is a friend turned out to be not one. Oh well, I guess even at my age I’m still learning but I do wish that incident had not happened. Or rather, I had been more selective in my choice of friends.

    My New Year Resolutions are :-
    1) To open my eyes big big in who I call ‘friend’…:p
    2) To cultivate friendships with those who accept me for who I am;
    3) To thank HIM for all His blessings in my life more often

    May I wish everyone a Blessed, Peaceful and Joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!


  12. TS
    I like my life simple too. But sometimes you avoid them but they chase after you and breathe down your neck.
    Eat and be merry. Anyone wants to go for a picnic? I love picnics. I remember nasi lemak with fried eggs, luncheon meat, ikan bilis, ikan kuning (otah no need lah cos its a bit atas) and some cucumber slices, and of course the sweet sambal tumis and you eat with your hands. Yes, maybe I shall do that someday soon. Bring a little gas stove and pot to boil water for some teh o! Mat to lay down and look at the stars! Mmmmmm……


  13. Anyone tried the Mdm Kwan nasi lemak from KL, now in VivoCity?
    I tried it and its very enjoyable.
    No need mat and stars. Just the tongue will do. Velly satisfying.

  14. Just wish to add my 3 cts worth on the axioms of life

    1 Today, not yesterday which one cannot change, not tomorrow which may or may not come, but today is the first day of the rest of your life, so live it well.

    2 In life, one should not be so afraid of dying,that one forgets about living

    and finally

    3.It is not how long you have, but what you do with the time you are given.

    Food for thought. Have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year

    Peggy Yap

    • Hi PeggyY,

      I appreciate your initiating home gatherings; and hope this will encorage more members to follow your example.

      As an EO, you have EDIT rights. Please go ahead.

      Terence Seah

  15. Ros Dear
    I feel sorry for them rather than angry with people who speak and behave like that. They either have a low mentality or they are a bunch of unhappy people. I have survived all kinds of “bricks” hurled at me. Worse still are the people I know (cannot call them friends) believe what was told to them and gave me the cold shoulders. No loss though. They know who they are.

    Dear Peggy, I agree totally, your three points mentioned.

    Hi Charles, thank you for the tip of good nasi lemak but I always believe nothing like home cooked from the heart, no matter how velly good.

  16. Hehe!
    At my age, my resolution is to make no resolutions!
    I like the idea if lying on a mat…, Peggy’s three axioms on life, and Charles’ nasi lemak tip!
    Maybe I should resolve to eat nasi lemak on a mat under the stars and meditate on Peggy’s axioms!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all!

  17. Hi Tian Soo, be positive! Pls do not see the new year as a step nearer to the grave. See it as we become wiser with age.
    Hi Carly, like your idea of picnics, eating home-cooked nasi lemak with hands. Can also boil masala tea!
    Hi Charles, haven’t tried Mdm Kwan’s nasi lemak personally. But read food review that not worth paying and poor service.

  18. Hi Kristy,

    I have not read any food reviews about Mdm Kwan’s, so I cannot comment on them.

    But am writing about my experience having eaten there. And it is only my experience and my taste buds which may not or do not mean to apply to all.
    To try to answer your comments, the service tends to be slow and uncoordinated. You may have to remind them, there is no 1 waiter per table, food arrival is not coordinated, like nasi lemak comes after the tamarind prawns and veges, etc. My expectations for service is not as high as the food bloggers and the restaurant is quite crowded and noisy.

    What I like about the nasi lemak is that the curry is made with quite a lot of freshly squeezed coconut milk, so it looks/tastes a little more lemak or yoghurty. The rice is quite fragrant and I like the chili and achar.

    Price wise is expensive but perhaps because of the rental most restaurants have to put up with. This is the same refrain about most eating places in Singapore, ie eating out is expensive compared to even Japan and HK. It has been for far too long. See your MP and provide them the feedback. I dare say the culprit is rental and soon perhaps labour costs.

    I better add that I have no association with Mdm Kwan’s whatsoever and my tip is just that, ie a suggestion from me.

    You might try Nasi Lemak Kukus in Upper Thomson Road. They steam the nasi lemak there. There is another called Harmoni where they also steam their nasi but they also use ONLY basmati, no mixture. Last but not least there is a stall in Adam Rd hawker centre which sells very good nasi lemak too. Don’t know the name but the owner is a fat lady who sits there, only to collect money after you order. Strictly self-service.

    If the food is not up to expectations, just give it a miss the next time. After all it’s only lunch, we should not stress up our social lives now we are at this age. If it is, eat more, or more often.

  19. Hi Caroline,
    thank you for starting this post, give me a chance to write my “New Year Resolutions” something which I have never done in my life.

    It’s really a New Year Resolutions for me as I will be moving into a new phase of life. Leaving my 9-5 job to be a full time baby sitter {babysit my grandson}.
    I got many friends & even relatives telling me “Are you sure you want to leave a few thousand dollars job to look after a baby which can be tiring and sometimes boring.” Why not, if I am happy and get to do/enjoy what I like most.
    Most of us are already in our sixties, seventies, some even eighties, how many more years and time do we have to enjoy our grandchildren, family & friends while we are still healthy & alert and most important able-bodied.

    Looking towards my retirement days I wish and want to :
    Be a healthy and of course energetic grandmother
    Make time for friends & relatives {miss out a lot while working full time}
    More overseas cycling & sightseeing with friends which I enjoy the most
    Be more positive in what ever I do or think
    Cook more & do more handy crafts
    More complimentary remarks to others
    Do not jump into conclusions & be more patient and don’t be so panicky
    Be more pleasant & caring to others
    Smiling & be happy always,
    Live simple, eat simple and made more friends

    Here I wish all friends out there the best of health and blessings in what ever you do and what ever you are going to do. May all your wishes come true.


  20. Dear Lin
    Thank you for the wise advise. Yes, I have done that and ready to move into 2014, towards a more meaningful and happy year.
    Dear Kristy, mmm I love masala tea. Especially after the sambal and coconut!
    Dear Eileen
    Glad you found the opportunity to pen down your thoughts too. It gives me great pleasure to share and to have others to share. Yes, whatever you want to do, just do it. Dont wait till many years down the road, you look back to regret. Doing Grandma duties and enjoying it is something you cant measure in monetary terms. Its a sense of achievement, satisfaction and this intangible feeling in the heart, the feel good type. Thank you. Yes, I hope my wishes and the wishes of other members will come true. Yes, Year of the Horse is a good year for the Goats! So looking forward to more activities happening in SHC.

  21. Dear Carly
    Just ignore people who suck the happiness out of you. Life is too short for misery and love the random memories that make you smile. In life, we have to move on without certain people who are your fake friends.

    I delete phone numbers or block the people that I want out of my life. I treasure friends who can stay by my side and make me laugh when I cannot even lift up my spirits. They keep me sane by sending me messages, uplifting photo phrases or call to say hello when I’m down.

    For my New Year resolutions, I have along list but not limited to the following:
    1) Treasure good friends and cherish them.
    2) Walk away from fake ones
    3) Focus on my health.
    4) Start every day with a positive feeling
    5) Learn how to sing and how to dance (hahaha, I can’t sing and I can’t dance)
    6) Learn how to swim

    I look forward to a fruitful year ahead and wish all members the best in health and happiness!
    Warmest Regards, maywoo

  22. Dear May
    You always have a kind word for everyone. I agree with you all that you have mentioned. And I like your New Year Resolutions. As for no 6, I tried but as soon as I go under water and open eyes, game over cos I have a phobia with water 🙁 However, even though I can’t, I hope you can show me the strokes after you master them.
    I wish for you good health and happiness too. And continue being the person you always are, generous, caring and cheerful!

  23. Hi Carly
    I missed out your response. Thank you for your ‘like’.

    Sama sama for ‘learning how to swim’ – almost drown twice over and it is still a phobia. My kids are trying to encourage me to pick up swimming but I’m not game for it. In fact, when I had a frozen shoulder a year back, my physiotherapists recommended swimming. Swim or not swim, my frozen shoulder is now 98% functioning well.

    Will let invite you to join me when I can overcome my fear with pool water, ya!
    Cheers and have a great year ahead!

  24. Hi May
    No worries. LLP like that lah. Sometimes it happens to me.
    Glad to know your shoulder is almost fully recovered and looking forward to to swim invitation 🙂
    Tompang this thread – Congratulations on the overwhelming response to your Lo Hei Party.

  25. Hi May and Carly –I wish that all your new year resolution comes true, especially learning how to swim and we can perhaps someday organise a mini Swimming event at SHC. I took a crash course to learn how to swim after a orthopaedic doctor told me to swim to ease my spinal spasm, it works but because of the Sun and Chlorine I m not discipline enough so my new year resolution is to find time to swim regularly….

    Cheers – freda

  26. Hi Freda
    Thank you for your well wishes and I hope your spinal spasm is under control. And yes, be good and swim regularly so that Santa will give you pressies in December.
    Cheers, Caroline

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