China Tour in April N May 2014

Dear Fellow SHC,

Before the 2014 Summer Heat, A travelling Plan integrating Trade Exhibitions, Business Round Table, KTV, Night Clubing Visiting Beaches, Harbour fronts, Breathing Mountain Breeze, Scenic Mountain streams, Historic Monuments ,etc

Best of all, those interested can join the travelling schedule at any Entry/Exit city according to his/hers available time and budget. These Entry N Exit are: HANNAN- Haikou;GUANGXI-Nanning;YUNNAN=Kunming;SICHUAN-Chengdu;The trip will begin in April and return to Singapore by May where the Airfare are most economical. Enquiries-email :

We will start landing at Macau and the Journey begins from Zuhai covering seven provinces and 50 cities/township. Cost per day CNY 200-300-with accommodation at lowest 3-1/2 Stars Clean and comfortable Hotel with buffet breakfast. Meals at Restaurants

  No.Days   Transport Remarks
Guangdong-Zuhai,- Yongjiang- Zhanjiang  5-8 days   Land transport byBus/Coach Stay  3-4 days in Zuhai allow visit to/fro  Macau. Yongjiang and Zhannjiang are coastal city to Hainan
Hainan -Haikou-Sanya  6 days   Exploring the Island This is a Entry/Exit City. It cost Approx. CNY400 (S$ 80 ) to fly home. You may join us from Haikou, Budget air from Spore daily
GuangXiBaihai orFangchengangNanningChongzuo


 7-11 days    Bus/CoachTrain. We may visit Nanning last so as to fly to Kunming We will stay in one of this cities Depending on traffic from Haikou Nanning is the Province CapitalIt cost CN 600 flying to K.LChongzuo is the boarder town to Vietnam. Public Bus to Hanoi and  fly home/K.L at US$90 Staying at Baise to visit the minority tribes self govern town
Yunnan-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang  8-9 days   Travel by coach from Dali until we reach Chengdu Kunming is the capital and you can fly Spore/KL at CN 600 Scenic and relax at Dali,Lijiang with surprises at western bars

-Ya’an Chengdu

Ziyang Neijiang

8 days 1    By  Coach/Bus/train You may join or exit from Chengdu .Flying home cost you CNY 600
ChongqingChongqing  3 days 250-400 By bus 11, or single trip coach It is not advisable to fly home/KL from Chongqing in May as single trip may cost CNY 1700


 6-9 days    By bus, coach This is a province folks about this land translate as“ No 3 days clear sky, No flat land every 3 mile, No continue poor for 3 days- people are innovative to feed themselves.

-Lipu-Hezhou or


 7 days  150-200


 By coach We re-enter GuangXi visiting difference cities. These are inner hilly towns unlike the coastal/border cities we travelled earlier




 6 days1



  By coach, will omit Shaoguan if we stayed at Hezhou Will not go to Shaoguan if heavy rainfall. The whole town may immersed in flood. Qingyuan – a training college for footballer is found here.I will stay back in Dongguan after sending you folks to Baiyu Airport. Those like to Night-living , Dongguan has a lot to offer. It cost you Y 18 to Baiyu airport by coach leaving every 30 minutes from Dongguan check in terminal.

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  1. Tony,
    A query on your planned trip.
    I understand from local tour agencies that if your stay in CN exceeds 14days, you need to have a valid visa bcos visa-free period is only up to 14days for Singapore passport holders.
    Of course, I stand corrected. TQ.

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