Cookie Exchange Day – 18 Jan (Sat) 2 – 5 pm

Start a New Year with sharing among members…..

We will meet to share homemade cookies.  Each of you will have to bring some to eat and also a bottle of homemake cookes to exchang with one another.  At the same time, we can share baking tips (which I am sure that we can benefit from each other thru this).  Catching up with one another and get to know all better.

Coffee/Tea will be provided and this occasion is only to the first 20 members who sign-up.  Looking foward to seeing you…

Event: Cookie Exchange Day
Date: 18th Jan, Sat
Time: 2pm-5pm
Venue: Blk 103 Bishan St 12 S’pore 570103

EO : Kristy Quek….

Interested members as follows:
1) Kristy Quek
2) Richard Lean
3) Karen Thio (baking demonstration)
4) Lily Ho
5) Dolly
6) Amy Ko
7) Fred Heng
8) Lillian Teo
9) Anne Chee
10) Sally Kang
11) Yew Kwong
12) Susan CH Tan
13) Caroline Gee
14) Yatsin
15) Eileen Thean
16) Ann Lim
17) Gingko
18) Paul Kong
19) Peggy Kong
20) Nina Choo

40 thoughts on “Cookie Exchange Day – 18 Jan (Sat) 2 – 5 pm

  1. Hello Kristy,
    What a creative idea and a pleasant change.
    I would have love to attend, as I love baking and could share some baking tips with fellow SHC bakers. Unfortunately, I will be in Ho Chi Minh with May. Another time perhaps?

  2. Hi Kristy
    Managed to change my schedule, so will be able to attend. Some other friends will be joining too but I will leave them to sign in themselves.

    Thanks for taking the initiative to EO such interesting concept. See you soon.

  3. Hi Kristy

    Can I borrow your kitchen to do a demo and share the recipe of either cupcake or butter cookie ?

    I have wanted to EO an event to demo basic baking to SHC member but my humble home is too small .

    Anyone interested ? Please Kiew CHiew if u are interested and we can have “high-tea” after the lesson.

    Kristy plan of changing cookie still remain .


  4. Karen / Kristy …. heehee… KK

    You mean we come for cookie exchange, get to watch demo and get to taste the freshly baked cup cakes or butter cookies???? Wow wee, definitely don’t want to miss this.!!!

  5. Hi K/K
    I don’t have time to bake. Is it ok just to buy some cookies for this event?

    Hope to have your approval as I am sure there are others who don’t know how to bake or don’t have time to bake, but would like to join in the fun and watch your demo. Thank you.

  6. Hi all,
    Kristy’s unit number will be sent privately to those who registered. Kristy is unable to login as she lost her password. Dolly is helping her and we will certainly hear from her shortly.

  7. Hello

    Thanks for support to Kristy n me.

    Anyone can come in just for high tea n chat. Not necessary need to bring cookies for exchange.

    Kristy will welcome all with open arms n hugs n kisses!

    Just come n enjoy yourself.

    Tailor – u put on a apron n be my assistant or u demo hor!!!


  8. Hi Kristy,
    Thank you for bringing back the old kampong spirit (as our Peggy Yap advocates), with this ‘Cookie’ happy gathering.
    Please include me. I’ll bring cookies to share.
    Looking forward to catch up with you all. 🙂

  9. Hello Teacher (Carly)

    Mentioned u come check on the student hor !!! heehee

    Aiyo – teacher standing next to me – i don know if I can still demo or not !!!

    Carly – come after I finish baking and then u can comment hor !!Heehee


  10. Wow, 2 pro watching. I understand Susan CH Tan is also good at baking …. hmm…. why am I not surprised? Karen, you better buck up hor.

    I heard EO (and Karen) intend to cap the number to max 20 people. So better hurry.

  11. Lily

    Very Very stress with 2 Pro – watching me doing the demo.

    Please put a sign – DO NOT Enter for the two Pro !!

    This is my first baking event – so keep to max of 20 pax – if not I have to call the 2 teachers for help .


  12. Karen
    No need to worry. You have had so much practice so it will be a breeze but dont get too nervous and make teacher lao kui hor!


  13. Kindly register Ann Lim also.

    Iyo, not confident in baking cookies but I’ll try something at home to exchange or share, whatever.

    Thanks, looking forward to learning from the cookie gurus, one none other than Carly and start to bake for my CNY!

  14. Tailor

    U killing 3 birds with one stone?
    1. Cookie exchange
    2. Basic baking demo
    3. Movie making – yes! Yes! Yes!

    I m expecting better response for MMV then my baking!

    Who Kee chiew for Movie Making Class – I want my hokkien song for this lesson – ok?

    Tailor – remember bring yr laptop on that day.

    *** shud be 4 birds- high tea n chat


  15. Dear Kristy,

    Please count me in this cookie exchange and tasting party. Hope to pick up some cupcake tips from Missy Karen too. Would like to try and bake some.

    So friends, see you soon and happy time together again.

  16. Hi all registered attendees,
    I had met up with EO, Kristy. She only said homemake cookies so those cant bake 1 hor.. buy from those small small cake shops so long as homemake ones lor.. ai sai bo?

    Those bo bring 1 hor… I dun noe what Kristy had in mind to cheo cheo them but hor… for the fun, just come for a get-together session.

    Paul, stones – rocky stone cookies har… I dont mind lor…

    As the unit#, once nearing to the date, either Kristy or me will email to all of you – just in case, any abnormality happened lor.. ok bo? I think we will try to send out the email by next Wed latest… so slow slow tan tan hor…

    I hor, no baking but I will bring along disposable cups, plates and disposable bags… I think Kristy will approve me on this lor… tio bo, Kristy….

    So everyone… let’s enjoy…

    Cheers… Dolly

    BTW, Kristy’s ipad kaput liao and she is trying to get help to fix it soonest possible, so meanwhile, she might not hv access to SHC website….

  17. Hi All,
    Those whom are friends of Kristy on facebook shd knew that her temperament mood is highly affected by some comments from friends/relatives, be it here or elsewhere.

    During my meet up with her last Fri, she was perfectly OK till some names were brought out – Kristy told me that while she is deeply appreciative to those that helped her during those difficult times after Robert’s passed on as she told me that she was in recluse and only recently managed to get back on feet.

    As I am not sure what would be fate of this event, I hope that Kristy will be back to EO this event as many of us are looking foward. I personally tasted some of her foods as she offered me to have lunch with her and I must said that the food were good. All the most is the thought that counts.

    Finally, I would hope that no more advices are to be given to Kristy as I am sure that her family, especially her son, know what is best for her now. Unwanted remarks/advices such as over-stress, over-dosed medication or financial burdens should not be even said out at all. Who are we to judge these criteria for Kristy, right?

    To some of you, it may meant as friendly advice but have you ever wonder if Kristy needs these advices. We should learn to have the respect and value friendship regardless of any condition, be sick, healthy, rich or poor. Friendship are built up from a long way while the end is just as split second…
    Let give Kristy a good rest and will check on her progress to be updated as and when I recd updates from her son.

    Last but not the least, we will KIVed this event till further notice. Stay tuned for more updates.

    Thank you and best regards,

  18. Dear Dolly
    I know of people who are so “bah” and dont know their unwanted attention is not welcomed. We all know they do it out of care and concern. But they must know where the line is drawn. Its terrible for the person who is at the receiving end. Her pleas for time-out totally ignored and facing the firing squad left, right, front and back. Being poked, pushed and “strangled”. Its really suffocating. I really do hope these people will spare a thought for her and leave her to lead her own life. Whether it is for the better or for worse, its her choice. Dont try to lead other people’s life. No matter what your intentions are.
    I have spoken with Kristy and I know she appreciates the help and the friendship she received from her dear friends. But for some people, she really wants them out of her life. So please, you know who you are.
    I know and I have heard people calling me names and nasty things said about me cos I always hit back at people who “attack” my friends and I value my friends. You know what, I am not bothered cos my conscience is clear and like I always say. I do not live on other people’s opinion, especially those I dont care about. Only feelings and thoughts of my dear family and friends matter.
    So I hope Kristy will have some peace and that she will find time to do what she enjoys!

  19. Hi All registered members,
    This event will be postponed till further notice as Kristy’s family members had requested some quiet time. Meanwhile, Kristy’s family members had requested no visitation at this point of time – we shall all await for her return later.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  20. Hi All Members,
    I was requested by Kristy to give an update on her behalf as follows:

    Hi All SHCians,
    This is Kristy Quek-Ng. I am back, well n fine.
    Sometime in Jan, I also had a mild seizure. Just to share.
    One morning, l woke up at 4.30am with my whole body numb. I was rushed to TTSH A&E by ambulance. I reached at 5.10am, put thru a series of tests. I was told might have to be warded for furthur investigations n observations. Finally, they decided to discharge me at 8.45am. I was given 2 oral medications to last for 2 weeks n an appointment for ortho-neural specialist department. Diagnosis was mild seizure.
    I really thank God n all of u out there for the recent help, care n concerns, blessings n love.

    PS my absence is not due to mild seizure.

    Cheers always,
    Kristy ” Unquote

  21. Hi Kristy,
    Glad that you are back to SHC… We are still waiting for the cookie-exchange event once you are up to it… OK?

    Best regards.

  22. Dear Kristy,
    So glad to know you are back. Hope you are feeling very well. Like Dolly, I am waiting for the cookie exchange thingy too. Take care and hope to catch up soon.
    Hugs fr

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