SHC Talent-Time – 24 Nov 2007

Hi everyone,

SHC 1st Talent-time was held on Nov 2006 at the Oxford Hotel.  The last Talent-time was really fun.  Click here to see the pictures.

Hey, time to countdown to our Talent-Time……..we are all waiting for the moment when we shall see the most promising singers of SHC on 24 Nov.  All to be seen and heard.  Meanwhile, practise hard all singers –  Jia-Yu !! Who knows, you will be spotted and there goes your dream… one of those Singapore Idol !  Prizes awaiting for you..

Please note details for this year event :

Cost of buffet, confirmed at $17. 

  • Payment is non-refundable

    Prizes:  Appreciate all those sponsors who will be bringing their gifts that day to be at Oxford earlier, so we can have time to sort out the prizes accordingly.

    Committee :

    • Compares – Ron Lai & Joy Chuang
    • Judges – Lily Ho & Daniel Kang
    • Registration – Oi Cheng & Christina Chan
    • Managing the Karaoke machine, and queuing of songs – Ronald Lee
    • Prize committee – Rene Leong & Molly Chua
    • Fun committee  – Dolly Lim
    • Event organiser – Susan Chang
    • Bouncer – Tim Liu
    • Photographer – Dan Huang
    • Decor – Lee Ah Nee & Nor (with special help from Veron Lee)

    Prize Sponsored by :

    1. Gary Loke – one brand new hair dryer (Collected – bringing that day)
    2. Terence Seah – one handicraft sling bag, from Mae Hong Son, Thailand (bringing that day)
    3. Kaushal – Mr Beer Home Brewery Deluxe kit – (Collected)
    4. Esther Wong – flirty 40s, fabulous 50s, sentimental 60s Karaoke VCDs
    5. Edwin Chen – a $25/- Hard Rock Cafe voucher (With Molly)
    6. Steven Chan – 1 carton of Guinness Malta (Non-alcoholic) malt Energy drinks (Pls bring on that day) 
    7. Grace Kok – a set of baking ware & 3 bottles of wine (collected)
    8. Ron and Alice Lai – A new set of “5 in 1″ Power Handy Kit (consist of mini fan/vacuum cleaner/massager/ torchlight with compass with seperate holder). (collected)
    9. Sophia Lim – Oriental cook book (5) (Bringing that day)
    10. Dan Huang – a set of tupperware (Bringing that day)
    11. Robert & Kristy Quek – Takashimaya Cash Voucher worth $50 (with Terence)
    12. Rosalind Koh – A Japanese Figurine Doll
    13. Grace Wong – 1 Lady handbag
    14. Eileen Lee – 1 table lamp & 1 hair dryer (Collected – with Molly)
    15. Benson Koh – Evening Bag (collected – with Rene)
    16. Norlinda – one outdoor hat & bag from Bangkok (bringing that day)
    17. Tim Liu – $68 angpow


    To all the singers (guess this is what you have been waiting for) :

    We have finalised the line up of the singers for that evening.  These was specially drawn by Terence and changes will not be entertained.   We would appreciate everyone to adhere to their Q number.  We don’t encouraged changes as this will disrupt the sequence of songs that has been programmed. All participants, please feel free to come in earlier to have your trial/practise (1 song per participant) but subject to timing and on a first-come-first serve basis.  We hope to see everyone by 3:30pm latest. During the actual Talent-time, if you miss your turn, it will be considered disqualified.  emoticonWe seek your understanding.  Have fun!! emoticon

    1. M1 – Tim Liu
    2. F1 – Sophia Lim
    3. M2 – Philip Ong
    4. F2 – Bernie Chung
    5. M3 – Ronald Wie
    6. F3 – Jane Wong
    7. M4 – Dan Huang
    8. F4 – Gwyneth Lee
    9. M5 – Terence Seah
    10. F5 – Esther Wong
    11. M6 – Andrew Yeung
    12. F6 – Clara Chay
    13. M7 – William Wong
    14. F7 – Caroline Gee
    15. M8 – Anthony Lee
    16. F8 – Rosalind Koh
    17. M9 – Steven Chan
    18. F9 – Annie Loh
    19. M10 – Loh Yew Kwong

    Attendees and/or participants :

    1. Annie Loh – PAID              (Singing :"????", Singer : ???)
    2. Caroline Gee – PAID         (Singing : "I Only Want To Be With You")
    3. Linda Chang – PAID
    4. Dolly Lim – PAID (Fun Committee) 
    5. Lily Ho – PAID (Judge)
    6. Clara Chay – PAID      (Singing : "There’s a Kind of Hush”)
    7. Molly Chua – PAID (Whisky pourer /prize committee)
    8. Susan Chang – PAID(Event Organiser)
    9. Oi Cheng – PAID (Registrar)
    10. Esther Wong – PAID          (Singing : "My heart will go on")
    11. Andrew Yeung – PAID        (Singing : "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas)
    12. Terence Seah – PAID         (Singing : "Daddy, Don’t you walk so fast")
    13. Tim Liu – PAID                    (Singing Mandarin song "???”by ???)
    14. Steven Chan – PAID          (Singing : "Edelweiss")
    15. Venika Leong – PAID
    16. Dan Huang – PAID             (Singing : "Your cheating heart")
    17. Lee Ah Nee – PAID (Decor)
    18. Norlinda – PAID (Decor)
    19. Anne To – PAID
    20. Dennis Wee – PAID
    21. Wendy Goh – PAID
    22. Ron Lai – Lead compere, PAID
    23. Alice Lai – PAID
    24. Eyvonne Chew – PAID
    25. Veron Lee – PAID (Offer to help)
    26. Joy Chuang – co-compere, PAID
    27. Alice Teo – PAID
    28. Ann Lim –  PAID
    29. Bessie Lam – PAID
    30. Ronald Lee – KJ, PAID
    31. Agnes Tan – PAID
    32. LH Jie – PAID
    33. Eileen Lee – PAID
    34. Lisa Ong –  PAID
    35. Christina Chan – PAID (Registrar)
    36. John Howe – PAID
    37. Jane Wong – PAID       (Singing Canto :  ????? by ??? )
    38. Rene Leong – PAID (Prize Committee)
    39. Grace Kok – PAID
    40. Bernie Chung – PAID   (Singing : "Do you know where you’re going to" by Diana Ross)
    41. Philip Ong – PAID        (Singing : "Blue Hawaii") by Elvis Presley
    42. Anne Ng – PAID
    43. Lee Peng Peng – PAID
    44. Catherine Chong – PAID
    45. Rosalind Koh – PAID        (Singing canto : "??????")
    46. Grace Wong – PAID
    47. Boon Liang – PAID
    48. Dee Ang – PAID
    49. Lina Ng – PAID
    50. Gwyneth Lee – PAID    (Singing Hokkien song :"Ah Bu Ay Chew")
    51. June Chin – (confirmed by Terence)
    52. Eliza Chua – PAID
    53. Nina Gan – PAID
    54. Benson Koh – PAID
    55. Gingko Tay – PAID
    56. Chin Kim Seng – PAID
    57. Michelle Siew – PAID
    58. Lina Tan – PAID
    59. Ronald Wie – PAID       (Singing : "Don’t Forget to Remember") by BeeGees
    60. Anthony Lee – PAID     (Singing Hokkien :"??")
    61. Nora Chia – PAID
    62. Lilian Lee – PAID
    63. Patricia Lim – PAID
    64. Zahriah – PAID
    65. Dorothy Shem – PAID
    66. Ang Ann Siong – PAID
    67. Angie Ng – PAID
    68. Cheryl Ho – PAID
    69. Elizabeth Hwang – PAID
    70. Janet Ng – PAID
    71. Loh Yew Kwong – PAID (Singing : Malay song titled “Si Jantung Hati”) Wei, SweetHeart
    72. Sophia Lim – PAID    (Singing : "Getting To Know You")
    73. Daniel Kang – PAID (Judge)
    74. Kee Sze Ping – PAID
    75. Mary Tan – PAID
    76. Roland Tong – PAID
    77. Chian Wah – PAID
    78. Janet Heng – PAID
    79. P H Liu – PAID
    80. Margaret Chan – PAID
    81. William Wong – PAID (Singing : Canto "????? –???")

    Looking forward to seeing all of you on 24 Nov…. Participants – do come in earlier to try out your song. Thanks everyone for your support & cooperation.

    Susan & committee


    This event is strictly for SHC members only.

    Regret this post will be closed for comments.

    250 thoughts on “SHC Talent-Time – 24 Nov 2007

    1. Dear Suzhang,
      I am free that day so, able to help out as the other Registrar 😀

    2. Hi Christina

      Thank you very much for helping out. I will put you as the other registrar. 🙂


    3. It may be tough on the Organisers to look for specific songs so for me, any song by Yu Tien, Zhuang Shue Zhong, Luo Shi Feng, Limau Mountain, Green Mountain, Wang Chin Yuen, Lor Kim Long, Leong Seng Por, Lang Chi Pak, San Ma Chai or………will do. Hope it helps.

    4. Sorry, Josephine Yap, Maria Tan and Julie Guan will not be going for the talentime event.

      Sorry for the inconvenience


    5. Hi, Terence. I have just transferred $34.00 to your DBS Savers Plus A/C # 023-2-036239 via Internet banking today 23/10/2007. Plse check. This is for myself and Anne Ng.

      Hi,Susan. Thanks to you and your committee for a neater way to handle the list of intended participants. Thanks also for the opportunity to get upgraded – for those on the waiting list.

      Regards ……… Philip

    6. Christina:

      It was very innovative of you to make that move – we are now on the confirmed list. I’ll get that opportunity to spot for talent for next year’s getai. Thanks very much indeed!


      Your comments above, between names #38 and #39, appear to have terminated abruptly???


    7. Hi Terence,

      I have transferred today, Oct 23 – $17 to your DBS Savers Plus #023 2 036239 – Ref # 5521 for the Talentime on Nov 24, 2007.

      Regards, Peng Peng

    8. Susan,

      Payment for my share was made however not reflected. Please let me know if you are unable to find it. Cheers….

    9. Susan,

      Quickie please refer to posting by Terence on 24 July see comment no. 306 by Andrew Yeung who have deposited the funds on my behalf. Thanks.

    10. Hi Philip

      Hv taken note of yours & Anne Ng’s payment.
      Hope to meet you & Anne on that day.


    11. Hi John,

      It was left intentionally that way, to differentia those who have paid & those who have not. But as soon as payment is received,
      it will be definitely up in the confirmed list.

      Hi Grace
      Sorry for the oversight. I hv noted your payment and you are now on the confirmed list.

      Peng Peng – You too, thanks for the payment.


    12. Hi Terrence
      I have transferred $17into your acc.023-2 036239. Ref No:6705
      at POSB ATM
      so please write PAID against my name . thank you
      And my contribution to the prize an exquisite Japanese tea-set

    13. Hi Suzhang,
      I have paid $17 cash to Terence on games day at the CSC personally to him but my name is not reflected on yr list as a supporter. Please gently refresh his mind. thank you.I have also indicated a sponsored prize and offered to help if u need an extra pair of hands.
      Grace Wong

    14. Hi Rosalind

      Thanks for your payment and your contribution, an exquisite Japanese tea set.

      Will hv to figure out how to consolidate all the prizes from those generous sponsors. Will get back to you later on this.


    15. Hi GraceW

      I think Terence might have forgotten..hmmm…don’t worry, I will remind him and shall update my list to reflect PAID
      later,k ?

      If you intend to sponsor a prize, please let us know the item so it’s easier for the prize committee to sort out.


    16. Hi Terrence I have transferred $17 into your acc.023-2 036239. Transaction Ref #:1407467970 to your DBS Savers Plus on 23 Oct 2007 – PAID! Hi Susan, do let me know if you need any help, I’ll be glad to volunteer.

    17. Boonliang,

      I have noticed your presence in our recent activities. This is very refreshing. Something in my mind. If you ever like to organise a monthly activity, please feel free to raise your hand. Really, I have been turning my head around to find an EO for December gathering.

      Terence Seah

    18. Hi Terence,
      I have transferred $17 to yr ac this morning. Transaction ref: 1408267282 (DBS internet banking).


    19. Hi Susan, greetings!! My husband, william, and I, Margaret, are new babes in the SHC. Saw the updated waiting list but no got our names!!! If we pay pronto, does it cfm we are in?? Dunno how I got into this lead, just hope that I can come back here to get your good news!!! Tks!!!

    20. Hi Boon Liang & Dee

      Thanks for your payment. Both will be upgraded to the confirmed list.

      Boon Liang, will let you know if we need help, as for the time being, we are ok. Thanks for offering.


    21. Hi Margaret & William

      Cud I hv your surname pls ?
      I have put both names under the waiting list.
      As soon as you make payment, it will be considered as confirmed – so wait no longer….
      1st come, 1st serve for those on the waiting list. 🙂


    22. Margaret,

      Please submit your song title by 3 Nov and we will see if we can find it in the system. If not, then you got to BYO. Do come early on that day to try it out though.


    23. Hi Susan(EO),

      I have Gary’s donated gift of the hair dryer with me. Secondly I can make it for the event, so will choose these songs (Dont’ Forget to remember me -BeeGees, or More than I can Say). Will me making payment soon.


    24. Perhaps, folks thinking of singing Bee Gees songs shd reconsider………reason is, the original Bee Gee will be there herself.

      Pls take a bow, Caroline.

    25. Margaret, duet with Yam Pak? Pak Simon Yam Tat Wah? That lolo can sing meh? Sekali half way thru huh, he starts sayang me then how……remember what parliament says about natural evolution for the………?

      Seriously, the most celebrated duet by Yam Kim Fai & Pak Suet Xin has to be Dai Lui Fa but I do hv a problem pretending to sing like a male when I naturally am. It’s a tad high for me. Perhaps, Fan Fei Yin?

    26. Hi Terence, I have just transferred $17 to your account No. 023-2-036239, transaction reference 1408673715.

      Thanks, Lina

    27. Hi RonaldW, glad you can come and join us this talent-time. Shall we put your 1st choice as “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” – by BeeGees ? and 2nd choice “Don’t Forget to Remember to Pay” by RonaldW ?……ha..ha…

    28. hi Terence
      I hv transferred $17 to your account No. 023-2-036239 for Gwyneth Lee

      Sue..pls upgrade her to ‘paid’ status,as
      for her song title, wait lah,will send a gentle reminder 🙂

    29. Hi Norlinda, how u been? Hardly see you around.
      Will you be going on the Makan trail on Sat? What about the potluck picnic?

    30. hi Mary C…
      nice to hear u, even invisible..
      i’ve been a little busy lah..realise hv to curi time a bit to chat, if not kena left behind…but i got so many kakis to update me hhmmmm.. eager to meet you but timing always tak ngam hor?
      No…wont be going to makan trail…told the captain oredi…got prior apptments
      then during potluck, i’ll be in Bangkok with few frens…jalan2, makan2,shopping2!
      but i will definately going to Ubin…must support my buddy Yew Kwong…hahaha LOL
      so, i hope to c u there…then we can get close & personal!…hehehe…

    31. hi Terence…
      sori..forgot to include the transaction reference number earlier for Gwyneth Lee, its 4106

      Mary C…i recall, u ‘scared’ of the sun? maybe i wont c u at Ubin?…come lah…don worry plenty of shades
      im yet to register…shall we?

    32. Hi Tim,

      Ronald Lee will be handling the song list, so if you want to sing “Fan Fei Yin” with Margaret, we will look that up for you, ok?
      Or do you still prefer to sing 1 solo ? It’s fine if you want to duet with Margaret and also take up the challenge for single – no problem, just let us know your preference and we will arrange.


    33. Hi Nor

      Thanks a million. I was busy attending course today. Will let Ronald/Sue have my song title in mail.

      See u!! sayang

    34. Terence/Suzan

      I have transfered $34 for myself and Nina Gan today (24.10.07). receipt no. 3588. transfered from POSB Funan branch.


    35. Hi Terence/Susan,

      Have transfered $17 to account No. 023-2-036239. Also emailed to Terence this morning.

      Thanks benson

    36. Gosh, missing out on loads of interesting news and happenings.

      Hi Terence – Transferred $17.00 to your DBS account 023-2-036239. Please let me know if it’s not received.

      Hi Susan – If there’s anything I can do to help, please sing out. There is so much excitement building up now and it looks set to be a great evening. Can’t wait for the BIG BASH to come.

    37. Ooops! Terence, sorry forgot to tell you Transaction Ref. is 4787.

      Must be getting giddy headed now. It’s late, better get some sleep. Good night… or good morning.

    38. Hi Susan– William Wong wld like to sing a Canto by Danny Chan Pak Keong “Arn Liu Wai Lay Low” and duet with me an opera aurial “Tai Liu Far”. The second song is not for competition, just for fun. Pls chk if both CDs available pls.
      Tim –if u are man enuff to sing as a man then we can duet. You keen? You wanna try Fong Yin Fun’s “Tow Ngor Yuen”
      New Babe Margaret

    39. Sue, noted with tks.

      Insofar as my song goes, it’s status quo.

      Insofar as new babe Margaret goes, frankly, i am at my wits’ end & dunno what she wants (why women hv to be so complicated one leh??).

      Seems like she wants William Wong for the nite, she also wants Chan Pak Keong and probably tim liu too (strong hint in her “Arn Liu Wai Lay Low” & “Tai Liu Far” and I am still trying to decipher what these hokien-japanese pronounced in cantonese really mean).

      And with the impending arrival of “Tow Ngor Yuen”, his other triplets Tow Huey Chui and Tow Sar Pau shd too be expected..

      So, Sue, beyong my designated song, we’ll see how things go on that maddening evening when the Tows might take singing duets into slinging duels?

    40. Hi Sue/Terence,
      Payment for KS Chin/Michelle $34 done, Trxf 1409714440 – Pls note.

      Aside reading, KS/Michelle, payment done with super help from Yew Kwong lor..

    41. Acknowledging payment with thanks of : Gwyneth Lee, Eliza Chua, Nina Gan, Benson Koh & Gingko

      All have been upgraded to the confirmed list.

      Thanks all,


    42. Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for your interest. I can’t promise if there will be enough time for fun singing later on due to time constraint and other program in the pipeline.

      If time permit, we will try our best to accomodate.

      And Tim, noted.


    43. Hi Dolly,

      Noted payment for KS Chin & Michelle. Thanks Yew Kwong & Dolly.

      Hi Dorothy Shem,

      Your name is now under the waiting list pending your payment. Hope to hear from you soon.


    44. Dear Terence & Susan

      As I have mentioned about “CHICKEN FUN DANCE” for the evening entertainment at the coming Talent Time event, I have finally able to obtain the tape, after scouting around Singapore music shops for quite awhile.
      Is a simple party dance that will definitely enjoy by all, if the need arises, a demonstration will be given on that very evening.


    45. Hi Ron,

      Thank you for the effort, in scouting for the music. Hmm, how long is a Chicken Fun dance? I am looking forward to it.

      For participants, Ron Lai and Joy Chuang are our compere and co-compere. We look forward to meeting one another this Talent-Time evening.


    46. Thanks for your effort, Ron.

      Yes, we do need you to demon for us and we look forward to having fun together… Terence need more whisky ya to warm up… he.he…

    47. Ron, if that happens, I’ll be on standby in case the situation gets out of hand.

      Btw, pls tell me ahead of the hour of reckoning…….what’re you afraid of? Garlic? The cross or a pak-kua mounted on a mirror? Or Terence standing x-eyed in front of you, waving his donald duck pattern underpants?

    48. helo Ron Lai…
      Your chicken dance sound very interesting & i cant stop imagining how it goes..
      here’s my version..
      we all hold hands together,swaying gelek here gelek there..whole body shake shake till whatever drops ting a ling ling..then go chick!chick!chick!….hehe…so fun!

    49. Hi Susan,

      I would like to participate in singing competition, I will bring my own disc…a canton song…is it alright?


    50. Hi Terence, Susan, Tim & Norlinda

      The CHICKEN FUN DANCE will take 4min & 22sec length of time, and can be performed by all in one go, if the crowd is too big, it will then be divided into two separate groups. If necessary, I think, our one and only Tim will definitely be on hand to master the crowd, then I would not required any Garlic, Cross or Pak-Kua mounting on a mirror, as what our good Tim predict.

      Norlinda, you will have to wait till Nov 24th to let loose your imagination, to really see and join in the fun.


    51. Found the link rite under my nose!! Tim, Susan said no time for fun!!So methink same goes for slinging Tow Huey Chiu and Tow Sar Pau! BTW what;s ur designer song?? Designed by Liang Chi Pak, Leong Sing Por or Lor Kim Long
      new babe Margaret

    52. Ron, you huh…….

      It was after reading Sue’s reply abt you leading us for some fun with chicken & demon that I mentioned garlic, cross or pak-ua mounting on a mirror in case we need to do an exorcism if the chicken starts to slither like a snake.

      Margaret (C), David Gunn designs hairstyle so if he were to design a song for me it has to be a hairy song…….a mau mau ge …and quite definitely, ah huey & her pau will be in the lyrics, I can arrange a preview for you……..

    53. Hi Clara

      Sorry to say that your Chicken Dance clip is not what it is, till you see it on the 24th Nov. The music score maybe similiar, but the CD I’ve obtained has the improved version of sound-track, and also the chicken’s CHIRPY, CHIRPY sound.


    54. Hi Ron,
      I like the music too….knew that these are not the actual steps (an e-card)….my children did the dance years back during the x’mas party ……maybe it had been upgraded now to a better version….appreciate your effort and time in scouting the dance music and looking forward to share the fun time together with all !! cheers *

    55. Hi Terence,

      In response to #19, very tight schedules ahead, both personal and work matters. I’m open to your suggestion probably in 2008, shall give some thought to it, probably on a smaller event or activities. Thanks for lighting the spark!

    56. Hi Terence

      I have made payment to your account. Reference : 8419, Queen Street Branch, dated 26 Oct. Looking forward to this event.


    57. Boon liang,

      Anytime, when you are ready, we are ready. I see the people around you respond well to your presence. Keep it up.


    58. Boon Liang

      Sure n definite. Pls count in my full support 4 U 2.

      Ur presence hd made life beautiful n wonderful 4 others.

    59. Hi Susan

      Hope that it is still not too late to register. To show my sincerity, I have transferred the payment liao. Transaction details as per email.

      Let me know if my status is upgraded.
      Look 4ward to the fun nite.


    60. Hi everybody, for informing me that you have paid. Sorry, I did not reply to each and every one of you, but if the word PAID has been placed besides your name, consider it paid.

      I guess ATM or online internet banking is a great way to transfer money, without the use of cheques and cash. The reference number that you get when you make online or ATM transfer is proof of payment.

      Have fun. And I look forward to seeing our comperes showing us the chicken dance, our judges (and their seriousness), the prize committee, Susan, organising and registration committees hard at work, and all of you coming and meeting new and more friends.

      And, if there are any hiccups, some tolerance and patience on our part would be most welcome. Some form of disorganisation is good for SilverHairs.

      Formal organisation of “Stars in Concert” will start after the Talent-Time.

      Terence Seah

    61. Hi calling all those who have registered and those on the waiting list, could I have your support for this event if you are still keen ?

      Especially those wannabe who wants to join in singing : Patrick Yeo, Anthony Lee, Daniel Chan, Sophia Lim, Randy Lee, Margaret Chan, William Wong and Ronald Wie…. can I have your response ?

      Thanks a million,


    62. Many sorry Susan!!! miscom!!me tot gotta cfm if u have the CD else we gotta get one Karaoke CD cos we dun sing Kara at home usually we sing with the singer!! Sori, if me looooooooooongwinded

    63. Hi Terence,Susan

      Payment of $17 made to Terence account.Ref:1413686776 . Pls confirmed , Thanks.

      Ok so have remembered to pay , so Susan pls dont forget to remember me (the song) I mean.


    64. Hi Terence,Susan

      Payment of $17 made to Terance A/C 1413916316.


      With the best wishes

    65. Hi Anthony, my dear room-mate

      As last heard from you and nice to know you’ll sing a song.

      It needs a lot of technique for the Hokkien song, practice more, Ok.

    66. Hi Margaret

      Wow, you must be a performer singing with singers…
      Sorry for the confusion. Ronald who is in charge of songs was not around the last few days so unable to check if we can find William Wong Canto by Danny Chan Pak Keong “Arn Liu Wai Lay Low”. Can I translate as “tears flowing for you” ? correct ? Don’t want to get the wrong song for William as he might be dedicating this song for you…he..he..

      Most probably can find your opera titled “Tai Liu Far”. Anyhow, will let you know in the next 1 or 2 days if we can find your songs.


    67. Hi RonaldW

      I did not forget you, that’s why I reminded you…he..he.. Thanks for the payment.

      Hi Anthony, thanks for your payment too and looking forward to your hokkein song.


    68. Hi Janet, Elizabeth & Cheryl (the 3 good friends)…. are you gals coming bo ?
      Didn’t hear from you leh… 1 come all come, if not I will short of 3 supporters from you leh… pls come & join in the fun lah!

      Hope to hear from you gals !


    69. Hi,Susan/Ronald Lee. Could you please register me for the SHC Talentime. My song will be “Angel” by Elvis Presley. I will bring my own disc.

      Thanks …… Philip

    70. Hi Terence,

      Please register me and my wife, Angie Ng for the SHC Talentime as i am not on the waiting list and thus will need your help in including us in the list.

      I will transfer the money upon your approval.


      Ann Siong

    71. Terence, fyi…i have made a fund transfer of ($17) into your DBS savings plus account
      023-2-036239 on behalf for Nora Chia. Kindly take note on transaction reference :1414316083

    72. Hi Terence & Susan,

      Lilian Lee and Patricia Lim had deposited $34/= into Terence’s DBS Saving Plus a/c #023-2-036239 on 25 Oct ’07. Ref #1439.
      Pls acknowledge “PAID”. Doing it on their behalf, leh!! Not kaypoh but helping damsels in distress, lah..hahaha!!
      Btw, pls ignore Lilian’s comment posted at Talentime picture 2006. She was on the wrong post lah.

      Thks & Cheers

    73. Hi Philipong, Ang Ann Siong & Angie Ng – on waiting list now pending your payment to be upgraded. Thanks for your support and looking forward to seeing all of you.

      Also, thanks to Clara & Dennis who gave a helping hand in transfering the payment for : Nora Chia, Lilian Lee and Patricia Lim. They are upgraded to confirmed list liao. 🙂

      Thanks to all !!

    74. Susan, I am already on the “Paid””confirmed list (# 41). So you can go ahead to cancel
      another Philip Ong listed in your waiting list. Believe this is a duplication.
      I had also requested to take part in the singing contest and the song given was “Angel”

      Thanks …….. Philip

    75. Dear Terence / Susan

      Zahriah deposited her fee of $17 – 22 Oct to your account for the Telentime (Ref – 7597). Look forward to the sparkling evening on 24 Nov.

    76. Hi Terrence
      I want to let you know that dorothy shem has paid $17 into account 0232036239 on the 25th via atm posb. Her ref no is 0679.
      dorothy is out of town at the moment . That is why I have inform you of her payment on her behalf.

    77. Thanks Philip – noted your interest.

      Zahriah & Dorothy Shem – thanks for your payment. You are now on the confirmed list.


    78. Haha, so “Arn Liu Wai Lay Low” means “tears flowing for you”.

      In the wake of unrests and arrests up north, the Aungs, Arns, Kyaws are all lying low & hiding. So I thot Mr Arn Liu Wai must be a character to deserve special mention at SHC talentime for his lay low.

      Btw, “liu” is pronounced as “lew” and “lui” as “loooooi” and not knowing the difference can be disastrous.

      So if you approach a dame and ask for lui, she probably look away but if you ask to liu, she probably give you a slap……….

    79. To LIU or to LUI????
      Mr Liu, it’s not nice to keep “liuing” a dame, especially if she’s a nice good “lui” and to ask for “loooi”

      Susan, did Ronald manage to find the tears?
      Otherwise Arn Liu gotta lie low!!!

    80. Hi Tim & Margaret

      Alamak, my hanyu pinyin super bad.
      Pls don’t laugh leh… I only literally translating it as I see maybe I am wrong lor…really paiseh.
      Margaret, if it’s wrong, pls let me have the correct characters in chinese so I can give William the correct song to sing instead of weep lah….he..he.

      Still hv no news from Ronald, maybe still collecting tears from someone….he..he..

    81. No, Sue, yr translation is absolutely correct….so let’s wait for buckets of tears to flow on the talentime evening and if those still arent enough, will arrange for tear gas to be delivered then not just the humsup get the arn sup sup, everybody also become arn sup sup…………………..

    82. Hi Terence/Susan,

      Payment of $34.00 made to Terence account 023-2-036239 ref # 3855. The payment is for myself and Angie Ng. Please conform.


    83. Hi Terence/Yew Kwong,

      Gee, thanks for the generous words and support. I shall remember it anytime, everytime!

    84. You kidding Tim…. it’s suppose to be a happy occasion 🙂 and not a sad one 🙁 We definitely don’t want to see people arn sup sup that night… maybe not until Terence come up with his sad song….he.he..

    85. oh my oh mee!! Susan, no offence meant!!Your pinyin is ok!!It’s only folks like me who love to pun the fun!! No hum if arn sup sup with tears of lafter!!!

    86. Heee, cheers to you for this potential of getting people to arn sup sup, amthg even with his wealth & connections that tan seri cdnt do so, well done new-bathe Mug-get-nut…………like yr pun for fun a lot.

      Dont worry Sue, Terence’s “Daddy dont you walk so fast” is hilarious cos it’s the geylang version.

      His song will take us thru father & son’s exploits together at geylang – the son’s first time there and he was so excited that he stopped walking after seeing his newbabe.

    87. hi Terence/Susan

      Sorry just came back from holiday yesterday and not around for the past 2 weeks . Will transfer S$51.00 this evening and let u know the ref no. once confirm.

      Thks / Cheryl Elizabeth & Janet.

    88. Hi Susan just tfr online $34 into Terence’s DBS Plus txn ref is 1417199383. Now the tears is in Roland’s bucket!!!!

    89. Hi Susan / Terence,

      Will sponsor a evening bag for the lucky draw. Whom do I pass to?

      Benson Koh

    90. Fantastic !

      The evening bag is ideal for shopping by folks who hv to work late and hardly hv the time in the day to buy fish, prawns, meat, veggie so you can expect Ben son’s bag to be very big, smthg like the one Santas uses year end.

      You hv to be more than lucky to win this bag.

    91. Hi Susan Chang/Oi Cheng,

      Sorry i am unable to attend the said talent-time as i will be away on business. Pls deregister my name from the list, 71. Richard Lee

      Peace be with You
      Richard Lee

    92. Hi I have just joined in today. I am interested to attend the talentime. It sounds very exciting and fun. All of you seem to be very boisterous and fun to be with. I do not want to sing but just want to be part of the fun. Are there any more seats left for me and my partner. Thanks.

    93. EO space for Irene Ong & partner rite?
      thot i saw only 67 paid…2 more days & 13 more
      only ‘chop’..but judge Daniel Kang apa macam belum pay?..hehe

      Hope to c u Irene..

    94. HI! Terence /Susan

      I have already transfer S$51.00 to DBS Saving A/c # 023-2-036239 ref # 7774 this evening (30/10/07) Pls confirm payment and check yr A/C.

      Thks – Cheryl, Elizabeth & Janet

    95. Ha..ha..Margaret, I know you are joking… no joke, no fun.. guess we have not met and am looking forward to seeing you &
      William that night. Think you must be a fun
      -loving person from the comments.
      and Marg, thanks for the payment. Hoping that nite will be filled with tears of joy….


    96. Hi Benson

      Thanks for sponsoring the evening bag. Will let you know how we can collect later, ok ?

      Hi Richard, noted your withdrawal. Thanks for informing.


    97. Hi Irene

      Yes, you are welcome to join in the fun. Btw, is your partner a SHC member ? If so, would need to know his/her name for registration before I can put both your names up. Deadline for payment is tomorrow, so pls give me your partner’s name soonest.


    98. Hi Terence – noted on KT.

      Hi Cheryl, Elizabeth & Janet – wow, you’re back in time….thanks for your support & payment. 🙂

    99. Hi Nor

      Daniel’s gone hiding I think…..but he promised to come that nite so I am still waiting for his payment.

      Wei Daniel… am still waiting for your reply on your partner’s info… cud you pls hurry, as tomorrow is deadline. Apa macam, this judge very susah leh…MIA for so long.

      Wei Patrick Yeo, you joining or not ?…. I know you are around, surely you don’t want to miss this right ?

    100. Hi Susan

      Pls register me 4 participating n singing a Malay song titled “Si Jantung Hati”.

      $17 hd been trf re : trx no. 1418235359

    101. an evening bag is a bag used in the evenings and a Santa-sized shopping bag when shopping with Santa and never the twain met except in Tim’s candlefrankenstine factory where he tried to hybrid them!
      BTW Susan what r d charges if me bring me 5 yr grand dotter along!!!

    102. Hi Margaret,

      Someday, the SilverHairsClub may organise activities for the under 45s. But, definitely, not for now or the forseeable future. As a SHC member, please observe the club age rules when participatng in the activities.

      Terence Seah

    103. Noted on Patrick. Thanks Terence.

      Yew Kwong, alas, you finally made up your mind to come…..good for you and the rest too….motivate them to sing better if there’s one more competitor…he.he.. thanks for transfering the $$. You are confirmed.

    104. Yew Kwong,

      Glad to know that u can join the crazy gang on Talentime Day. “Jia yu…jia yu” the Malay song titled “Si Jantung Hati” that u are singing…. What it means huh, can translate to english, boleh tak? 🙂

      Ah Nee

    105. Wei wei, Sue & Nor

      I last saw Daniel & girlfriend at Kovan “Cold storage” shopping for groceries. Most probably he is stocking up his rations and gone hiding in JB. If he never turn up, Lily will have headache….
      Apa macam? Judge Daniel.. don’t disappoint the talented participants leh, where are u?

      Ah Nee 🙂

    106. A morning bag is a bag schoolchildren carry to school in the morning. An evening bag has to be a bag fathers made to carry for grocery-shopping while mothers play mahjong and talk kingkong.

      So, Ben’s son, since there’s no consensus of what a evening bag is, suggest that you replace it with a gunny sack……….I dont think Margaret can put any hybrid in a GS.

      Margaret, you like pun. I too so here comes another one.

      If the Mug-get-luck, (it’s a) Charm but if Mug-get-lark, heee Cham (si).

      Patrick must be very busy planting a papaya tree right in the middle of his Alexandra garden.

      When Yew Kwong sings, all our handphones ring………heee, he’s such a good motivator so happy that he not only comes but he’ll sing.

      Last, not least, a special tribute to Sue for acknowledging every payment made and replying to every query so very promptly. Well done, Sue

      (But like that hor, she might forget to switch off the pot brewing herbal soup and so the double-boiled soft turtle might become char siew turtle)

    107. Hi Terence

      I have paid $17.00 from my POSB Saving Account on 30 Oct 07 (as the ATM was not working on that afternoon) to your DBS Plus 0232036239 for the Buffet and Talentine scheduled on 24 Nov 07.

      Kindly acknowledge that I have paid. My song – Gettig to Know You sang in The King and I. My contribution prize – The Oriental Cookbook (5)

      Hope to meetup again.

      Sophia Lim

    108. Hi Sophia

      Thanks for your payment and contribution.

      We would definitely like to get to know you too….

      See yah,

    109. Hi

      Thanks to Rene, we were able to furnish some of the songs with chinese title and also the link to the respective songs.

      Sorry Tim, can’t find the link to your song… for Jane, Rosalind, Margaret & William, enjoy listening & practise hard on your songs……

      For those who wish to listen more of your favourite canto or chinese songs, follow this link :



    110. Ah Nee

      Yes, I dont want 2 miss e crazy bunch on such occasion.

      E song title is “Wei, SweetHeart”.

    111. Mug-get-luck or Mug-get-lark never mind as long as dun get-mugged!!
      BTW Susan dear, me no install Chinese in me comp. All I got when I link dee links u sent thru Cyberspace was Cyprish!! How ah!!!!

    112. Hi Susan,
      My song title is “Just tell me you love me” by England Dan/John Ford Coley instead of ” Just to tell me you love me” .Kindly make your correction. Attention is appreciated. thks.

    113. Hi Clara

      Thanks for informing. It’s amended now.

      Calling all other singers : Pls check your song title and let me know if there’s any error.

      Hi Margaret, it’s an internet link… I think got nothing to do with whether your computer install Chinese or not…. I am no good either, so maybe Yew Kwong, can you advise ?


    114. Sue, it’s ok. I believe in fate & so will leave it to fate.

      Marg, haha, clever of you to turn the mug round & round. Whether it be luck, lark or lard, so long as nobody lug fu (canto) that nite, I suppose Terence will still plead with his daddy not to walk too fast for us, or not to walk about distiurbing the gals.

      (Oooops, sorie uncle Seah for teasing you but what to do, yr good son brought you into this thread, what).

    115. Hi Susan, Rene

      It is so nice to listen and practice the song while surfing the net….thanks for arranging this


    116. Hi Susan
      Got the Chinese outed on my desktop (earlier was using my laptop)but,ah sori Saw ten titles by Ah Lam and others no got my song leh!!

    117. Hi Margaret,
      Just go to ur song title and click on it, you shd b able to link to there, probably the latest version, i.e. mo chup dai lui fa instd of d older version 1 lor..

    118. Indeed, it’s Bocahp Theresa and not the original Dai Lui Fa so perhaps Margaret may want to get into the hee & haw of this new version very quickly ?

      The other Chinese songs are………..superb !

    119. Hi Susan

      If it’s not too late, tomorrow morning I will transfer $17 to the DBS account 023-2-036239.


    120. Hi Mary

      Haven’t heard from you for a long time….you must be busy. You are welcome to join since we hv not hit 80..he.he.. I will close shop tmr.
      Thanks for the transfer.

    121. I played the Bochap Theresa again & it got me jumping from table to table.

      Since it’s a wuxia song maybe Marg shd prepare herself by taking a crash course with the pugilist masters (majority of them hide in mountains) first.

      Since Talentime is a song contest, Mountain of Song (Song San) is best. Sadly, she cant go there.

      It’s ok not to find a silverhair up there. Still ok if they’re all botak. But these botak-heads are all male. You dont find a female monk in shaolin temple.

      With the Mountain of Song out, can try another mountain – Er Mei San and come back as another wuyi gao jiang Zhou Zi Ruo (as in Jinyong’s Yi Tien Too Long Ji). Or a Er Gu, the once famed TCS comedian.

      But the danger is, up there, she will also find a lot of 3 gu 6 por so she’ll hv to choose her sparring mates very carefully……..

    122. Hi Susan

      Money transferred today. Thanks.

      Yah Dolly, mia since I had the fall. Injured arm is still in cast, expect to have cast off by mid Nov. Hope to join the activities soon.


    123. Hi Susan & Jane,

      Acknowleged your thanks with thank.

      I am the reserve for ??? – ????? if she didn’t turn up on that nite.


    124. Aiyo, poor Mary

      Why so careless? Have a speedy recovery to join us in this fun nite.

      Rest well

    125. Rene

      Even ??? turn up on that night, you can also sing together with her. May be you’ll become famous because of that.

    126. Andrew,

      Thanks for seeing me “up”.

      I join SHC talentine not for fame but for fun. You will hear a lot of screeching.

      Just wait, watch and listen ya!

      Rene 🙂

    127. Hi Rene and Dolly

      Thanks much for the concern.

      See you ladies at the Talentime!


    128. Dear Rene

      Your are not going to be the reserve as
      ??? told me you have ????? her song & sing….so she ain’t coming. No choice, you gotta sing…..he..he..

    129. helo bro yew kwong…wah!..i normally dont forum at malas to logon, but 2nite i very free..
      then i just saw..U are coming & participating!!..that’s our gang lah..surely its gonna be great fun!

      btw…si jantung hati..sung by who ah? come i dont know this song, c hw bad am i…so malu..hehe

    130. Song Shan, Er Mei Shan or Lee Mow Shan, me cant scale the shan here leh!! Can’t get to Mochap Teresa yet!!!
      Susan Dear, If this song needs skilfull skills then me get killed oredi!! If cant find the old mountain mama then me will skip to my loo and just support the others!!!No prob for me!!!

    131. Hi Nor

      Reli dont know female artiste name as it wasnt listed. I think most probably Norlinda Nurhaliza.

    132. Don’t worry Margaret, if can’t find this song, then you sing “Climb Every Mountain” lor… okie?….

      Definitely can find wan lah….but bring your CD along just in case.

      Hv a good weekend !


    133. Hi Mary,

      Hope you have a speedy recovery and start slowly on activities. Dont over exert your injury. See you soon.


    134. Hi MaryT, no wonder didnt see u on 13Oct; was not aware u had a fall, whoa..not light le with arm in cast. Take it easy and rest well.

    135. Hi Susan, like to contribute a night table lamp as one of the prizes. Pls contact me at HP:96390416 to collect the lamp. Thanks Eileen

    136. Those driving, please note that you can park at Allson Hotel on Victoria Street. Osford Hotel is just behind.

    137. Hi Suzhang,
      I am unable to attend the talentime and Ms Catherine Chong has kindly taken over my place. So could you please delete my name and put hers in place.
      Thank you.

    138. Dear Ronald,

      Thank you so much for trying to locate my song.

      I am easy with the alternatives which you hv found, or just any song sung by a male singer.

      So it’s ok if the song is Zhuang Shue Zhong’s Baiyun but pls pls not Just-1 Sing’s Bayi……….that wont do.

    139. Hi, the following person :

      Tim Liu, Bernie Chung, Philip Ong, Ronald Wie, Gwyneth Lee, Esther Wong, Clara Chay, William Wong/Margaret Chan and
      Rosalind Koh – your songs are not available in the system at Oxford. Kindly bring along your favourite CD with your song on 24 Nov.

      Please be there early to try out your song ya…. see you!


    140. Hi RonaldW

      Your song title should be “Don’t Forget to Remember” by BeeGees….without the “Me”.

      Anyway, with “Me” or without “Me”… still can’t your song leh, so pls bring your own CD, k?


    141. Dear Tim,

      Can I place the song “???” (Ta Zhang Fu) by ???(Luo Shi Feng) as your choice song for the Talent-Time? Please let me know.

      Ronald Lee

    142. Sue, noted with 881 thanks.

      Ronald, that’s fine with me, many thanks.

      Melike to put up a token angpow of $68 (too lazy to shop for gift, or vouchers which are restrictive in the whereabout to make the purchase) for the most comical, funny performer of the evening, not necessarily talented but an ambitious spore idol aspirant.

    143. ATTENTION!!!! ***** ATTENTION!!!!

      Hello to the following Talent-Time contestants.

      Philip Ong
      Gwyneth Lee
      Esther Wong
      Clara Chay
      Rosalind Koh
      William Wong/MargaretChan

      Since I do not have your email address to correspond direct with you, I shall do it here.

      Philip Ong – your choice song “Angel” by “Elvis Presley” is not available. What I could managed to find are “Angel” by Shaggy, Westlife, Robbie Williams, Simple Red or Jon Secada.
      You may choose one from my list here as above, bring your own CD or go down to Oxford Hotel to choose another available song in the system.

      Esther Wong – your choice song “My Heart Will Go On” by “Sally Yeh” is not available. Managed find one by “Celine Dion” in the system.
      You may choose this one, bring your own CD or go down to Oxford Hotel to choose another available song in the system.

      Clara Chay
      Gwyneth Lee
      Rosalind Koh
      William Wong/MargaretChan

      Choice songs for all of you are not available in the system. You have to bring your own CD or go down to Oxford Hotel to choose another available song in the system.

      1. If you bringing your song, make sure it is a Karaoke Song and be on a VCD or DVD disc. If you are selecting a difference song now, please let me know of the song title and singer name. Else, just reconfirm with me of doing so by 18th Nov 2007 before midnight via this post or email ( Thank you.

      2. If you wish to go down to Oxford Hotel for song selection, you can look for Mr. James Shen (HP82227149). Tell him that you are from Silver Hairs Club (Terence Seah)

      The address is 218 Queen Street. Tel 6332-2222

      After selecting your song, please let me know the song’s code number (five digits number) and the song title plus the singer name. Please get it done and get back to me by 18th Nov 2007 before midnight via this post or email ( Thank you and Happy searching.

      Your quick and kind responses shall be appreciated. Thank you


      Ronald Lee

    144. ATTENTION!!!! ***** ATTENTION!!!!

      Hello to the following Talent-Time contestants.

      Philip Ong

      Gwyneth Lee

      Esther Wong

      Clara Chay

      Rosalind Koh

      William Wong/MargaretChan

      Since I do not have your email address to correspond direct with you, I shall do it here.

      Philip Ong – your choice song “Angel” by “Elvis Presley” is not available. What I could managed to find are “Angel” by Shaggy, Westlife, Robbie Williams, Simple Red or Jon Secada. You may choose one from my list here as above, bring your own CD or go down to Oxford Hotel to choose another available song in the system.

      Esther Wong – your choice song “My Heart Will Go On” by “Sally Yeh” is not available. Managed find one by “Celine Dion” in the system. You may choose this one, bring your own CD or go down to Oxford Hotel to choose another available song in the system.


      Clara Chay

      Gwyneth Lee

      Rosalind Koh

      William Wong/MargaretChan

      Choice songs for all of you are not available in the system. You have to bring your own CD or go down to Oxford Hotel to choose another available song in the system.


      1. If you bringing your song, make sure it is a Karaoke Song and be on a VCD or DVD disc. If you are selecting a difference song now, please let me know of the song title and singer name. Else, just reconfirm with me of doing so by 18th Nov 2007 before midnight via this post or email ( Thank you.

      2. If you wish to go down to Oxford Hotel for song selection, you can look for Mr. James Shen (HP82227149). Tell him that you are from Silver Hairs Club (Terence Seah)

      The address is 218 Queen Street. Tel 6332-2222

      After selecting your song, please let me know the song’s code number (five digits number) and the song title plus the singer name. Please get it done and get back to me by 18th Nov 2007 before midnight via this post or email ( Thank you and Happy searching.

      Your quick and kind responses shall be appreciated. Thank you


      Ronald Lee

    145. Hi,Ronald.Thanks for taking the trouble to check out for me the song “Angel” by Elvis Presley. Unfortunately I am not familiar with the version from the other singers that you listed out. So I think I will go down to Oxford Hotel and check out with Mr.James Shen on what else is available in the system. Alternatively I will bring my own VCD. Either way I will get back to to you on Sunday 18th Nov (definitely before midnight)and
      let you know my next choice of song and the singer. Sorry for causing you this small head-ache. See you on the 24th. …….. Philip

    146. Butty Ronald, I want you to know that we much appreciate yr looking up and down, under & below for our songs, leaving no tombstone unturned. Our acknowledgment wont be complete without mentioning Sue, the Event Organiser who had replied to every payment made and thanking everyone, as well as the comperes for the evening, Joy & Ron who are all volunteers.

      But it isnt tim without his gibberish so………….PhilipOng, if you cant find Angel at Oxford Hotel, go near where the lamp-post is and if Angie isnt there, surely Angelina, Agnes, Annette & AnyHo shd all be there. But do be careful of angry Angelucci whose Sengkang football team is last but one in S-league.

    147. Hi Philip Ong,

      Thanks for responding promptly. Much appreciated and I am looking forwards to your final choice on song.

      Thank you and have a nice day.

      Ronald Lee

    148. Wow Tim, thanks for your contribution !

      Your token angpow of $68 for the most comical, funny performer of the evening, not necessarily talented but an ambitious spore idol aspirant – noted.


    149. Hi friends,

      Re : Selection of songs
      I will be meeting up with James Shen on Monday 20/11, 2pm at Oxford Hotel . Do join me there if u want too. See you ..

    150. Dear friends,
      Kindly ignore my earlier posting…The appt. has been changed to Tomorrow 3.30pm (Oxford Hotel). We will be meeting Mr.Rajan instead as James is not available tmr. Pls. take note on the amendment…Thanks

    151. Hi,Clara.I have something on tomorrow afternoon. But I will try my best to join you for the meeting with Mr Rajan, maybe slightly after 3.30pm. Thanks …. Philip

    152. Hi Clara!!! not able to meet you to see Mr Rajan today (Sat)!!! Pls pls pls call me when you are there so that you may help my husband William check out the songs!!! Pls my number is 98397872
      Many many thanks!!!!

    153. Hi Gwyneth,

      That’s great and I see you this coming Sat.

      Have a nice week-end

      Ronald Lee

    154. Hi, Ronald. I have checked out with Oxford
      Hotel.The song I had originally chosen could not be played in their player (Toshiba) – different formatting. So I have to pick another song from a VCD format. It’s called Blue Hawaii by Elvis Presley. I will bring this disc along on the 24th.

      Thanks …….. Philip

    155. Hello Philip Ong,

      Sorry for all the trouble that you have gone through. Your effort is much appreciated. Thank you.

      I see you on this Saturday (24th Nov).

      Ronald Lee

    156. It’s okay, Ronald. Not a problem for me really, since my working place is quite near to Queen Street. I just dropped by to check whether my disc (CD Graphics – CDG)could be played on the DVD player at the Oxford Hotel. Since it could not, I have chosen another song (Blue Hawaii -VCD format) as replacement. I think we should always try to overcome the small hiccups and to co-operate with you, Susan and the committee to make the event this Saturday a huge success, a
      night of fun and laughter, to entertain and be entertained, never mind the competition, just
      sing free and easy. Look forward to the 24th.

      See you …….. Philip

    157. Ronald, Rajan’s good friend Rajaswari’s best pal will bring my original Mandarin song Senile Awol by Lost Phone so I am ok now, thanks.

    158. Hi Philip

      U can convert ur selected song fr CDG 2 VCD format. No wori. Download tis software fr e link here.

    159. Thanks Philip for your great understanding in event organizing. The song listing for the SHC Talent-Time 2007 is closed for finalization and has been submitted to the committee this morning. I shall try to accommodate on the actual day for any drawback. Let us look towards a joyful evening with fun and laughter. Till then.


    160. Hey, thanks Yew Kwong. I didn’t know there was a
      link to convert a CDG disc to VCD format. Will try this out asap. I had copied (“burned”)my friend’s CDG disc and duplicated a disc on my home computer. I now realised very few players can handle karaoke disc in the CDG format. Me,not so savvy on this.


    161. HI,


    162. Hi,Ronald.It might be too late for me to try convert my CDG disc (Angel)to VCD format (Yew Kwong had kindly provided the on-line link). So I will stick to Blue Hawaii as my final choice (ref comment # 178 18/11/2007) as this is in VCD format and I have the disc in my possesion.

      Thanks ……. Philip

    163. I understand that the registration have closed, so dont bother about this issue, it’s OK for me not to join in the fun. I take this opportunity to wish all the particpant in the talentime sing to your best and have fun and to other enjoy your evening.

    164. Hi Philip Ong,

      Your choice song for Talent-time is “Blue Hawaii”. In case you may be able to put “Angel” back to the correct format, we can do the change on the actual day. Thanks

    165. I was just looking into my calendar, and realise that Sat, Sep 24 is the “Loy Krothong Festival”. During this night, friends and families gather at the edge of a lake or river, and float away a Krothong, nowadays made from a cut-banana trunk with flowers and a light, stuck into the trunk.

      Then, they wish for good health and a good future, and float away their sins, letting their Krothongs sail down the river, as far as the eye can see.

      It’s a nice festival.


    166. Wahpiangz, Terence, is Nov 24 lah not Sep 24 but my Thai counter-part told me it shd b on Nov 26 so I am not sure which is correct liao, wat say u har??

    167. No use that goodies like you & yr friends and families gather to float away a cut-banana trunk when the subversives, insurgents, rebels & troublemakers stay away.

      So if you too wish that the few singers among us like tim purge our sins on talentime day, do pls ride an elephant back. I’ll cut its trunk and let it roll onto Bras Basah Rd, as far as the eye can see the traffic jam & panic it must surely cause.

      Ai mai?

    168. Oops Terence, you have forgotten your favourite festival and gonna miss it, is it ? No worries lah… we all can go to Singapore River with you and do the same after our Talent-time, k? (just remember to bring back some banana trunk as we won’t be able to get it off hand..ha.ha..)

      Cheer up,

    169. Calling calling Joy Joy!!!!William’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of songs not available!!Clara had graciously confirmed the unfortunate as I was not able to meet her last Sat at Oxford!! Have informed Ronald we wld go down as early as possible this Sat and pick one!! Many many apologies for the inconvenience!!!

    170. Oy Margaret, I am here. Better quick quick let us know. Otherwise, imagine Ron or I introducing, “And now, we have William performing his 4th choice song, Unknown Melody!”

    171. Susan, Dolly,

      Loy Krothong is this Saturday. I almost thought I was wrong. It shoiuld be NOv. Fault of my diary again.

      BE seeing everybody soon.


    172. I think I can now tell all of you a little secret or(mistake). Some 3 weeks ago, while I was overseas, I received a message from Molly asking me when is the date for the Talent-Time. Well, I checked my diary, and replied Sat, 24 Nov 2007. Molly immediately replied that she was at the Oxford Hotel, and that they did not have our reservation. Instead, the hotel had the Talent-Time scheduled for Sat, 17 Nov 2007, and that I had already signed so on the papers. I almost died on the spot.

      Molly subsequently check for availability, and quickly make the necessary change. Luckily, luckily, the 24 Nov was available. Thanks Molly. I wont know where to find another venue, at short notice, for the Talent-Time, except maybe to bring everybody to the Singapore River and loy their Krothongs.

      Well, I was afraid to release information on this mistake, for fear of being eaten up. Next year, I shall consider changing my calendar.

      Terence Seah

    173. Oh well, Terence, you can’t trust your diary these days. Maybe you need a new pair of glasses too..he.he.. I will reserve 1 big calendar for your use next year (those that tear off daily) so you won’t make mistake on dates again…he..he..

      Ha..ha… guess who’s going to eat you if you don’t come for TT ? 🙂

    174. If Terence were to look hard enough at his calendar he’ll see that he’s actually not eligible for the very club he forms, and shd really be heading another club presently chaired by my daughter.

      But all is not lost now that Sue has reserved a calendar for him, quite different from the donald duck ones from dizzyland.

    175. Hi

      Just a reminder for those who has their name tag before, do remember to bring it along this Sat. for the benefit of those new comers to know who you are.



    176. Hi Terence,

      Guess you will missed your son more this sat during the Loy Krothong festival. If there is a midnight flight, probably you can take the last flight out and head for Bkk. We all understand and will not stop you from leaving. Regarding payment, one of us will settle the bill with Oxford. How about that????

      Terence you can always count on us for dates. All of us at SHC will correct you one way or the other.

      Dan – Can you please bring the 2 btls of Black Label for us to finish up if it is still available with you?


    177. Hi Rene/Molly,

      I bring my gift on that day.

      Is it necessary that I wrapped it up first or do you prefer to ask the prize committee to wrap all the gifts by all the donors on Sat?

      Pls. reply

    178. Hi Steven,

      Its ok to bring the item on saturday. Can you do us a favor by wrapping it into 6 cans x 4
      Much appreciated.


    179. Hi Molly,

      Yes, I will wrapped it up but their 1 carton has only six cans.
      Not 6 x 4 .

      See you on TT night.

    180. Thanks dear Molly for taking the stuff to tompang in yr car just now for decor..sori to disrupt yr dancing lah hehe..

      OMG!..almost gifts still in the luggage fm BBK..beta get it out & wrapped..
      Rene….must i wrap the other gift that u pass me?..wr r u?..MIA or busy bee ah? …

      wah!…looking fwd for the big nite tis wkend…with si jantung hati singing..sure its gonna be fun!..hey..u must come early & let me hear it 1st hand ok! ironic..i never heard the song b4?

    181. Hi Nor,Yew kwong,

      …with si jantung hati ironic..i never heard the song b4?

      Ya lah! NEVER have I heard of this title b4 ?

      Must be YK own composition song specially dedicated to Norlinda, Zahriah,makcik,pak cik and nenek moyang.

    182. To all singing participants :

      In case you have missed my posting, the line-up for the night is up. Pls take note of your sequence number as late comers will have to miss their turn and will be considered disqualified.

      Kindly be at Oxford by 3:00pm for your trial/practise before the event. This will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and limit to 1 song per participant, as time permit.

      Looking forward to seeing everyone.


    183. Sound great. 19 prizes and 17 participants. Good chance, I will get something.

      And Tim, wow, you are M1. I think it stands for Male 1.

      Really, also look forward to seeing our comperes and judges in action.

      See u tomorrow, and dont get drunk before 9.30pm.

      Terence Seah

    184. Hello Terence, it’s 19 participants and 17 prizes lah…you seeing double ah ? Don’t worry, everyone will walk home with a prize.

      Ha..ha.. hasn’t drink already mabok…he..he..

    185. Hi Norlinda & Steven

      Alamak….both U have not heard the very popular Malay song to be sung by our Yew Kwong?
      Si Jantung Hati had been played very often at Carriage Bar and Aranda Country Club. My wife Alice and I have always make a point to request for the song at these places, its being sung by Malay band player. Malay songs like: “Di Tanjung Katong”, “Geylang Sipaku Geylang”, “Lenggang Kangkung”, “Rasa Sayang Eh” n “Bengawan Solo”
      are the popular Malay folk songs.

      So sit tight n prepare 2 listen 2 the song by YK.


      Ron n Alice Lai

    186. Hi fellow SHC members…I wish you all a splendid time tom nite.

      Sing with all your heart …Daddy don’t walk so fast or I said something stupid like I love you…or whatever.

      Judge with your might, XXX those english songs sung with Teochew, Cantonese or Hokkien “yim”.:-)))

      Those left sitting, jeer ..oops I mean cheer with all your soul.

      U hve a good time:-)))

    187. Hi Ron,

      Thanks for clarifying.

      Why Jantung = heart and hati = heart again, what does it mean?

      See both of u at TT tomorrow night.

    188. The vcds already gift-wrapped. As informed earlier to Suzhang, I will bring them along tomorrow. See you all then.


    189. helo Steven…
      apa lah u…jantung hati means sweetheart,one word one meaning..its translated by the singer oredi rite?…hhhmmm
      if u separate the words..its different meaning,hati means heart..
      sudah faham tak cik Steven??

      Ron..i know all those songs u mentioned, but seriously, nvr heard the other b4…tats why im excited to hear it!

    190. This song “Daddy, don’t you walk so fast” is definitely giving me loads of stress. When I first heard the song, it was over a TV advertisement program. Only the chorus was played, and I just loved the chorus since it had so much meaning.

      So, I decided to sing this song. It’s not easy. I think the problem is with my throat, or the music. With each passing day, i looked out at almost all the music shop in Singapore. But, could not find the music video, CVD or DVD. I had also searched the entire internet, tried to download left and right; and even agreeing to pay for the song. It seemed the songs were made available for online sales, if you are living in the US. Still no song on video disc yet.

      Tried all means, tested Yew Kwong’s ideas, and still cannot find the song to be loaded on a CD, even as of now, tonight.

      I wanted something different. Some cranky. Well, I will come up with something by Saturday morning.

      And, to all other participants, the SilverHairsClub is very glad to have your active support. So, let’s look out for the supporters, the comperes, the prize donors and committee, music controller, the bouncers, the registration team, food team, and Susan & committee.

      For those who are still figuring out how to organise an event for the SilverHairsClub, it’s easy, just raise your hands. Or ask Susan.

      See you tomorrow.

      Terence Seah

    191. alamak…Terence,u so kesian (poor thing)very much wanted to sing it but cudnt? eager to hear u sing,cos u r rite…its a rather difficult song…when i heard over the internet..i thot…wow!Terence going to sing it??….hhhhhmmmm that’s very brave!
      now u ‘cheated’ us oredi ah!

      anyway…i was just abt to go to bed when i saw my son didnt off this pc…so i go peep peep!
      to my surprise nobody is chatting…forgot its satday nite…everybody happy hour!

      C all of you tom..or rather later..hope to see & meet many new frens!..better tido now

    192. Terence

      U can lv ur headache 2 me then. Will help U 2 find e song.

      Hope it will be gd news by 2.30pm 2dy.

    193. Hi Terence

      Don’t be stress over the song…just come & enjoy and sing whatever song you like…
      and don’t make me feel bad lah…I am not expert, just learning as I am also a 1st timer and need alot of guidance and support from the rest of the committee & yourself.

      Cheers & See you soon.


    194. Terence, if you still cant find the song, nvm, papa tim will walk very slowly with you to bugis, johor rd, cross jln besar into desker rd, rowell rd…………let you have at least 20 minutes to exercise there and then we’ll walk back to oxford for yr clsoing speech……dadi guarantees you a not too fast walk throughout.

    195. Hello hilo,

      Where’s everybody huh? so still & quite this morning….I guess the participants are busy practising their favourite songs. The committee members are collating some last minute ouststanding issues and poor Terence running high & low for his CD. The rest are looking at their wardrobe, still undecisive of what to wear for this evening Talent Time. heeee….heeee, whatever it is, we are going to have fun…see you all at the TT. 🙂

      Ah Nee

    196. Nor, YK, Susan,

      With the help of Charles, I just got my song and video clip done, all on Media Player format. Thanks Yew Kwong.


    197. Hi Steven,

      You were only drinking water last night, right? No whisky? But how come, you spill water all over your t-shirt and then conveniently over a lady’s head. If you did that to me, I will surely ‘hantum’ you properly! Do you know how much money ladies spend on hair-do?

      Btw, your line dancing skill is very good. How long have you been practicing? Want to join social dance and be my partner? Scouted around last night, and I have 2 other potential candidates for social dance. One is Yew Kwong and the other is Ben’s son (right Tim), both tall enough for me.

      Yew Kwong is too busy this year, so maybe next year. Keep my fingers crossed. Can learn a lot more things from him (I mean the computer). As for Ben’s son don’t know him well enough. Too shy to ask him, lah.

      I must thank everybody involved in this talentime for a job well done. Caroline is the cutest (actually she will make an excellent comedian. And as for Tim, what else can I say.

    198. Aiyo, Lina, b4 u can waltz/chacha/rnr/dr wif all tese guys hor… ur injuiry must healed 1st lor… i saw hor..last nite, wahpiangz oei, so swollen n u pie kar pie kar, how 2 dance le… so must get well 1st, ok… take care..

    199. I would like to thank Terence for having faith in me. He wrote to me in Aug 07 and asked if I could be the lady compere and that “you are ideal”. I replied that I could not decline a request from the Founder and that I was not the best person for the role, but I would try my best. It was a fun learning experience, from taking leave on Friday afternoon to bang out the script, meeting Ron (and his lovely wife) at a cafe later that evening to discuss the script, finalising the script at night and having our run-through on Saturday afternoon.

      I want to thank Ron for the opportunity to work with him, for the hot chocolate drink at the cafe and for sharing the Chicken Dance music with me over the phone.

      I also want to thank Benson for being my wardrobe consultant (hee hee, no further details can be revealed).

      Last but not least (sounds so cliche ya), thanks to Tim for appreciating my efforts. He gave me a hug (of appreciation ah, before anybody’s imagination runs wild) at the end of it all. Guess everyone’s, almost everyone, gone off by then to see this finale.

    200. Beloved Caroline,
      Congratulations again for winning “the most popular as well as most comical” personality last night – Woww! you pow kar liau. I totally agree with the verdict. Perhaps you can bestow me the title of “Ms Congeniality” at your upcoming D&D. Any chance or not lah!

      June Chin

    201. Wei wei Ben’s son,

      You are a professional Photographer, no doubt about it but hor since when u become a wardrobe or rather Image consultant huh? You are a qualified wan or “tan chiak” “tan chiak” wan. Did u notice last night TT, our compere, Ron ‘s wife, her outfit is so gorgeous and beautiful. heeee….heee… can you advise June Lim what to wear for D&D? This is her Teochew message: Refer to D&D posting #64 “seo lai seo ker, mm chai cheng tee kai hor!!” that’s teochew for …Think here, think there, don’t know what to wear for D & D. 🙂

      Ah Nee

    202. Hi Dolly,

      Will take care and recover fast. This is alredi very much better, you know. In the beginning, cannot even walk.

      Anyway, got special instructions from Ronald Wie on how to do the correct massage for my leg. He said that if it is still swollen when he sees me next, he is going to massage for me!! (my leg i.e.) So should let him or not, eh, Dolly?

    203. Hi Susan and all

      Thanks for giving us a wonderful and successful evening of fun and entertainment.U all did a great job.Hubby and I really had a great time.Congrats to dear Caroline who deserved the 3 awards! and not forgetting all the other contestants who also sang well.

      We look forward to next yr D&D, knowing already that there will be lots of fun and laughter.Worth waiting for ….

      Nice evening, Janet.

    204. Really, the Talent-Time was a great showing on the part of Susan and her committee. There was so much co-operation on the part of everybody in the committee. And, every effort was genuine and sincere. Thank you all a thousand times. This has given us the confidence and the direction to move further together, towards the new year.

      Again thank you. I did not do any work durng this Talent-Time, but today is the first time in many years that I woke up at 4pm on a Sunday afternoon.

      And, to the whole list of attendees who came for the event, you truly help make the SilverHairsClub a platform to meet to meet other SilverHairs.

      Terence Seah

    205. helo…
      where’s everybody today?..all must be so busy or rather tired after last nite eh??

      I must say i had great time with all fellow SHCians at the party..everybody is so sporty!..
      at first when the contests started..seem so so serious bizness!..but as time pass..the audience & participants more relax & everyone cheers & sing along..which breaks the ice!…

      Congratulations again to dear Caroline…apa macam lah…dont give others chance ah?..hehe..
      Yew Kwong…thanks for the lovely i knew the title of the song oredi…everytime only heard the music..its familiar alrite!
      Terence..u were so sporty too..being CEO..that’s the spirit & courage boy!

      To EO Sue & all my buddies…wow!..what a nite to remember…danced all nite long till balek my kaki pai lioa!..hehe!
      So…lets party again for the coming D&D!..

    206. Hi Lina Ng/Nor/Zahriah

      You were only drinking water last night, right? No whisky?

      …..I drank sweet coffee liquer with kind courtesy of Dennis Wee and within a short while ,my heart goes a THUMPING, Boom Chak Chak,Boom Chak chak and even my OK song was out of rhythm.

      ….Btw, your line dancing skill is very good.
      Are you kidding? I do NOT know how to do line dancing at all, just follow the masses.

      With your Lo Far Arn eyes , you must have seen another person in the crowd and assume it was me.

      ….Ben’s son don’t know him well enough. Too shy to ask him, lah.Benson is a very nice man like Yew Kwong,very helpful esp. if you ask him on bowling tips. He was very patient to coach a bunch of us at Marine Bowl.

      Hi Nor/Zahriah, next time pls. pass a CD on Malay Joget Dance to Ron Lee and we can have a Joget Dangdut Malam “Multiracial Harmony Dance.” besides the cha2,waltz,line dancing etc…

    207. Hi Dolly,

      Steven Chan has transferred 3 000 000
      rupiahs, to DenHar accnt 011-0-035573 DBS Savings + with transctn no: 4507.

    208. Thanks Suzhang and committee for a very successful SHC TT night.

      And it was so GOOD to see all the silverhairs let their hairs down and we had so much fun with Ron Lai’s kor kor kai dance.

      Hopefully,next yr.the Oxford Hotel management would have upgraded their current OK to BMB OK system.

    209. Hi Susan & Committee,

      Many thanks for a lovely evening of fun and laughter. I’m sure everyone enjoyed themselves and it’s nice to see all SHC members going down the nostaligic memory lane once again.

      It sure brings back memories of our younger days and esp. Ron Lai’s Chicken dance which brought back one of my Europe tours which we did the chicken dance on board the bus with our Italian tourist guide too – just so exhilirating! Thanks again everyone for a night filled with fun, laughters and making new acquaintances.
      Best regards, Lisa

    210. Hi! Just want to add my thanks to Susan and everyone in her organising committee for the fun-filled time at last Saturday night’s function. Of course, the comperes,the judges,the KJ Ronald Lee (there would be no music without him)and even the assigned bouncer (who else but Tim – who stationed himself at a table outside the door quite a few times to make sure no illegal entry but also to take in some oxygen) all did their jobs just as well. And not forgetting the initiator of this event- Terence.Well done all!

      I could see from the happy faces that everyone was having a lot of fun that night. It was really good to see that and I’m sure some of that happiness still lingers on the next day. Right ? See the power of happy thoughts ?

      Also congratulations to the top three in the Talentime – Dan,Ronald Wie and of course our champ,the bubbly and affable Caroline.

      See you again the next time …. Philip

    211. My all round thanks to everyone for making Talentime 2007 an evening to remember, from mornings to evenings till the hext TT.

      Lina, good that you’ve a very positive impression of Ben’s son. The next you shd meet is Ben himself…….guarantee you’ll bang yr head on walls for missing the opportunity 20 years ago.

      Drunk, I told Ben’s son that one tall pretty lass will let me kiss her. He retorted “I also can…….anyone, ok !”. So I pointed at a pretty nearby and he walked up.

      “Can I kiss you on the lips for $100?” bravely he tried, rolling his eyes & hanging his tongue 1 side as he charmed.

      “Siao Ah !!”


      Well, Joy, it was a very competent you & Ron who gave us many hours of fun-knit entertainment, and for that you surely deserved more than a hug. Heee, it wont be the last, will it?

      I thot I hv resolved June’s problem sometime ago. Anyhow, it’s easy “seo lai seo ker….cheng dey kor siang hor”.

      Philip, so I finally got to see you in person…and I froze for a minute, admiring that dashing you. So if you see happy faces, let me tell you, if those faces are female, it’s bcos they too got to see you like I did.

      For that reason, I sat outside to keep away the crowd of gals whoo took asked me where PhiliOng was……….and kept them bouncing on my laps for some fun………..

    212. HI ALL

      After the nite of fun a day of rest, I think we are up and going for the next BIG event of 2008
      …..our ANNUAL DINNER & DANCE……………..

      First I have to thank our founder, Terence Seah,
      for graciously giving away the prizes to the winners of the Talent Time, the most popular singer, the most comical performer and all the participants of the Talent Time event.

      Second I have to convey my thank to my lovely co-compere, Joy Chuang, for doing a fine job throughout the nite, with her preparation of a fine scrip for the evening, and her blazing red dress, she really stood out on the stage that very evening.

      Third I have to thank our E.O. Susan Chang and the Committee members, Dolly Lim, Oi Cheng, Christina Chan, Rene Leong, Molly Chua, Lee Ah Nee, Norlinda, Veron Lee. Special thank also to the Judges, Lilly Ho Willocq, Daniel Kang,Managing the KO machine, Ronald Lee, our bouncer, Tim Liu, and the Photographer Dan Huang, and not forgetting our Benson Koh who was so willing to help it out with the photographic job also.

      With the close of this event, members will definitely looking forward to the next Talent Time.

      C H E E R S,,,,,,,,,,,,,


    213. Hi Lina,
      My adv hor.. cannot anyhow massage la… must go 4 certified sinseh lor.. but den if u trust him n felt dat he can, den is ur call lor.. but hor, seriously, cant taken lightly lor.. judging frm wat i saw u dat nite, leg still vry swollen le.. mai lu massage lu c den si mi dance oso cant joget liao… take care.. Dolly

    214. Ah Nee,

      Whether “tan chiak” or “peng chiak” mah see ai chiak, teo bor?

      As for next year, D&D 2008, which stands for “Dinner and Draw” or “Dinner and Dress”. Kidding la. You are welcome to consult me regardng what not to wear for that special event, ok?

      Refer to June Lim, #64 “seo lai seo ker, mm chai cheng tee kai hor!!” Aiyah, “cheng something simple lor, yet look elegant xiang hor” DO NOT OVER DRESS JUST TO KILL!!!!hehe

    215. Ah Nee

      I din Benson din xplain properly. Wat he meant was “where 2 wear” n “where not 2 wear” leh.

    216. Wow! Ben’s son,

      I think you have some knowledge about personal grooming and I believe your exposures in this kind of event like D&D have give you valuable experiences about how & what to dress appropriately. Ok, shall ask you when nearer to date. I thank you first hor for your free consultation huh……si lor, si lor “simple & elegant” xiang hor. 🙂

      Yew Kwong, hmm si lah, is how to dress appropriately and not “where 2 wear” n “where not 2 wear” lah. 🙂

      Ah Nee

    217. Hi Dolly,

      My leg is OKAY alredi lah. See you at SGCC on Wednesday and dance class on Thursday!!! Will go and give you support.

      Have been following Ronald Wie’s advice and it really works. Thanks Ronald. I am afraid of his free massage so must get rid of the swelling before I meet him. And mind you I went to Chinese Physician 4X alredi, until he told me not to go anymore!

      And our friend, Charles got worried too. Told me to go for X-Ray! Charles, you better get rid of your cold first! I have gone swimming 3X alredi, 20 laps each time!!

      Btw, a big thank you for your concern.

    218. Hi Steven,

      How could I have missed you on the dance floor? At 1.9m, even if long-sighted or short-sighted, cannot miss also, lah.

      So you spill coffee liquer or water on people’s hair? And if you cannot drink, why accept it, after all you are one of the competitors. See what you do to your song with that liquer? I thought with that liquer you should have done better!

      And I definitely don’t need any bowling tips from Ben’s son.

    219. Hi Tim,

      No wonder I was talking to Benson at the talentime and couldn’t make head or tail what it was all about. Everytime he took a step forward I retreated one step backwards. You should have warned me that he was drunk!

      And I thought only dogs drool and hang their tongue to one side!

      Btw, Ben’s son and I have 2 things in common, and for that you will have to ask him.

      Mary is coming back tomorrow, so better behave yourself!

    220. Lina, with careful, smart lasses like you around, another animal will go extinct sooner than soon.

      Btw, Ben’s son doesnt take a step or 20 steps forward, when he zeroes in on his target, he pounces.

      No he didnt drink that nite; he was as sober as the chief juctice. He knows he’s cute when he drops his tongue to 1 side of his mouth….see it for yrself when he next inches near you……..

      It’s an open secret that you & him hv 2 things in common………tho all of us hv silverhairs up there, most of our armpits are still enjoy puberty……………

      The other common feature is of cos he looks as pretty as you’re……..and has a darn good sense on woman dressing.

      Haha, suddenly feel lost……….kid has playmates 2nite so doesnt need me…….

    221. Hi Lina,

      …. after all you are one of the competitors. See what you do to your song with that liquer? …Eh Lina! Why take such a
      karaoke competition so seriously. I ” croak ” for FUN.
      …I thought with that liquer you should have done better! Nope I am NOT drinker but drinks occasionally.

      And I definitely don’t need any bowling tips from Ben’s son…..

      Really? Did not know you are so GOOD at bowling.

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