Studying conversational Thai in Singapore via Skype

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For those who wish to stay short term in Thailand and wish to learn conversational thai, i would encourage you to take up live learning, direct from thai people.  With today’s internet, you can learnt thai over Skype.  You can see the teacher.  You will use a common thai conversation book.  Two adult students can learn and speak and listen together.  You will be corrected if you pronnounce wrong.

These is a great way to learn from your own desktop or even mobile.  Right from Singapore from Central Thailand.  Good Thai schools charge about 30,000 for one-one coaching.  But I think we can get teachers for less than 50% on a twin sharing.

As part of my ongoing plan to encourage retirement in Thailand, i encourage you to start learning thai now.

I look forward to have some Singapore friends in Thailand when I retire.  Especially when you have some thai language skills.

Let me know if you wish to learn thai.  BTW, another way is to have a thai boyfriend or girlfriend or to go for slow thai karaoke.

Terence Seah

5 thoughts on “Studying conversational Thai in Singapore via Skype

  1. Hehehe!
    I like the last two suggestions to learning Thai:
    Get a Thai girlfriend or boyfriend…hey…! You promoting ….?
    Also slow Thai karaoke… I need really slow, slow, “char char” one, otherwise cannot understand…very sleepy already… Good night!

  2. The good thing about going or living in Thailand is you don’t need to learn the language. The people are good at body languages and they always smile.

  3. Hi Julian
    I can see that you are really serious about learning Thai…
    I’ve never thought about learning from a masseur… seems to be a very expensive way, especially if the massage is soooo good that it puts me to sleep!
    Now, if it’s a masseuse…it could be an entirely different story…

  4. FIFTEEN YEARS ago in BKK, when I was on Duracell; I paid S$15 for a massage….and more. What is the rate now, considering inflation and innovation? Anyway, let the fingers do the talking – never mind the vocab.

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