Diabetes mellitus MB2 – Is it curable ? OR is only Controllable ?

Is very happy to learn Terence is recovering well from recent incident. At same time from post, some of our silverian are experiencing DM.

I was diagnosed with DM2 in Jan 2011 during a routine blood test ( The 1st time ) check at polyclinic. A first dose of Metformin made me felt very lousy. 2nd dose left a funny taste in my  tongue. Tried unsuccessfully for 2 days to get the doctor to change medication. Left Singapore for job project without taking medicine along.. Stayed in the Kalimantan for 10 weeks clearing vegetation. During the 2nd week onwards, I added a fruit ( the local call Cainito ) to dialy diet. because I like it after seeing native mothers feeding their babies as milk.

March 2011 I return to my job in China . I went to my regular  Chinese sinsen for consultation on DM . He prescribed whole Chicken Breast ( absulute without  fats and skin ) cook with 20 lime ( cut into half ) – 2 and a half-bowl water cook till 1 bowl soup, drink 3 times a week . My blood HBAlc was 6.00 by Chinese hospital

December 2011, I went back to the same singapore Polyclinic for blood test ( test supposed to be June 2011) . My HBAlc was 6.10. The Doctor was excited that his medication was working.This time he precribed 2 x 500 mg Metformin saying is necessary to keep HBAlc around 3.6  I think this doctor is mad and of course I refuse to take the medicine

June 2012 as scheduled, My HBAlc report was 6.00. This time I told the doctor I had not been taking medicine by showing him the intack medicine precribed to me.. My subsequent blood HBAlc in Sept 2012, Jan 2013 and Aug 2013  was 6.00 N 6.10.  For the whole  2013   I didnot eat  the fruit cainito. I have stop drinking breast chicken soup since Aug 2013 to prepare for the next blood test in March 2014.

For those with DM condition and wish to try eating Cainito, Joint our walk and I will show you the Cainito Tree beside finding them in Our Singapore Botanical Garden. Or jiont Coffee chats and I will show you the write up on the Medicinal Uses of Cainito.

Tony Ang

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  1. The full zoological name for Cainito is Chrysophyllum cainito L. Google will give information. North african and centre American use it to treat diabetes mellitus.
    When I first eat it, I was not aware of its herbal properties.
    In Singapore, the tree bears fruit once a year, sometimes 2 years. The trees I used to pluck do not bear fruits for the last 16 months. The Singapore fruit when ripe cannot be kept for more then 3 days even in Fridge.
    The Vietnamess spice can be plucked and keep to ripe unlike the Singapore spice.
    Experiences I had was
    1. 2 fruits a day help to bowel smoothly, no gestri gas Clear urine .
    2. The Native men told me to chew not more then 4 seeds after eating the fruit.
    The taste is similar to raw Tongkat Ali but works better.

  2. Hi Tony,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with DM2. I have tried the chicken with lime, but I didn’t like it. I have read stories of people with DM cured of this sickness.

    In my case, it was clear that I did not take medicine. Also, plenty of good food during the reunion dinner, sweet Mandarin oranges and sugary Raw Fish salad. I am back on my schedule.

    Personally, I believe DM is controllable, although I doubt there is a cure to it. Wise to take doctor’s advice.

    Terence Seah

  3. Tony,

    The fruit you are mentioning is also known as “Star Apple”. I have or might have seen it before if not mistaken but never heard of it that by taking it can cure DM. The other method of chicken with lime have been circulated in the email to me before but does it really work on every DM patients also depend on the conditions. Those whose Blood Sugar reading does not exceed 8 when taking 1 of the 2 methods “might” work but those whose Blood Sugar level (HBAIc) which are higher might not work on them. There is no scientific evidence to point to the conclusion that both of this methods really “work” on DM patients. Of course western doctor would prescribed Metformin to control the level but sometime PolyClinic’s doctors are not consultant of this area. Most of them are young graduated doctors who do “trial & error” methods. Seeking the right doctors or consultants are very important to help you control and supervise the level of Blood Sugar in proper order. Every visits to the PolyClinic, different doctors will give you different opinions of even increased or decreased your medication in order to see the results. So be more selective and careful when choosing the doctors. Advisable if you visit the PolyClinic next time, ask for doctors from the Family Physician Clinic where they will appoint 1 doctor to your case permanently rather than seeing the normal doctors in other clinic. This way, the doctor will understand your case better and give you better knowledge and guidance in helping you to control your Blood Sugar level. The charges are the same as the normal visit that you are doing now at the PolyClinic. Normal Clinic does not designate you a fixed or specific doctor on your case. Each visit, you see different doctors or lucky might see the same doctor once or twice within the months.

    Most importantly, it is up to you to control your Blood Sugar level but proper control on your diet and exercises. Try to eat less sugar, sleep well and have a routine form of exercise to reduce weight which will help you in the controlled of the Blood Sugar. Take your Blood Sugar level test daily or alternate days to see your level is well balanced and controlled. The best reading before meal in the morning should not exceed 8 or even better below 6.5. After meal should not exceed above 9. If you discipline yourself, you will see the good side of the result in a few months time but also don’t forget to eat your medication regularly and try not to miss any dosage. As your Sugar Level go down and controlled, the doctor will gradually reduce the intake of medications and subsequently might even write if off from your treatment. So be disciplined and have a proper healthy life style that will change your life. Your life is in your hand, so be gentle with it and take care.

  4. Hi Terence,
    This definately wise to take doctors advice. I am not suggesting to give up medication
    I just hope those on Medication to take additional approach and monitor own progress. e.g 2 x500 mg Metformin control HBAlc at 6.1, if by eating Cainito at the same time can reduce further to 5. then talk to doctor to reduce dosage 1 x 500 mg and continue monitoring.


  5. Hi Tony! Thank you for sharing your experience with the fruit, Cainito, in managing your DM. As I am diabetic myself, I am game to try alternative healing vs medications. May I know where can I can buy this fruit in Singapore and how do you go about taking it?


  6. Hi Danny,
    What you wrote are good advice esp. on doctors of policlinic That’s why I only go polyclinic for Blood Test.

    Hi Rosalind,
    Looks like you would have to wait for the fruit season to try. Unless you can get friends to bring them in from Vietnam. The fruits we found in singapore are normally in season for about 2-3 months. You need to pluck the ripe one and eat it within 2 days. Another common name for this fruit is Star Apple OR Milk fruit.
    Meanwhile,Why dont you try the Chicken soup. I turn to Chicken soup when I ran out of supply for Cainito during my time in China..
    Important NOTE: Take you prescribe medication,use chicken soup or cainito as a
    barometer to note the level of HBAlc. If there is a big drop in reading, the additional remedy is working.

  7. Tony,

    You should then asked for 2nd opinions to check the conditions again to see whether was it due to taking too much sugar before the test or really your sugar level was high then. Anyway, now you can simply monitor yourself with medication and supplement to see your condition stablise. If you can maintain continuation of reading of 5, then the doctor at the PolyClinic should write off your medication and do a periodical check on the status to ensure you are back to norm. If not then medication will still have to be taken with less dosage but I doubt the doctors at the PolyClinic will dare to do it as they do not have the experience or expertise in monitoring the situation. I believe only the Senior Doctors or Consultant will be a better person to gauze and judge the situation. No harm trying to seek their advices to see what they have to say about it.

  8. Hi guys
    I don’t have diabetes (as yet)…yes, there’s a good chance that I may contract the disease as I age and the body’s immunity and function deteriorate. But I do have experience with relatives and friends who have or had diabetes. Two young nephew and niece have childhood diabetes, a friend who’s had diabetes since her teens and a good friend who died from blood poisoning due to it.
    I can also identify with Terence’s recent episode: On a Chinese New Year visit, an uncle had the same seizure and I had to help the ambulance attendant carry him down on a canvas stretcher down the narrow HDB lift.
    I am interested in the natural cure for diseases, pain and afflictions especially affecting us seniors. I am sure that in less severe occurrences of diabetes there are other ways to treat the condition. There was a member who introduced us to Indian hand reflexology… and the book he introduced had some suggestions for treating diabetes.
    What I’m trying to say us that each of us knows some treatment, excercise, “miracle” cure, old wive’s or Chinese traditional herbal preparation that we could share. Maybe a topic for our next meeting?

  9. Kenneth
    My blood sugar reading is 6.9. It has been like this ever since I can remember. My doctors says it is borderline. I agree with you that it may be just a matter of time before I become diabetic.
    I believe I am able to keep it constant all these years by frequent vigorous exercise but now that I cannot exert myself too much due to age and other illness, I have to look at diet for help. But that is proving very difficult.
    Last night on TV, this guy was talking about growing rice with low Glycemic Index(GI). He claims that most Asians develop Diabetes sickness because of the high carbohydrate content in our rice. He claims that the GI of white rice is 110 i.e. the conversion of carbohydrates to blood glucose is more than 100%.
    Over the years I have sold Guava Leaves, Mint leaves, Drum-stick leaves and even Lallang leaves to people who believe they would cure their diabetes.
    My guess is that all plant food can help diabetes because they do not, or have little glucose. Just the bad taste alone will help you eat less! And life is not always just a ‘bed of roses’. Sometime we have to make sacrifices to live longer.
    Tonight is ‘ Chap Goh Meh’ and my niece just reminded me that there are lots of high GT(Good Taste) food in her house.

  10. Hi Kenneth and Tian Soo
    We all know that the onset of diabetes is due to lacking of insulin
    produced by the pancreas.
    The illness usually undergoes a slow process as the secretion of insulin
    is gradually reduced. This begs the question of whether the illness is
    controllable or curable. If the pancreas is already deceased and non-functional, then short of a transplant diabetes is not curable. If not, it can be controlled through medication of taking drugs or herbal concoctions which can have a long lasting effect.
    Basically. these treatments help the metabolism in the digestion of sugar
    which is derived from carbohydrates.
    On checking with Google I found that one of the more well-known plants
    which is widely used for the control of diabetes is bitter gourd.
    The curing effect probably is due to its bitter ingredient.
    Another plant which can be found in Singapore is claimed to have the
    same effect. The tree bears fruits in the shape of a pod. When it is ripe, it
    explodes and scatters the seeds in all directions. Its taste is many times more bitter than bitter gourd and probably more effective. Does anyone know the name of this fruit?

  11. Robert ONG,

    The fruit which you are mentioning is known as “SKY FRUIT”. The fruit is look like a Cocoa Fruit which seeds inside it. It will break open when it is ripe and you take the white seed inside the pod to swallow it down with water. It is not advisable to bite it as it is very very bitter and the taste will remain on your tongue for at least a few hours before it can be totally clear off. I have tried taking this before but not totally effective as I only test it for a short period. There are people who have taken it before and claimed it work. Not sure whether it is 100% workable as no scientific results been proven on it. Any natural medications can be considered but always bear in mind that you cannot forgo or do not take your prescribed medications at the same time. Taking both “might” help to reduce your sugar level but not necessarily work for everyone as our body absorption or metabolism work differently. Good luck for those in believing the “Sky Fruit” will work on them. This fruits are available on the roadside of some housing estates. You can also buy the sachet type like powder form which you mix it with water and drink it. The taste is not bitter but a little sweet and nice to drink which I have also tried before. A box of the “Sky Fruit” drink cost around S$75-80 those days. Now, not sure whether the price have done up. There is one shop at the shopping arcade of Furama Hotel @Chinatown selling this those days, now not sure they are still there.

  12. Actually the greatest secret is sleep (rest) It is not sugar or rice or exercise Our body have self healing power
    But today’s lifestyle and food are the cause. Over eat, internet tv keep us awake till 12-1am
    In old days we go to bed at 10pm as most can’t afford such luxuries. We ate more rice than dishes
    Go for spa massage eat less help your organ to detox and function well
    thus dispel all diseases from your body
    I sleep at least 10hrs a day people tell me I am wasting my time but you will be wasting even more time and dollars when you are sick

  13. Hi Kenneth
    You mentioned your interest in ‘natural cure for diseases…afflicting seniors’. I think many people are interested to know too. There are numerous claims of super food to ward off diseases. The problem is how true are those claims?
    I prefer to look into the lifestyle of generally healthy 80 – 90+ elderly individuals I know, directly or indirectly, to try to unlock some of the secrets to healthy longevity. Wonder who else is interested in this endeavour?


  14. Dear All,
    When I first posted .., I was expecting to draw some DM2 helping me to establish whether DM2 is only controllable OR curable. Using herbal instead of medication. I am a good example using berbal treatment to control ( at this moment) my blood sugar. As I mentioned earlier, I have cut off drinking the yaky chicken soup before taking my Blood test in March.2014.If test possitive ( below 6 ) I can assume herbal remedy works on me. If negative test ( above 6.1) then I can only assume herbs only CONTROL my blood sugar.
    Both are good news provided it works on more people.

    I have good news for Rosalind Lee as I found two trees now bearing the cainito fruits ready to be plucked in one to two weeks.time.Cainito is a fruit you CANNOT consume excessively.( the current tree bears smaller fruit – OK to 4 fruits per day )
    More will give problems to your bowel.
    Rosalind has to promise to take your medication as usual while eating this fruit. Please let me know your next appt for Blood test. as to plan enough fruits to last you until your blood test. Remember I ate the fruit continously for 13-14 weeks B4 taking my Blood test.


  15. Hi Jassmine
    You have to wait a good 14 years to find out from me how I had survived till then! I don’t think there are many 80 – 90 year-olds in SHC, like I said: You have a long wait!
    Haha, to cut a long story short…yes, I’m interested in alternative medicines and cures: anything that may help me avoid taking medication over the long term and have side effects.
    In the early1900s our grandparents did not have access to Western doctors; they depended on Chinese or folk medicine. The early Peranakans had many concoctions often written in Chinese on pieces of cloth. If an illness occurs in the family then the relevant formula is brought to the Chinese herbalist to prepare. I have a whole collection (now with my brother-in-law) covering everything from a toothache to a headache!
    Now we have TCM and western alternative medicines which may be a more modern and scientific approach. Some like glucosamine and chondroitin supplements have entered the mainstream with many doctors prescribing them for joint pain and cartilage repair. But now there are alternative or innovative nutrient supplements incorporating MSM, ASU, boswellia, krill oil and CoQ10 which may address the problem of joint pain better.

  16. Hi Kenneth
    The generally healthy octogenarians and nonagenarians I referred to aren’t found in SHC..yet (lol!). I have a relative who is 92. He walks unassisted, takes the bus to his favourite coffee shop for breakfast every morning. His only affliction is deafness. I would like to look into his lifestyle to find out why he’s able to remain mobile and independent at such an advanced age.

    Herbal concoctions are good for health, but the meat, like chicken or pork, is suspect as animal feed is no longer ‘natural’, like in the old days.

    Keep your collection of herbal remedies safely. It might be worth a million dollars! lol!

  17. Hi Danny Lye
    Thank you for passing on the information about the “Sky Fruit”. Not only you have identified the name of the fruit but also located the source, which are beneficial to those who may want to explore further on the efficacy of the plant for the control of diabetes.
    Robert Ong

  18. Thank you so very much for getting the cainito fruit for me. I logged into Wikipedia and the info is exactly as you mentioned. It states the leaves can be used as well.
    What a strange co-incidence you got it from the area I live.


  19. Hi Ros,
    According to the Reseach paper http://www.quardiannewsnar.com/index…Ith&Itemid=599. Leaf extract is useful . We dont have a lab, how to get leaf etract?. I ate 4 seeds ( too much have adverse effect) with every 2-3 fruits .The seed catyledon has been reported to possess antihyperglycemic(lowers high blood sugar) and hypolipidemic(lower blood cholesterol)effect.
    The way to eat the fruit is cut the fruit in half- Seeds of 6-8 are arranged in Star formation.Chose only the Non-deform seed, crack the husk,chew the white portion , use a spoon to scoop the fruit fresh ,eating along with the seed. The fruit is sweet and tasty but not the seed.
    If you boil the leaves to drink, it tasted worse than drinking the Yaky chicken soup.


  20. Hi Jassmine and all you Sky Fruit guys!

    I cannot help but comment on the use of plants and herbs for cures and treatment of disease. The Sky Fruit seems to have an effect for diabetes and some research seems to confirm it. I remember some time ago someone recommended the just-fallen leaves of the papaya tree and boiling them to treat diabetes. Now in the wake of the dengue outbreak in Malaysia, the papaya leaves are again being touted for relieving dengue. You have to cut the stalk and leaf, crush and drink the “yucky” juice!

    Malaysia seems to be the place where many natural “cures” originate: the mangosteen, noni fruit, neem, even coconut have all had their share of popularity; and some, like Tongkat Ali have even made it into western supplements.

    Well, the Pioneer Generation, meself included, are going to need and use all the help that these herbal remedies can offer to avoid using the healthcare subsidies so generously handed out recently.

    May we all remain healthy (as can be) and happy!

  21. Robert ONG,

    Thanks. Bt Batok Ave 1 and along St 11 have quite a few trees of the “Star Fruit” along the roadside. Even I have seen some at JE, Upp Thomson Road, Tagore Industrial Estate area and some of other parts of Singapore Housing Estates too. The fruits normal will “explode” on hot weather when it is totally ripe. It is brown in color and look like cocoa fruit. The pulp is also brown in color and look like pea. Good luck for the “Star Fruits” hunters.

  22. Glad to see SHC members sharing their experience on MB2. I have a 60 plus fren who mentioned one is not a true Singaporean if he or she did not have MB2. It kept me pondering his statement though I do know 1 in 5 Sporean have MB2.
    My personal experience of MB2 was I suspected I have it when I displayed the classic symptoms (blurred vision, thirstiness, frequent need to relieve) and asked deliberately for test. Sure enough, my sugar level was 11 and immediately I went on medication on metformin. I decide immediately that I wont want to controlled this with medication and went on a strict diet and exercise regime of running every evening and fibre based diet.

    I gradually reduced and finally stopped taking the medication provided without informing doctor and my level went down to average 4 in my 3 monthly cnlinic monitoring. Only when the doctor commended on my result and said keep it up with the medication that I told him I has stopped the medication. I now have a hugh pile of the metformin pills as souvenoir. To date, my regular executive screening report shown 3 year of “no symptoms of diabetes”. I can now eat everything thoguh I still abstain from sugary stuff. I love durian though especially the frozen one. My diet especially in the morning has been a bowl of organic raw oats, cereal (Post brand), blue berry, strawberry mixed with high calcium milk and Milo for last 4 years. I dont get sick of it and actually missed it if I have something different for breakfast. My bread is low GI Gardenia. Some of the food good for control of diabetes are bitter gourd, moderate coffee, cinnamon, green tea. I can eat anything now and actually love durian which I always have frozen in the fridge as a reward.
    I continue with my exercise regime without fail especially now daily since I have adopted a Japanese Spitz which I take for walks 3 times a day even if it is 3 am.

    I am having my next medical screening again in April and hopeful to have the “no sign of diabetes” report

  23. Thank you Mr. Lau for your very possitive Personal Experience on controlling DM2.
    I must respect your determination and perseverance in managing your diets and regular exercises.
    Your sharing of personal successful experience inDM2 is highly welcome.
    Thank you

    Tony ang

  24. Eng Seng, I applaud you on your determination to veer away from medication and adhere to a strict diet to combat DM2.

    For me, I’ve never really have cravings for sweet foods or drinks. I actually crave pedas food more. However, I reckon somewhere in the foods I ate there are hidden sugars. Sigh….even with Metformin 850 and conscious effort to avoid sugary food, my last reading was 9.8. Still very high….:(


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