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Dear Friends,

On behalf of May, Frisna and the other members in the Lohei Party organising team, thank you very much for your great support in coming and supporting our programmes, and the encouragement and compliments that were posted.   We are humbled by such generous accolades but you also deserve a big thank you for making the party enjoyable and successful from the merry-making and the warm goodwill and friendship among old friends.

As in all SHC activities, it is the kampung spirit that makes us very uniquely SHC – first of all, we want to thank Judy, Lydia and June – you girls deserve an award for being the MOST ENTHUSIASTIC party arrivals who came very early at 2.15 pm and went straight into action to adorn the walls with all the decorations, making sure to whip up the hype and mood for the CNY festivities.   Well done, girls!

To the following, photographers Charles, Sockie, Bobby, Richard and other “unofficial” photographers, thanks also.  Charles and Sockie have sent the photos in lightning speed and were quickly submitted to Admin who just as lightning speed posted the banner photo as you can see.

Not to mention the ladies, Annie Pow and a few others in the kitchen who quickly sprang into action to help May prepare the numerous 58 bowls of individual Lohei ingredients that culminated into 5 beautiful trays of colourful salmon yusheng that everybody was waiting patiently to toss for prosperity and tuck in with relish.

Also our grateful thanks to the following:

To the sponsor of the siew-yoke (roast pork), Lisa Ong for the generous block of meat which she chopped up for us without much ado, to add on to our buffet items and was relished by everybody.

To the following helpers at the food section – Lily, Peri, Lina, Theresa, Bira, Peggy.  Thanks very much for your help and you were the last to help yourself to your share – Xin Ku nimen le (what a sacrifice, indeed).

To Cat Ho for the checking the chalet inventory on our behalf.

And what is a Lohei gathering without our very own Cai Shen Ye donned by Simon, our fledgling SHC member – and such is the tight rein on the secrecy of the man behind the cai shen ye, that Johnny said how come he didnt know as he was with him all the time!

And I think everybody was full of praise for the Yusheng that was prepared at home by none other than the Chef himself by the name of Kong, brother of our very own EO May Woo.   He made sure that he picked only the best vegetable salad and would not go for second best – no wonder that the vegetable was very professionallly julienned, finest of the finest – thank you so much May, for giving such value-for-money super Lohei – the best item of the day!

To  the others who are inadvertently missed, please excuse us  – the list is too long to thank as each and everyone has made an important contribution to make this party a collective success.

Talk about missing, we greatly miss our No. 1 Chief Terence, of course.  We know that he would have been looking forward to joining us if not for an unforeseen situation which we all fully understand.   Take care, Terence, but you are still in action, typical of you for looking out for us as we all can see, your SHC babies, posting the first great photo at the top of the SHC Banner.   Thank you, Sir.

One last note, if you can kindly allow our indulgence, we in the Team are very grateful for this opportunity to work and discuss things together, agreeing to disagree, come up to lend a hand to one another without hesitation and now have become even better friends.   It’s been a pleasure to do this enjoyable work for SHC!

Cheers, oops I mean HUAT AHHHHH! All, Happy Lunar New Year!


Susan and the FB STAMP team

9 thoughts on “YOU’RE FANTASTIC!

  1. Wow Susan! You are very eloquent indeed! We can see the perspiration on the foreheads of all the committee members, zipping in and out of every room in the chalet busy as bees. Needless to say, I am very, very grateful for the efforts and the time put in by all of you in taking care of all the nitty gritty stuff down to pat. Kudos!

    Looking forward to more events from this vibrant team soon. After all, you guys have experience mah…:p


  2. A very well done Project. Cheers to the EOs,their assistants for their effort,hardwork to creat ( …..million dollar door gifts ) this colourful event for us.
    Thank you


  3. Thank you very much to the team for the wonderful, fun and enjoyable programme. The lohei yusheng was among the best that I have tasted. I appreciate the efforts each and everyone has put in to make it a memorable event. Well done.

  4. Hi Rosalind Jie (can address you as ‘jie’ or not, as a respect. I know you look very young for your age)

    I must thank you for taking up the broom to sweep the confetti away. You did it in a jiffy that by the time I found my hp, you have finished the job.

    You wanna see us in action again, ah? We are all taking a break la….. Schedule all out liao.

  5. Hi Tony
    Glad you like our event.

    Hi Moon
    Wow! our home-made yusheng is rated among the best! Yippee!
    Thank you for the rating.
    Is it also the biggest portion that you’ve ever tossed?

  6. Hi May, Frisna and Susan

    WOW, WOW, WOW ~ Congrats for such a successful lo-hei event. I wish I was there to relish the wonderful experience and enjoyment too.


  7. Dear May, Susan, Frisna, Ann, Peggy & the super team,
    Thank you very much for organizing this Lo Hei gathering. We really enjoy very much the games, the sumptuous dinner and all the fun time together. Thank you also to everyone for coming and your camaraderie and we really appreciate all the hard work of the whole team to make this event a great success and a memorable one too. Cheers..
    Bobby Bok

  8. Dear Susan
    Really admire you for your “Iron Lady” mentality and “Never Say Die” attitude! Thats the way to go.
    As for Bintan trip, my office has a seminar for clients on that day so cannot go on leave. Enjoy your Bintan and maybe next time…..

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