Genting Highland- A Cooler Place to Fun and Relax, 14th to 17th April 2014

During the last Monthly Walk, some suggested to go relaxing at a cooler place . Singapore is a liittle hot. Daniel Chan and I will EO this Event. Kindly advise your interest by 25th March 2014.

Date : 14th to 17th April 2014 ( Monday to Thursday )

Interested participants kindly indicate the type of accomodation required.- Resort World Hotel ( Delux ) OR First World Hotel.- Standard, Delux OR Super Delux.

Programme : Mountain Trecking ( Dry season good to treck ); Explore Kuala Lumpur ; Durian Hunting; Kara-ok and Good Makans


Tony and Daniel

18 thoughts on “Genting Highland- A Cooler Place to Fun and Relax, 14th to 17th April 2014

  1. I am keen if the trip is on.
    My preference hotel : Resort World.
    Perhaps need more details on the rate and programme when you have finalized for me to decide.
    Single room and no sharing of room, I believe or are there options


  2. Hi inez, thanks for your support.

    Hi Kenneth,
    I have few reservation at Malaysian Ringgit 50 per night at First world Std.
    Some members have offered me less than S$ 100 for Resort Hotel-Delux. I am working on..

    Current Rate is MR 110-130 for First World. Resort Hotel is abt MR 350 to 400.
    (Will only know when booking is reserved)

    I prefer to fly from Singapore @S$34 one way on Budget airline. I recommend to sleep on train home at MR 60 to reach woodlands at abt 8.00 am. For those who can get up early to catch coaches at 6.30/7.00 am =S$ 65-70 – Return fare
    ( It used to be S$50 before five Star gone bust ).

    Prepare about MR 20 (2ways) transport to KL from Genting Highland. The rest Expenses on food depends on individual. A table of 10 for Dining at the !st Class Chinese Restaurant – Suckling Pig, Steam Fish; Mao’s braised Pork,etc..10 – 12 course will be around MR 900 – MR 1200 depending on what we order. i.e. about S$ 42 per head – No way you can get in Singapore top class Restaurant

    Will up date cost once I can get an indicative participants. I normally believe in Economic of scale.


  3. Thanks Tony. Good that we finally come up with something.
    While I enjoy going to the CA$INO (with a controlled budget), many people do not; and the good question they ask is, “I don’t gamble. Go Genting for what?”
    My reasons for the arduous “mountain-climbing” expedition
    (I am not a marketing agent):
    1. CHAT with friends during the long journey in the coach/train
    2. BREATHE the nice cool air at almost 2 km (~6000 ft) above sea level
    3. FEAST on the generous and sumptuous buffet at relatively low price (compared with Sg)
    4. WATCH a concert, performance or stunning show.
    5. BUY some Malaysian products to bring home

    As we cannot highlight the names of the attractions and performing talents here (these will decide the cost), interested members please find out more via email. Let me have your mobile number and we shall add you to our “Travel Group” on a chat app. Discussions will then be among very keen potential participants.


  4. Update

    1. Current Stunning Show- Fanstastica 2 is worth watching is abt RM169,find friends with reward point to redeem.The last time I pay 1 MR plus 1 GPpt.
    2. Those who are members of Resort world- silver cards ,etc,log in to book your room 1GP point for First World and 10 GP points for Resort World.
    3. Transport – If you are adventurous-Form group to take South-Johor Bus from Rochore to Larkin Terminal ( JB ) – S$2.40 ,At Larkin ,look for Tour Company Buses ( Many at 1/2 hour interval ) to KL/Genting for RM 35-50


  5. Inez,
    I always reward my lst supporter with Special offer. S$ 60 for 4 nights ( 2 nights Std with upgrade to 2 nights delux Room at First World. ? Please get a friend to share otherwise you will be sleeping alone.

    I am booked on Jetstar Flight 3K 663 ( airbus A320) ETD Spore 9.45 am.


  6. Dear Tony & Daniel,
    I am interested in this Genting trip. I register my confirmation for the trip which appears interesting. If it is possible, I would like to share a room with Inez,my Badminton boss. Give me the details. Thanks.

  7. Hi Primrose,
    I’m no Badminton boss – just happen to be the co-ordinator for the games at Gombak.. 🙂
    i have no issue about sharing room with you – but please don’t expect me to take care of you and the programs hor..( we are all above 45 years already, so should be able to take care of ourselves) .
    ( i’m booking my coach ticket to Genting, departure via Golden mile)
    Hi Tony
    can you give a rough idea of the program – i’m ok for trekking, makan, and i’m quite chin chye to go along ..
    By the way, join us at Gombak for badminton – Tue or Thur – 10am-12noon..
    (the standard of the players varies; as long as you don’t mind picking shuttles now and then, no charge for new people who drops by)

  8. Hi Primrose,
    Welcome. Please approach Inez if she wishes to share room with you.

    I had reserve rooms for 4 nights – 2 nights standard and 2 nights delux at Firstworld Hotel ( The same room type as Inez ). Do you want to take up ? Find a partner to share if Inez cannot offer you accomondation.

    I will fly on 14th April viaJetstar flight 3K663 ETD Singapore 9.45 am ( I cannot wake up at 5.00 am to rush to Coach Terminal for bus leaving 6.30/6.45 am)
    Hotel check-In time : 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm We will meet at Lobby for your room key. Contact me on My Malaysia number 014-3792074. Detail Programme will be discussed as we are only a small group.


  9. Hi Inez and others,
    On 14th april 2014
    3.00-4.00 pm – Meet at First world Hotel lobby, we check in for keys using auto
    6.00-8.00 pm – Dinner
    8.00-12 pm – Free N Easy ( Karaoke;Current show-Fanstastic II; etc )
    On 15th April 2014
    After Breakfast, we shall do 1 of the following:
    (A) Mountain Trekking at Awana
    (B) Explore Kuala Lumpur
    (C) Visit Chin Swee Temple ( A must if you want to win money )
    Strawberry/Orchid Farm/ Gohtong Jaya
    Lunch N Dinner to be decided when we gather.
    After Dinner – Walk around shopping before we decide to go bowling or
    some other activities.
    16th April 2014
    After Breakfast – We pick up the missed activities as mentioned in Day 2.
    Lunch – depends on where our place of visit
    Dinner- Will arrange for different menu
    After Dinner – Free N Easy
    17th April 2014
    Repeat wake up;Breakfast( we shall eat different things);Lunch, activities missed on previous day & Dinner
    18th April 2014
    After Breakfast – Pack and check out
    (A) For those leaving by Coach- usually is 1.00 pm
    (B) For those leaving by Train – We shall go K.L after sending our friend re(A)
    Train normally leave at 10.00 pm and arrived Spore Woodland at 8.00 am
    the next day


  10. Dear Tony,
    I have already made arrangements to share room accommodation with Inez. Thanks. I hope there will not be any changes. See you!

  11. Hi Primrose,
    Good arrangement.

    Hi Mr.Lau Eng Seng
    Up to now , unable to reserve room at Resort Hotel for date: 14th / 15th April.
    Only have rooms at First World Standard MR 50/nite on 14th and 15th ; MR 65 per nite for deluxe. You don’t have to share room if decide before 25th.


  12. Hi Tony
    Thanks for programs –
    See you.
    (p.s. coming on 3 April, join us for badminton game and then lunch? Pat would like to confirm the numbers for lunch if possible)

  13. Hi AnnBoey,
    You are welcome to join us. Refer above posting-exchange for details.
    Your yahoo email account having problem to bounce my reply.


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