Self-Identification on ” WhatsApp “

If you want to be identified ( by Names ) , you need to configure accordingly when you first downloaded ( or subsequently alter ) “WhatsApp” into you Handphone or computer. This is the same as when you set up your desk top/laptop- you are asked to name your device. When you named your computer and connected to Networks ( WiFi,etc ) your computer name will appear in the Networks Gateway.

If no name is given ….the Networks Gateway will display a series of MCA/ISA or Pos number XXXXXXXXXXXXX ( could be as long as 32 number and alphabets. This is the same as WhatsApp – a named device when joins a Chat will automatically  let the Chat Room/Group know who and who are on line.

I will quote some examples of members who I never ask for their phone numbers but I can identify by their names even though I had never meet them- Daisy Yeo;Richard Wong, Sharon,Anne Chee, aaronLow,Chiang ChengpunI, Freeda, Josephine, Richard Le Chang. All mentioned names are not registered in my devices contact list. Any one can inspect my device to verify.

So, if you join a Network( Chats,Skype,etc,) a named device will facilitate you identity, otherwise be courteous to provide when ask politely.

Tony Ang

Note: MCA = Micro Channel architecture;POS=Programmable Option Select


2 thoughts on “Self-Identification on ” WhatsApp “

  1. Hi Tony,

    Each time, when I travel, and I receive a telephone call,I get kind of piss off, when the caller-ID showed nothing. Smetimes, I get a call, only to be asked when is the next SILVERHAIRSCLUB gathering or what is the telephone number number of so and so. Luckily, nowadays I don’t take all calls when I am overseas. 2-3 mins call easily cost 5-6 dollars.

    The case of getting an unidentifed call or SMS can get more frustrating when the same person says “How come you don’t recognise my tel number?” or “Why don’t you reply me?”. How would you handle such cases?

    For Club members, please use the Club forum to communicate with me. Please do not call or SMS me, as they are very expensive. Also, do not send me any emails. Please use the Club forum.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi T, I can associate with your frustrations upon seeing a “private” number, esp when you are busy or in the middle of the night. Ignore or switch off.

    Your 2nd para is interesting. On a similar encounter, my reaction will be, if the caller is a man, “Oh you are LKY…yes we are supposed to play mahjong tonight”. However, if a lady, I will be very worried, thinking, “Oh dear, what had I done on that stormy night?”

    As to communicating with you via the Club forum, experience has told us that it is unwise. Whatever exchanges are subject to different and various interpretations, based on individual preferences and prejudice. A seemingly simple case will soon transform to a complex convoluted issue. Without a firm hand to straighten things, more problems are added instead of finding a solution. Hence, people choose to remain silent (as what is happening now) and it is doing the Club no good.

    I always speak my mind…here we go again.

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