Paradise on Earth?






UPDATE  5 JUL 2014

This offer by the deal company is still on.  It’s even cheaper at $388 and I can’t believe it and it includes Silkair Return Flights!

Email me and I’ll give you the link to buy the deal.


Spot on, Ah Née!  Looks like you’ve been to this beautiful country haven, a UNESCO Heritage Site, but poor me, it will be my first time there.   I thought the colourful scenes came from the movie “Avatar”!  We can feast our eyes on the rich colours and backdrops of the mountains and lakes of Jiuzhaigou just by googling and I hope this will tempt you all to visit this sanctuary with me and some others in Oct, the most ideal time to visit.

My buddy, Ann has sussed out a deal from a deal company but I thought I’d better call them to clarify and confirm the financial costs and other essential details, so here they are:

Period of Travel:           19-26 Aug (8D 7N) Jiuzhaigo

26-28 Aug (2N) Hong Kong free ‘n easy

Cost (estimated):         $1,100 estimated (5-star hotel, food, airfare, guide/driver tipping $6.00 per day)

Places of Visit:            Jiuzhaigou, Mt E’Mei, Lesha, Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Panda Breeding Research Base

Airline:                         Silkair or Cathay Pacific

EXCLUDES:                Airport/hotel porterage, travel insurance

Compulsory:               All passengers must follow tour throughout; penalty of $100 per day per pax applies should passenger deviate from tour.

Tour conducted in Mandarin and Cantonese.

No amendment or cancellation allowed once booking has been sent to Travel Agency by email.

Above is my summary of what’s given in the deal printout but there are few other details, too much to be spelt out but no less important, and I will email you the link, once you have registered here, so you are advised to double check.

I think that for $1,100 to pay for everything including 5-star hotels and Silkair flights  is a pretty good deal, hence sharing this with you.   What remains to be seen is how is the service from the tour guide as we’re buying at a bargain price, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope not to be disappointed, but the plus point is that we will have strength in numbers and can look out for each other as in all our SHC travels.   So what d’ya say?

As we must redeem our vouchers soon, I need to have your expression of interest by 8 April (1 week’s time).

We’ll start with the following interested parties:

1.    Susan CH Tan

2.   Ann Lim

3.   Evon

4.  Meng Wai

5.  Leon Lau

6.  Jane Chua

7.  Wong Yoke Moon

8.  Bobby Bok

Thanks to the confirmed group above who have all fund transferred $487.00 each to me (excluding airfare) to me.

We can still accept more members as I have secured the tour agent’s agreement for the late-comers at the same price but there is a limited time.   It will be easy for us if members can register as a pair for rooming purposes but not to worry even if you register singly and we’ll wait for the  next one to join in and will automatically be the room partner.





20 thoughts on “Paradise on Earth?

  1. Please note that period of travel has been changed to Aug/Sep (to be decided later) to avoid the big crush as Oct 1-10 is expected to be jam-packed with visitors due to China’s national holiday season.

  2. Hee hee

    I’ll need to pay four times the price… for a translator to explain what is happening in English!

    While I have no doubt that the place is heavenly for scenery… It would be like going to Europe or India where I can’t fathom what is going on with the gaggle of strange sounds around me.

    Aiyah…this OCBC is a wet blanket…

  3. Hi Kenneth,

    English speaking guides, even for regular priced tours to China, are hard to come by. Yes, we need to know some Chinese, of course, because the tour will be conducted in Chinese.

    Maria, tentatively it’s from 19 to 26 Aug. I’ll email to everybody to buy your own deal voucher once this is confirmed.

  4. Dear Maria,

    I’ve sent to your not too long ago. I have asked for your mobile number for ease of communication.

    Please fund transfer $487.00 to my account being payment for the tour, hotel and meals (except airfare which will be collected separately) by tomorrow 10.00 am. I need to pay one lump sum on behalf of the whole group by tomorrow.

    Pl let me know when you have transferred.

    Thank you.

  5. Dear Susan
    As at 9.08 am just now, there is still no email from you in my mailbox. Can you give me your email address instead and I will reply you by return. I am leaving for airport soon and will be back a wk later. Not sure if there is wifi/internet access. If the event contact is a problem, maybe you go ahead with your plans and leave me out. Regards

  6. Susan, I posted a msg earlier at 9.13 am but it did not appear here. Wanted to tell you I am leaving for airport now. back in a wk, not sure if got wifi/internet access.
    Think I have to give your trip a miss…pls go ahead with your plans. Sorry about that..

  7. Hi Susan & Ann,
    If Maria is opting out, may I take her place? Do you have max and min numbers going? Or am I too late to join in?
    Cheers – Jane

  8. Wow, we really inked our deal, paid up everything, insurance,etc. Grand total as projected, slightly less than $1,100 and we’re extending our stay in Hong Kong by 2 days! Looking forward to the camaraderie and the fun.

    Anybody else interested? Looking for someone to share a room with Maria. Don’t know how long this price can hold so better make a decision asap.

  9. This offer by the deal company is still on. It’s even cheaper at $388 and I can’t believe it and it includes Silkair Return Flights!

    Email me and I’ll give you the link to buy the deal.

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