Sharing about the markets. “Investment and US market gathering” – 17 May 2014 at Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe (3.00 pm sharp – 5.30 pm)

monthly meetingstock market2stock market3stock market1   I have better put this down in writing before I leave Singapore next week.  Then i shall be away for a few weeks.  Some of you think, wow, I come up with marvel ideas and interesting events.  Honestly, my upstairs is quite crowded, or I rather say clouded.  The real ideas come from SilverHairs members.  These are the members who have enjoyed the friendship they had made from SHC events.  They want to help others come out of their apartments. I feel very good and satisfied when someone calls me and say, Terence, you wont believe it.  I had a tea party this after, and then followed by a movie, and ….  Well I cannot enjoy this rush, but many have.

Back to May.  What shall we have?  Do you know how many members spend their waking up hours as well as sleeping hours?  Yes, in the financial markets, buying and selling local equities, European and US too.  Recently, some made money from the fall in penny stalks. Others made a bundle.  The typical question is always “What tips do you have”.  For some, it will be how to sign up and with who, which ….

How about we have a day or late afternoon?  May be a Saturday afternoon.  The experts come and share.  The regulars talk with other regulars.  The newbies, come hear from the other newbies.    Share what you are doing in the US markets,in the European markets, what’s new.

We will gather in small groups.  Maybe by markets.  maybe by the type of markets – currencies, stocks, bonds, …..Tell us here what you are interested here.  You will be surprised how many will come up to help you.

Somewhere in the middle of April, we will come up with a place, if you dont say anything, I may consider suggesting Hans.


Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1. Let us know your transfer reference number.


  • Charge: $12.


Strictly for SilverHairsClub members,

Terence Seah

Registration List:

  1. Terence Seah (confirmed)
  2. Hou Chong (confirmed) (Paid)
  3. SB Khoo (confirmed) (will pay on the day of the talk)
  4. Kenneth Tan (confirmed) (Paid)
  5. Christina Pan (tentative)
  6. Peter Lim (tentative)
  7. Wong Yoke Moon (confirmed) (Paid)
  8. Maria Tan
  9. Lina Ng (confirmed) (Paid)
  10. Lee Ah Nee (confirmed) (Paid)
  11. Janie Leong (confirmed) (Paid)
  12. Thomas Goh (confirmed)
  13. Ong Lin Khim (confirmed)
  14. Esther Mok (confirmed) (paid)
  15. Sockie (Sock Cheng) (confirmed) (paid)
  16. ?? anymore  –  one more day before the event……………….

(pl confirm your attendance ~ tks) 


55 thoughts on “Sharing about the markets. “Investment and US market gathering” – 17 May 2014 at Oxford Hotel, Skylight Cafe (3.00 pm sharp – 5.30 pm)

  1. Hi Terence
    From time to time it is good to here you as the SHC founder to inject some
    ideas, suggestions for discussions and hopefully they can be translated into reality. Importantly, constructive contributions from members will make the difference.
    As a corollary to your propositions, I would like to suggest as follows.
    As a prerequisite to any venture, we must have some basis for doing so.
    For investment in either the equity or property market, knowledge is important.
    In the former, why is it 9 out 10 investors/speculators lose money. This is revealed by the CPF board that those who took out their savings and dabbled in the stock market belonged to this group of people.
    Basically there are only two groups of people who have the chances to gain from the stock market.
    1st group are those who have prior information. This is illegal but there are some of them who will escape the dragnet. For example, when TH wanted to buy
    out Olam, during the three weeks before the announcement, Olam share price went up from about $1.20 to $2.20. Those who did insider trading would make a lot of gains. He made a gain of $1m for every capital outlay of $1.2m.
    2nd group are those who have knowledge of market and tools to monitor its
    movements. They spend a lot of time and effort to analyse the market.
    The adage, “Money makes money” is very real. I suggest to open a trading account of $200,000 shared among 40 persons with each share of $5000.
    This will be used to trade on penny stocks. Experienced traders will be appointed. It is envisaged that a rented HDB room is used for office which is equipped with a few computers.
    Robert Ong

  2. Wah!

    Forty people to share $5,000 each to raise $200,000 to speculate on penny stocks!

    First, I don’t think we can get forty SHCs.

    Second, for $200,000 I don’t think we can afford experienced traders or an HDB room with computers…is it legal?

    Third, what can be done to protect our capital? As you say, this is our retirement money, our CPF, our life savings even. And most investors got it wrong and lost money from their CPF accounts.

    Sorry, I’m just raising a red flag!

    • Hi Kenneth,

      I have been following up on your comments re the US market, and your focus on investing in quality stocks to achieve steady investment returns. Many members have expressed interest to listen to what other members are doing with US markets, and I think this is a good time to listen to someone like you.

      Can I ask you to give us an intro into the US market and why this can be an alternative to investing in the local Singapore Market?

      I have picked a date for Sat 17 May 2014. We could start at 3.00pm and end at
      5.30pm. We will arrange a venue, quiet enough for your intro and Q&A. We can arrange a mic with screen or TV if you need.

      Many members know Kenneth Tan, and I find that he is always willing to share his ideas and knowledge.

      We can take in another member who is willing to share with us on currencies. Please dabby dabby here, so that we can notice you.

      So, Kenneth, I hope you can accept our invitation to speak. SilverHairsClub is for members.

      Terence Seah

  3. My mentorship group in stock trading has created such a fund for member to trade under a professional trader. It is a very closed group which though I was invited, I declined as I still wanted trade on my own. However I am also involved in their investment in a hotel project in Myanmar which is now progressing well after several hiccup. Like all project things never turned out as promised especially delay and we have investors that want their money back mid-way.

    I agree with on most of the points raised by Robert Ong. To have better chance at making money in equity, you either have to be plugged into network circle that discuss a lot on trend and have “advanced” information. When Jim Roger (renowned US investor now making Singapore his home) was asked to sit onto the board of Ramba energy last year , its share shot up. Many people have this information earlier even before it was officially annouced on Bloomberg. Needlessly to say those who believed and heeded the advanced unofficial news ( sometimes called rumours) make some good money. There is also method of being a technical analysis trader that trade on trends studying the volume and price movement and move in and out of the market daily to make share trading a livelihood. Then there are those who practised fundamental analysis to do value investing for longer term investment return. Both method required some substantial learning and understanding.
    It can be a lifetime challenge of mastering these skills or (art) which I think is worth it comparing to trading your hour and service for a salary.
    Still investing or trading in equity can be financially rewarding. Psychology and discipline is most important part and first part of the training required. Not easy to do defintely but a successful trader or investor is quite emotionally detached from money. It is like ” Dont be happy when you make money and dont be sad when you lose money” How many of us can do that ? Quite a fair bit of people dabble in the Blumont, Asiason and Liongold last year and initially were enjoying the return. Many were tempted and came in later. Fundamentally, thing do not look right at all to me despite technical chart showing high price and volume .
    Even if you FOLLOW the technical anlaysis and DISCIPLINE, you may not lose
    that much. But we all now knew as much as 3 billion dollars were wiped when these 3 counters crashed when investors or speculators waver on DISCIPLINE and got locked out by the suspension. There are so much inside story going on and the current CPIB probe may reveal more stories. Is it a coincidence that all the directors of these companies sit on each other company board ???

    Onto the SHC group raising fund for investment as group, it is going to be a very challenging task with lot of things to consider especially managing other people money and expectation of returns within a certain timeline. I once have a entrepreneurial group that try to raise fund to buy land and develop property in Singapore. Though the initiator may have some experience but nothing compared to what the founder of Oxley Holding or Fragrance Group. Rasing fund is relatively easy by promising returns (not guranteed return) but delivering it is not easy. To do that, you need people with the highest level of competency, integrity and professionalism. I posed many very difficult questions during those discussion which many would be investors dont even know how to think of. Subsequently the concept fall through since those question did not have satisfactory answers. I believe those investor are better off investing in S-Reit.

  4. Aiyah… Terence!

    I cannot on the 17th as I am now in Japan..

    However I promise that I would do a simple introduction to options trading on the US market sometime in May. I will need time to prepare the notes, gather my trade records and other details. I need to restrict the number of people too; maybe eight or fewer. I may also hold the meeting at my condo meeting room except that internet access is restricted there.

    My options introduction will cover the basics of options terminology, US internet trading platforms available in Singapore and simple low-risk options strategies. I believe in taking charge of my own finances and not depend on bank relationship managers or insurance advisors.

    I must stress that I am not a professional trader, and the introduction is for information only and not a recommendation to trade stocks or options. Please consult your financial advisor or legal advisor before making any decision.

    So, Terence, it will be in May.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      I am sure we will have a big size group to listen to you. The place will be advised very soon.

      Meantime, yeah, the date is 17 May 2014, Sat. Your diary is ok?

      Terence Seah

  5. Hi Kenneth,
    I am keen to attend your talk on Options and the related subjects. Kindly put me on your reservation list as and when the talk is confirmed. Thanks you.
    Hou Chong

  6. Hi Terence

    I cannot cater to a large group… You may have a venue in mind but I mind talking to all and sundry… Sorry, I have to limit the numbers maybe to a comfortable 10 to 12. And they have to qualify with the following conditions:

    1. Have a PC or laptop with internet access

    2. Willing to open a US trading account with a Singapore-registered US discount broker with at least $20,000 (not right away but “willing”)

    3. Experience in shares would be a slight advantage

    4. Must be willing to put personal effort in learning about options

    5. And, lastly, if you are already doing well trading on your own whether stocks, forex or futures, please allow others to attend this talk. You know who you are.

    Ok, Terence… You can make the arrangement for Saturday 17 May unless I have some prior appointment and cannot make it… Will let you know on my return.

  7. Hi Kenneth,

    I shall drop organising for the bigger group. As you are travelling, there may be other things you have in mind. Let’s take this separately when you are back.

    Meantime, wekeep this post open.

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Terence

    Have not log in for some time.

    As you know previously, I have always been interested in equities investment/trading (besides travelling, etc).

    Since my retirement, I have been involved in share investment/trading on
    a daily basis. However, I hasten to add that I am not far remove from being
    a novice. As such, I would like to learn from the experts in SHC.
    If possible, register me for this meet up with the traders in SHC.
    Tentatively, I am OK with May 17.
    sb khoo

  9. Hi SB

    If you trade daily you are considered a pro by my standards and I’m sure you must be making good money. The event on the 19th seems to be a talk-shop on trading and I look forward to hear from all the other traders in our midst as well.

    Just like you, I still consider myself wet behind the ears… although I may know a bit more on options on US equities.

    • This topic on the markets has some very known members sharing with us their knowledge and involvement in the US markets. It is definitely a treasure to have them in our midst.

      I am planning a simple afternoon session, with afternoon tea. The date is still Sat 17 May late afternoon.

      I hope we can have them give us an insight into what they are experiencing in the US markets.

      And members, if you would like to attend this session, please yell, so I have the confidence to go ahead and plan for this event. Event is confirmed.

      Terence Seah

      • We shall have the first session and gathering of the year where we can meet to share and discuss our trading experience. This first session focuses on the US market, and participants can share their experiences and trading philosophies.

        The date is set for Sat 17 May 2014, and will be held at the Oxford Hotel, conveniently located to MRT stations. We have booked the Skylight Cafe on the ground floor. There is a PA system, and there are tables and chairs to take notes. An afternoon Tea has been organised.

        The time: 1500 hrs sharp and will end at 1730 hrs.

        Please register. Let’s look forward to this event. We clearly have a group interest. Your suggestion on how to organise this on a regular basis is appreciated.

        Terence Seah

  10. Hi Kenneth

    I am far from being a “pro”. I think I am more a “passionate” novice. When I say I am involved with shares on a daily basis, I mean I monitor on a daily basis. But, I do not trade daily. Nowadays, I am more a value investor, ie I buy and hold. However, I do a little swing trading just to get some adrenaline rush, as value investing is quite boring. I am not familiar with options although I did make
    some attempts to learn in the past. I would like to learn from a master like you.

    As for making money, most of us know it is quite difficult to make money from the stock market. I lose some and I win some, and I am quite surprised that somehow I manage to survive.

    I am keen to talk shop and learn from like-minded people such as you in SHC.


  11. Hi-Terrence
    Put me in your list as tentative.
    My comments is that as a retiree if whatever I do with my savings it should generate
    a return more than what I get from a fixed deposit senior account.
    I have attended talks on many subjects such as investing in unit trust, value-investing,
    etc and read books on fundamental and technical analysis but somehow I cannot
    find a formula when I can consistently get a comfortable return.
    I hope from this coming talk I can get an insight from individual participants
    on how they invest and what is their winning formula.
    As I conclude I like to refer to the singapore market when now Capitaland is up 16 cents because it wants to buy up its daughter Capmallasia for $2.22 per share.
    And Capmallasia whose last price is 1.80 is now $2,00 up 20 cents.
    Also Ausgroup went up from 35 cents to 50 cents because Ezion decide to buy 6.9% of its shares.
    Such is the investment climate. For those who have these stocks is it luck or

  12. I don’t see this a blessing for mother but a relief for sister as most can get back their IPO price plus 2-3% div every year If I remember correctly sister IPO was a result of offloading from a hk dev few years back at a premium, so 2.22 is a high price. Now it is like asking all mother shareholders to bear the mistakes. I may be wrong

  13. If you like to join the investment discussion on the US market, please indicate your interest. And of course, if others are interested in other markets, speak it out here, and we try to cordinate a group during this date and time.

    Sat 17 May, 1500 – 1700 hrs. Oxford hotel Cafe. We shall cordinate a simple meal with drinks and let you know soon.

    Terence Seah

    • We have this program confirmed, with the topic for discussion “Investments and the US markets” for Sat 17 May 2014, at the Oxford Hotel from 3.00 pm to 5.30pm.

      Provided will be some snacks, coffee and tea.

      Charge per person: $12.
      Walk-ins and non-registered: $15.

      Please register here. Payment advised will be announced soon.

      Strictly for SilverHairsClub members only.

      Terence Seah

  14. Hi Terence and fellow SHC investors

    I note that Terence has arranged the hotel venue and refreshments at $12 per head if we register in advance.

    So far that has been no feedback and no new member coming forward to express interest. Is it because now we have to pay to attend? Or because we feel that we would not get value from the meeting?

    I will stick my neck forward and promise that I will do a “live” trade to show how to create an instant income with options. I promise that this idea will be worth many times the $12 you need to pay for tea… And the info is free-of-charge!

    I don’t know what arrangements Terence has made… but I still like a very small audience…

    • Hi Kenneth,

      Thank you for highlighting the issue of cost and payment. I find the topic on investments and the US markets something many members are interested in. And, it is for this reason that, after reading the discussions, that I have decided to EO this event. This will enable another group of members to come together to share and discuss.

      Another reason for holding this topic is we have someone who is familiar with the US markets and who is willing to share. And that’s you. Thank you, it is not easy to find someone who know the game and willing to share. Believe me, this is tough in SilverHairsClub.

      For this topic to be presented and discussed, we need a suitable place, quiet enough, has a PA system, sitting and tables, and some snacks and drinks, we manage to find a place after a long time. We need to be able to hear the speakers. A few kind souls have offered us suggestions on where we can hold such events. We finally found a small hotel that is convenient, near MRTs and giving us a good price for an afternoon sit down get together.

      On the issue of cost, few venues will offer us for free, without conditions. The topic is exciting and the speaker is caring. Members, don’t worry about the cost, we charge $12 for coffee, tea and snacks and a nice venue with equipment. The club will likely lose money if we don’t have enough numbers. If we have 10 participants, the club will lose 240 dollars. If we have 20 participants, we will lose 120 dollars. Whatever the numbers, the event will go on. Confirmed.

      I hope this clarifies the issue of cost and payment, for members who feel they may be reluctant to participate because of payment.

      Kenneth has offered to speak, and this is worth many times more than the $12 we charge. If the event is successful, we shall hold more of this events for members.

      Please register, if you are coming. Oh, I cannot change the date, because this is when I am in Singapore.

      Terence Seah

  15. Hi Terence

    I am a very practical person and would avoid any waste of good monies especially yours…

    If we do not get 20 or more persons then I think you should cancel the venue. If we have ten or fewer I propose coming to my condo in Hougang and using the meeting room or function room for the event. We could still collect a small fee, say $5, and I can use it towards refreshments.

    • Thanks Kenneth,

      We shall organise the gathering with the topic “Investments and the US market” at Oxford Hotel on Sat 17 May from 1500 to 1700 hrs. Please confirm your coming. The fee is 12$ per person.

      If we get 20 Pax, the gathering is on. If less than 20 Pax, we shall cancel the gathering.

      Closing date for registration: 5 May 2014.

      Terence Seah

      • To start, I shall be attending the gathering, presented by Kenneth Tan.

        Definitely attending will be Kenneth Tan.

        All others who have indicated their coming, please confirm. Thank you.

        Terence Seah

  16. Terence

    I confirm that I will be coming on 17 May. I don’t mind paying $12 for the

    privilege of learning something on options.

    Tell me how I can make payment.


  17. Hi Terence,

    I have no time watching the markets up and down as I am still working full time. Only invested with Fundsupermart, I think it’s quite safe lah. Whenever I want to buy and sell online, I will asked my son to do it….hahaha. So I have never really understood online investment. I can sense Kenneth’s confidence in delivering / sharing his experiences. I want to know more about what others are doing to earn that extra $$$, so please include me in this talk also. Thank you. 🙂

    Ah Nee

    • I am glad to see that Kenneth’s presentation will interesting to market watchers.

      I haven’t found someone to help me collect the money yet. Ah Nee, will get back to you.

      Terence Seah

  18. Hi Terence,

    I will be coming. Also register me for the Travel group evening discussion. Sorry for the late reply as I have been busy at work and not reading the latest updates in SHC.


  19. Janie and Moon,

    I was getting nervous getting myself into planning SILVERHAIRSCLUB activities.

    You make my day.

    Terence Seah

    • The payment details for the Investment and US Markets topic is as follow:
      Please make payment transfer to Karen Thio at POSB account 207-31089-1.
      Let us know your transfer reference number.

      Charge: $12

      Terence Seah

  20. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for being the treasurer for the two events on 17 May. The “Investment and US markets” and the monthly gathering cum travel discussion at Oxford Hotel.

    You have been given EDIT rights to my Posts. Please put a paid against the names of participants. Again, thank you for putting your hands-up. Aopreciate your help.

    Terence Seah

  21. Hi Terence
    Am keen on the investment talk but will be away. Hope Kenneth would be able to have another session in June or July.

    Another suggestion is to have a gathering of traders who can share what is working for them in their trading.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      We are glad to have Kenneth talk on US markets. This helps kickoff our session on Investments and US markets.

      You have a good suggestion “Investments – What works for you?”. Since many of us trade, we have different ideology and principles when trading. Very good, I shall use this topic for the next session. Thank you.

      Do join us next time.

      Terence Seah

  22. Hi Terence/Gabriella,

    Pls register Sockie and me for the investment talk.

    Hi Karen,

    I have just transferred $24 for Sockie and myself, Ref #: 12580454854


  23. Terence

    Sorry, my DBS atm card is faulty at the moment, could not make a transfer.

    I will pay you the $12 on the day of the meeting, hope it is OK?


  24. Hi Kenneth,
    Thank you for sharing your expertise on “options trading on the US market” with us. May I commend you for presenting the technicalities of the instrument in a manner which makes it simple for all of us to understand. It’s been a privilege to learn from you and we looked forward to further discussion with you at a later time.

    Thank you Terence for organising this session.
    We certainly benefited from attending.

  25. Hi Kenneth,
    Thanks for sharing an interesting subject presented with ease of understanding. Most of us have enjoyed.

    Much appreciated,

    • The investment event and intro into Options in the US Markets is something we are trying out this year to meet some of SHC members’ interests.

      Thanks to Kenneth and to the participants.

      I picked up some comments from members. One, the food or Tea snacks were not nice, and not enough. This was the key feedback. We paid $12 each for the use of the hotel venue and tea. But, no one was able to offer a place we could use. 13 people came, we booked the place for 15 Pax.

      The second comment was the possibiity of using an external speaker for future. However, price-wise, a solution was not available. Maybe, we can hear from future participants.

      For the next investment gathering, we would use the same venue at Oxford Cafe or Kenneth’s place at Paya Lebar. No other venues have been identified.

      Suggestions appreciated.

      Terence Seah

  26. Kenneth

    Appreciate very much your sharing on Options.

    Filled a gap in my investment knowledge. Now, hope I can put it into

    practice at some point.


  27. Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for taking your time to teach us how to make money…hahaha….much appreciated! This investment session is worth attending, at least now I am slowly getting there. And since you stay nearby my place, I can call you anytime to “lim kopi” whenever I need help…..cheers and thank you in advance!

    Ah Nee

  28. Hi guys!

    Thank you all for your kind words; it was a pleasure to share my limited knowledge on options on the US market. Of course there is a bit more to learn and do:

    You’ll need to open a US trading account and obtain clearance to trade options. You will need to fund your account, know margin requirements, how to use the website to place option orders, etc.

    Determine your personal trading goals, risk management and learn about options strategies. You can start using “paper trading” in you account to test your strategies before committing your money.

    Well, every journey starts with the first step; I will be happy to assist you in your learning adventure.

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