How many places in the world would you like to see before the legs say No? Europe and Eurail.


Travel has always been a top activity of SilverHairs.  We have worked all our lives, and we have not seen so many places. Some of us yean to go to Bangkok every year.  I go every month, and it is still exciting.  But there are so many other places.  There is China, India, Callifornia, Mexico (World Cup comng), Artic cruise, around Vancouver, etc, etc.  No end, our dreams and our pockets will decide.

An European Train travel 14 countries, How about Genting, Penang, or even Bali, or even Perth, Brisbane.  Too many, where do you want to go.  Your wishes, make it come true.

All your travel dreams will work well, if planned in advance, and you go with friends, people you know.  Maybe you want to go to Europe next year, but dont know who to go with.  Well, there is always someone who wants to go to Europe too.  Talk about it.  Let’s others know where you would like  go.  Maybe, both of you will pair up.

Well, we will set a date where all interested in travel can come together.  We will gather you in groups, by cities or groups, or …. The rest will be up to you. So, speak up and register your interest here.

This event is strictly for SHC members only.  However, you go with finally, is up to you.  Have fun.

Eurail global passes, click here:  Organise yourself in groups of 4.

Terence Seah

61 thoughts on “How many places in the world would you like to see before the legs say No? Europe and Eurail.

  1. It is not where you go, but who you go with that matters.
    Anybody who goes travelling in groups should agree. Right?
    People are not a bunch of cattles or chickens where you can simply gather them together and herd them. There is this little thing (BIG THING perhaps) called emotions. Often a bunch of people together creates differences, friction, tension and even explosion. So, while theoritically it is a happy scenario to have a big group of friends going on a trip, tour, expedition etc; it sometimes ends up as, “they do not live happily ever after” — at least some of them. Therefore, whoever has the gut, gumption and generosity to lead such an event must be prepared that practice can be furthest from what the theory suggests. There is no right or wrong in some one’s attitude. It is just a matter of compatibility, albeit the fact that some fundamental attributes ought to be present when an individual joins a group.


  2. Haha!

    Mr Chan, you have made a very good point: Your fellow travellers contribute a lot to your travel experience. But we may not get to pick our companions if we respond to a posting here for travel. What I’m trying to say is that we have to take a chance…there’s no guarantee, no money-back if we are disappointed. But do not let it stop you… what’s a little irritant when you have the thrill, the exhilarating and the awesome view?

    And we should not let it stop us from sharing our experience of travel, from arranging the occasional grand tour, even a small meander into Malaysia.

    So Terence… When is this meeting?

  3. Terence
    Sounds interesting. I’m game.

    Daniel, compatibility is the key word but then again, I have had incompatible travel companions but I adapt and don’t allow that to spoil my enjoyment. Of course, that will be the one and only time I’ll travel with that person/s.

    You are right. Btw when is the next trip in? I’m keen. Let me know ya.

  4. I’m thinking of Korea, sometime in Sept or Oct, when autumn is just creeping in.

    Or even a few days in a resort near by.

    Or a cruise.

    I’m in a travelling mood again!
    Any time after July this year as I will be away to Ireland in July.

  5. Noted with thanks, Tan and Chan. Indeed it is just a short period of several days, so lets live and live (assuming suay suay no choice lah). It takes all kinds of people to make up this world, including one kind like me. I think more often than not, the bickering is over expenses, and I must add that I have not encountered such unpleasant experiences with SHC friends. Hopefully never.


  6. Hi Mary Chan
    I agree with your frame of mind and your adaptation to the incompatible behaviour of other fellow travellers. We have to accept that no two persons are alike and our main objective is to enjoy each other’s companionship as best we can and what the tour can offer in terms of scenic beauties and different cultures.
    However, this question of accommodating one another seems to be the main
    obstacle in participation of organised trips. I have been soliciting for a self drive
    tour of New Zealand without success.
    Robert Ong

  7. Hi Robert,
    A self drive tour of NZ can be very enjoyable but one needs to be familiar of the place to do so. I’ve been to NZ several times, spring, summer, 3 or 4 times I think, autumn, but not winter, too cold, and I love the scenery and atmosphere there..
    I tried driving there once but got unnerved by the lack of people in some stretches of the countryside. My friend was ahead of me and I was alone in my car and I was very nervous. We had gone to pick up a car which needed servicing, so I had to drive back the second car while she drove the first.
    I don’t think I want to drive there again . I have this fear of getting lost in this ‘wilderness’ hahaha. My sense of direction is very poor.
    I wouldn’t mind joining a self drive group though, if we can form one.
    Any one keen?

  8. Dear Mary Chan
    I envisage that our proposed NZ tour will be partly self-drive and guided.
    Ideally the rented car will have one driver and three passengers. Preferably the drivers will take shifts.
    To have a safe journey the driving will stretch from Auckland to Queenstown with
    suitable stops at motels on the way. It is planned that driving will be done in the morning. As for road directions, there are a lot of brochures with detailed maps to guide the drivers .After that the rest of the tour to the other sceneries will be guided by local travel agents. The last destination is at Christchurch when we take the return flight to Singapore.
    The whole journey will take about 12 days.
    If you have further questions, please let me know.
    Robert Ong

  9. I have always wanted to go on a Caribbean or Mediterranean cruise. Just waiting for the right time and like minded frens to go with. One of the things to do in my bucket list. So far in my travels with family,frens n strangers, i have not encountered bad room mates. Maybe bcos i try to be considerate n clean up after me. It takes two hands to clap so it’s all abt giving n taking. I have also travelled with a bunch of crazy, caring n fun loving frens for SHC. It’s up to us to make the best out of our holidays.

  10. I have ‘itchy feet’ to get out of Singapore at least once a month. The country can be as close as JB Malaysia or Batam Indonesia. I never had the desire to travel far as previous travels to California USA on no less than 5 occasions have put me off long distance flights.

    The countries I’d like to go again and again will be Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. My choices are based on affordability of airfares/accomodations and food.

    I love cruises as well but again not to faraway countries – stops at Phuket are good enough for me. :)


  11. Caroline and Rosalind.
    That makes 3 of us who want to go on cruises. I have been on two short cruises, one to Phuket, on the Superstar Virgo and another to Port Klang on the Mariner of the Seas.
    Short trips are fine but there’s not much to do on shore.
    I’m thinking of something like the Caribbean or Mediterranean cruises or even cruises to Japan, Australia etc.

  12. Yes. Cruise are great fun. Its party every night. And lots of food. I am planing on royal carribean. Next trip. Been on it twice.. And love every minute of it. Yes.. we should plan one.

  13. Sorry cut short…
    Cont. …cruise to Sanya & Ho Chi Min city & sail home to Singapore (quite rare) promo fare each $888 twin share excludes taxes of $270-300

  14. Cruises are relaxing for seniors & great for those night birds merrymakers karaoke singers & dancers…. Esp their porridge suppers after late shows!!
    Something to ponder ……$1k plus trip…!

  15. There is also a RC Celebrity trip to the Baltic Seas in June. $2k plus cruise excluding booking your own return flt to London to join cruise there. Any takers?

  16. Anyone keen to join me for a trip to krabi resort. May 13-20. Music.. Good food.. Hotel with sea view only 35 per night. Flight 90 both ways. Cheap n good.

  17. I went on an Alaska cruise last June and get hooked to cruising. I will be interested to a Caribbean, Mediterranean or Scandinavian cruise. New Zealand is also on my wish list.

  18. Hi folks,
    There is a Virgo Star Cruise promotion now on till end April. On 26th Oct. Fly Cathay Pacific to Hongkong & Stay Pre-cruise 2N at new Casa Hotel with airport to hotel transfer.
    Cruise: On Oct 28th Star Virgo ship departs from HK Cruise Terminal via Sanya (Hainan) beach & HCM city back to Singapore @harbourfront cruise Terminal (Cruise from) Oct 28-Nov 2nd.
    Including taxes all in, I paid S$1278 Twin share. Nitely cabaret shows, dancing ,karaoke, meals provided. Only one cruise departure as its a Relocation promo.
    Good deal!

  19. Zara,
    How many days/nights is that Oct 28th cruise? I’m interested but don’t have a partner.
    The cruise to the Baltic sea sounds interesting too. Do you have more info on that?
    Perhaps you could organise a group to go?

  20. Lydia,
    Krabi is good if you can go snorkling, which I did. Other than that, there isn’t much to do except eat , relax and take leisurely walks.

  21. Wong Yoke Moon,
    Have I met you before?
    The cruises you mentioned are exactly what I have in mind.
    Perhaps those of us who are interested to cruise could meet up and see if we could decide on where and when we would like to cruise?

  22. Hi Mary,

    I don’t think we have met as I have participated in just 3 past SHC activities. I have 2 trips lined up for the rest of the year, one in June and another in August.

  23. Travelling is a much sought after activity when one is retired or is close to retirement. From the discussion, many members would like to find compatible friends.
    Well, one way is to get to know one another better. This forum is one way, and of course, the other way is to meet an chat about your intended travel plans. Or to join someone else’s travel itinery.

    To help coordinate your interests, shall we have a monthly gathering, where we can talk about our travel plans and ideas? I was thinking that since few have expressed interest in our planned disco on Sat 17 May, we could have a monthly gathering, and we can group our discussions by travel destinations. This is an exciting change, and we will use the same venue.

    I shall take the lead with Thailand, and hopefully if Kenneth and others come, we can have the Thailand group, to include Chiangmai, Phuket, Pattaya.

    If you like to join this group, please indicate your interest. A simple dinner will be planned.

    Terence Seah

  24. Hi Yoke Moon,
    Thanks for your reply. May I ask if you will be cruising in June and August, where to and if you are, do you already have room mates?

  25. Hi Terence,
    I think it’s a good idea to get like minded people to meet. I’m interested, but more in cruises although I’m not ruling out Thailand if the itinerary is interesting enough.
    Why don’t you make it a meeting for anyone interested in travel and or cruises and open it to more people to attend the gathering?
    I will keep May 17th open on my calendar, if you can do so.

    • Hi Mary,

      Thank you for indicating your interest to join a travel discussion group. Your saying yes, gives me confidence to organise and gather members together.

      As I have very limited days in Singapore, I make effort to ensure that I am available on the dates I have indicated. At the same time, I have to find venues that can take our group, even though we have no numbers and no expression of interest. It is also difficult to find EOs, as they too are unable to commit time, dates and costs.

      Kenneth is right. He is observant and has noticed that we have three events on the same date Sat 17 May. Well, this is the only date I can squeeze into my diary in May. Singaporeans are busy, so are members.

      Thank you Mary for making the suggestion. I hope more members will help the organisers by expressing their interest, instead of until one week before the event. Only to realise it rains on the actual date.

      On this note, I shall revise the gathering, from a disco to a monthly gathering, with travel discussion as an agenda.

      Terence Seah

  26. Hi Terence and all Thai would-be travelers

    Yes, I can share what to do, see and, maybe, eat in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and Phuket and, would be pleased to advise on flights and hotels especially budget travel.

    But I think Terence may have too many things going on this 17 May:

    First, the disco night
    Then, this travel group meetup
    Third, the investment talk.. on US stocks

    Now which one is really on and which one can we attend?

  27. Hi Mary,

    I am not cruising in June and August. In June, I am going to Tibet which includes Mt. Everest. Yesterday, I have put a post in SHC, but it is still pending review. In August, I am joining Susan Tan to JiuZhaiGou. No cruising plan for the rest of the year.

    • The gathering for discussion with different travel groups has been planned for Sat 17 May 2014 at Oxford Hotel, dinner included. This will also be our May Monthly gathering.

      We shall also have another monthly gathering in June for another group discussion on travel. The date and venue have not been identified yet.

      Please indicate your group interest, and we will help you to join the same interest group.

      Terence Seah

  28. Hi Terence

    Don’t want to seem hasty or lor soh…but are there two events planned together for the 17th? Does it mean that all coming will attend both? What if we cannot get the numbers and venue is cancelled? I can get a small aircon meeting room in my condo library for free: ideal for a small group of ten!

    I would like to know as I want to be prepared for my part of the programme.

    • Hi Kenneth,

      To make it easy, I prefer to keep to the same place, since we have booked the place. The event is confirmed, irrespective of the numbers.

      You can make the offer to hold another more personalised session at your place, after the intro session on Sat 17 May. I would be happy if you EO this event.

      So, the Sat 17 May late afternoon at Oxford is on.

      This will be different from the monthly gathering in the evening. I had to hold it on the same day, as I do not have another day in my diary.
      The topic will be different in the evening and a dinner buffet has been prepared. The Hotel wont allow us to use the place for free.

      Terence Seah

  29. Hi Terence,
    The monthly gathering cum travel discussion group will be in the evening right?
    How much is the buffet? What kind of food will be served, alacarte or buffet? Right now, how many have responded to either event? I will start by putting up my hand for the travel discussion .

    • Hi Mary,

      We have just decided to have the monthly gathering on Sat 17 May in the evening.

      This will include the travel group discussion.

      For the use of the place and a dinner buffet, the cost is $20 per person. A new post to replace this one will be up after 1 May. Venue: Oxford Hotel skylight cafe.

      ** We have to find a solution to our holding the monthly gathering at Hans. While the venue is suitable, members find the place noisy has too many public movement and lacks privacy.

      At the same time, we have feedback from the other side that many members do not buy dinner from the counter, and in some cases, we don’t buy their drinks. Besides, we make a lot of noise for other diners.

      Most other places require us to commit to a minimum number of Pax. As you know, some members only respond last minute; some attempt to walk in.

      Let’s try new places. I hope more EOs will raise their hand.

      See you on Sat 17 May.

      Terence Seah

  30. In Oct 2016, I plan to go on a 14 day EuroRail trip to Europe. I choose October because it is the beginning of the Winter season. It s definitely just outside the peak period, and the tourist places will not be crowded., Hotels are also less expensive.

    An Eurorail trip means you have our dinner at 7 – 8pm, take a bath and then you hope onto a train between 10 and 12 midnight. We get to wake up in the morning between 6 and 7.30 am, just in time for a local breakfast.

    It is likely we sleep in a hotel 2 or 3 nights, and the rest, we sleep on a train. We get to cruise, river boats, and trains. As a group, it is fun because it is safer, and we get to look after one another. Most food, we buy the chickens and the sausages and the bread from the supermarket, find a huge grass patch and have our lunch. Even, dinner, we can do so.

    Importantly, we need to know one another. We have to plan because we go as a group. I will take the lead but we have different group leaders for each country. You can bet we will lose 5 kgs each.

    Cost wise, it will be the cost of a 14 day train ticket plus food.

    If you like to, let me have your name here. We can chat during the next monthly gathering qt Oxford Hotel.

    Terence Seah

  31. Terence, I am interested in your 14 day Euro rail tour. Pls in the loop. I will not be at the monthly gathering at Oxford Hotel next week as I already have prior arrangements.
    Many thanks.

  32. SHC Eurail trip 2016 – From time to time, I shall put up updates on our SHC Eurail trip 2016.

    1. The website: Use USD.
    2. The month of travel: Oct 2016 (Fixed)
    3. Amount to spend on the Eurail ticket 15 day ticket: USD 700 (subj to changes). We will buy tickets in January 2016. So, save this money.
    4. We must buy tickets in groups of 5, as 5 names on one rail ticket. Start finding friends in groups of 5.
    5. We can enjoy up to 24 countries in Europe. We will travel 1st class rail.
    6. Our rules are: No deviation from the group, unless inform to the EO.
    7. We can travel up to a big group of 40 pax, and enjoy all the way.
    8. The next item to decide is the airport we will land. It can be Amsterdam, zurich, Copenhagen, etc. Not decided yet. You decide where and when you want to return to Singapore. Everybody buys their own ticket. This will cost over SGD 1000. So, save this amount.
    9. You can insist on a choice of a city to go during the trip, we shall give you the privilege to decide.

    Ok, start saving the air ticket and Eurail ticket pass money.

    I have been on the Eurail 14-day pass travel for more than 7 times since 1990. So, I hope you can participate. No tour company, we do it ourselves. We have a lot of flexibility. Simply say you are interested, Register your name here, so I can keep track of you.

    Terence Seah

  33. Susan C H Tan,
    do you have a specific cruise in mind? From the 30th of Sept to the 6th of Oct is 7 days. We could plan a cruise for that period. We’ll see if there are any interested when we meet on the 17th ok?

  34. Hello Mary,

    Thinking of other cruises except the Star cruises for a change – Royal Caribbean, maybe. But I’m not sure whether they do short journeys. Have not done any checks yet..

    Maybe we can put our heads together and see if we can come up with something?

    See you this coming Saturday!

  35. Terence,

    In Oct 2016, I plan to go on a 14 day EuroRail trip to Europe – Oct 2016?
    Why so long ? Now we are in 2014, hv we wait 3 years?


  36. Good question, Lillian. I am assessing the response to this Post to see how many people are interested in a 14 day European travel. The numbers are still small. This trip requires planning, and I think 2.5 years would be just nice. Guess u cannot wait.

    When I put up this post, I commit myself to go. Got to save money too. We will go ahead with the planning, and those who wish to go ahead first, can do so. But, Oct 2016 is confirmed.

    Terence Seah

  37. Ha ha ha. Yes, Lilian is excited and cannot wait. She has this in mind long before you posted your suggestion, Terence but no plans have been made.

    We are interested in the SHC Eurorail 2016 i.e. Lilian and I. Please include us.

    I am unable to be present for the coming meeting though as I will be out of town.
    Hope to attend the next.


  38. Hi Terence

    I misread and thought you intend to organise the Europe trip in Oct this year. That’s why I didn’t kee chiu. Glad to hear it’s in Oct 2016. I’m interested but not too sure if I’ll still be energetic enough to take it. Nonetheless, please keep me in the loop.

    Tks & Cheers…..

  39. Hi Terence,
    Please enlighten how you avoid the clause on Global Eurorail pass
    • You should not have travelled by train prior to your boarding on the
    departure day

    The last time I traveled in 2004 & 2006, I was told that I did not respect this condition and was asked to paid a fine . Thank you


    • Hi Tony,
      I didnt notice this clause, but it is good you brought it up. I shall check as I too am interested.

      Reason why is When I got out of the plane at the airport, i began the 14 day travel. So, I never did travel by train before the departure date.

      Thank you. Terence Seah

    • At last night monthly gathering, interested members to the Eurorail travel 2016 gathered for a brief.

      In short, the long planning hopes that interested members gather and get to know one another.

      For the purpose of buying rail tickets, and to get a group price, it’s 5 to a group. We have to start to know our friends first, so that we stay as friends.

      Likely arrival airport is Amsterdam, but not fixed yet. So we have time.

      Likely to cover Madrid, Spain, in the west, Cophenhagen, Denmark in the north, Berlin in the east and Italy in the South.

      Keep thinking.

      Terence Seah

  40. Dear Terence,

    I am interested in short cruises that do not require a lot of walking because my lower back and legs no good. Thanks.


  41. Our 14 day Eurarail travel will involve participnts to travel the night before, sleep overnight on the train and getting up early morning at between 5.30am and 7 am.

    Upon getting off the train, the first thing to do is to wash up and then look for breakfast. Some of us just cannot wait to put some food into the stomach. European breakfast consists usually of bread and coffee or tea. It is unlikely we can get porridge, kuayteow or soy bean milk.

    European countries have many types of bread, pastries and so many types of cheese, butter and spread to go with. In the coming months, we can get ourselves familiar with the different types of bread and pastries available in Singapore. The choices in Europe are varied.

    If anyone of u has cotacts with a bakery that can introduce us to European style bread, pleaselet us know. We can also gather at one of the foreign supermarkets and request the bread department to show us their varieties. I guess we can have an European coffee/tea and bread breadfast.

    A good introduction will help us understand the wide variety in front of us after we alight from the train.

    How about that?

    Terence Seah

  42. This is the correct post for our Europe Trip. I had been putting our comments in the 2007 trip.

    For members who are thinking of joining the Europe train travel in Oct 2016, please note the train pass is called “Eurail Global Pass”. It can be confusing if you are searching the internet, as there are various names. We are going for the 15 day Eurail Global pass.

    The 28 countries covered are:
    Austria Belgium Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina Czech Republic Croatia Denmark France Finland Hungary Germany Greece Ireland Italy Luxembourg Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey

    The website is
    1. Participants will have to buy the rail pass online, on your own. The earliest date you can buy is 6 months before travel, outside Europe.
    2. Good to buy in groups of 4 as cheaper. For adults, not youths. Note: Oct travel. Approx USD 700 per person, first class. 14 days; but rail pass will have free extension days, 3specially when winter comes.
    3. Note: UK is not in the list of countries.
    4. Budget: Flight between SGD 1000 – 1300. Eurail Global Pass about USD 700.

    LauraW, please help with your advice since you are the latest European traveller.

    Terence Seah

  43. For travellers on the “EurEurail Global Pass” in Oct 2016, we have 12 mths more before we have to buy out airtickets and unlimited first class rail pass. Msny of you have plenty of questions to ask. Most of our thinking and Q&A will be on this Post.

    I have decided to start a Whatsapp +6594894360″ travel discussion, specially for this group for those who are interested. This discussion group will end Mar 2016. We will cover costs, visa, weather, mode of travel, food, approx routine, hotels, and detours. You can also find friends to travel together in groups of 4 on this whatsapp group.

    Let’s start our planning.

    Terence Seah

  44. At the last monthly gathering, we discussed the following:

    1. Buy your own flight return tickets to any city in Europe. We will meet likely in Amsterdam. Decision in Mar 2016. Estimate price: $1000.

    2. Form groups of 4, for buying the Eurail global pass. This allows the group to break from the main group in 4s. Eurail tickets: Estimate price: 750 Euros for 14/15 days. You may extend, as you wish.

    3. One winter wear is needed, as it can be cold. Some rain in Oct. Snow in a few areas too.

    Have fun.

    terence Seah

  45. The Eurail trip in Oct 2016 is still on schedule. Discussion is going on among interested participants. At this moment, airtickets are not booked yet. We will do so around March 2016.

    In the Whatsapp discussion group, participants get to know who is who so that no one gets a shock when they see someone going up the same train in Europe together. We also talked about different cities, altho without all the details. This trip may seem still a long time away next year; but it will come fast.

    For those who are interested to see Europe on rail over 14 days, please join the group chat. We have enough time to know one another. It is enjoyable to go on a rail trip, knowing one another.

    Terence Seah

  46. We had a whatsapp meeting yesterday. Most participants are not able to decide the dates proposed in Oct 2016. Some have withdrawn for other plans. As such, we will cancel the proposed dates, and decide closer the dates.

    As such, I will make other plans. Come closer to Oct, we can decide. If we agree, we can go and meet together somewhere. As for me, I am tentatively planning to go Amsterdam a week before our 14 day rail group travel.

    Terence Seah

  47. The Eurail trip, planned for in Oct2016, has come to a decision. It was a long planning discussion. We had good ideas of where to go and how to go about the trip. However, getting a firmed date for he trip was difficult, as each of us could not confirmed due to our unsure schedule.

    I guess some of the travel members will go for the trip. However, as I have to commit my firmed plans to Europe next year, I have decided to cancel our own trip. Members of the group have been informed. For those who have plans, do have a good trip.

    Terence Seah

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