MonthlyWalk: 10th May, Off the Beaten Walk venture

(This trip also in response to the request of “Let’s venture out of Singapore, perhaps to Johor?!”)

There have been much interest going to Pengerang especially since In late 2011 news about the Malaysian government’s plans to build petrochemical projects there and,
in Feb 2014, a Feng  Shui expert has selected Pengerang for its “good Feng Shui” and to which graves from the new Chinese gravesite in Bukit Gelugor, Johor will be relocated here!

Before this wonderful place is no more…. become less idyllic, with an increase in traffic both human and vehicles – lorries …
COME, join us  in this “raw” venture ie., sans prior recce, so somewhat disorganized…  bear with us ….   😀   😀

On the way one will enjoy lovely scenery of uncut grasses waving on either sides (sign of ‘welcome’  hehe)  coconuts trees swaying  with the wind;  the lovely kampong charm; the peaceful surrounding devoid of tall buildings! The lack of urban noises, if one craved  for open spaces

Sungai Rengit the  town in Pengerang located south-eastern tip of Johor is dotted with a dozen seafood  restaurants, all with local Spiny Lobsters as their main draw!

The favourable currency exchange rates for Singapore dollar meant we will eat  like ‘royalty’ there.

Pengerang was also the site of a major WW2-era British coastal battery — Malayan WWII history, where the British troops  readied their defences in preparation for a Japanese attack via Singapore!

Unlike other groups, I prefer to go with the bumboat instead of coach!      😀    😀

NOTE:  Time & cost – are estimates only and to be paid by each participant.

This trip is subject to availabilities & weather condition.

The day’s adventure shall start from our Changi  Village.         😀

ECs:  Christina Chan & Azhari Cuttilan
Date:  Saturday, 10th May 2014  (ie., 2nd Saturday)
Start Time:  8.15am sharp.
Meeting Point:
Changi Point Ferry terminal, gather at the back to ‘Mark’ attendance (do not go down to the ferry departure lobby).

LOGISTICs purpose –
GUARANTEE OF SEAT/RESERVATION ***** –  Deposit S$20 with registration to POSB Acct No.: 542-107-561
by Tuesday 29th April 2014.
Please provide name & time of deposit for verification purposes.

Deposit will be refunded either on board bumboat or during lunch.
“No show” = No refund of deposit, which will be taken to defray cost for missing seats in bumboat and taxi or registered participant get a replacement.

Reservations will be considered in sets of 12, SHC members shall be given priority.
Initial target:  24pax.
Additional will be placed on wait list, if insufficient no. of pax to fill another bumboat, you may choose to pay/share for the missing seats to make up the bumboat operators’ requirement.

The prerogatives of the Walk Team shall take precedence.

HIGHLIGHTS of the trip –

1)    Visit Ostrich Farm, admission charge RM$15 – ostrich satay, omelettes… yum, yum
2)    Walk around town and/or to the lovely beach.
3)    a sumptuous seafood lunch (must have lobsters!, need to place orders.)
4)    hopefully, we can find the trail to Pengarang Battery – last heard trail was covered  by nature.
5)    3pm – head back to the jetty by taxi.
6)    4pm – back in Singapore soil!

IMPORTANT! Participant to note:

2)    Bring mosquitoes repellent, umbrella, sun block, cap, water bottles, wear comfortable  shoes.
3)    Bumboat : one way trip S$12.00.  bumboat operator will only leave if the capacity of 12 passengers is filled OR pay for the missing passengers/seats.
4)    At Singapore Passengers Departure Lobby – required to submit individual passports for custom registration.
5)    Travel time:  Approx 45 minutes/1 hour to reach Tanjung Pengelih  jetty./Pengerang Ferry Terminal.
6)    CLEAR CUSTOMS.  Then gather together in your groups as per in the bumboat of 12pax.  Will nominate 1 lead/per bumboat to assist.
7)    Take Taxi (can seat 4passengers) to the small town.  Travel time: about 15 minutes at $20 Malaysian Ringgit OR we might book taxi for round trip (approx. cost M$90 – 100 for full day).  At this point still Unable to get in contact with taxi operator.

General Information —
Ostrich farm is opened by Mr Colin Teh who is a former Singapore SAF pilot.  Both the showroom and restaurant are located outside the farm so no admission charges to visit them.
Do you know the toughness of an Ostrich’s egg? Answer, hear it from Mr. Teh  … intro about Ostriches are provided by Mr. Teh/or staff.

Buy home  — individual choice
Kedai Kek Lim Choo Seng famous for pastries eg., Lao Po Bing aka Old Wife Cake, etc.

Walk Team ECs: Charles Wee, Veronica Wong, Jeffrey Lim, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Judy Lim and June Koh and I, Christina CL Chan, signing off….

REGISTRATION with deposit*****


27 thoughts on “MonthlyWalk: 10th May, Off the Beaten Walk venture

  1. Hi Christina

    Updates on ferry cost –
    1. Normal ferry (journey time more than 1 hr) – $11 per pax
    2. Fast ferry (journey time abt 40 min) – $13 per pax.
    Max no of pax per ferry is 12 pax. In the event if there are less than 12, the fare shall be shared among current no of pax in order than the ferry can moved out. Else the ferry operator will wait to pick up the full no of pax.

  2. Christina,
    If you don’t mind my suggestion, it’s not a good idea to walk around Pengarang, like you itinerary says, around 11am to 2pm.
    Further the beach is not near the town. A better idea would be to get some drivers and drive them over to Pengarang where they can drive and walk around the beach/town/elsewhere. Later in the evening, when it’s cooler, you can choose to walk for a longer period and come back later. You will not be hampered by the ferry deadline of 4pm.
    You might even have dinner there.

  3. Hi EOs:
    I am the first to kee chew, pls register my name

    Fyi my ATM fund transfer details as follows:
    Cheers Alj dated 20.4 Time 7:41

    Kindly acknowledge

    Maureen Lee

  4. Hi YK, thanks for feedback. 😀 I heard too that the bumbo at had to make a bigger turn so we do plan 2 take the faster route.

  5. Hi CharlesC,
    Thx 4 feedback n suggestion. Tis s more of a day trip so would want 2 leave by 3pm.

    If anyone wish 2 stay over, drop me an email, I can point u to good clean hotel. 🙂

    “Get some drivers” i do not know who u ate refering to. Hehe
    Anyway, we do not wish 2 b dependent on “drivers”. 🙂

    There will not b much walking… will play by ear. 😀

    Those who sign up would have the intent 2 venture to the unknown (therefore not going by coach) and/or experience/see kampong life in the 60s sans comfort. 🙂

  6. Whoa! Maureen!

    M cery encouraged to see U being the first to sign up!

    I have been thinking about doing this trip since last April! Finally, decided to make it available.

    Thanks! 😀

  7. Hi Maureen,

    Deposit received.

    Hi LilyL,
    Welcome to our walk venture!
    Deposit received.

    Thanks, ladies for your support.

    Seems pple are still away on vacation, leh…
    **kindly do the needful asap as we need to make arrangements.

  8.  Hi Christina/ Azhari Cuttilan
    Had done a transfer of $20.01 today for this walk. Please check. Thank you very much for organising.


  9. Dear All,

    Those who have signed up and paid the required deposit — fyi, I have managed to contact the transport and restaurant, will round up the details with them soon!
    I will write to you directly sometime this week.

    Those who have requested for another date — as mentioned, am sorry we have no other slot as 10th May is the only date that we have not scheduled our normal walk.

    Have a good day!

  10. Dear EOs, upon reading there’s not much walking involved in this trip I would like to register please.
    I’ve instructed my better half to do the transfer tonight on his way back home.

    Thank you

  11. Hi Ros,
    I was pleasantly surprised last night when I saw your registration.
    Now, saw the ‘reverse gear’ …?
    Anyway, Thanks for commenting on this post

  12. The size is easy peezy to manage and less headache logistics wise! though was looking forward to more participation as this is 1 rare trip from us to YOU!

    Gosh!! and we are doing all this for FREE and at the expense of our own time!
    we are not one of those who has nothing better to do either… the walk team members are pple like you, we have our personal commitments and leisure, too…
    I have also a Mother’s day celebration from my son to me”self” which I have to postpone!!!!!

    Hmmmm! perhaps we too should start to impose fees like other organization! 😀 😀 😀


  13. Azhari,
    Glad that you are happy to co-EO this event.
    But huh…..tomorrow 1st May LABOUR DAY! we going to recce for akan datang walk hor! Pray that weather is good… C U! LOL

    Christina Chan

  14. Hi Christina! I did apologize to you for withdrawing from this event. Unfortunately when I realised I had a prior commitment I could not edit my post hence my immediate ‘reverse gear’. I have no intention to ‘play play’ with your event.


  15. Christina, for your information 10th May is my grandson’s 7th birthday lunch party. Surely this warrants his grandmother’s attendance, don’t you agree?


  16. Hi Christina,

    Have not been logging in for so long. This walk is very interesting. I don’t know whether is it too late to register for the walk?

    Do let me asap. If allowed, will remit the deposit to you.

    Hope I am allow admission for being a late comer.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Susan Tan

  17. Dear Ros,

    was very caught up with work, so has not viewed this post/comments.

    oh dear…… just speaking my mind (I do not wish to elaborate further) but it was DEFINITELY not you or anyone lah! okie… have a G8 weekend!

    Life is to enjoy! have fun!

  18. SusanT,

    yes, please register and do the needful….. I have another 2/3 coming.

    I gotta rush off!

  19. Dear Registered Participants,

    I have emailed details to you. Please check your email Inbox.

    C you this Saturday 10th May!

  20. Hi Christina,

    Veronica Ang and Sito Taker Singh are interested to join your Pengerang WALK after reading Terence’s posting of “SilverHairsClub May 2014 update”. They are unable to register themselves, thus I am doing it on their behalf. They have transferred $40 (Ref:7295) to your account already. Please confirm their attendance by emailing to them at: ( and Thank you and have a nice trip!

    Ah Nee

  21. oh dear….!

    Ah Nee,

    I last checked this post yesterday morning.

    I would love to include them however
    1) it has past deadline and logistics has been finalized.
    2) taxi — the driver said their taxi can seat only max 4pax else they need to pay a fine. The police there are strict in this!

    Could you please call VeronicaA + SitoTS to inform them that between the 2 of them, they need to pay the full taxi fare unless they can find 2 more to go!
    I just received your mobile no…. I will call you.

    Christina Chan

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