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When I first retired from my full time job age 50 with NTUC, I wanted to set up a co-operative for Seniors but was put off as I had an attractive offer to work in China. Now that I am jobless and believe time in on my side .

I believe in pooling  members ‘ existing resources  to work for the success of this co-operative. I do not believe in asking members to contribute money towards this set-up. No body is to bleed for the failure of this misadventure.

Many retirees spend on all forms of necessities- which forms the revenue of  this co-operative. As this co-operative taps on the facilities provided by SHC enterprise- a 3% on revenue sales is provided as a constribution. All resources provided by members will be awarded in monetary gains. Details of rewards will be outlined as we roll out programme.

I have plans for  Tour programme -(A) Spore-Pengerang-Spore (B) Spore-kukup-Spore. we will develop other packages as times go by. The details of (A) as follows :

Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 1                          Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour 2     

8.30 am – Assemble at pick-up point                   8.30 am – Assemble at Changi Ferry T 8.45 am – Cars leave via causeway                    8.45 am – By Boat to Tg Pengelin Ter 10.00am- Arrived lago land/shoppingComp       10.00am – At Pengerang walk  around 12.30am -Lunch at Farm house/others              12.30pm – Lunch at Kg Sungai Rengit 2.30pm  – Tour around Sungai Rengit                                  and tour around                  3.oopm  – drop passengers at Jetty to                3.15 pm – Pick up Tour 2 passengers                       ferry home                                                           heading for  JB shopping         By 5.00pm –  Those intend to stay a night           6.00 pm –  Dinner is optional at own

The resources require to make this tour successfully depends on members car pooling, as well as salesmanship. Sales commission 5%. Car driver get  $ 140 ( travel by Taxi to kampong Sungai Rengit from JB is S$ 70).

I intend to price this tour package at S$88 (all inclusive except Lago Land entry fee) per pax..Any suggestion to charge higher are welcome. Under this win-win arrangement. As participant- you have the comfort of travelling in private car. As a participated Driver-you have ( S$140-88 ) S$ 55.00 appreciation fees.

Opinion poll : How about each passenger pay S$ 75 transport to Participate Driver for Genting / Malacca Trip ?

Tony Ang

8 thoughts on “Virtual SilverHair Co-operative

  1. Hi Tony,
    I am glad to welcome you as a Corporate member of the SilverHairsClub. As described to us during the Business Networking Session, we appreciate your plans to expand your travel business to the SilverHairsClub and its members.

    Please share with us your travel packages, and involve our membes as you roll out your plans. To your success.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Tony,
    Travel itineraries abit distorted so abit hard to guess. Are you saying that this is combined of tour 1 and tour 2 travellers.?

    Cheers.. Dolly

  3. hi dolly,
    Tour 1 TravellersTravel by car from causeway and return to Singapore via ferry
    Tour 2 travellers will leave spore Via Changi Terminal and return to Spore using the car that drop the Tour 1 passengers.
    Equal numbers of travellers per tour is prefer so as maximise the revenue for participated drivers

  4. Hi Tony
    count me in as your supporter to go for the short trips – update the potential dates so that it can be marked on my calender.

  5. Hi Tony,

    Thank you for organising the recent trip to Genting. I marvelled at your patience under various circumstances. It was a good trip with good company. ????

    Like Inez, I will be there to give my support in any small way. Hope the tour dates do not clash with my other travel.


    • Hi Tony,

      I don’t drive in Singapore, so I cannot be driver. But I would like to join this trip.

      Let’s try to make the numbers, so that you can evaluate feasibility with future tours.

      Let us have a tentative date.

      Terence Seah

  6. Hi Inez, Peri and Terence,
    Tkns for the support.
    I am focusing around the idea of co-operative- i.e. gathering steam from members to participate. Will fix a date after the 10th May- as we have a group visiting Pengerang from Changi Ferry terminal. Let this group return to share with us of their experience on cost, tour etc.


  7. Hi Tony,

    It was refreshing to hear from you again re your concept of cooperative by pooling resources. If you are reading this, I would like to encourage you to keep the idea alive, especially in the area of travel, hotels and tour packages. Dont give up.

    Terence Seah

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