Virtual SHC Co-operative ( Part II )

After my posting on above, discussion review the necessity to disclose how share allocation on the Incorporated SHC Co-operative. The basic and formulae are as follow :

Using the illustration of Spore-Pengerang-Spore Tour package. Assuming we manage to generate a sales of 10,000 units over the period. This will generate a value of 10,000 x 88= 88,000. Out of this 88,000 , 7,000 will be awarded to participated member drivers; 4400 (5% sales commission to members generating the revenue) 2640 (3% to SHC enterprise) We will take 88000 ( value varies depending on performance) as a basis point for share units. The share value will be determind on various factors- e.g magnitude of growth, market capitalisation,etc ) Lets assume a figure of $20.00 per share. Thus the registered issue capital for will be 88,000 units x $20 =  $ 1,760.000 .

The piioneer share holders registered capital will be

SHC enterprise                                   $   52,800  but only pay S 2,640 to acquire                the Participated member drivers        $ 140,000 but pay only S$ 7,000 to acquire            the  Sales Members                           $   88,000 but  pay only S$ 4,400 to acquire         the  Balance 73,960 belongs to the management team and the existing  members who constribute to the purchases. A convincing reports base on actual allocation will be discuss. All unalocated share will be open to new members/inactive member ( non-constributors) to subscribe at $ 20 a unit.

I look forward to the day to pay passive income through yearly declared dividend to member shareholders, generate silver hair employblities and other benefits.

I cannot be a oneman show to term a management team. Invitation is open to members to volunteer as Accountant, Auditors And records Adminstrator and trustee for Fund collection. I am looking into other programme that are beneficiary to SHC and at same time can constribute revenue to our venture.

I wish the car owners will volunteer to constribute to the success of my first Travel Package . Other forms of human resources ( e.g out of box ideas, contacts ) are highly appreciated if you suggest. You can email me at if you like to clearify before posting on blogg.

Tony Ang


8 thoughts on “Virtual SHC Co-operative ( Part II )

  1. Hi Tony
    The figures are impressive! The success of this income- generating project – the SPS trip- hinges on the super generosity of the participant- drivers. Am I right to conclude that the project will collapse if no super generous participant-drivers sign up? Any plan B? Thanks.

  2. Hi Jassmine,
    Very interesting question.
    I hope all members can support this projects. All benefits derive from the programme will utermately distributed to all participating partners- be it the constributors, working members,etc.
    If I can sell 40 package to 40 individual both ways, I can use a Coach ( Part of the revenue will be totally lost ) After all I will be charging the same price, using a coach will provide more profit to the programme. 40×2 =80/4 =20 car trip x70,i.e 1400 = MR 3,640 ( well enough for a tour guide + coach.)
    Where are the ” Knows all membeers ” commentsand questions ?

    Tony Ang

  3. Hi Tony,

    Please take us along. Are you guiding us through or preparing some packages for us? It does take a lot of effort, thinking and planning to make your idea work.

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Tony
    I think target of 40 pax is difficult to achieve because the SPS trip itinerary doesn’t have that kind of magnetism. May be 10 – 20. It is also unlikely that any potential participant-driver will sign up because such generosity /sacrifice is only reserved for family members and charity projects. Perhaps you could dangle a real juicy carrot (and not the tiny, shriveled one – haha …just joking) because on them lies the success of the trip. Could the trip include the Kota Tinggi waterfall?

    just trying to brainstorm for plan B 🙂

  5. Hi Jasmine,
    Is a good suggestion. It is not difficult to include Kota Tinggi Waterfall- just cut down the shopping hours.
    My focus is not on the Trips. Main focus is on the possiblities of incorporating a cooperatives to retent the outflow of expenses to the markets,thus benefiting the members.
    If members help to sell the trip packages to outsiders- this not only benefit the members involved ( the sales commission ) it will also serve as an encouragment that our members can work together for further enterprising spirit.


    • Hi Tony,

      I am beginning to understand the workings of your proposed cooperative. The concept is based on members going into Malaysia, and members providing the services and resources.

      If the cooperative has the numbers and the frequency of going into Malaysia, then the figures and formula can get exciting. I think Jassmine shares her concern with the numbers. What numbers are you looking at to meet your expectation?

      A few years ago, a lady member proposed similar trips to Malaysia. She was looking at mass participation, mass buying of hotel rooms, shared coaches and her knowledge of interesting places to visit. What I understand from her is the travels have been largely successful because she organises for the cc grassroots. This group has the mass and volume.

      I also remembered from a grassroot member that these trips to Malaysia are highly subsidised, which make such trips feasible.

      SilverHairsClub alone would be quite tough to sustain Malaysian trips, purely because of numbers. I think you have hit something. Please take us through. You definitely know something some of us don’t know or see.

      Terence Seah

  6. Hi Terence,
    We are not looking at trips alone. An example of Spore-Pengerang-Spore trip is just similar to any item( Washing Liquid) sold in NTUC Fairprice.

    It is very wrong to say those trips arranged by CC were subsidised. I was a Chairman organising those trips up to 8-10 bus load.Each time I made couple of thousands for the RC fund.My trips those day made many travel agents scratch heads- none of their quotation can match the prices I offered to the travellers.

    Getting members to pool resources is a way that members will benefit from the success of the intended co-operative. A commission offered is one way members will gain from selling to non-member.


    • Hi Tony,

      Thank you for the clarification. I was always of the mindset that all grassroots travel are heavily subsided.

      I have yet to fully understand how your concept works, but I am ready for you to take us through.

      Terence Seah

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