Visit to Karimun Island

Hi Silverhairs,

The above Two-days/One-night trip fall on the Weekend of July 19 & 20.
Maximum participants including the EO is TWELVE persons.
If the Departure time remained unchanged, we shall leave Harbourfront
by ferry at 8am for the One hour 35/40mins journey proceeding
Southwest from Singapore.
No Advance of monetary collection is involved, therefore participants
whom are interested, please be punctual on the Scheduled-date and time.

Regards, Abel Tan, EO

5 thoughts on “Visit to Karimun Island

  1. Abel
    19/20 July is during the fasting month. Is it OK to visit Karimum during the fasting month? Is it Tj Balai where the majority of the people there are Muslims?

  2. Hi Lily, Mega & Tony

    Owing to “churi time” in the Guardhouse’s computer, inadvertently I was very brief in outlining this trip. Teo-pu-chi/maaf/sorry.

    Karimun Island is about five percent less in area of Batam Island and the island is located nearer the southern entrance of the Melaka straits and hence about Seventy minutes away from Kukup, southwest Johor.

    Tanjung Balai is the main town and port which serves as a Stopover/Replenishing station for Indonesian ships going to-n-fro from Dumai n Tebing Tinggi(northern Sumatra) and Kuala Tungkal n Selat Panjang(Central Sumatra) to Java Island, South Kalimantan and South Sulawesi.

    There was a granite quarry on the northwestern part of the island which from the early Seventies supplied granite for Spore’s building industry till its “stone-exhaustion” in 2005. Towards the northeastern area there was a ship-repairing/cleaning yard started in 1992/93(Spore-Indon co-operation) but fold-up by early 1999 after Indonesia’s economic collapse.

    A guesstimate of the population is less than Thirty-thousand people with the Tionghwa being less than Ten percent and probably three-quarters living in Tanjung Balai with majority a livelihood as shopkeepers.

    Yours truly has always favour visiting Tanjung Balai than Tanjung Pinang because, the former is a “concised” town with two parallel main roads leading from the northern town’s edge to the ferry terminal, a distance like Cathay Bldg to the Esplanade, whereas the latter is a bigger and “dispersed” town.

    Except for Aceh province and certain “religious pockets” in Java, Kalimantan and Sulawesi, many Indon Malays do eat food cooked by the Tionghwa(the word “Cheena” is termed degaratory similarly like “Keleng” in Spore/Msia) so long as the meat pork is excluded. Entertainment outlets will not be opened till after the Fasting period as more ninety% of Servers/Entertainers are Indon Malays.
    INTINERARY: First Day July 19 – Upon arrival we shall check-in at Hotel Maxi(the best), room rates 300,000 plus to 500,000plus rupiah

    After a hour of rest, we shall have nasi-padang lunch and then make a Three-hour trip to Gunung Karimun waterfall, a gradual incline of about fivehundred feet high and later visit Pongkar Beach.
    We shall have seafood dinner and later Karaoke/Billiards/Pool

    Second Day – After breakfast in hotel and a short rest, we shall check-out and take a leisurely walk/shopping to the ferry terminal, departure Twelve noon(Spore time)

    Abel Tan

  3. Dear Friends,

    An apology for cancelling the above trip as I had just received a call from a cousin inviting me to his Wedding Anniversary on 19th July.

    After a passage of two weeks I shall confirm new dates of either August 30th & 31st or the subsequent weekend of Sept 6th & 7th.


    Abel Tan

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