Investments: Online trading and what works for you? an activity in July 2014

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In July 2014, we shall have another session on “Investments: Online trading – What works for you?”  This topic has been suggested by Jonathan Ong.  Some of us trade, on a daily basis.  Some of us work only at night.  Some of us go for courses, conducted by broker companies.  Some of us swear we can make money even if we live outside Singapore, in a resort on top of the mountain, or on a cruise or somewhere in Penang.

Of course, many of us have our good days.  While some of us swear of success by adopting certain techniques, philosophy and psychology.  This Sat 17 May, we have a session on “Investments and US markets”.  Depending on how participants react to this session, we can have another session in July.  Date and place not decided yet.

While the planning is ongoing, you are invited to contribute ideas to make this session interesting.  We can adopt some of your ideas.  Look forward to hearing from you.

Terence Seah

Registered List: 

  1. Maggie Neo
  2. Kristy Quek

14 thoughts on “Investments: Online trading and what works for you? an activity in July 2014

  1. Dear Terence,

    I am interested in and attended talks on online trading. I find it a pretty good way of investment.

    The catch of it for me is that I find I do not possess the energy and time to keep a constant monitoring. It is very energy-sapping and time-consuming.

    Having said all these, I am still interested in the July session. Count me in.


  2. Dear online investors, traders,

    “What works for you?” is the next suggested topic for members who are into online investments. I would like to hear from you, some of your ideas before we work on a date and venue.

    We are also open to hear from interested speakers or presenters. Over to you.

    Terence Seah

  3. Hi all interested investors in the Singapore market!

    There’s a seminar next Wednesday 28 June 1pm to 4.30pm. This presentation is by an online website which I use for trading both Singapore and US stocks. And I can promise that it will be an exciting event: How would you like to know which stocks to buy and when to sell? What is the “real” value of your portfolio?
    How to avoid the bad timing and stock picking mistakes.

    Just email me your name and email for more details.

  4. Hi Kenneth,

    I’m interested.
    But have the following questions:

    1) Is this event FOC ?
    2) Dont have your email to write to you for more details.

    Constance Wong

  5. Hi Robert, Constance and all interested

    Yes, this event is FOC. Please email me your full name and preferred email address and I will register you. Remember the date is Wed 28 from 1 to 4.30pm at Suntec.

    My email is

  6. Ah yai yai yai yai!

    In my excitement I had a senior moment and put the date for the investment seminar in May! It should be Saturday 28 June!

    The good news is that more of you guys can plan to come.

    Frisna, now you may be able to make it? And Constance, Robert, Christina, Peter and Olivia (who pointed out my mistake), I hope you guys can also make it!

  7. Hi Kenneth,

    If its on 28/6/14 from 1pm to 4.30pm, I like to join in, although I will be new at it.

    Thanks for organising this. I hope I can follow though.

  8. Ai yai yai yai kenneth now you are in senior moment. Look at your post dated May 22. You did mention JUNE! Ok I have log it in my diary hopefully I can join!!

  9. Hahaha!

    Frisna… I hope that it’s only another senior moment and not a senile moment!
    A serious aging issue is cognitive impairment…but thankfully not those moments of lapses where you forget where you put your keys, specs, etc.

    For those interested in attending, it’s free and at Suntec on Saturday 28th June from 1.00 to 4.30pm. Please email me your name, preferred email address and (telephone number just for us to be in contact) and I will register you.

    Now where did I put my car keys?

  10. Hi Kenneth

    Is it too late to register for seminar on Saturday, 28 June?
    Just trying my luck. Was away during period when you offered your lobang.


  11. Hi Daisy

    It is not too late… just email me your full name, preferred email address and telephone number. I will register you and send you the seminar details; we also intend to meet earlier at 11.30am for lunch at Suntec Republic foodcourt if you are interested.

    Please refer to May 23 comment for my email.

  12. Thank you, Kenneth and I shall be happy to join the group for lunch too!
    Will hit the send button for my email to you moments after this.
    See you on the 28th!


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