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Dear Folks,

As promised, this is the confirmation of our day trip to Sutera Mall (15 km away from the popular JB City Square)

Date:                      Tuesday, 24 Jun 2014

Meeting Time:        8.00 am (headcount & payment)



Free ‘n’ Easy

Brunch, Shopping, Massage, Manipedicure, Karaoke, Dinner, Home.

Mode of Transport:   Chartered Causeway Link bus two-way

Though we have got sufficient numbers, Ann and I will be happy to extend the invitation to more SHC members so that they wont miss the trip.

Sorry if  we are not doing this on a weekend – sometimes it’s better to do on weekdays to avoid Causeway jams and long queues at checkpoints, and crowds everywhere.

Here’s a Singapore visitor’s impression of Sutera Mall:

Finally, take a look at this newspaper article regarding Sutera Mall – lots of things to do and eat there:  Hope we can find this Pekin Restaurant at a convenient place!

Happy reading and Hey, dont forget to sign up!

Ann & Susan


  1. Susan CH Tan
  2. Ann Lim
  3. Evon Lim
  4. Esther Mok
  5. Bobby Bok
  6. James Tan SS
  7. Jane Ong
  8. Lillian Koh
  9. Lydia Chin
  10. Sockie Neo
  11. Myra Chia
  12. Priscilla Wee
  13. Leon Lau
  14. Bessie Lam
  15. Loh Yew Kwong
  16. Robert Ong
  17. Judy Lim
  18. Lum Oi Cheng
  19. Johnny Pow
  20. Annie Pow
  21. Peng Peng Lee
  22. Rosalind Lee
  23. Rosalind Soh
  24. Veronique Lee
  25. Irene Poh
  26. Pauline Chew
  27. Daisy Phua
  28. Lena Ho
  29. Ronald Lam
  30. Barbara Ong
  31. Grace Wong
  32. Foo Jock Khim
  33. Leow Soon Huat &
  34. Dona Ching
  35. Pearl Kwan and
  36. Simon Lee
  37. Lawrence Khan
  38. Lillian Teo
  39. Anna Seet
  40. Terence Seah
  41. Steven Chan
  42. May Woo
  43. Rina Tan
  44. Faith Lim
  45. Dorine Tan


Many thanks for your support.

48 thoughts on “SUTERA MALL (JB) 24 JUN 2014

  1. Thank you Ann and Susan and hello participating members.

    J B here we come. See you people at Jurong East 24 June 9 am. Remember your passport and ringgits. A reminder — trains going to Jurong East are jam-packed in the (weekday) morning. Give allowance for longer wait and slower train (sometimes the train literally crawls on the N S line).

    Makan, Massage, Music, Medicine, Manipedicure all available – just bring along Money.

  2. Hi Ann & Susan,
    Please include me.
    Thank you.

    Btw, do we assemble at bus queue CW4S at Jurong East Interchange ?
    I’ve not taken a bus at that interchange before.

    Priscilla Wee : )

  3. Priscilla,

    Yes, we’ll assemble at the bus queue area first. Not to worry, it’s easy to locate – in any case there’s a Causeway Link booth nearby for you to get more details.

    Will find out this weekend where it is exactly and update you all.


  4. For the group’s info, I have got a quote from Causeway Link for charter of their bus at $450 two ways for a group of 40 pax, which works out to $11.25 per pax, but we board at Kranji mrt bus stop. Sounds pretty good deal but the catch is we must find 40 of us!

    We’ll keep this in mind but there is a time frame of 14 days notice but let’s see how.

  5. Hi susan
    plse include me tentative
    is there alternative way to get there for those in the east
    JE station is very very jam packed in the morning

  6. Hi Veronique,

    Oh, how nice to meet everybody in a big group on a outing like this – it’ll be quite fun.

    Have you tried the massage and manipedicure? I didnt go for the massage the last time we went there with our SHC friends, but did a manipedicure. We had the whole room to ourselves – service was very good. The massage group was also happy with the clean and professional service at the spa – most of them went for a 2-hour massage. Not to mention the karaoke group – value for money!

    For first-timers for the pedicure, just a reminder to come with flip-flops instead of shoes. Without any prior experience, we may overlook this small but important detail.

  7. Christina,

    Welcome, but you need to confirm nearer the date, cos we will proceed based on the confirmed list. I will register you once you have confirmed, therefore do confirm asap.


  8. Christina…a suggestion

    Take the EW train to Paya Lebar
    Change to Circle Line
    Take to Buona Vista
    Change to EW train to J East
    Not sure whether it is faster but certainly less packed as it bypasses the CBD stations like city hall and raffles place. Also, the Polytechnics and Universitites are having their vacation period, so Circle Line is relatively free.

  9. Ooooooo, little did we know that turnout is going to be very strong. On further reconsideration, I think it will be more manageable to coordinate if we cap the size at 30 though we’d like to include as many as possible.

    Tell you what – when 30 pax has been filled, others can still sign on, but will be put on the waiting list. We may expect some last minute drop-outs as in every big gathering and they can be replaced by those on the waiting list.

    Thank you.

  10. Christina,

    About RM150 for 2.5 hrs body massage and foot reflexology. That was the price they paid when we were there last year. I heard it’s very good. I did the mani pedicure and it was about S$15 for both.

    I just heard from one of us in this group that there’s a very good foot reflexology centre called Fizzio. So we have more choices.

    So generally their charges are half of ours.

  11. Looks like we caught you at the right mood, eh. Have been receiving few more members after the 30th mark. Ok la, we’ll open the floodgate and let more in. Very easy to hop on the Causeway Link bus and they will drop you off at the doorstep of Sutera Mall.

    We have changed the departure time to 8.30 am because we dont want to arrive too late at Sutera Mall – not very productive to travel all the way there and find that there’s not much time left. Kindly take note of the new time, thanks!

  12. Dear all, please refer to my comment on June 13, 2014 at 12:24 am

    Note the amendment :
    J B here we come.
    See you people at Jurong East 24 June BEFORE 8.30 am

  13. Welcome, Ronald. Everybody’s getting hyped up for the trip, buzzing on highlight of the trip – some want to feast on the popular suckling pig or Peking Duck or go easy on Weight Watchers diet. Which one is yours?

  14. Hi Susan and Ann

    Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for me to meet 11 new friends, catching up with ‘old’ friends and connecting with some familiar faces & friends whom I met during our Lohei in Feb 2014. I get to know some members a little better and hope to meet them again in other SHC events.

    It was a wonderful outing for me on this super-value-for-money trip! I did a little shopping, pedicure with a small group, relaxing and chit-chatting at a few F & B outlets, appreciating wonderful karaoke singing by good seasoned singers and finally, the yummy yummy ‘shc family reunion’ dinner at Pekin Restaurant with the specially selected dinner menu for the Pekin Duck lovers, suckling pig gourments and the light diners.

    Judging from the countless notes of appreciation expressed by participants (verbal, watsapp and handwritten ones), it goes to show that it was worth many folds the effort that you have put in. Both of you have ‘sacrificed’ a lot of time in your meticulous planning. It’s not an easy task when the logistics keep changing all the time. Your forward planning in chartering a bus a few days before the trip was a tall order when the deadline and mounting pressure to pay up in full was an urgent-important priority on your plate. One of the best items to start the day was the chartered bus. For the easterners, it was also great that you had a chartered MPV!

    At the end of the day, everyone was happy with what they were in for. Some didn’t even have time for shopping after diving into their main interests eg, massage,foot reflexology, mani-pedicure etc. (For shopping, it depends on what you were looking for and the choice is to each his own.) Anyway, I didn’t have enough time to do what I wanted to do and I guess some of the participants feel the same too. Many are looking forward to more (the next time) – perhaps a 2day-1night trip.

    Kudos to both of you for a super successful event! You know that it was really worth the effort in delivering this event. Thank you once again for everything!

    With heartfelt appreciation and warmest regards
    may woo

  15. I joined the party to Setera Mall, and I must say I am impressed with what SusanT, AnnL and MayW have put in place for the participants. I just think they are good organisers. Ladies, no conditions, but I would like to get to know you better.

    The activity has also highlighted the difficulties of EOs, especially with the issue of no show, late response, and request for changes. I have seen so many SHC gatherings being organised in the last 10 years, and I can only say we learn from the experience.

    On the social note, I think ladies are just unbelievable. 80% of ladies would zoom straight to beauty care – fingers, toes, face, body, every part that is not covered up. I always believe these are for the twenties.

    Susan and Ann must know human weaknesses;. That’s why the program includes a 10 course meal. Think about it, the food was nice. Roast duck and roast pig, and …. And, of course, less expensive than if we were to visit the same restaurant in JB town. But, it was a huge dinner. I really meant a kijng size dinner. I broke all my food rules. And I am sure many did too. Even the light diners committed a sin ful crime with the dishes. But, this said, I think
    Singaporean SilverHairs just love good food.

    And, finally, I thought at first, Karaoke was a show off activity. But, no, that’s not true. Many of the man and lady participants just love to sing. Look carefully, if you were there, the singers sang with their eyes closed when the chorus peaks, and when they quickly grapped the microphone, when nobody acknowledge the song is theirs. I could not sing but I loved the Cantonese songs. Singing is the love and joy of many SilverHairs.

    I felt the day trip was too short. It would have been nice if we had an overnight there, dancing included, followed by teochew porridge and then a good night sleep. I love to join SHC activities, and seeing people knowing one another better. I get ideas too.

    Thank you everybody.

    Terence Seah

  16. I would like to thank the 2 fantastic EOs Susan & Ann who initiated and and organised the trip for 45 of us (some took leave from work, I am one of them who decided to apply a day off) who enjoyed very much the massage, karaoke; food especially the value for money suckling pig & Peking duck dinner in our own private room in a restaurant. There were so much to do but we were short of time. Looking forward to the next trip.



  17. Dear May, Chief and Judy (and all those in SM group),

    Thank you for such a warm pat-in-the-back for us both, Ann and me, and to those for their appreciation notes and in our watsapp..

    May, you have been very helpful to be able to organise the administrative detail in your excellent Spreadsheet which is a very indispensable tool for such a big number in our group cos it saves us a lot of time as the various activities are systematically sorted out. That’s what made my job such a breeze. So next time, any EO is doing a big event, you know who to look out for, but be nice first and she’ll have no hesitation to do an excellent job for you, LOL!

    We’re so pleased that everything went like clockwork, and we’re so blessed with such good weather after a heavy downpour early in the morning. Our fear quickly disappeared when we sailed through the smooth journey to and fro. Thank you fellas for your cohesiveness and care for each other in kindred spirit and you were 100% punctual in reporting for the dinner and fall-in to your various specially-ordered menu table.

    At 7.30 sharp, we ended our dinner and boarded the bus which was on standby. I’m sure the MPV chappies also enjoyed their smooth journey home.

    There was some feedback that the Imperial massage spa was not up to par – sorry to hear about this. My small group went to Fizzio as recommended by one of you as I wanted to try this out for myself. But I think it’s all up to one’s luck – not all the massage therapists are the same, I suppose. We can try Fizzio next cos they said they can give us 2 free for every 10 signups. That’s why it’s good that we organise for such a big group cos we will enjoy economy of scale and enjoy some savings.

    I had my manipedicure done but this time it’s not very good – see,I got a different person to do the job. Not so lucky this time. Will try another place,next.

    True, true, not much left to do many other things – I also didnt have time for my favourite karaoke and some shopping. Good idea to try for an overnight stay next time!


  18. wow wow ,

    it been a ages ,since i last went into de site ya…
    been pretty busy wif my work iin msia..& didnt know u ppls will in sutrea mall
    so near my work place ya…if not surely join u all & ve crazy fun nei…
    hi 2 EO & chief terence ,
    if de next time ,u ppls want 2 stay overnite , i ve good lobong..
    pls let me know in email we can discus over it hor…

    cheers brother sam

    • Hi Sam,

      I am happy to see you magically appear in Disneyland. No doubt, some of us would like to have a drink with you when we were at Sutera Mall.

      May I remind you that you owe SHC the Club banners. So, you cannot run away.

      But it will always be a pleasure to have you join us or you can invite us to see you in JB somewhere. Please write me an email re the overnite idea. I still havent got to do the orgy.

      Terence Seah

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