Monthly walk: Sat,12Jul… loop around..!

Date:  Saturday, 12th July 2014  (ie., 2nd Saturday)
Start Time:   9am sharp. (please be on time as you will not be able to meet up with us!)
Duration:     approx 3.5hrs, excludes ‘take 5s’

Meeting Point: Marymount MRT, Exit A to ground level.
ECs:  Christina Chan, Charles Wee & Alice Seah.

Into the woods we,,,,, Tread softly, Talk quietly!

MacRitchie Loop……. round the entire reservoir! including the TreeTop
Walk…. hooray!

MacRitchie Reservoir needs no introduction.

It was opened in 1967 and through the years, trails were launched,
boardwalks were built.  Several trails are named after tree species
commonly found along the trails eg., Prunus, Petai, Chemperai,
Jering and Petaling.

It is still a popular recreational area, esp in the mornings
during weekends or public holidays, many different groups of walkers,
hikers, families young and old are found along the various trails.

TreeTop Walk** – a 250m long freestanding suspension bridge between
the 2 highest points in this Central Catchment Nature Reserve
(MacRitchie), still the 1st of its kind in Singapore.

Be delighted with panoramic views, green green grass, giant trees,
close encounters with thousand species of flowering plants,
keep your eyes opened in case you chance upon native creatures,
insects, birds…..white-bellied Fish Eagles soaring above.

**TreeTop Walk:  those who decides not to go across this, our
Ms AliceS will lead you through another route.

Please bring along a snack or fruit for the extra “energy boost”!

This walk will end past norm lunch hour ie., we will have a late lunch.
Therefore, will help to reserve lunch for you at the Cafeteria.
There are varieties but servings are limited.

If you want lunch:
please place order(indicate Item No.), make payment upon registration.
It seems silly to collect such a small amount, however, Cafeteria requires a
deposit due to bad experiences, if it is a no show of 1 or 2 pax/orders, I can
pay for it but if more, will not be possible as I will not be needing additional
ordered lunch at all.

To simplify, only 3 choices:
1)  Laksa  (yummy good!)    … 4.50
2)  Mushroom Chicken Noodle … 4.50
3)  Chicken Chop Rice         … 5.50

Remit payment to POSB Savings Account No.  542-107-561.

Last order for lunch: Monday 07.07.2014!

Additional lunch orders: extended to Friday 11Jul, 12noon!

Walk Team ECs: Alice Seah, Azhari Cuttilan, Charles Wee, Jeffrey Lim,
Judy Lim, June Koh, Mary Tan, Serene Low, Veronica Wong,
and I, Christina CL Chan, signing off….

Join us for an intimate encounter with Flora!

Please ink your name here incl your lunch choice with payment….

  LAKSA   MUSHROOM Chicken Noodle   Chicken CHOP RICE
1 Christina Chan – pd 4 Daisy Yeo – pd 10 Bessie Lam – pd
2 Charles Wee – pd 11 June Koh – pd 13 Esther Mok – pd
3 Alice Seah – pd 15 Andrew Koh – pd
5 Judy Lim – pd 16 Gingko Tay – pd
6 Lily Ho – pd
7 Bobby Bok – pd
8 Susan Tan
9 Irene Poh – pd
12 Goh Ah Lam – pd
14 Maureen Lee – pd
17 BernieC – pd
18 Helen Wong 24 Michael ? 30 John How
19 TK Pow 25 Eddy Lee 31
20 Henry See 26 Margaret Chua 32
21 Winnie Tan 27 Ronald Lee 33
22 Charles Chua 28 Vincent Lim 34
23 Lee Ah Nee 29 Shirley Tan 35

43 thoughts on “Monthly walk: Sat,12Jul… loop around..!

  1. I’m coming and mushroom chicken noodle for me, please.
    Transfer of money akan datang and will inform on this post when through.

    Thanks Chris, Charles and Alice!

    Missed a few opportunities and I’ve been waiting patiently for this to happen again.


  2. Hi Christina Chan
    Please include me for the walk. Laksa for me please.
    Judy Lim forgot to place her order. She would like to have Laksa also.

  3. DaisyY, are you sure you want the Mushroom Chicken noodle? I think I noticed that it is like “maggi mee” hor.
    Laksa is their signature dish, trust it is still as yummy! 😀

    take 5s — sama “take a kit-kat”! hehe .. I lari kuat2 with helmet on my head kakakaa

  4. JudyL, should be ‘chicken feet’ for you leh 😀

    LilyHo, orh… glad you come for this challenge!

    BobbyBok…. disappeared for the longest time!

    SusanT, glad you are coming after the missed trip to Pengarang.


  5. Hi Christina, Charles and Alice

    Oops… what a pity… I’ll be away and hence, unable to join such a good adventure.

    Nonetheless, enjoy yourselves.


  6. Hi Christina, Charles & Alice

    I would like to have an intimate encounter with Flora and my lunch is mushroom chicken noodle . Fund transferred, ref : 12842804961

    Tq, From : June Koh.

  7. Hi EOs:
    Please count me in select laksa

    $ transfer 4.50 details:

    Date 3 Jul Time 19.51 ATM: NTUC Geylang East

    No treetop walk for me pls

    I shall take the other low lying route

    Tkx for organising this walk as it bring back much pleasant memories

    Maureen Lee

  8. Hi EOs,

    Irene Poh, Esther Mok and me are joining this walk.
    Irene Poh – Laksa,
    Esther Mok and Bessie Lam – Chicken Chop Rice.
    IB transfer $15.50 at 10.34pm

    Bessie Lam

  9. Hi Christina

    Fund transfer done at 5:52pm today and transaction receipt as I had whatsapped to you a little earlier.

    Er, really ah? They use “Maggie Mee” for their mushroom chicken noodle ah? Think I will just pick on the mushroom and chicken lah.

    See I have June for company in the choice unless June changes her mind later.


  10. Hi Chris,
    I have atm transfer $4.50 to yr saving account ref:6066 today at 10.20am. Look forward to c u all next week. Cheers..

  11. Hi Christina,

    Please register Andrew Koh for the treetop walk.

    Trans ref no: 3283 for amount of $10 being paid for Andrew’s choice of lunch -Chicken Chop Rice and yummy Laksa for myself.

    Thank you for your arrangements.


  12. Hi Christina,

    Please sign me on for the walk. Choice of lunch: Chicken Chop Rice.

    I have IB transferred $5.50 to your bank account at 1330 today under payer GTay. Sorry missed out on transaction ref. Logout in haste…

    Thank you

  13. Hi Christina,

    Please include me in this Treetop walk. I will remit the money for the ” Laksa ” Lunch tommorrow. I will inform you once the money had been transferred.



  14. Hi Christina,

    I had transferred $4.50 today at the ATM machine located at Mapletree City in Pasir Panjang. Trans. : 4644 .

    Please acknowledge receipt.



  15. Hi Christina,

    Noticed everyone already paid for the lunch except me. Is it ok to pay you $4.50 on that day. Problem is I am very lazy to go to the mc to xfer. If cannot, I will do it by tomorrow.

    Do let me know.

    Susan Tan

  16. Last week I was like running on a treadmill… managed to log in and update payment; slight hitch here though.

    Gabby, enjoy your adventure, too. C u!

    JuneK, Goh AL, GingkoT… you u gals & guy!

    Thanks! to all who have paid.

    Maureen, the alternative route I had planned was with you in mind and any other who I might be unaware 😀

    SusanT, no prob… c u!

  17. Hi Christina, Charles n Alice ,

    Sorry for the late reply.
    I just got my Internet re-located today for I have to shift home temporary for renovation.
    I will be joining this walk. As for lunch, if it is not too late to place an order, I choose laksa.
    Once confirmed, I will make payment through internet.


    Jimmy Tsin

  18. Hi Christina,

    Helen Wong having problem to log in the website, she want me to register on behalf of her & TK Pow for the treetop walk, both of them will not join the lunch.

    Thank you


  19. Hi Judy, thanks! 😀

    HelenW & TK Pow – Oh dear, leaving hungry & tired?
    No worries, they might have a little something available. 😀


  20. Hello Christina, Alice and Charles,
    Hippee !! My calendar is now cleared for me to join in the Walk. Please sign me in. I guess it is too late to order my laksa, no problem. I will bring some snacks to tie me over.
    Thank you.

  21. Hi HenryS, not sure if we have met. Will know on Sat 😀

    WinnieT: G8 you’re in! I did wonder if you will come as this is the kind of walk you will enjoy hehe

    Earlier orders have been taken in as we have paid the deposit. If there are additional “small” orders, they can accept.

    Those who have signed up after the dateline:
    If you need lunch, do confirm and pay up by Friday 11Jul before 12noon. 😀



  22. Dear participants,

    Please note that for lunch ordered and paid, there will not be any refund.
    Both parties have committed – 1 to buy & prepare lunch & the other 1 to consume! 😀 😀

    FYI, in case there is thunderstorm we are not allowed to walk in the reserve.
    Let’s pray for good, cool weather for this Saturday!

    Thank you!


  23. Hi Christina,
    Please register me for the walk. As I thought I had to remit the lunch money first before registration, I only managed to transfer $5 for the laksa last night, after 11pm. I only realised it may have been too late this morning after I read the post. No worries about lunch for me but I would like to join the walk.

  24. Hi Christina, Charles & Alice,
    Wow! 3 1/2 hrs…. very challenging, Michael and I would like to join in the Tree Top WALK. However, we will be starting the walk from Venus road car park, and would like to meet the group at the Ranger Station for toilet break and refreshment, before resuming to the Tree Top. Depending on the pace of walking, all should be at the Ranger Station at around 10.30 am. Hope the timing is right, oh ya……not having lunch at the cafeteria. Thank you. 🙂

    Ah Nee

  25. Hi ECs: Christina Chan, Charles Wee & Alice Seah.

    I am interested for the walk. Please includes me.
    No meal order for me, Thanks.
    See you all soon.

  26. It is never too late to register…… Welcome!

    Charles Chua – I will ask if they will still take in the order. Sms you later.

    Ah Nee — the distance shouldnt be an issue for you hehehe
    Please provide Michael’s surname. Is he a member or non-member?

    Eddy & Margaret Lee – glad both of you are joining us.

    Ronald Lee – look forward to seeing you… if you can recognize me this time! hehe

    Vincent Lim, Shirley Tan: long overdued… time 2 walk with us again.

    John How – Look fwd 2 c u……..

    Thanks for your support!

    Let’s pray for truly good, cool weather!!!!!


  27. Hi Christina,

    Michael Tan is a non-active member, hehehe…….only attended a few events by SHC in the past.
    Thank you for organising this superb WALK! 🙂

    Ah Nee

  28. Hi Christina and team of EOs

    My knee caps are still a little inflamed from 4 hours of line dancing last Saturday at Sockie’s Kovan jam. So I am going to take the doctor’s advise of not stressing them further. I will not be joining the walk tomorrow. So sorry for the last minute back.

    Thanks for all your efforts in organising this tree top walk which I had enjoyed very much a few weeks’ ago with a smaller group of friends. You guys enjoy yourself and have my share of the laksa which has already been paid for.

    See you another time. 🙂

  29. Ah NeeLEE, noted w thx.

    LilyHO, sry 2 hear your knee cap is giving trble agn. Take care n rest!

    Warm Rgds,

  30. Hi Christina, Alice & Charles,

    Thanks to organised the scenic walk at treetop to fulfit my wish as I am much wanted to visit this place since last year. Look forward to have another similar walk next month.



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