Visit Karimun Island

Weekend Sept 6 & 7. Dear friends, please refer to Post of June 7th for details

Kenneth Tan, please note we can arrange with the Hotel Maxi chauffeur on whether he can chauffeured us

between Six to Eight(Indon time).


Abel Tan

23 thoughts on “Visit Karimun Island

  1. Hi Abel! Thanks for organising. I’m interested but would like to know whether there are slopes or steps to climb as I have a problem walking down steps and slopes. Hope you can give me a reply soon.

    Best Regards,

  2. Hi Angela
    I went to Karimun few years back with my family. No need to climb hills or mountain. We hired a car with driver from the hotel to see the waterfall with a pool for swimming. The town is flat and I had the best dessert Ais Teler, a mixture of fruits, syrup & shaved ice..simply yummy. I also had fresh seafood for dinner.
    The place is so relaxing and laid-back. Just go and enjoy yourself. ..

  3. Hi Laura,

    Thank you very much for your advice.

    Hi Abel,

    Please count me in for the trip. Thank you again for organising.

    Best Regards,

  4. Selamat siang Abel,
    Kita bretiga akan ituk ka karimum.
    Kalau rasa hati sendang lawat Pulau, kami harap Abel beri pengtolongan chari rumah sewa berbulanan. Jadi soal ta? Kamsiah


  5. Dear friends,
    All are welcome and at this juncture, entries are closed. The reason for not
    having more than a three-vehicle convoy is to discouraged inquisitive stares
    and congregation towards our parked vehicles. Employment is still more than
    twenty percent in many Indonesian islands.

    Angela, please note that there are three steps to go up the front entrance of
    Hotel Maxi. You may later so decided to reside at the Hotel Gabion with a
    street-level entrance and three doors away from the Maxi. Gabion is three-
    level and more than ten percent cheaper with presentable and quite
    spacious rooms and with the tail-end two rooms of each level with sea-view
    windows. You can join us for breakfast(payable) the next morning at Maxi.

    Tony, your enquiry can be DISCREETLY explored and it is best to enquire
    initially with the Maxi’s hotel manager. There was supposed to be a twenty-
    unit condominium at the hillside site of the ages-old Hotel Gloria planned
    more than five years ago but till now “hot air”. Some of you may recalled
    the Gloria has a commanding sea view being located about fifty meters
    from the beach and within walking distance of the ferry-terminal.

    Please be advised that participants have to turn up at the ticket-counter Indo-
    falcon ferry at LATEST Seven-fifteen am. on Saturday 6th September. If
    the majority of participants so decided we should leave later, then we shall
    all leave via Sindo Ferry departing 11.30am. The trip takes One hour and
    35/40minutes. Ticket counters are at Level 3. Meals can be had at the
    Second level by going down the escalator.

    Abel Tan

  6. Dear Friends,

    The following has confirmed to date for the above event:-
    1. Charles Wee 2.. Joy Chuang
    3. Lilian Teo 4. Angela Straaten
    5. Laura Wee 6. Audrey Wong
    7. Thomas Goh 8. Tony Ang plus Two
    9. Shirleen 10. Marge

    A correction to my previous post ie. the Unemployment rate in many Indon
    islands is more than twenty%. Thus, participants are advised to avoid
    more than a second of eye-contact with the locals and do be polite when
    “brushing-off” street-peddlers at five-foot ways.

    If participants agreed that we depart via Sindo Ferry @ 11.30am, then please
    be at the ticket counter by TEN am. The earlier departure at Eight am via
    Indo Falcon ferry is usually not so packed due to the early time.

    There is no monetary collection by yours truly, meaning each of us “pay as we
    travel”. For food like nasi-padang lunch and seafood dinner we shall pro-rata.

    To re-cap, the itinerary is, after lunch and short rest, we shall visit the Karimun
    mini-waterfall and later the beachfront of Pasir Pongkar and ferry-terminal.
    2. after seafood dinner which is three doors away from the Hotel Maxi, we can
    go to the open-air stalls next to the Hotel Holiday for an hour and then
    return to the hotel for karaoke and pool-playing.
    3. after hotel-breakfast we shall check out TWO hours before ferry-departure
    for we shall take a leisurely walk-cum-shopping to the jetty.

    Abel Tan

  7. Sorry Abel, I didnt register for this trip. I was just encoursging Angela to hovand enjoy herself. I have already been to Karimun. I will also be away in Lijiang, Yunnan on Sept 6. I apologize if there was a miscommunication.

  8. Hi Abel,
    Sorry but will hv back out from this as I will be attending the flea mark to sell my barang2 there to generate some monies lor… Cheers… Dolly

  9. Sorry Abel

    Just saw my name in your post comment… I am glad that quite a few are joining you; but I’m afraid I cannot this time. Please carry on the good work and raise the SHC banner up high!

  10. Dear Friends

    Happy National Day
    Joy, Thank-you, Kamsiah, Terimakasih, Nadri(Tamil), Selamat(Filipino)

    We shall all look for to 6th September.


    Abel Tan

  11. Hi Steven Chan, you can take over my place.. due to matters trhat need to settle on 6/9.. which crash with this trip.. have to give it a miss… Sorry Abel..
    Thanks Joy for the coordinating …Sorry ,..


  12. Dear Friends

    Next Saturday 6th September, we shall depart for Tanjung Balai, Karimun Island. Please be at the Sindo Ferry counter by TEN am sharp to purchase two-way tickets.

    For recognition, yours truly will wear a bright red-coloured T-shirt. I am also
    balding and spotting a slight moustache and is 1.73m tall with a slimmer built.

    By the way, “boh pai seh” if at the last minuite due to whatever reason one of
    you cannot turn up.

    Excluding the cost of a two-way ferry ticket, an exchange of One Hundred dollars
    for Rupiahs is adequate for food and lodging. There is a money-changer located
    three-doors away from the Hotel Maxi.

    Please note to give tips upon requesting service-favours from hotel staff.

    Abel Tan

  13. Hi Abel,

    Thks for organising this trip. And also to all for the fun, laughters, some shopping done in supermarket, delicious seafood dinner and bak kut teh before rushing for our returning trip.

    Looking forward to your next islands trip.
    Thks n regards

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