Monthly walk: 11October – Fort Canning Park

Posted on behalf of Alice.

Date : Saturday, 11 October 2014
Time : 4.00 pm
Nearest MRT : Dhoby Ghaut station
Meeting Place: Park Mall, main entrance
Duration: 2 hrs
ECs : Alice Seah and Judy Lim

This month we will be walking in Fort Canning Park. Before November 1981
it was named Fort Canning Hill or “Forbidden Hill” in Malay. Since the
14th century many Singapore rulers and colonial masters have lived here,
including Sir Stamford Raffles. It was an important military base during
World War II.

Fort Canning Park is undulating and about 60 metres high. Remnants and
relics of bygone eras are around. There’s a Spice Garden, previously
Singapore’s first experimental and botanic garden. The tranquil ambience
together with diverse flora and fauna makes the walk interesting. You will
appreciate the beautiful sculptures completed by various artists.
Many cultural and recreational activities are held here.

Note: Bring water, caps, umbrella and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Our Walk Team ECs: Christina CL Chan, Charles Wee, Mary Tan, Veronica Wong,
Serene Low, Alice Seah, Jeffrey Lim, Azhari Cuttilan, June Koh, Judy Lim.

1.    Alice Seah
2.    Judy Lim
3.    Alice Tan
4.    Andrew Koh
5.    Anna Seet
6.    Caroline Loh
7.    Eddy Lee
8.    Gabriella Chua
9.    Grace Kang
10.   Henry
11.   Ho Hew Lee
12.  Janis Han
13.  Lawrence Khan
14.  Lilian Teo
15.  Margaret Chua
16.  Maureen Lee
17.  Robert Tan
18.  Ronald Lee
19.  Serene Leow
20.  Shawn Soh
21.  Winnie Lim
22.  Anna Seet’s friend (Lynn)
23-25.  Janis Han’s friends (Gladys, Jennifer, Annie)

26 thoughts on “Monthly walk: 11October – Fort Canning Park

  1. Hi Alice and Judy,

    Look like all the walkies having their holiday, hope will be back in time
    to join this walk.

    So let us, Andrew K, myself and another friend (non-member, cannot mention her name) to be the first few to sign in.
    C u all this Sat.

    Thks n regards
    Lilian Teo

  2. First of all, my apologies to EO – Serene & those walkies who supported the Sept walk. Due to unforeseen commitment, I had to give it a miss in last month walk.

    Secondly, thanks to Alice Seah for her invitation to me to be her Co – EC in the walk at Fort Canning
    Park. This is a memorable place to me as it is my 1st performance at National Theatre during my school days.

    Lastly, my appreciation to Lilian Teo & her friend, Gabralla, Caroline & Andrew K who are participating in this interesting walk.

    Looking forward to more members and friends participating in this walk



  3. Hi Alice/Judy,
    Looking forward to join all walkers:-
    We pray weather is kind
    All SHCians fine
    Fortcanning we come
    Let’s fellowship and have fun

    Pls include both of us.
    Thk you.

    Eddy Lee/Margaret Chua

  4. Hi dear Alice and Judy I would like to join this walk though may not have time to complete the whole thing. See u lovelies in a few hours time – Shawn Soh

  5. Dear all,

    Thanks everybody for the great time during the walk. We meet old friends and make new friends, looking forward to see you all at the next walk.


  6. Hi Alice and Judy,

    I would like to join you for the walk as I have always wanted to check out the spice garden at Fort Canning.

    Will meet at 4pm park mall on Saturday . Thanks for organizing !

    Best regards

  7. Dear Participants,

    I have been very caught up with work esp in October, completely forgot to update the participants list. Would like to have this list on record, as a promise to EO-Alice, the list is now up!

    Very glad no one raise bells! 😀
    ChristinA Chan

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