Spend the last 4 days of 2014 @High seas ?

Any interested member for a Penang + Port Klang  OR Penang + Langkawi  on 28th Dec to 31st Dec 2014 ( docking Singapore 31st Dec around noon ). We have amper time on board to hold discussion,chats, parties besides touring Penang for shoping/sightseeing. May be we shall also taste the soft shell crabs in Port Klang if available.

The advertised price for this cruise is S$ 507 excluding seaport tax S$98 pax on triple/twim cabin. I don’t like to pay this price and I believe you may want a bargain . Those interested can email : ang_tonio@yahoo.com.sg offering your ideal  nett price.  This service is valid until 19th Oct 2014 ( Will only extend if there are available cabins ) The capacity is 1400 persons

On Board SuperStar Gemini depart Singapore on 28th Dec 2014 afternoon

Tony Ang

12 thoughts on “Spend the last 4 days of 2014 @High seas ?

  1. Hi Tony,

    Which cruise pl?

    Docking in Singapore on 31 Dec, but where does it start? Penang or Singapore?

    Port Klang seems to have nothing much to see. Langkawi is a better stop.

  2. Tkns Susan,
    This my style to attrach response. At this point of time, No confirmation yet on the route. Is either Spore- Port Klang – Penang-Spore OR Spore – Langkawi-Penang-Spore on Dec 28th Dec.

  3. Hi Tony,

    Are you asking us to offer our price for bid cruise? But, the port of calls where the cruise will stop is not definite yet.

    In other words, we just bid the price for an open 4-day cruise holiday, at a price of less than SGD 605. For example, I can bid for SGD 350 x 2 for a twin room. Is this correct?

    When will we know if a bid has been confirmed?

    Terence Seah

  4. Hi Terrence,
    1. The Port of call is Definately to be (A)Port Klang + Penang OR (B)Langkawi + Penang. Interested parties have to accept either one. The market will decide. If more book (A) ,it will not go (B)
    2. This is not a biding exercise, I have a special arrangement and am working on a discounted prices to be shared among ourselves.
    3. I think $ 350 is unrealistic because ( 350-98 tax = 252/507 = Less than 50% )


  5. Hi Tony,

    I believe you have a workable proposition. Basically, I see you work with a number of room owners eg hotel, cruises, etc. In other words, if we can have the numbers, then the deal gets better. I think this is a good business plan.

    While I would love to go for this cruise, I am unable to as I spent time with my family during the dec school holidays.

    Nevertheless, I encourage those who have 4 days to spare to enjoy the cruise, get to know one another better and why not, for a good deal.

    So Tony, do I assume all participants have to make a price offer, or use the price you recommend?

    Terence Seah

  6. Dear Terence,
    If No offer are received, I will assume our members are not interested as they can happyly pay whatever price offered by their respective travel agents.


  7. HI Tony. Is this cruise on Superstar Gemini only? Where is the destination & indicated price per pax? I’m a little confused by the bidding system.. it’s something new for me! I usually just book well in advance to get good deals, and my preference is Royal Carribean, as they have quite attractive discounts for members.

  8. This is rather unusual for booking a cruise travel by bidding. In most business , it is based on: The more you buy, the better is the discount.
    So, in this case if a substantial number of people signed up, then the cost per pax can be negotiated for better discounts.

  9. Hi Lydia,
    It appears you didnot read my posting-It appeared in BOLDed . As I repeat, it is not a biding exercise.
    Well, if as a individual member as you have mentioned able to get a good discount, I will certainly like to work with you to get 10 cabins ( balcony class ) for my clients during Chinese New Year ( 3rd day to 10th day) sailing on Royal carribean. Please ensure your offer is nett fare plus Tax, and NO other shocking items like a listing of compulsory service charges.


  10. Hi Robert,
    It appears you didnot comprehend my posting and the exchange notes with Terence.
    However, you did put forward a point on Economic of scale. A move closer to Co-operative ventures . Thank you


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