Local Excursion (an excuse to catch up lah!)

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Outram mrt signboard

Chee_cheong_fun wheatgrass


UPDATE NO: 5 (2/12/14)

Meeting Time:     8.45 am.   PLEASE BE PUNCTUAL.   BUS LEAVES AT 9.00 A.M.                                             SHARP.

Let’s all gather near the control station of Outram mrt station.   When you see the sign (above photo) you know you’ve landed correctly, lol!  Just remember it’s Exit A.

Just a couple of things to bring along to make yourself comfortable:

  • Bottle of water and Umbrella
  • Foldable bag/bag pack (for the shopaholic)
  • One small but useful detail – Hook (I know it’s old fashioned, but it’s practical!) – haha this is a shopping trip, betul?
  • Anything else?  Hat?

Have a good laugh, bear with me, folks – This EO is too detailed!


Dear Friends,

Are you in the mood for this?   Finally the time has come.   Year end season seems to put one in a better mood, so let me try and do something good. Not surprising, I suppose – I’m kinda used to this kind of job for SHC lol!

Here are the details:

Date: Saturday, 6 Dec 14
Time: 8.30 am to 4.00 pm
Meeting Point: Outram MRT station

  1. Chee Cheong Fun factory
  2. Ointment Factory
  3. Lunch
  4. Wheat Grass & Mushroom Farm
  5. Vegetable Farm

Charge per pax: $6.50 per pax.
Number: 30 pax

Lunch is at our own expense.

I remember I went on this trip a long time ago, and the chee cheong fun was the most fun thing that I picked up which was the best purchase cos it was relished the following morning for breakfast, and this stayed on in my mind until now!

Ok that’s all for the moment, rushing off for my lunch. Thought I’d rush this off first – hope to get the trip confirmed asap.

You can sign up now but I’ll need someone to be Treasurer.

By the way, the coach company says the stops can be subject to change without notice – in case there are unforseen changes to the places of visit which are out of their control.

Thank you.
1st Update 13/11/14

  1. Closing date for registration is 22 Nov.
  2. Need to get 30 paxes @ $6.50 each. If group is smaller than that, regret the company will not be able to proceed.
  3. Places will be reserved to people who have paid, preferably immediately (after I’ve given the bank account number); If no payment made by 19 Nov, places will be given to non-SHC participants.
  4. Please register asap – I will reserve for the first 30 only. Dont wait until the last day so I can conclude everything in good time. Thanks for your understanding!
  5. Original quote is $10.00 per pax but after negotiation, they have lowered it to $6.50. They do not provide tour guide. I will lead the group.
  6. Appreciate if I can have a volunteer for Treasurer.  This is not a profit-making event, so I hope that someone will help to share the load.   Sorry about that, but I’m working full time so I hope everybody understands and cooperate and I’ll be very happy to do more events if I get this kind of “goto royong” spirit.

2nd Update 14/11/14

Hurry hurry, so cheap for a whole day of “jiak hong” – better go before the coach towkay changes his mind about the charge for the next trip.  It’s true, I paid $340 about 10 years ago when I organised this for my friends.

The suppliers (usually wholesale) charge less for organised big groups going so we’ll get double bonus for this – cheap fare, cheap shopping, haha….

Treasurer, treasurer, where are you?

3rd Update

Excellent.  We’ve got 33 registered which include 3 non-SHC members.   Dolly, thank you so much for your great spirit of coming forward to be Treasurer.  Now, we can start the ball rolling with the collection, so we’ll wait to hear from Dolly.   Please try and pool together at least 3 – 5 shares per transfer if possible because it’s such a small sum per pax, and Dolly will just have to track fewer entries in her account instead of 35.

4th Update

Hello, it’s me again.    it’s countdown to this Saturday, time to come out from hibernation and get back to work.

I’ll be going to Outram mrt station this evening after work to recce the bus pick-up site and let you know exactly where it is near Outram mrt station.

Let you know tomorrow,OK?  Cheers!


I can have 2 more SHC members to round off to 35.   Payment made is non-refundable, I hope you understand.

Thank you folks for your speedy registration.   Cheers!

Susan CH Tan


SHC Members (many thanks to the Early Birds!):

  1. Susan CH Tan – pd
  2. Moon Wong – pd
  3. Gabriella Chua – pd
  4. Caroline Sit – pd
  5. Richard Wong – pd
  6. Tony Ang – pd
  7. Clara Chay – pd
  8. Marge Tian – pd
  9. Veronique Lee – pd
  10. Wee Chin – pd
  11. Seok Cheng – pd
  12. Yatsing – pd
  13. Irene Poh – pd
  14. Shirleen Kao – pd
  15. Lina Tan – pd
  16. Lee Ah Nee – pd
  17. Suzhang – pd
  18. Dolly Lim – pd
  19. Renee Leong – pd
  20. Lina Ng – pd
  21. Hou Chong – pd
  22. Myra Chia – pd
  23. OliviaRos Jiang – pd
  24. Simon Wong & – pd
  25. Pearl – pd
  26. Gingko Tay. – pd
  27. Joan Ang – pd
  28. Andrew Yeung – pd
  29. Caroline Gee – pd
  30. Eliza Chua – pd
  31. Bobby Bok – pd
  32. Lily Lim – pd
  33. Clara’s daughter – pd
  34. Victor – pd
  35. Joan’s nephew – pd
  36. Grace Kang – pd
  37. Lai Fong – pd
  38. Susan SW Tan – pd
  39. Caroline Loh – pd
  40. May Ng – pd
  41. Pow TK & – pd
  42. Helen Wong – pd




94 thoughts on “Local Excursion (an excuse to catch up lah!)

  1. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for organising. Suzhang and I will support you as we talked about it at the Holland Drive food centre. Please reserve 2 seat for us. ????

  2. Oops, thanks for telling me, Lina. My mind says “Ah Nee” but my fingers at the keyboard were going too fast, Of course, Ah Nee’s the one! Thanks once again, Ah Nee.

    Myra, you’re on.

    After the trip is confirmed we can discuss which is the best food court to go to for our lunch! But I need to know which is the route the bus is travelling.

    But the trip cannot be confirmed without collection of fees and the collection cannot be done without a Treasurer. How? Maybe I can suggest that to go easy on the Treasurer, let each group pool together their share and one person will do the fund transfer. That way, there will be fewer entries to track, otherwise we’ll get 30+ entries in the bank book to reckon.

  3. Pls include simon and pearl.
    I can volunteer to be treasurer that morning.
    But appreciate if all payments are exactly $6.50/person, with no change to be given for ease of operation. Tks for being understanding.

  4. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks for your kind offer to be Treasurer, but collection on the day of the excursion is not recommended. You will need to have the money credited into your bank account. Please confirm if you can do this. We need to commit the money and pay to the coach company by 22 Nov.

  5. Hi Susan,
    Glad that I can be some help to you too. You may can to consider to list down my POSB Saving# when you update the status later on. I leave this to you ya…

    Hi All,
    Kindly pay your due to my POSB saving# 010949718 and once done, pls provide ref# so that I can check and advise accordingly.

    Cheers.. Dolly

  6. 😀 He’s a man of his word.
    So, $6.50 x 2 transferred to Dolly’s POSB account for Andrew Yeung, and myself today. ref no. 13586395190.
    🙂 Thank you again, Susan, and Dolly.

  7. Aiyo, Grace, you just missed by split sec behind Lily Lim leh.. BTW, I am not the EC of this event.. I only siew lui aka ah long la…so I bo say… Let wait and hear from Susan ok? Cheers…

  8. Hi Grace,

    Don’t worry, my motto has been “The More the Merrier”.

    I’ll put you on the waiting list. Let’s get everybody to pay by the 19th first then I’ll re look at the numbers.


  9. Hi All,
    Todate, the following had paid
    1) & 2) Clara Chay and daughter
    3) Yat Sing
    4) Andrew Yeung
    5) Lily Lim
    6) Tony Ang
    7) Dolly Lim
    8) Caroline Gee
    9) Suzhang
    10) Lina Ng
    11) Ah Nee
    12) Hou Chong
    13) Rene Leong

    Closing date : 19 Nov 2014

    Cheers… Dolly

  10. Another update of payment recd as follows:
    14) Gingko Tay
    15) Susan CH Tan
    16 & 17) Simon and Pearl Wong
    18) Moon Wong
    19) Gabriella Chua
    20) Richard Wong
    21) Veronique Lee

    Susan, I am surprised that payment is being recd for Gabriella Chua as she is still on waiting list leh…

    Though your motto of “The more the merrier” is great but we also must be prepared that we will not over-shoot the seating capacity allocated so as not to invite unhappy atmosphere among others… Just my 2cts worth hor… Cheers.. Dolly

  11. Hi Dolly,

    “Gabriel Chua” (waiting list) is none other than Gabriella – someone has made a mistake though I did ask her “isn’t she Gabriella.”

    Don’t worry, nobody will be left standing.

    See you there!

  12. Payment recd cont’d:
    22) Myra Chia
    23 & 24) Joan and Nephew

    Wahpiangz, 19 Nov 2014 dateline soon… those still not paid, hurry hurry and pay lah… Hope to receive these payments soon so that our Orguinazer can submit payment to the transport operator and then, eng eng cheng cheng till Dec 6 lor…

    Cheers… Dolly

  13. Hi Gab, I have no clue how come it disappeared.

    To those who have paid promptly, you have been very considerate, thank you very much. Yes Dolly, work is easier and I can plan early if I can have the numbers confirmed upon payment.

    Just a reminder that if no payment made after the 19th, seats will be offered to those on the waiting list. No late request for payment to come in after the 19th for those who have reserved a seat will be considered. Trust I have given ample notice and I hope don’t wait until last minute to pay up.

  14. Hi Dolly/ Susan,
    Payment for $45.50 transferred via IB with ref: 13598231899 for 7 pax as follow:
    1) Marg Tian
    2) Olivia Ros Jiang
    3) Victor
    4) Irene
    5) Eliza
    6) Lina
    7) Shirleen

    Thank you.

  15. Well done, Susan for the initiative in organising this local excusion. I had not used the word “excursion” since my school days; and I always look forward to one whenever my school organised one. By the way, I come from Montfort school.

    I remembered as students, we rushed to take the window seat. My memory is still fresh, and I always hope to also sit next to this somebody. Cant remember now who she is.

    Enjoy the excursion. A good opportunity to meet other SilverHairs.

    Terence Seah

  16. Payment recd as follows:

    25) Bobby
    26) Marg Tian
    27) Olvia Ros Jiang
    28) Victor
    29) Irene
    30) Eliza
    31) Lina
    32) Shirleen
    33)Caroline Sit
    34) Wee Chin

    Wow wee, only 1 left to be collected… Seok Cheng Seok Cheng, where are u leh… waitinng for your payment hor… Dateline today leh.. Pls update me soon … Cheers.. Dolly

  17. Thanks for your latest payment update, Dolly. Hmmm….wonder what happened to Seok Cheng & Angie. It’s acceptable if they are withdrawing and will be nice if they say something – few words will do.

    We can go in a bigger bus now and by pure coincidence, it’s a 43-seater bus, and the total number signed up is 43. So zhun, zhun wor! So as not to disappointment anybody, I’ll take in all 7 on the waiting list and close registration as of now, even if there may not be all 43 at the final count.

    Will the last 7 please make fund transfer to Dolly asap, definitely by this Friday. Don’t forget to let us know after transfer is done. TQ.

    With such a big group, this looks like a reunion of old friends cos it’s been a long time since we last met. I hope everybody is looking forward to this excursion – haha, Chief, it’s a “retro” word nowadays cos people don’t organise excursions nowadays. Thanks for dropping by!

  18. Thank you folks for the smooth and timely registration. The total number is now finalised at 42 and we close registration as of now. Hi Dolly, Susan SW Tan cant post here because of password problem and she said that she will make fund transfer for herself, Caroline Loh and May Ng tonight. Has Lai Fong passed you her share?

    Very glad that I can now “eng eng cheng cheng” sit back, take this off my mind, and just relax until nearer the trip, tio boh, Dolly?

    Cheers and have a good weekend.

  19. Hi All,
    Sorry for the late update… Laptop sent for repair and just back last nite but too lazy to log in till now..

    Payment recd todate as follow:

    35) & 36) TK Pow and Helen Wong
    37) Grace Kang
    38) Seok Cheng
    39) SW Tan
    40) Caroline Loh
    41) May Ng
    42) Lai Fong

    Wow mission completed. Susan, pls let me know what is your acct to be transferred via watapps or sms hor….

    Cheers… Dolly

  20. Hi Susan
    Thank you for organizing this excursion for us. It’s time to catch up with old SHCian.., I am looking forward to this trip and seeing my old friends.

    Have a beautiful Sunday!
    Cheers, Suzhang

  21. Nice of you to drop by, Suzhang. Yes, this will be a gathering of old friends who might not have seen each other for a long time. Good once in a while to reconnect and I hope we will have fun.

    Dolly, sorry I haven’t called you yet – have been busy today. I’ll send you an email later ok?

    I’m very excited and look forward to this excursion!

  22. Good morning Sue and all. Yes, will bring the foldable one lah otherwise i will look like aunty going to the market. See you all soon! Have a great week ahead!

  23. Dear all buddies here,
    Yes, lots of shopping so hor, trolley super important, if not, must hv big recycled bags leh… Glad to hv this excursion to meet up all of u…

    Susan, OK, will wait for your email… I chin chai leh.. 1 more day in my account, I earn alittle interest… huh.. may 0.00001cts lor… hehehe…. Cheers.. Dolly

  24. Hello, it’s me again. it’s countdown to this Saturday, time to come out from hibernation and get back to work.

    I’ll be going to Outram mrt station this evening after work to recce the bus pick-up site and let you know exactly where it is near Outram mrt station.

    Let you know tomorrow,OK? Cheers!

  25. Wow, sure you are the best EO of SHC in 2014! Thanks for the effort. Looking for the excursion (nearly all the SHC members I know have registered, ??!).

  26. Hello Caroline, Dolly, Thanks for sharing some tips – feels good to be reminded here and there.

    Andrew, thor jie, thor jie. No need for a title – just a wish that everything goes smoothly and everybody happy happy, good enough for me. What are you going to buy? Chee Cheong Fun? Wu tao gou?

  27. Whatever can eat and easily done, I will have interest. So the two items you mentioned I also interested. But I just got a small fridge at home, cannot buy much. May be just klkk, here a bit, there a bit lor. See you

  28. No worries. Thank you Susan for organising this trip. I am so looking forward to this saturday. I cancelled my dance lessons just for this.
    See you all soon!

  29. Hi Susan

    Thank you so much for organising this local tour. We had so much FUN and laughter therapy. Really enjoyed…….

    Looking forward to the next one…


    [image=basket of flowers.jpg]

  30. Tio tio, Susan, a big thank you for organising this get together excursion tour for us…Really like a batch of school girls liao… joking and laughing all d way. But hor.. too much buying and so much carrying very jialat leh… But I am sure everyone really enjoyed this…

    BTW, Lily Lim conveyed her thanks to you too…

    Hope to see another organized tour again soon… Cheers.. Dolly

  31. You’re welcome, Gab. Thank you for coming so early so we could start our tour and return home on the dot. When I arrived at 8.30 am, I thought I was going to be the first there, but lo and behold I saw so many earlier than me, all the happy faces beaming excitedly. Just like one big family. (Big Chief, you must be very pleased to hear this.) Everything went like clockwork because of everyone’s co-operation and understanding. Appreciate it very much.

    Doll, you and Carly made the bus load very “lao jiet” so we had a lot of fun. The bus became heavier and heavier by at least 150 kg – every stop must buy buy. We already stand by hor, bringing along a few empty bags for the shopping which balooned in no time with all the chee cheong fun, cai tow kway, bakzhang, etc at the first stop. Somebody didn’t not want to buy at first but later she had a few bakzhangs in her hand – couldn’t resist the temptation, lol! Iyo, $1.30 for one big bakzhang only.

    By the time we arrived at the last stop, our bags were too heavy and we were nearly bankrupt to take in more shopping even though it’s just vegetables. But still must buy some – just can’t stop this shopping fever.

    Today my family meal was mushrooms, and mushrooms – portobello, oyster and black mushrooms cooked in different ways – chap chye and broccoli. Tomorrow my family will have to bear with another mushroom specie again, poor thing!

    So much for my report of our fun trip folks! Watch out for the next one.

  32. Thank you Susan for the enjoyable excursion. When I told my daughters mum is going on an excursion and they did a double take. Huh? And they asked me to share my experience with them after my trip. I truly enjoyed meeting all the long time no see friends again and meeting new ones. The cai tow kueh was tasty. I bought so many types of mushrooms so I had stir fry golden oyster mushroom and dou miao for lunch with my organic black rice. So healthy! except I could not resist adding some “poison” like my sio bak. My little trolley bag was packed to the brim and I had to carry the rest of my buys in two big bags. Really like Ah Soh after marketing. But never mind lah! At the last stop, the super fresh veggies were calling out to me “BUY ME! BUY ME!” but I had to ignore their pleas I cos really cannot carry liao!
    Thank you again Susan for the great outing and all for the great company! Looking forward to using my trolley bag again!

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