Sat afternoon at Jayleen Hotel, Carpenter Street ~17 Jan 2015

jayleen hotel2  jayleen hotel jayleen hotel 3  new year 2015  SilverHairsClub shall continue to look for places where members can gather together, to get to know one another.  We shall make effort to enable Singaporeans, over 45, to meet new friends.

Two members, SS James Tan and Andrew Koh showed me the Jayleen Hotel at Carpenter Street to evaluate their lunch setup and facilities.  We found the place suitable for a Saturday afternoon gathering. The lunch buffet is reasonable, and workable.   There is also a cosy living area and dining area.  Convenient is the large carpark, just outside the hotel.

The hotel has a reasonable music system.  Although loudness will be limited because of closeness to the hotel rooms, we may be able to use the music system.  We can have slow or soft ballads, and old fashion singing.  We can also have our own musician, who would have to bring along our own keyboard or guitar.  Accompanied singing is allowed, altho we have to set the sound level to 3.  10 is the loudest.  I am thinking of some old school songs to agitate our school days memories.

If we start at 12nn, we can end around 4pm.  This would be a Saturday.  We are looking at a price level of $17 per pax.

  • date: Sat 17 Jan 2015
  • place: living and dining room of Jayleen hotel.
  • time: 12nn – 4pm
  • cost:  $17 per pax (inclusive of a buffet and coffee/tea till 4pm)
  • Music and low volume singng – we can plug into the sound system if we bring a keyboard and musician.  If you can help to liaise this part of the work, it would be nice.
  • Pl pay to POSB Current Acct 951-00428-6 (ref number and date of transaction to be indicated on this blog)

Menu is subject to change:

  1. Diced Chicken Thigh in House Special Chicken Rendang Gravy
  2. Sayur Lodeh (Mixed Vegetable)
  3. Battered Finger Fish Fillet, with Mayonnaise sauce
  4. Mixed Omelette
  5. One Green Seasonal Vegetable dish
  6. Popiah and Kueh Pie Ti Spread (self help)
  7. Mediterranean Cheese toast
  8. Cream of Brocolli and Potato Soup of the Day
  9. Dessert: Chin Chow with Natural Pandan leaf
  10. Coffee/tea

Please register asap.  Registration before 31 Dec 2014 gets a discount and pays $16.

Terence Seah

Those coming:

Early birds pay $16:

  1. Terence Seah, EO
  2. Rosalind Lee (Pd)  Caroline Gee
  3. Gabriella Chua (Pd)
  4. Mary Chan    Steven Chan (Pd)
  5. Charles Wee (Pd)
  6. Joan Ang (Pd)
  7. P K Liew (comments just released by system today – 10 Dec 2014) (Pd $17)
  8. Ah Nee (Pd)
  9. Suzhang (Pd)
  10. Gingko Tay (Pd) (Payment transferred from Lai Fong to Gingko)
  11. Lai Fong (Pd) (Doreen Tay) (Pd)
  12. Veronique Lee (Pd)
  13. Joe Choo (Pd)
  14. Melissa Khng (Pd)
  15. Jazz Soh (Pd)
  16. Lily Ho (Pd)
  17. Susan CH Tan (Pd)
  18. Ann Lim (Pd)
  19. Anne Chee (Pd)
  20. June Chin (Pd)
  21. Catherine Koh (Pd)
  22. Lina Tan (Pd)
  23. Peng Peng (Pd)
  24. Andrew Koh, Co-EO (Pd) (Liaison with Jayleen Hotel)
  25. Robert Ong (Pd)
  26. SS James (Pd) (Liaison with Jayleen Hotel)
  27. Judy Lim (Pd)  (Main co-ordinator with Charles Cher)
  28. Ronald Lam (Pd)
  29. Tony Ang (Pd)
  30. Mega (Pd)
  31. Bessie Lam (Pd)
  32. Lilian Teo (Pd)
  33. ChristinA Chan (Pd)  Richard Wong
  34. Peri (Pd)
  35. Thomas Loh (Pd)
  36. Cat Ho (Pd)
  37. Susan S W Tan (Pd)
  38. Irene Poh (Pd)
  39. Marg Tian (Pd)
  40. Shirleen Kao (Pd)
  41. Eyvonne Chew (Pd)
  42. Bernie Chung (Pd)
  43. Bobby Bok (Pd)  (Barbara Ong taking over Bobby’s place)
  44. Oi Cheng (Pd)
  45. Charles Cher  ~ (Guest) (music provider)


Wait List:

  • Steven Chan (replacing Mary Chan)
  • Doreen Tay (replacing Lai Fong)
  • Eyvonne Chew
  • Bernie Chung
  • Jenny Lee
  • Lydia Chin
  • Bobby Bok
  • Oi Cheng
  • Karen Phoo
  • Barbara Ong


105 thoughts on “Sat afternoon at Jayleen Hotel, Carpenter Street ~17 Jan 2015

  1. Thank you Judy for being the first person to participate.

    We have not decided on which Saturday yet; but it will depend very much on timing and availability. I am looking for a Co-EO for this event. Can we have a volunteer? Especially, if you have not organised any activity for SilverHairsClub yet. The co-EO and myself shall decide the date for this event.

    Terence Seah

  2. Hi Terence
    Sounds enticing … I’m also interested in participating in the buffet cum music if I’m free on the Sat chosen.

    Looking forward ………..

  3. Let start the new year with the monthly gathering on Sat 17 January 2015 with a afternoon lunch at Jayleen Hotel, Carpenter street. Time 12nn to 4pm.

    So, date is confirmed.

    Please register your coming.

    Terence Seah

  4. We can arrived 11.30 am, check in your name. If you have made your own tag, please bring along. If not, we shall give u a sticky label to paste on to your dress.

    Lunch is a buffet, the tasting team says it is ok. 4-5 items, with desserts and coffee. If KristyQ leg still works, she will manage the table registration. If not, we would need someone to manage the registration table.

    This Jan monthly gathering is strictly for members.

    During and after lunch, we can have some singing. There is a music system there, but we would need to bring our own keyboard or guitar. Music has to be kept to low volume, as hotel rooms are upstairs. So, some entertaining songs will be great.

    This would be a great afternoon to chat. Nice sofa around, and chairs.

    I am looking for an EO to run this event. If not, you can be my co-EO. I have a bit of a schedule problem, almost all Sats in January have disappeared.

    I am also looking for someone to coordinate with the musician, and all singers can coordinate with our music man or girl.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hi Terence,

    I would not be able to attend next Jan’s monthly gathering, much as l want to. Hence also can’t do the table registration. Doctor says complete healing takes 3 to 6 months.

    Wish all of you attending have a great time together.


  6. Hi Terence

    Good news for you! Advertised this event for you during my kopi chat today. Many have indicated interest in joining. You can expect many sign-ups soon.
    Haha 🙂

    Good Luck…

  7. December is a good time for celebration because we were used to bonuses and parties. Sounds like the good old days.

    January is a good time to do some thinking about our SilverHairs years. Today, I read in a Singapore bank survey, that about 85 per cent of respondents said they hoped to have about $3,500 to spend a month for 15 to 20 years after retiring at the age of 65.

    What do you think?

    Terence Seah

  8. Hi Terence,

    I am interested to join in the fun. The buffet lunch is quite reasonable
    for $17.00. Looking forward to meet SHCmembers.
    Thanks for organising this event.

    Joan Ang

  9. My opinion is…
    In Singapore, an ordinary employee can retire comfortably on one third of $3500. He has his CPF savings, his annuity bought with his minimum sum with the CPF, his own savings and his flat/house (a great asset!). He has only to guard himself against committing a folly like going to Batam/Vietnam/China …to look for a second spring! Lol!

    [image=pic of simple life.png]

  10. Hi Terence

    I met some members during the Local Tour today and the following have told me to register for them:

    Ah Nee
    Gingko Tay
    Lai Fong
    Veronique Lee & Joe Choo


  11. Hi Terence

    Didn’t see my name on the list, please include me for the 17th Jan gathering at Jayleen.

    Glad to help out if I can of service in any small part.

    Regards/PK Liew

  12. Hi Terence
    Please register me. Payment transferred to your POSB Current Account
    951-00428-6 for the amount of S$16.00 (early bird price) Transaction Ref. 13715514728

  13. Hi Terence,
    Pls register those names below for the gathering at Jayleen Hotel on 17 Jan 2015.

    1). Ann Lim)
    2). Anne Chee)
    3). June Chin)

    Ann Lim had transfered this morning of $48. Receipt ref: 1423
    4). Catherine Koh
    5). Lina Tan
    6). Peng Peng
    7). Andrew Koh
    8). Rober Ong
    9). S S Tan
    10). Judy Lim
    Will notify you once I have arrange transfer fund for 7 of us.

    Thanks for organising the gathering begain of the new year of 2015.



  14. Re the Sat 17 Jan 2015 monthly gathering, we will be closing registration soon. The response is overwelming, and if we do not close soon, we will be standing at the entrance soon. Our two members SS James Tan and Andrew Koh have helped to coordinate this event with the lady owner to make this venue possible.

    SS, can you please use your charm to see how we can manage the event, if we hit 50 or 60 pax. It is always a tough decision on finding the right size for the monthly gathering, but I guess this is a good problem.

    JudyL, can you also use your charm to see if you can find a keyboard musician who can plug his keyboard to the hotel sound system. We can pay a small fee for this service. Time, from 12nn to 4pm.

    Guys and Gals, this venue may suit our Club needs. There is flexibility and SS and Andrew have charming contacts with the owner and son. There is also roof tops that can be used. When you come for the monthly gathering, I am sure SS and Andrew can help you organise events here.

    Have fun.

    Terence Seah

  15. Hi Terence,

    Just transferred $16.00 to your posb current account ref: 13727210132. Thank you.

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me – I dont seem to find your account number specified by you, except from our dear Lily Ho’s payment notification.


  16. Sorry, rephrase: Your posb current account no: 951-00428-6 and my payment transaction reference is 13727210132. (Actually this number is not reflected in your passbook.)

    Aaah, found your account number at the D&D posting!

  17. Re the Sat event, 17 Jan 2015, the response has been good but apology we will close at 40 pax.

    New registrations will be placed on a waiting list, but honestly we won’t be able to allocate you a place.

    The monthly gathering is a great place to meet new friends, and keep in touch of old ones. We see this as an opportunity for EOs to find new members to their events.

    If you have something to bring along and give to your friend, also this is a good meeting place.

    As long as we keep away from politics, race, religion, sex, direct selling and MLM, there is no better place than the SilverHairsClub monthly gathering.

    Terence Seah

  18. Hi Steven
    You ‘ve just missed by a second or two …. PK Liew’s name was just released by the system and with that registration, we’ve hit the 40 mark.

    Hence, you’re no. 1 on the Waitlist.


  19. Hi Terence,

    Transaction ref no: 3983 for the amount of $144 payment by names below:

    1). Bessie Lam
    2). Catherine Koh
    3). Lina Tan
    4). Lilian Teo
    5) Peng Peng
    6). Andrew Koh
    7). Robert Ong
    8). SS Tan
    9). Myself

    Thank you


  20. Hi Terence,

    Since I am the last to be released by the system, I presumed I cannot enjoy the early bird price. I transferred $17 to your current account today.

    Reegards/PK Liew

  21. Hi PK Liew
    You’re still entitled to the early birds’ offer of $16 cos this price is valid until end December 2014. Wd appreciate if you could indicate the ref number of your transaction on this blog. This is for easy tracking by Terence since it’s his account.

    Perhaps you can get a dollar back from Terence at the event ? (Terence)


  22. Hi Terence and Gabriella,
    I will have to give up my place to Steven Chan. Sorry about this.
    The usual booking for my babysitting ‘pleasure’, so I won’t be able to attend the lunch. I can only be free from 3 pm onwards.

    Steven Chan,
    Go ahead and enjoy yourself. 🙂

  23. Hi Jenny
    Noted your interest in attending the event. However, we have reached the maximum capacity currently and you’re put on the waitlist. Hence, do not make any payment until we’ve confirmed a place for you.

    Thanks & regards.

  24. Hi Gabriella,

    Transaction date is 10/12/14, no reference on receipt but indication of my account and Terence’s. I am the odd one out, so shouldn’t be a problem tracking my transfer.

    PK Liew

  25. Hi Terence,
    I made an atm transfer of $16 to your POSB Current a/c 951-00428-6
    Ref: 7340 dated 12/12/2014 at 17:46 today. Please update. Thanks.


  26. Hi Terence,
    Would like to see this new meeting place, please put me on waiting list. It is a pity this place can only accommodate up to about 40 people for the monthly meeting. Regards..

  27. Hi Bobby,

    I refer your comment that the Jan 2015 monthly gathering can only cater to 40 pax. Sometimes, we are not really sure what to do, especially when it comes to finding a venue for Club activities.

    We have always called for suggestions and recommendations. Sometimes, a suggested place can cater for 100 pax, but the EO gets chicken feet when the response is less than 10, two weeks before the event. Meantime, the venue is asking for a commitment on the numbers. I remembered we had a recommended place, and we went ahead as the room can be expanded, only to hear that the food is not worth the money we paid for. Terribly disheartening for the organisers.

    I know your comment that “this venue can only accommodate up to 40 people” has a lot of meaning and implications on the work and effort of the organisers” but really, the decision on the venue is easier said than done.

    Come and help being an EO, at least once during the lifetime of your membership at SHC. You will understand better.

    Terence Seah

  28. Terence, I think Bobby is not emphasising on the place but the “monthly meeting”. Years of working have imbibed upon us the importance of attending meetings. Hence, the Chairman has to ensure that every member who wishes to attend a meeting be accommodated. Particularly if it is going to be a monthly affair.

    But we are different. What meeting? Just eat and talk lah.

    Bobby, seeing this new “meeting” place need not be on the “waiting list”. Just walk in. I had Bak-Kut-Teh along New Bridge Road yesterday, and later kay poh a bit to see what the place offers. Conducive atmosphere, cozy lighting and comfortable seats. The deco brings you back to the colonial era, where “Ang Moh furniture is the best”. But I don’t think the furniture is imported from Europe. How could they, at such room rates?

    A room for one night on 17 Jan starts at S$140, depending on how you book it. Anybody game?

    Every event has a participation limit, be it 10, 40 or 100. It is a happy problem for organisers when demand exceeds supply. I would have put up my name on 3 Dec, when the date was confirmed, if not for my school project on 17 Jan. It is a pity for those who missed joining this function due to various reasons. We can have another gathering, albeit a smaller one, for all who have missed the boat – or buffet. We can even have it before 17 Jan. Call it a recce-party.

    Forget about “meeting”. No secretary to take minutes anyway. On a Saturday afternoon and at such an easily accessible cool place, paying $17 for lunch with coffee and/or tea is a steal. The people who found this place ought to be commended. Salute to Terence for his “remote control” to make yet another recreational event happen.

    Oh yes…..they provide free Wi-Fi. Ask the receptionists.


  29. To be fair to all members, particularly those on the Waiting List, it should be a “first pay first served” policy. Otherwise, it encourages undecided people to simply hang a name there, and deprives other interested members of a place (despite having to pay a dollar more). Every one needs to make personal arrangements to attend. The payment is an added assurance for all concerned.


  30. Hi Terence,
    I’ve just transferred $32 to your POSB Current AC via IBanking, being payments from Joe Choo and Veronique.
    Tr. Ref: 13762310675

    Good Day!

  31. Hi Terence,
    IB transferred on 15/12/14 for Irene, Marg and myself.
    Please check total $48 with ref no. 13748824805.

    Thank you and Merry X’mas to all!


  32. Dear Terence

    Kindly delete my name as I cannot make it. Kindly transfer the payment to Ginko.
    Very sorry for any inconvenience caused.
    I have inform Ginko.

    Thank you

    Lai Fong

  33. Hi Terence,

    It slips out of my mind, in case you see $32 in your account under Ref: 8024, this is payment being made for Suzhang and myself. Sorry for informing you only now. Thank you and see you.

    Ah Nee

  34. Hi Terence! My apologies for forgetting to tt payment. Thanks to Andrew Koh who alerted me last night at SRC that I have omitted to make payment. Will do so today.


  35. The Sat afternoon tea party for Tai tai (??) at Jayleen Hotel, Carpenter Street, 17 Jan 2015. BTW, what is the equivalent name for a male Tai tai?

    To complete the event, and to allow those on the wait list to come in, the last date for payment is 31 Dec 2014. After this date, those who have not paid, will be moved to the waiting list.

    Another note: The musician for this tea party has been concluded.
    Thank you to the members who had worked in the background to get this event going.

    Merry Christmas,

    Terence Seah

  36. Susan CH TAN on December 9, 2014 at 4:35 pm said:

    Hi Terence,
    Good day,
    re: 17th Jan, Sat -Jayleen Hotel ( 12 noon – 4pm)
    This is Doreen Tay (was on your wait list), and apologized for being late.
    Just transferred $16.00 to your posb current account (951 00428-6)ref: 1614.
    CPF Building -Robinson Rd@9.47am on 23-12-14
    Wishing all A Merry Christmas & Prosperous Health.
    Thank you.

  37. Hi RonaldL

    I was wondering if I should respond yourcom. For all events which I organise, I have not acknowledged individually to any member because it is just too many.

    As long as a member indicates payment has been paid on the post in with the date and transaction reference, I would accept this as payment made.

    Who sent you the message that I acknowledge payment? This is serious comment.

    Terence Seah

  38. Hi Terrence,
    Just to refresh yr memory.
    19 Dec 14 I sent u a Whats Ap msg :
    ” …Good morning Terrence
    Hv transferred $16 toyr Posb current a/c fri 19 dec by ibanking .
    Ronald Lam …………. ”

    A few mins later Yr ack …… ” TQ Ron.”
    I was outside coudn’t access Silver Hair website. so just tot a quick text to ifm u.

  39. Thanks Ron for the reminder.

    Please remember to write payment transaction reference on the forum. Please do not send transaction info via email, Whatsapp or SMS. We do not have the manpower resources to track.

    For all members, please write your date and the transaction info on this forum only. It is easier for the person who tracks payment.

    Terence Seah

  40. Re our monthly gathering on the 17 Jan, I have checked with the owner of the hotel, and they can accommodate our waiting list. I am sorry to keep you waiting as it takes time to check out the seating arrangements.

    For those on the waiting list, please make payment by 10th Jan. After this date, all closed.

    We have some arrangements with regards to music. Look forward to seeing you. Thank you to the helpers who have volunteered to help in the background work.

    Terence Seah

  41. Re our 17 Jan 2015 monthly gathering at Jayleen, those who registered before 31 Dec pay $16. Those who registered in the new year get to pay $17.

    During the afternoon, we are having Charles Cher to play for us and accommpany members who wish to sing to some slow and soft music. Thank you Judy Lim and Charles Cher for the initiative and support in making the afternoon a quiet and family event.

    Thank you also to Andrew Koh and James SS Tan for the quiet work in the background to secure the place, a good buffet due to their connections with the Hotel and owners.

    For parking, I guess you can park across the hotel, which should be empty on a Sunday.

    See you everybody.

    Terence Seah

  42. Hi Terence,

    I have transferred $16.00 today, 07/01/2015 @ 15.34 p.m., Centrepoint Br. ATM to your POSB Current acct. for the Jan. monthly meeting event. Ref. No. is 7197. Please acknowledge receipt.


  43. Hi Terence! As I have to attend a community course on the same day and I found out it will end at 2 pm earliest, I regret I have to give up my place.
    Caroline Gee will attend instead of me.

    Thank you

  44. Hi Terence,
    I am pleased to inform you that have atm transfer $17 to your Posb account my ref 3084 on 9Jan2015 at 16:34 hrs.
    Barbara Ong request to be put on waiting list & would like to join this event. Thk u.
    Bobby Bok

  45. Hi everybody,

    It is likely I won’t be able to attend this gathering as I have a meeting same day and time.

    For this arrangement, I have asked Andrew Koh to co-EO this Sat afternoon event. He has agreed. Likely I will turn up to eat lunch.

    Judy Lim is the main coordinator with Charles Cher, who will keep us company with good old songs.

    And finally, SS Tan will be doing a floor performance with who, I don’t know. I leave the program to Andrew Koh to make all adhoc and final decision.

    Terence Seah

  46. I wish to thanks Charles Cher providing live music for us to enjoy and singalong. SS & Andrew Koh sharing the place with the good budget and Terence to initiate the gathering to catchup the fellowship with everyone.



  47. The hotel had just informed me that due to space constraint, they are unable to take more people. As such registration is now closed. For those who miss this function, look out for the next monthly gathering on 6 February 2015. Do register early to avoid disappoint.

  48. Hi Andrew /Terence,
    Tomorrow I have an urgent appointment in the afternoon and hence may like to transfer my place to anyone who is keen to attend. Please contact me at my mobile phone 93803808 or email me at Jenny Lee or Karen Phoo please let me know whether you are still keen. Thank you.
    Bobby Bok

  49. Hi Terence /Andrew,
    Barbara Ong will be taking over my place for this event. Thank you and do enjoy the buffet and company. Cheers and best regards..
    Bobby Bok

  50. Hi Terence/Andrew,

    Regret am unable to attend this gathering because of last minute did to provide “grandma grandsons-caring pleasure”.

    Richard Wong will take my place.

    Thanks for organizing.
    Everyone… Have FUN!!


  51. Many thanks to Terence, SS, Andrew and Judy for organising this afternoon of fun, makan, singing and dancing. Charles Cher, our musician was fantastic ~his music was just right for the occasion. The venue was so cosy and exclusive for us. We had a great time meeting old as well as some new SHCians.

    A basket of flowers to all the organisers!

    I’m looking forward to the next event.


  52. Thank you Judy, Andrew Koh and SS for organising the event at Jayleen Hotel. And Terence for the idea. It was a very enjoyable afternoon for me. Company and food good. Very cosy place with the right number of people. Location good. Music and fun good. Got dance floor some more. Everything good under one roof. I am sure the organisers must have spent some extra cash of their own to make the event a value for money one for us. Thank you.
    Looking forward to another one if date and time is right for me.
    Well done organisers!

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