The Big 6 ‘O’

Dear Friends,
another year has passed by so quickly. I hope 2014 so far, has been kind to you.

Next year I turn 60. Its great to be able take what life has dished out for me. I am thankful for what I have, the experiences I have gone through, the trials & tribulations, the hard knocks and the willing shoulders, and of course the good family I have and the fabulous friends I have made at SHC. Some have decided that I am a bit.h and left but there are many who stood by me through the jolly good times and the not so good times.

It would be nice to to able to celebrate it in a big way. Like having a party with a “live” band with family and loads of good friends to share the special occasion. A mountain of longevity buns and a huge birthday cake! Yes, I am still a little girl at heart. Love my cakes and birthday parties!

Or simply sail into the sunset on a cruise and wake up early to watch the sun rise again on my birthday!

I have managed to strike some items off from my bucket list. Like going on a hot air balloon ride – awesome!!!, went on a holiday and sleeping in a hotel room on my own – for the very first time in my life. Of course I freaked out at the thought of “someone” sharing my bed or worse still “someone” sharing my mirror at night! My hair is standing on ends right now! And yes, every lamp in the room was turned on. Would love to go on a cruise – Mediterranean or Carribbean! Anyone who has been on these cruises, if willing, please do share some tips with me. Thank you in advance.

I have been thinking for some time now. Maybe its time to organise a talentime or a T-dance with our own members belting out songs of the 60s. With a “live” band like the RTS time. And we all go retro! No fancy food but just the good old fashioned sandwiches with ham or cheese and cucumber, fruit punch with slices of orange in the punch bowl, cocktail sausages with a cube of pineapple and cucumber skewered together on a toothpick, fried fish balls, chicken wings etc! Many members I know will turn 60 too next year. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Just a thought! Because its raining heavily and I love watching the rain falling down – therapeutic. Makes me feel nostalgic too…..

Listen to the rythm of the falling rain…..
Pitter patter pitter patter….

I wish for everyone, that you enjoy good health, good luck and happiness for the new year and the many more years to come!

13 thoughts on “The Big 6 ‘O’

  1. Hi Caroline,

    I think you have given us a good insight into your lifestyle. Although I am reluntant to say it, I do think that you are right about being a bit of a bit.h. But, nothing wrong with that.

    I hope we can benefit from your singing background and if you can organise some singing activities, I think it will be fun. I look forward.

    Terence Seah

  2. Yes Caroline…. 60 is a milestone in one’s life. Here are some pointers I noted as I go along. …..
    “Don’t look at the calendar. Just keep celebrating every day.”
    “I make myself go out every day, even if it’s only to walk around the block’… keep moving.”
    “Nobody else controls you.”
    “Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work
    ”Do one thing each day that is just for you.”
    “Have a pet. Life gets lonely sometimes. Pets are reminders of how we’re all living things.”
    Be satisfied. You don’t have to be ‘happy’ all the time, you need to be satisfied.”
    “Love people. Find something to like about the person—it’s there—because we’re all just people.
    “Think positive.”
    “I try not to worry. I just try to live.”
    “I try to have enough trust and confidence in myself to deal with things as they come.”
    Old age comes by keeping a simple lifestyle.
    “Keep busy doing what you like.”
    “[Humor is] a life force, a way of surviving the difficulties of living.”
    “Always listen to the other person. You’ll learn something.
    “Take naps every day.”
    “Do something interesting every day; otherwise you disintegrate.”
    “Learning new things makes you happy and keeps your mind active.”
    “Sleep well, try not to worry, and enjoy good dreams.”
    “I don’t like stress. I can’t stand arguing. If anybody is fussing, I’m gone. I like to be around positive people, people who lift you up not bring you down.”
    In the end, most advice seems to boil down to a common core: live your life to the fullest.
    “It is very important to have a widespread curiosity about life.”

  3. Thank you Terence. Otherwise life would be dull if we are completely sterile. But not too often though. Will work on the singing activities. We can have singing practices before the actual event. And those who are too shy or dont want to sing, can join in as specators during practice sessions and drink coffee and have cakes. This will build stronger friendship and make good use of our time.

  4. Wow! Charles, appreciate very much your pointers. I think everything you mentioned suits me fine. Yes, turning 60 is a big milestone for me. Good to know that you practise what you preach. No wonder you dont look your age. I shall remember.
    Keep living life to the fullest and enjoy it while you can!
    One good thing about being 60, we get the senior citizens benefits. Hahaha! I would be overwhelmed with pride and joy when I go to the mrt turnstiles and tap my SC card for the first time. It will go “ti ti”.

  5. Hi Caroline
    It is delightful that you have shared your thoughts on living life as full as you can.
    As for me I cherish the moments when I hopefully have something to look forward to through the course of the year.
    At the moment the following events will fit into the scheme of things.
    1) The D&D at SRC on 21 Dec 2014
    2) The cruise in Feb 2015

  6. Hi Caroline
    60 is not that old. I’m way into the 60s and feels none the worse for it. Try not to think of the no and enjoy life, learn to relax and of course going on a cruise is the ultimate for relaxation.
    My wife Lilian and I have been to a few cruises, notably the Carribbean and Mediterranean cruises.These are experiences of a lifetime. We get hooked after going on the Carribbean cruise and since it has been a yearly affair. sometimes twice a year.
    Lately with the opening of the Marina Bay terminal more cruise lines are calling here,but these cruises normally last between 3-5 days due to shortage of ports of call around this region.
    We have taken these short cruises a few times. We still enjoy the food,the atmosphere,the ambience and the top rate service expected of such cruise lines esp RC. These go up a notch when you go to Carribbean and Mediterranean cruises because there it is more elaborate and formal. Dining is a grand event in the west. You need formal wear, coat and tie on Captain’s Night and so on. Food is also of higher standard and quality.

    All said you should go. I am sure you will not regret. You will regret if you do not go.
    Happy Cruising………

    Cheers and Merry X’mas & A Happy New Year.

  7. Hi Caroline
    Like your wonderful sharing…
    But I pride calling myself a BITCH ~ Those who know me well are quite familiar with this…. haha

    Control of


  8. Hi Caroline,
    I turned 60 this year. Age is only a number. Most important is to feel young at heart. As for the cruises you mentioned , go for it The first cruise I’ve been was 30 years ago on “Rasa Sayang” and I got hooked , been on Caribbean cruises and on thinking of Alaskan cruises and the Rockies next year.

  9. Hi Carly,
    Stay and think young at heart is most important. If you plan to organise a talentine competition, I just have the place with fantastic ambience and is in town.
    EZ4U together with Glamour is in the midst of working out with the Directors of the Dance Hall management. Fill you up if you are interested to organise.
    Off hand , still with OCClub for the next year. Venue , not a problem. Also goes for any SHC members having plans organising any other events. You are all welcome.

    By the way, be prepared to have a nice time this 13th December 2014 at the OCClub. Cheers! Jeffrey.

  10. Dear Robert, it was with great pleasure that I share my thoughts. Yes, one stops living if one does not have anything to look forward to. So you have plans already. Good on you. See you at SRC on 21 December.

    Hi Roy, thank you very much for sharing with me about the cruises you’ve been on. Wow! so it looks like die die must go one! I am actually looking forward to seeing the countries I have not been to. And of course, dressing up and attending the dinners to dance the night away is a bonus. Good to know you and your wife are enjoying your lives to the fullest. Way to go!

    Hi Gabriella, hahaha! that makes it two of us!

    Hi Melissa, agree that age is only a number and I am never secretive about my age when asked. So after Roy and your encouragement, this is double confirm ah! to go for the cruise. I heard that the Alaskan cruise is also a very good one. But I have set my heart on either the Caribbean or Mediterranean (or maybe both, wink! wink!)

    Hi Jeff, I have noted your recommendations and thank you. Good that its in the city so that going there is no hassle. I will keep you posted when the plan is in motion. I love the dance place at OCC except for the distance. But its worth the travel there! YES! looking forward to this Saturday!

    Have a great week ahead everyone!

  11. Hi Carly! Turning 60 is indeed a milestone in one’s life. Of course, engine will go ‘kreck kreck kreck’ and cause our body to stall at times but then that’s all part and parcel of aging mah.
    One thing I learn to dislike intensely is to look at the mirror. We’ll tend to be our harshest critic and see lines, wrinkles and sagging skin where people don’t really notice. Really. Somehow, as chabors, we’ll wish for an outward physical appearance that is errr unrealistic. Wish only mah.
    After the age of 60, we’ll start to stare, wink and blink at men….and get away with it. We can pinch the buttocks of young men and say ‘Sooo cute!’ without being charged for molest.
    In trains and buses, we can wave our Senior Citizen EZ-link card, feign bad legs by walking senyek and viola! the reserved seats become our rightful ‘thrones’.
    I’d suggest not thinking and brooding too far back…somewhere in our recollections of good times past our memory of exact dates and years will be mixed up….not early dementia lah, but too many years of saved files in our mind will definitely kana virus mah.
    All in all, I’d like to think that as a 60 something or 60 plus woman, my mind will still think ‘young’ – be receptive to the changes in the world and adapt to the changes.
    Words of comfort – If we think we’re old, there ARE older people than us in the world.


  12. Dear Ros, agree about all the goodies that come with being 60. It has never been an issue where age is concerned. You are a great example. You look good and you enjoy your life to the fullest. Boh chup what negative people say.

    Just enjoy everyday as it comes. If its a good day, stay up longer. Otherwise, go to bed early and wait for a brand new day!

    Thank you Sam.

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