Cruise N Fly Holidays 22nd March to 29th ( or shorter) March 2015

The Iternery is as follow :

A. Take a cruise from Singapore on 22nd March 2015 at ard 5.00 pm

B. The cruise will land at Langkawi 23rd 8.00 am / Penang 24th 4.00pm

C. If depart at Langkawi ( One cabin night charge ) – we shall arrange a coach to tourĀ  langkawi , take a ferry across to tour Perlis and Kedah , and stay in Kedah for 1 night.

D. Following the morning breakfast, we head for Penang by the New Bridge. Stay in Penang for 2 to 3 nights. While in Peang , we shall coach south by OLD bridge to Ipoh morning and back to Penang to sleep.

E. We shall fly back to Singapore from Penang


B1. Depart at Penang ( 2 carbin night charges ) . Stay 2 nights in Penang. Coach North to Perlis/Kedah in the morning and returning to Penang to sleep.

c1 : Coach south to Ipoh and Genting and fly back from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore ( Note : Fare from Penang/KL cost the same )

Estimate Cost Per person $ 450 to $ 500 +/- inclusive Cruise/Air ticket/Coaches , accommodation and all meals. Accounts of expenses will be transparent.

Details iterneries will be provide at a later date after viewing the response. Max 40 persons

Assure you will not be dull during this trip. Please express your interest ASAP.

Tony Ang

7 thoughts on “Cruise N Fly Holidays 22nd March to 29th ( or shorter) March 2015

  1. Hi Lily,Jane
    sorry for the late reply to Lily I just got home ( Spore) yesterday.
    Date were fixed to depart on 22nd March 2014

    To Anne
    My tour has been fixed, shall invite your participation should there be withdrawers
    provided you are comfortable with strangers as new friends

    P/S: Details of the Tour ( Just received from my co-ordinator ) is being attached in email reply.


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