March 2015 – Share with us what you have been doing in the last 30 years

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Gatherings are a great way to make friends. We chat with one another, and sometimes we find our old schoolmates, members who had worked in similar industries and someone whom we may be interested to know further.

fun3    I like to introduce another way for all members to meet new and more friends. Each month, we will start a new Post titled “Share with us your last 30 years”. Under this Post, all members can share what you have been doing in the last 30 years. Approx 5-10 paragraphs. You can share your working history, your hobbies, your loves, your overseas postings, your school, college and university life, your promotions, etc.

I am sure other members may be able or want to link up with you.

Political, sexual, religious, racial and MLM content may be moderated.

Let start this activity with a posting for Mar 2015.

Terence Seah

46 thoughts on “March 2015 – Share with us what you have been doing in the last 30 years

  1. I shall start by telling you my last 30 years. I must be 30 years old then.

    I began my work as a production superviser at SPH, Kim Seng road. Came back from London after a 3 year course and scholarship from SPH. I did a course in print and publishing. Mainly in technical and production of newspapers. Later, I move around the company to the present Jurong at Jurong Port Road.

    !5 years later, I took up an offer by a headhunter, and decided to work at the Bangkok Post in Thailand. I ran the operations there for 6 years; and after that, I began my life doing my own thing, mainly in newspaper consultancy. Today, I still do the same thing.

    Unfortunately, I could not leave the industry, although many people advised me to stay clear of newspapers. But, the market in Singapore was small, and so I expand my market to cover India, Nepal, SriLanka, China and SE Asia. This is one reason why I spend 3-4 days in Singapore every month. I don’t think I will stop working before 65. The other 50% of my time, I will spend with the SilverHairsClub.

    Kind of fun. On my personal side, I have to admit I did a bad thing, although I did not regret my decision. I divorced some 20 years ago. Today, I have one wife and one boy, both whom I love very much.

    Please feel free to share with us your 30 years.

    Terence Seah

  2. This Post on “Sharing with us your last 30 years” seems quite quiet. I hope some of our senior members will write about themselves. I guess you may think you are an old SHC member and that everybody knows you. Do share with us, or our younger members may not dare to start.

    Terence Seah

  3. Heehee Terence

    No one likes to admit that they’re more than thirty years…much more that thirty years ago… they were thirty! Hey! Thirty years ago I was much more than thirty!

    Jokes aside, looking back thirty years can be quite a sobering recollection…there are often more things undone than things accomplished; more disappointments than triumphs, more things said than should be said.

    Also, I do not think that many SHCs are like some of my contemporaries who still play the “one-upmanship” game and take any opportunity to flaunt their wealth and success. I think that most will not want to “boast” in these posts.

    But we can and should always look on the bright side… recall the many good times we had, the friends and family, the joy of just living. And that is the life experience that we should share!

  4. Maybe I shall explain why we have this post on “Sharing our last 30 years” and why I think it may be good to have this post every month.

    There are many members who feel that they are not introduced to other members during events. They are often left standing alone or sitting by themselves. Very often, they hope someone will introduce them to other members. At the end of the event, these shy and quiet ones feel they have not benefitted from coming to the event.

    On the other hand, the senior ones feel that they are already known, so there is no need to introduce themselves. They have their own group of friends. They bunch together, and chat among themselves.

    We have another group of members who always make effort to know the new members. But, among the crowds, it is difficult to know who’s who or hear who’s who.

    I guess we are trying to provide this opportunity for members to introduce themselves. This is one way.

    Terence Seah

  5. Hmmmm…interesting. That “kaypoh” worm in me wriggling so I cannot help but want to say something. I have never heard of anybody pouring out unabashedly his life events to a new friend. Even if it is a desire for matrimonial union or reunion, it is not a wise thing to tell your potential partner everything. No?

    Condensing 30 years of events to 4 or 5 paragraphs is the most demanding summary exercise. Writing a book is more appropriate. We have seen in book shops thick volumes (500 pages) with hard covers but those are mainly autobiographies of respectable (and “respectable”) politicians, or other celebrities. Notably, the book will contain revelations not just from the person concerned but from people who know him/her. Personally, I take it with more than a pinch of salt, if I bother to read it.

    Let us come back to commoners like us. If one blare all the good things, he is simply glorifying himself or boasting. If one harps on the bad old things, he is being negative. And if one says frankly about the good and bad things, so what? Are we not more or less similar? Everyone has a history. Indeed, it is his story.

    Appreciate your sharing, Terence. If you allow questions, what is your job in “newspaper consultancy”?


  6. Hi DanielC,

    I always read what you write. I have only one objective for SilverHairsClub, and that is to encourage Seniors like us to make friends. Along the way, friends create events, walking, dancing, travelling, potty luck, hobbies, business, et, etc.

    Sometimes, I am not sure how to handle negative views, yet at the same time, we don’t want to discourage feedback and views. I prefer to look at all things positive, and encourage our fellow members who are unsure how to introduce themselves, needs a helping hand to share that little bit about ourselves and find a few friends to live our SilverHairs lives.

    While I do not disagree with your concerns about “Sharing our last 30 years”, I wish you would be more encouraging. Many of us are not as outspoken as you.

    As to what I do re newspaper consultancy, I arrive this evening in KL/PJ to visit the newspaper operations in Malaysia. Newspapers are most active at night, and I am here to discuss technical issues on costs, quality, equipment, and what’s new in the industry. I have been doing this for the last 35 years, from Bangladesh (in the west) to Taiwan, Australia (in the east). Feel free to ask.

    So, members, share with us your last 30 years, you may find an ex-schoolmate, a long lost boyfriend, an ex-colleague or someone who shares a common interest. I hope you will take courage to write about yourself.

    Terence Seah

  7. I bet against myself that not more than 2 would write in to share their last 30 years
    even given a period of one month from the date of the first posting. Dont think the one month is up yet so I wont not know which way it would go with the bet. But the fact remain we do not need a month to deliberate to share or not. By now over most of the members would have read Terence post.

    So I start asking myself why. Some have already commented above a bit of the reason. First bravo to Terence for the initiative and his sharing of his past 30 years.
    Not everyone has the courage to share even though you can selectively “sell” all the good side of yourself. Nick Vujicic, the limbness man travel round the world to share his story. I have opportunity to hear from him face to face from 20 metre away from my seat. How he tried to drown himself in a bath tub, didnt succeed but able to witness the anguish of his parent while he was recovering from the near drowning. Among the great inspirational quotes he utter, the one thing I take away from it is ” Forgive yourself and self acceptance” Something I can relate to and believe many SHC members too. We may not have done something right to ourselves in the past. But we cant rewind the clock to undo it. Thus possibly in the last 30 years we have been in that situation and to share without mentioning that episode we feel guilty.
    Yet we dont want to recall that. Thus possibly it better to keep mum.

    But lot of us have Facebook account , Wat App, Twitter, We Chat and a lot more messaging account and we do blare a lot there. Then what is the difference,.

    There is a difference between the engaging and sharing though there is an overlap. The innate need to engage is strong and it has to do with what I have expounded that we are slaves to our senses when they are alert. Thus the need to
    talk and hear is strong during our waking hours. Founders of these messenger
    platform are aware of that and able to monetise it as a great revenue generator
    following after Facebook. W

    So what is the difference still between engaging and sharing ? We engage to share of current activities but we are all reserve about sharing the past and also possibly the future unless we found that someone comfortable or of the same wave length. If you dont believe me, start another initiative to share what you intend to do in the next 30 years ( we not going to live that long) , make it next 5 years and see if you would get any sharing of that.

    To close, it is not that I am not outspoken to share. My close friends know my past even way past 30 years, my present activities and even my future plan.
    Just that this platform is too open. Hey, the bet is still on and I like to be proven wrong really.


  8. I was just having a packet of Nasi Lermak at One Utama shopping centre for RM2.80. Then I saw Leon’s comment. Then, I decided to pop down my diabetic medication, 2 Panadols and 2 Viagra pill.

    Thank you Leon for your comment, but I really do not know how else to proceed to ask our quiet members and even senior members to introduce themselves to other members.

    What else should we do? I think I will have another packet of Nasi Lemak to keep the brain working.

    Terence Seah

  9. Terence,
    I know you need diabetic pills and certainly of Panadols to run SHC organization…… but couldn’t understand why a strong and healthly looking fellow like you needing 2 Viagra pills!

  10. Hi Charles,

    I have no explanation on the need for 2 Viagra pills. Long story. DanielC and Leon will probably think I shoudnt expose too much of myself.

    I look forward to more members sharing more of their last 30 years. Maybe about school or university days, “To Sir with Love” or “San Francisco”.

    Terence Seah

  11. So, the guys are speaking. Guys, and also gals, share with us. I like to beat Leon’s view that only two members will share their memorable days.

    Terence Seah

  12. Hi Terence.
    Whether a member keeps silent, sweetens his words to opine or presents the bare facts like me, the message is the same – people do not like to share their private information.

    Not long ago, members commented on your post titled, “Some news are better not known; can we as a Club do something to help ourselves?”. Among objections from others, I asked then, “If some news are better not known, why should we help ourselves to it?”

    Now you have this, “Share with us what you have been doing in the last 30 years”. This one sounds more like a police interrogation.

    This had prompted me to ask what your job is in “newspaper consultancy”, and I am glad that you deal with equipment and technology.

    Apart from your sole testimony, no one is telling. Can we interpret it as silence means no consent? As we can see, your requests that apparently probe into others’ affairs drew little or no response. Instead of heeding your exhortations, comments (from those who care) come in to tell why you should not be doing it.

    Not sharing personal information cannot be a reason new (or old) members are not mingling. Only people who aspire to be in politics ought to share their past. Viagra pills are much cheaper outside Singapore. Enjoy.

    Having said all that, I am also interested to see somebody write something about him/herself. Leon, you have written a lot but I don’t see any of your history. So Terence is still the only who who has confessed in this “interrogation”.


  13. Looking back, I realized I had lived an unbalanced life – all work and little play. There were anxieties about the future, responsibility to support the family and the inability to let go. If I had been braver and let go of my bread and butter to pursue some small dreams, I wonder what my life now would have been like.

    The compensation for a life lived earnestly is security in old age. The freedom from financial worries in the Autumn of life is liberating and for that, I ought to thank all those years of working hard with little play. Ironical!

    “What is this life if, full of care,
    We have no time to stand and stare.
    No time to stand beneath the boughs
    And stare as long as sheep and cows…”
    W.H. Davis


  14. Ahyah! Why so difficult one?

    People do not like to talk about themselves and put down what they have done in the past 30 years. I mean, what is this? As Daniel says: Sounds like a police interrogation!

    Terence, we know you mean well…but this cuts no ice! I think most believe that we can meet and interact, maybe even find a buddy or soulmate at a SilverHairs event without going to a confessional.

    I would like to suggest the Coffee Chat event as a possibility for the many newcomers who feel left out or lost: just come, buy your own drink and mingle with whichever table of persons you choose…and don’t feel pressured that you must submit your resume before you’re welcome!

  15. Hi Kenneth,

    You added the 3rd comment after Daniel and Leon. I guess you may be right. Personally, I am not sure, although I see whenever people meet, they introduce themselves. And these members feel happy when they found a long lost schoolmate or ex-colleague. After that, they continue to meet up after knowing the friend.

    We choose what and how we introduce ourselves. For example, I joined NS in 1978, I was with the infantry at 5th SIR and was a GPMG gunner. Someone who read my introduction may ask, do you remember this officer in the GPMG team, heh, how about catching up? I am not sure how by introducing oneselves, we get into a police interrogation.

    And Jassmine, from your introduction, we get to understand you better, because many of us have been in the same boat. It was all work and no play. Now, we shall try to entice you to join the Eurorail travel group next year.

    I hope DanielC. You are not discouraging other members from Introducing themselves. You have introduced yourself with your opinion over the years. I hope you will give others a chance.

    We are a seniors Club, and we cherish knowing new members and friends. Counting 3 male responses and 1 lady response.

    Terence Seah

  16. Daniel Chan,

    I did not write in to share my history or story but like you comment on the viability of
    of Terence initiative. Like what Kenneth said there are mingling around of members or perhaps even pairings.. Some of the members
    know me better than the rest as I began to mingle more now.

    We are judged by what we said and I have shared a fair bit on my thoughts on various issues in SHC forum. This forum is open even to the public without the need to login. How comfortable can you be with that.

    On an individual basis, I am a open person to talk to. Not too long ago I was invited to a SHC member office at around 6pm. What was expected to be a 30 minute sharing went into 4 hours sharing of my thoughts and ideas and end up with a late supper with the member and her better half.

    Terence, take heart. I think you did those who participate actively in SHC forum or event a great service as this club is unique in its own way. I like you is at times wondering at the growth and direction of SHC.

    SG50, SHC10 ??


  17. Hi Jassmine

    “If we had been braver and let go d fear to pursue small dreams, wonder what our life would have been like.”
    How many of us here has this thoughts? Is it wise to do a short u turn at our age?

    I wonder too if i can ” tahan” d 2016 Eurorail trip? 3 days out of 14 days overnight in hotel, d rest sleep in d train!!!
    Shall we take d challenge jassmine?

  18. Terence, I did give members a chance to introduce. We all did. 6 days to be exact till today.

    After your sole testimony, where is the next “introduction”?

    It is an insult to members to say that they are being encouraged or discouraged to do or not to do something. They are all mature sensible people, aren’t they?

    We are all trying to tell you why this is not a good idea. The difference is I don’t beat around the bush. I speak my mind and my apology if it doesn’t sound sweet. Another time another post I may send you my accolades but let’s stay focused.

    In summary, my contention to this entire issue is,
    “Introducing is different from broadcasting”


  19. Last 30 years was very smooth for me where work is concerned Everywhere I go (about 10+ companies), I always gained the support of my boss, making my life easier, maybe because I am make for the job. I picked up the right course, go to the right industry that uses my right and left brain in my work and my job is like a hobby to me.
    I could have gone into accountancy and banking and make more money but I think this line is too dry for me.

    Unlike most who worked and saved hard in their earlier day, and only get to see the world when they retired. I did the opposite, I travelled round the world before age 35, also enjoyed myself driving a car in my 20s and 30s. Now I have no interest in travelling nor driving I rather take the tube that allows me to read, sleep, eat and save time on the go.
    Life is not so exciting now, slower and I spent alot less nowadays.

  20. I think I would love to read about as many of the members here, a little of their life You need not be too detailed or explicit or digging out too much of your dirty linen into the public Just a glimpse of what you have been doing so that others know where you come from and they may be able to connect with you when they meet you in events.

    I think Terence has good intention and this is a good connection point

  21. Daniel and Leon are too analytical and critical, maybe because both of you are from NUS but I do enjoy reading both your writing…very chim

    You see things with a surgical eyes and kill the goose even before they are bred..haha

  22. Terence asked for 30 years, I will provide more than he asked for. When I was in Sec 3, it was my ambition to be an architect. I worked hard to make my dream come through. When I was accepted by the School of Architecture of the then University of Singapore (now NUS), I was overjoyed. I completed my first year, but did not complete my second year. I became a NUS drop-out as I realised that I do not have the flair for design. Subsequently, I went to the USA to study Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. I stayed there for more than 12 years studying and working before returning to Singapore. Since my return, I have been in the education sector and I am still in it.

  23. Hi Freda
    I think you should take up the challenge. As for me, I have to first overcome my apprehensions. Now dare not throw caution to the wind and carpe diem! Hmm… will decide next year. A security blanket may appear. Lol!

    [image=security blanket.jpg]

  24. Telling us your past give us a better understanding where you come from. I believe most of us would like to know our current interests and how we (the 50plus) get ourselves occupied.

    About 4 years ago, when asked to introduce myself, I penned down 25 points. I believe is still in the SHC database, check by clicking this link

    Now I would like those that know me to pen down another 25 points about me. Friendship is a two-way traffic. It is good to start by telling your friends who you are. But more important is how, those that you consider are your friends, perceive you and think who you are.

  25. Foremost, I am glad to lose the bet and see more than 2 writing to share their past.
    Like I said I hope to be proven wrong. Anyway the bet is left pocket to right pocket.
    Hope it open the floodgate to more sharing.

    Christina Pan,
    Thanks for enjoying my posts. . I owe you some clarifications.
    I am analytical but only critical if warranted. There is a a difference.
    To give you an example. I like to mentor and have mentored. However if my mentoring is not welcome, it become more like tormenting. Thus then I am seen to be tormentor than a mentor. One unlucky subject unable to escape my clutch of mentorship/torment ( another story of why) gone into a successful business from being a salaried worker. Today, we are good buddy, not trying to escape my mentorship anymore. She is not a SHC member due to age restriction so no speculating to who she is needed..

    Secondly, I am not from NUS and I dont have a first degree though I have a company sponsored MBA from a USA university. It is possible because I decide to dictate my own self worth than to let the society dictate my self worth. It is only through that one can break out of the mould to decide your own net worth. Very chim again ?
    To Jassimine,
    We all lament our past and wonder how thing would be if we take a different course. But the greatest injustice to yourself is not to take the corrective action with your remaining years. “Unleash that mental leash” we put on ourselves.
    I did that long ago and it is very liberating and rewarding.

    To shed a bit more of the myself more for the benefits of those who mingle with me but did not dare to probe further. We are from what we were and will be from what we have become. I came from an engineering background, being away from Singapore for about 6 to 7 years in my 20s.

    Have being in the last 20 over years in an oil and gas industry. Still there. So a pretty a boring 20 over years, career wise. My perspective of retirement changes, even more so after Singapore retain the #1 most expensive city accolade today and the announcement of Silver Support this budget.

    Always fascinated with how things work especially the global system, nature, human behaviours collectively and (individually if you are targetted using the SWAN technique to profile), our human body which sadly we own but understand little of it. It is so related to our health. Some people find me insightful, philosophical but am waiting to know if I will fall into some one “cant stand him” list. Still searching for answers for those things I am keen in. It amaze me often that the answer to complex question always lies in basic understanding of the universal laws. (physical, chemical, law of nature, human behaviours)
    Approach things in my own unorthodox way, develop my own concepts eg.
    focussing on “what not to eat rather than what to eat” , ” Let money work for you, instead working for money” provoking thoughts and using questioning technique to the questioners to find his own solution/answer. Sophisticated in thoughts, simple in person.

    Love animals and quite involved in animal welfarism working with dog agencies. Own a heaven send dog. There is a pet show on 20th March at Expo. Involve with other council/committee work outside of main career.

    So much of myself. Hope I do not sound scary to be avoided.


  26. I think I can take over Terence I am able to provoke 2 to come forward to share whereas he can’t even illicit a single posting so much so that Daniel and Leon took the opportunity to hantam him…haha

    I remembered one forum many years back, I make the forum so popular with my postings that it was bought over for millions Haha..

  27. Hi Leon:
    Life is the sum total of all the choices one makes in one’s life journey. If that journey ends with financial security in old age, those choices made were generally the right ones for that individual. Hence for me there are no issues of taking “ corrective action”.

    To all,
    Sharing a poem about making choices . The poet does not regret not taking that road he chose not to take. He is also not advising taking the road less travelled.

    The Road Not Taken by R. Frost

    TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5

    Then took the other, as just as fair,
    And having perhaps the better claim,
    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
    Though as for that the passing there
    Had worn them really about the same, 10

    And both that morning equally lay
    In leaves no step had trodden black.
    Oh, I kept the first for another day!
    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
    I doubted if I should ever come back. 15

    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference. 20

  28. I felt a strong urge to put up my previous post for 2 reasons.

    1. I support Terence’s good intention of getting members to know each other.
    2. I want Leon to lose his bet convincingly, nothing personal. Based on my past observations, I believe there are members who are open to sharing. I remembered some of them openly shared about their childhood feelings and experiences of wearing new clothes during the lunar new year.

    As such, I have decided to step forward. While typing the post, my focus is still on the purpose and the content is secondary. Hew Lee’s commented that most will like to know of ones current interest. I would like to add that I like to travel and have special interest in the history and culture of the places that I visit. I also like to watch documentaries, but not doing much now due to time.

  29. It is quite a party going on here and what we need is a “party pooper”.
    First of all I must say sorry to Terence if I appear like disrespectfully criticise him.

    I am against the issue not the person.

    As I have said, another time another post, I may send my accolades. I have done it before and I shall do it again if credit is due. However I would be disgustingly insincere if I were to say that everything Terence puts up here is flawless because he is the founder.

    Yes, we finally managed to, after much fanfare, solicit (or provoke?) an honest self-introduction and a couple of unabashed self-glorifications. But honestly, who has come close to fulfilling this requirement, “Share with us what you have been doing in the last 30 years”?

    30 years is about 11,000 days – a damn long time. It does not make sense to showcase a few sentences or paragraphs and claim this is what one has had done the last 30 years. Why 30 years, not 20 or 40? Assuming it is technically possible, who would want to broadcast 30 years of his or her history? And who would bother to watch (and listen)?

    My point is, when you seek inputs from an audience, respect members with a proper post title. Ludicrous titles invite ludicrous reports, if any.

    If anybody insists that the title is correct simply because it comes from the Chief, then we agree to disagree. Let’s move on.

    Thank you for your indulgence.

    Precision – the hallmark of engineering

  30. Moon – No problem losing the bet. My right pocket getting heavier while my left get lighter . We travelled together last years so I know you well.
    I am actually using reverse psychology to draw members out to express. Direct appeal by Terence originally didnt quite work but see how through the debate, members slowly are coming out of their shell.

    I am still waiting for the floodgate to open.

    Jassmine – You do have a flair for using poems and is arousing my interest again in that area. Despite being a science student, I dont dread but appreciate literature than my fellow science inclined classmates.

    I once won a small price for this own poem submission which I can still recall

    Love at first sight
    Engage out of right
    Marriage will come fore
    Divorce break them all

  31. SilverHairsClub key objective is very clear, and that is to provide a platform for SilverHairs to meet and make friends. There are no secondary objectives. All follow-up activities, events are consequential to its objective.

    When a member joins SilverHairsClub, he/she knows this objective. So, let’s all try to help this objective work. I will do everything possible to ensure the Club helps members to meet and make friends. Many EOS, ECS and members have been working in the background to meet and fulfil this objective, for the last 10 years.

    Events and gatherings are a great way to know other members. When we started “Share your last 30 years”, I thot it is another way for members to know another member. Police interrogation is definitely out of question. Political broadcasting is far from my mind. Asking for private information, I wasn’t expecting anyone to do so anyway. It is private.

    What was in my mind? Sharing your younger days. Which primary school we came from? Who was our memorable school teacher? When we started work? Maybe, we get to learn of an ex-colleque. Our overseas stink in Africa or in China. Our looking after our parents and kids. Maybe, we can find common friends or old friends. That’s all about it. There is no other agenda.

    Members are free to “Share their last 30 years”. Of course, members are free to otherwise. I have intention to run this discussion every month. It is kept broad too.

    Daniel, I hope as a senior member, you will encourage members to know more friends. Feel free to organise activities for members to help others find friends too.

    Today, I am going to eat Thai noodles for lunch at Sathupradit Road/Chan Road. This place has the a wide and tasty range of Chinese food eg Ter Huan Kiam Chye, Goose roast meet and dim sum in Bangkok.

    Please share a bit about yourselves, maybe the schools you went to.

    Terence Seah

  32. Relax…. Daniel. Seems like you miss correcting essays and examination papers. Oh! The spelling and grammar check is on and there’s a syntax error.
    I am embarrassed of my poor English here. For sure, no accolade forthcoming. Not a syntax error again!

    Encouragements are empowering. Stiflings create rebellion (thinking of the young ones)? Please do remind me should I stray and am guilty of it though. Getting older for sure.

    Now, I don’t know if I should feel encouraged with the “ 45 year connection” we discovered we share. I feel scrutinized and terribly vulnerable!

    Rest assured though. Recently, someone described me as “principled”, so definitely out of the invite list for orgies. There goes….. my opportunity. This person felt safe sitting next to me. But! You never know do you?

    Oops…. realised I have gone beyond the 30 years of sharing history.


  33. Freda, am glad you like the poem. Here’s another one I think you would enjoy reading. It’s “A Poison Tree” by William Blake. It’s a shocker – about a person who plans revenge on his foe and is very happy when his foe is killed!

    Leon, I can see why your little poem won a prize. It has a serious message expressed light-heartedly in rhyming couplets. Belated congratulations!

  34. Jassmine – thanks for bringing back my imagination of a English garden….. bdw, i was angry when i saw white patches of “fungus” grown on my yucca tree trunk some times ago, i water jet it away a few times n thats d end result of my foe…….

    Daisy – if i may, i described you as “fifty shades if grey” bahwaaaaaaaa


  35. I give private tuition to students attempting the GCE O Level English.
    My apology for being so rigid and harsh sometimes. Occupation hazard no doubt. Daisy, you did make me relax. Lectures need not be harsh to get the message across. I trust all have a good weekend. And I acknowledge the contributions of women to our society at large and indeed, to this Club. Happy Int’l Women’s Day.

    Back to Terence – once a while you throw out a post title that is, for lack of a better word, challenging. Members at large do not know how to respond. If not for Kenneth who fired the first volley in this post, I wouldn’t join in the fray. I repeat again that, as the Chief you ought to be careful with post titles. Had the same thing come from any other member, he/she no doubt would get lots of brickbat.

    My parting shot (in this post) is quite “cheem”. For those who read Chinese well. Anybody care to translate ?

    All the best

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