One Year On……

I decided to take a look at the posts I have put up not too long ago. I did this because of Moon’s comments about new clothes for Chinese New Year. I cant believe a year has already gone by so quickly since I posted about my childhood CNY.

I had an enjoyable two-week celebration with my family and friends. More so because my two-year plus grandson can now hold a conversation with grandma. We went to Universal Studio on Sentosa and the Science Centre and the time spent hanging out with him and my family – priceless! I hope everyone had a good one too! I miss my mum’s Ho Gong and Hee How!

I recently got a watsapp message, actually a group chat initiated by one of my secondary school classmates. We are going to have a meet up session this sunday and I am so excited because some of them, I have not seen after finishing my ‘O’ levels exams with them. More than 40 years ago. A photo of me and my 6 classmates was posted and I was told three of them had passed on. Sad to know but this is life. You come and you go anytime. There is no warning. So just live and enjoy in whatever way makes you happy.

I have friends telling me that there are people who said that I am fierce without even having spoken with me before or getting to know me better. Its not fair but who cares? I cant help it if I look fierce. But I am glad that those who know me think I am the “live” wire of parties or the “clown” who enjoys making people laugh. I am actually very approachable. No matter what, I try to be happy and share that with others.

I have not given up on my thoughts about the 60s Talentime, the party by the beach where we each bring a crab to cook in a pot of boiling water……. cos for the first half of the year, I will be busy planning and organising my big bash of the year…!

Almost 60 years old! Not much time left so just be merry. I have had a fulfilling life and met many good people so if tomorrow never comes, I have no regrets and my eyelids will shut tight.

I know my post a bit “luan ji ba zhao” – messy – but I always remember Terence’s words “a bit of chaos makes life more exciting” ….looking forward to having the double “tee” sound when I tap my EZ Link card when I take the bus or train.



8 thoughts on “One Year On……

  1. Hi Caroline,
    U going to hv the double “tee” sound EZ Link card this coming birthday ?
    Then welcome to our double “tee” club, haha.
    Btw, are we going to hv our ‘ Birthday Celebration this year ?

  2. Caroline,

    Looks like I too and a few many others will be hearing more double T from now. I am all excited to join, although I fear getting there. We have to keep in mind. This is ours, Lilian, yourself and many others, celebrating our 60th birthday this year. Let’s bring more 60s together.

    Aand, by the way, I remember one of our events will be for each of us to bring a crab to the park.

    Let’s enjoy our next upteem years.

    Terence Seah

  3. Good morning dear friends!
    Lilian, thank you. Will be saving quite a fair bit on transport, movies, buffet lunches, admission to places of interests etc with that double tee.

    Terence, I have not forgotten about our crab thing. Maybe the third quarter of the year, we can discuss this but make sure you will be available for the date. Lilian was asking about the birthday do’s where the June babies had dinner together. Any plans for this?

    Hi Winnie, thank you. Yes its been some time since we saw each other. Hope to see you at some SHC functions or anywhere nice.

    Hi Helen, thank you for your double confirm 🙂 I know you always have loads of fun so keep enjoying!


  4. Hi carly
    never consider you fierce or fussy maybe I haven’t “kena hantam” yet!? Only know you are a good singer, good cook, good baker and very supportive of fellow members event. Yes I think it’s a good idea to have a big six oh bash. If need any entertainment this seow2 channel is for hired!????

  5. Dear Caroline,

    I’ve enjoyed your colourful and candid reflections of your life journey and anecdotes as you write sometimes.  Thank you for your encouragement, support and participation (“karaoke” in the coach Haha) for my activities.

    To some it’ll take a while to warm up but it’s natural because as one of the “pioneers” of SHC, you stand tall among us.  People will be moved with your sincerity and like you for what you are.  So let’s continue to enjoy our golden years and if I may borrow a quote from Desiderata: “be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labours and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life keep peace with your soul. With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

    Enjoy this beautiful day!

  6. Dear Frisna, no lah! how to hantum you. You are a “live” wire and always organising enjoyable gathering for members. Thank you for the compliments. Hahaha! Noted and thank you. My daughter and her band will be performing for me at my big bash!
    Dear Susan, no man is an island. We want and need friends and vice versa. I always try to attend activities organised by fellow members because I know the EOs and their team put in a lof of effort and time for these events to happen. Except on occasions when they clash with my prearranged appointments, I will try to attend as often as possible. Thank you for your assurance.

    Have a great day everyone!

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